Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Handwashing Habits Make Life More Optimistic

Simple habit of washing hands was not only affects physical health . Psychological conditions can also be affected by the habit is often underestimated .
Researchers from the University of Cologne Germany proved , wash the body after experiencing failure can provide a positive influence on the psychological condition . According to research , a person who wash their hands after failing to be more positive and successful execution of the next task .
Washing hands is believed to be "clean " disappointment incurred and replace it with a sense of optimism . The research results were published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science .
To believe in the potential for psychological and performance effects of hand washing , a team of researchers led by Dr. Kai Kaspar research involving 98 respondents were divided into three groups . In the first experiment , the participants of the two groups should mengerjakankan task is not impossible to solve. In this section , the three groups did not participate .

U.S. Doctor Ask Limit Kids Watching Hours

Families are asked to apply clear rules about the use of television , cell phones and other media devices . This includes , limiting time spent watching the kids at least one - two hours per day .
This is expressed by the Board of American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) , in response to the number of hours that children watch no longer limited . " We are not a mass media . But we liked the media , the question is how to use it well , " said Dr . Marjorie Hogan , a member of the AAP , as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday ( 29/10 ) .
According to Hogan , the media can affect children's lives in a positive way . For example , Sesame Street . These impressions help children pre - school to learn to develop empathy , for example . " For teens , connectedness , to connect with peers , have the opportunity to develop themselves , can be a very positive thing , " he said .
Currently , the average child spends about eight hours in front of a screen every day .It made the time in front of the screen to the main activity in young people , after sleeping ." Over the last ten years ... the number of days given for the children to enjoy the media - as a place where children play and spend time , is increasing, " said Amanda Lenhart .

Monday, October 28, 2013

Eat lots of Sweet Make Easy Forget

Too many sugary foods was not only harmful to dental health . New research suggests excessive sweet consumption makes one easily forget .
The study, published in the journal Neurology shows , they are too much sugar in the blood tend to have memory problems . In this study , researchers recruited 141 respondents with an average age of 63 years .
The respondent is not known to suffer from diabetes or pre - diabetes . Those who are overweight , excessive alcohol consumption , and have memory and thinking problems are not included in the research .
In this test respondents were asked to remember a list of 15 words after the 30 -minute hearing . Respondents tested memory skills along with an examination of blood sugar levels . Respondents also underwent brain scans to see how much network owned hippocampus .

Steamed and Simmer , the Healthiest Cooking Method

Not only the quality of the food , how to cook also play a role determining one's health . Cooking methods that do not require the addition of fat and not increase the amount of oxidative stress , certainly more healthful .According to the latest research in the journal Diabetes Care , how to cook steamed and boiled is the healthiest method . How to cook it , help the body fight diabetes .In risenya researchers involved 74 overweight women respondents , and divide it into 2 groups . Both were given the same food , the pork, chicken , eggs , and salmon . One group of food processing by way of fried , grilled , and baked . While the other group process with boiled or steamed .Researchers then tested whether cooking methods affect insulin sensitivity . Including insulin reactions in individuals who are overweight .

3 Terms Important As Clean Teeth

White and clean teeth naturally healthier than teeth covered with plaque . This condition avoids the risk of inflammation of the gums ( gingivitis ) . Clean and healthy teeth also facilitate mastication of food , which is a major nutritional intake for the body .
With this condition, there is no reason subordinated dental hygiene . Certainly can not be home teeth cleaned . There are several important points that must be considered . Here is an explanation of the Chairman of Indonesian Association of Periodontology ( serpent ) Commissariat Jakarta , drg . Sunarto day Sp.Perio ( K ) :
1 . Note toothbrush
" Brush your teeth often have to be replaced , especially if the fur was out arrangement . Should select a soft furry outer layer so as not to injure the teeth . Do not forget to select the toothpaste as needed , " said drg . Sunarto day Sp.Perio ( K ) .

Consumption of Fiber Helps Maintain Healthy Gums and Teeth

Food intake into the body must be balanced . Not only is animal , vegetable intake must not be forgotten in the daily food consumption . Vegetable intake obtained from vegetables and fruits , whether treated or directly consumed .
Intake of fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber . In the body requires daily 25-40 grams of fiber for adults . Adequacy of the fiber allows healthy digestion and weight loss do not quickly grow .
Adequacy of fiber for the body it can also affect the health of gums . " Fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables have a natural ability to self- cleansing in dental plaque . Clean teeth prevent gums from inflammation , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Periodontology ( serpent ) Commissariat Jakarta , drg . Sp.Perio Sunarto days ( K ) in the seminar underestimate Cause Gum Disease Dental date in Adults , Thursday ( 25/10/2013 ) , in Jakarta .

