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Tempuyung, Alternative Medicine Kidney Stone Crusher

Tempuyung more often seen as crop penghijau pages. Indeed, some are memanfaatnya as vegetables, although it felt a little bitter. But more than that, tempuyung also known to help lower blood pressure and kidney stone crusher alternative. 

Tempuyung the Latin name arvenshis Sonchus L. and belong to the Compositae plant family is usually grown in sheltered places. Green leaves are smooth with a little purple, wavy edges, and irregularly toothed. Near the base of the stem, toothed leaves that form a curve terpusar and located on the top hugging the stem criss cross.

Wavy leaves hug the stem is believed to have pharmacological effects. Among them: eliminating heat and toxins, diuretics (urine laxative), penghancurkan kidney stones and lowering high blood pressure.

Physically, this plant has a bitter taste and are cool. In principle, all parts of this plant can be utilized. But the most often are part of the leaf. This is known as an herbaceous plant with a high season can reach 2 meters, grows wild in the open or slightly protected, such as on the cliffs, the edge of the water channel, in between the stones, and grow in areas with a height of 50-1650 meters above sea level.

Research Sarjito

The leaves of this plant can be used as a drug with the chemical content of saponin, flavonoida, politenol, lactucerol alpha-, beta-lactucerol, mannitol, inositol, silica, potassium, taraksasterol. Results of research conducted by the late Prof. Dr. Sarjito from Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta shows, the content of potassium in tempuyung helps destroy kidney stones.

The study was conducted by Prof.. Sarjito with kidney stones soaking in a stew leaves a person tempuyung at room temperature and at a temperature of 30-35 degrees celsius. Experimental material was there that rocked like the human body movement, some are not. After that the stone weighed and measured calcium in the solution chemistry. As a result, all kidney stones is reduced weight.

Sarjito also studied the destruction of human kidney stones by examining crystals in the urine and by using X-ray. The result is known, tempuyung can destroy kidney stones. Unfortunately, as yet unknown compounds that dissolve or destroy kidney stones. But other research shows, this potassium-packed role in the destruction of kidney stones.

In the leaf tempuyung it contained high levels of potassium. The presence of potassium makes kidney stones, in the form of calcium carbonate, scattered, because the potassium will get rid of calcium carbonate to join the compound, oxalate, or uric who is forming kidney stones. Until finally precipitate kidney stones were dissolved and washed out with urine.

Tempuyung also have names vary in each region. In Java, often called Galing, Jombang, Jombang lalakina, clay, lampenas, rayana (Sunda), tempuyung (Central Java). The way this plant propagation using seeds. Maintenance is also easy, just like other plants, only need enough water to maintain soil moisture and fertilization, especially manure. Interested to plant and use it as a medicinal plant?

Usefulness Athletics tempuyung

In use, tempuyung can be mixed as a single material or mixed with other medicinal plants. In principle, according to Ir. Winarto, clinical herbalist from Karyasari, tempuyung use as ingredients must be based on the understanding that the character only help reduce the pain of a particular disease. Although not ruled out the use of long-term efficacy can be maximized.

Basic usage:

In general usage tempuyung utilized to maintain the health condition of the body by eating it directly as a fresh vegetable, drink boiled water using the leaves and use as an herb with ditambahankan certain materials.

- For vegetables:

You can take about five pages or more leaf fresh tempuyung. After being washed, leaves smoked for a while, then once finished as a fresh vegetable eaten with rice. In a day we can eat it three times lalap.

- As an herbal decoction:

Take two leaves dry tempuyung menyedu with one glass of drinking water such as making tea. Steeping water is drunk as medicine. In a day we can drink it three times, until the kidney stone is missing.
Other ingredients


Ingredients: 15 grams tempuyung 2 cups water Add honey to taste to reduce the bitter taste. Ways of making: leaf tempuyung Boil until the water becomes a glass.
How to use Add honey and drink while warm


Ingredients: Stems and leaves tempuyung 5 to 10 pieces of clean water to taste
How to manufacture: The leaves and stems is washed, then crushed or finely ground and pressed to take water feelings. How to use: Water feelings applied to the sore spot

Bladder and gallstones

Ingredients: 5 tempuyung grated coconut leaves to taste
Ways of making: After being washed and then smoked for a while and then mixed with grated heads like to make ointment for

How to use: Eaten with rice as fresh vegetables and can be consumed 3 times a day

High blood

Ingredients: 5-8 tempuyung grated coconut leaves to taste the mixture to taste wuluh Carambola
How to manufacture: Leaves tempuyung washed and smoked and then mixed with grated head. Belimbingnya can be cut into small pieces to mix vegetables

How to use: Eaten as a mixture of vegetables and rice to be consumed 3 times a day

Overweight (obesity).

Ingredients: 4 sheets tempuyung Leaves 100 ml Water Making way: boiled until boiling. How to use: drink for all. It is recommended for 21 days

Kidney stones

- 250 grams of dried leaf tempuyung plus 250 cc of water to drink boiled water

- 5 leaves fresh tempuyung, 5 pieces of avocado leaves, 5 leaves of mustard, 2 fingers of palm sugar.

Material is washed before simmering with 3 degree water until remaining 2 1 / 4 cup. After chilling filtered and drunk three times, each 3 / 4 cup.

- 5 tempuyung leaves, 6 corn, 3 finger palm sugar, washed and cut into pieces seperlunya.Kemudian simmering with three water glasses until remaining 2 1 / 4 cup to be drunk three times a day, each 3 / 4 cup .

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