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brain Damage Due Similar Cars wrecked Pornography Due to Conflict of Loud

Brain damage due to the influence of pornography in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine ( MRI ) , the result is the same as the damage to the car as hard collision . R explains Elly Risman , a psychologist from the Foundation and Fruit hearts We Jakarta .
According to Elly Risman , Pree Frontal Cortex ( PFC ) will be broken when the children see pornography . Whereas PFC is central values, morals , where planning for the future , a place to set self-management . Part of the brain above the right eyebrow is what determines what a child will become . That's why PFC is also called the director who directed us .
" Well at the time and saw a small child pornography can not forbid the directors as immature , the parents who should be the director for the child , but now why parents even give kids gadgets , HP , and access the internet freely ? " Said Elly Risman in a parenting seminar entitled " Challenges of Educating Children in the Digital Era " held SD Integal Luqman Al- Hakim Surabaya recently.
" After looking at pornography , the pornographic visual images that will be sent to the back of the brain , called the respondent . Because respondent was not functioning then the child will be surprised , "said Elly .

.It took 44 Meter to Avoid smoke from the smoker

Ban on smoking in public or outdoors in the last five years have been increased two -fold . It is now more than 2600 places have used signs smoking ban .
To avoid the dangers of secondhand smoke , the study did not detect that smokers inhale smoke from a distance of 44 meters need .
Some experts question the main reason for this ban because there is no medical evidence that secondhand smoke outdoors can harm the health of children and others through .
" Or maybe the long -term health problems for many people " when smoking outdoors, " said researchers from Stanford University , Neil Klepeis quoted by Time , Wednesday ( 14/08/2013 ).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Many Teens Got Lung Cancer , Smoking and Greasy Food Triggers

Data National Cancer Center Hospital Cancer Dharmais ( RSKD ) mentions lung cancer patients continues to increase , especially in smokers . Last five years are also emerging trends , so that female smokers increased risk of lung cancer is high . Adolescent smokers also increased . Patients with lung cancer in adolescents was rising tendency .
" Lung cancer patients most at the age of 40 . But smokers aged SMP / SMA tendency to rise. The younger the person is , the more malignant lung cancer and small chance of his life , " said the lung and respiratory specialist who is also the Chairman of the Working Team Lung RSKD , dr A Mulawarman Jayusman , SPP ( K ) told Reuters Health in Jakarta .
Mulawarman said lung cancer at a young age tend to be aggressive because of the growth of the cancer cells to spread faster . Cancer can spread to the upper body is also lower . Not only in the lung , but also to the bones , glands , brain , liver , kidneys .

This is the Lazy People Cause Many Sports

Who does not know that exercise is very beneficial ? My patients who are too sick , and perhaps never exercised before , will nod their heads in agreement that a useful exercise for him .
He knows that exercise can reduce the bloated stomach , which became the culprit of the disease . Well, if the patients are encouraged to exercise , what he wants ? My experience , only a minority they are finally going to do it .
Like the patient above , most of us , too. Not play sports especially difficult start to defend it . I do not know what percentage of the adult population of Indonesia is active in sports , but I think it is very small . Sports activities are carried out in certain events , such as marathons , bike , stroll and so only time the event was held crowded . After that , bikes , shoes , and more other sports aseoris hanged .
In developed countries , like the United States , 60 percent of adult population do not exercise regularly, 55 million is not even the same sport at all . While for 4 hours on average they sit in front of the television .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Routine Sports Little Increase Academic Achievement

Exercise for health benefits are undeniable. If done regularly , exercise can prevent the arrival denegeratif diseases . In addition, exercise also proved useful in improving your child 's academic achievement in school .
A new study from the UK found that moderate to vigorous exercise is done every day can improve academic achievement in school . The higher the exercise intensity , the greater the impact , especially for subjects of language, mathematics , and science . Nonetheless , researchers still have not been able to demonstrate the relationship between the two.
" Many suspected that describes the relationship, such as physical activity increased their time in the classroom or the impact on their confidence , " said study researcher Josephine Booth , lecturer at the University of Dundee , Skonlandia .

Frozen foods are good ? Really Myth

When looking for an easy meal to come and eat at home as well as good , and most people now possible directly to the refrigerator and take stock of frozen food .
Some people see it as a convenience , although not all agree with the frozen food supplies . Only few people know that some of the best food in the supermarket can be found just behind the sliding glass cover .
Why is that ? This is the most common myths related about frozen foods , and it turns out the facts , as reported by culinary.net , away from the assumption that there had been .
All frozen foods contain preservatives . It is a common misunderstanding . Add preservatives are not required for frozen food . Precisely the freezing process that is used as a natural preservative . In fact , many frozen foods are sold without preservatives ,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunlight , Main Causes Skin Aging

Skin aging is inevitable with age . However, a new novel suggests , is the most sunlight responsible for skin aging are clearly visible .According to the study , ultraviolet rays contribute 80 percent of skin aging symptoms , including black spots . The study, reported in the journal Clinical , Cosmetic , Investigational Dermatology And it also found that two percent of the damage of aging skin, making as many as three years .The researchers said that exposure to UV light for long periods can lead to pigmentation , reduced skin elasticity , skin texture and reduction .Sunlight , they said , is not the only trigger for aging skin , but there is also gravity , pollution , diet , tobacco , disease , stress , and the natural aging skin itself. However, in this study , they wanted to for the first time , calculate the singular effect of sunlight on the skin .

How It Feels massaged with Bamboo

Unique and interesting . How it all over our bodies massaged with bamboo ? Well , for women who want to be healthy and fit , try it with a bamboo massage . This massage is only in BAMBOO SPA .
BAMBOO SPA was founded with a vision and a mission to make every woman understands the meaning of beauty . For women , the Bamboo Spa therapists will prepare a full menu of treatments which can be enjoyed from the toe to the tip of the hair.
In BAMBOO SPA , a unique treatment menu called Traditional Bamboo Massage is excellent . The treatment menu is done by using the tool bar of bamboo slats , combined with a choice of aromatherapy oils to scent fragrance which can be selected according to customer tastes .
This spa is intended for women . So that when the customer came BAMBOO SPA , the menu certainly spoil her superior treatment . Relaxation and spa for women will make it more confident .

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eliminate Stress with 7 Kick It

No one is able to withstand the negative effects of stress . However, these negative effects can be minimized by keeping physically active.
Physically active will keep your body healthy , thereby reducing the effects of stress . Physical exercise can also avoid other negative effects such fluctuating weight , dizziness , and feeling tired .
" Stress is a negative impact on the body such as increased muscle weight , blood pressure , and heart rate . Someone needs to find a certain activity to reduce the impact of stress , " said researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Education , Jane Roy .
One of the activities recommended Roy is a simple aerobic exercise . This exercise can affect certain neurotransmitters which have antidepressant effects . These effects affect the workings of the brain and increase blood flow to the muscle. Increase the flow of oxygen will reduce the pressure on the muscles .
Roy , who enjoys tennis , recognizing the benefits of physical activity to reduce the effects of stress . When exercising the concentration and attention shifted to the game , strategies , and skills . Sports can do damage as well as a focus on things that cause stress .
Roy and other researchers , Larrell Wilkinson and Retta Evans , gives some other tips to relieve everyday stress :
1 . Find new landscape
Go out looking for new scenery , and walk for 10-15 minutes can relieve stress . " Research has proven that the natural environment can serve as destressor , " said Roy . He added , anything in the environment as long as the weather permits outside can be a stress reliever . When the weather is bad , yoga or basic training could be an option .

Women Live Longer Than Men , This is reason

A study proves that women can live longer than men because their immune systems are aging more slowly . With endurance continued to weaken , kerentaranan men to disease shortens their life span .
Japanese scientists perform tests of immune function to see indications of biological age . The immune system protects the body from infection and cancer but cause disease if not well managed . Study in Japan investigated the controversial question of whether the relationship of age to the immune system responsible for the differences in average life expectancy between men and women .
Hirokawa Katsuiku Professor of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Tokyo mengalisis blood samples from 356 healthy men and women aged between 20 and 90 years . They measured levels of white blood cells and molecules called cytokines , which interact with cells of the immune system to regulate the body's response to disease .

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Danger Gratuitous Use Eye Drops

When exposed to pollutants make eye irritation , such as redness and itching , not a few people who try to treat it yourself .
One treatment efforts using eye drops that are sold freely .
However, according to eye health expert from Jakarta Eye Center Dr. Johan A Hatauruk , SPM , and treatment itself has a risk of eye problems are not small . Especially if those efforts involve eye drops containing plant sterols .
" When exposed to pollutants , the body actually has its own mechanism to fight infection , so as to reduce irritation occurs . No need to use eye drops sterols , artificial eye drops of water is enough , " he said in a media seminar SOHO # BetterU titled " World Sight Day " , Wednesday ( 09/10/2013 ) in Jakarta .

Cabbage and Broccoli Protects the Body of Effects of Radiation Therapy

Flowering vegetables such as cabbage , cauliflower , and broccoli can protect cancer patients from the side effects of radiation therapy for cancer treatment . Similarly, reported a new study published in PNAS or the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .
Radiation therapy aims to destroy the DNA of cancer cells . The process of making such cells can not multiply and eventually die . It's just that , in addition to damaging radiation therapy of cancer cells are also potentially damaging normal cells . This then lead to side effects such as memory loss , wounds , and infertility .
In fact , ironically , the effects of DNA damage experienced by normal cells due to radiation therapy can also trigger new cancers . According to the National Cancer Institute , the girl who was given radiation to the chest for Hodgkin lymphoma has a high risk of developing breast cancer later in life .

Friday, October 11, 2013

Do not Wait Minute Drink Tirsty

Wear it is a sign of lack of body fluids so that it can be a reminder to drink . But in fact , drinking should be done even before the body feels worn out.
Physiologist from the University of Arkansas Dr. Stavros Kavouras say , wear an early harbinger of the body to become dehydrated . Wear occurs when the body begins to lose 1-3 percent by weight of water in the body decline .
" Mild dehydration can result in lower concentrations already . So do not wait until the body is dehydrated to drink , " said him in Inagurasi and Hydration Indonesian Press Conference Working Group ( IHWG ) , Thursday ( 10/10/2013 ) in Jakarta .
Water, he said , is a macro nutritional needs required in large amounts . For healthy adults , the needs can reach 2000-2500 mL of water per day.

Frozen Food that Looks Better Than Fresh

Eating vegetables and frozen fruit is more healthy than fresh look . According to scientists , frozen vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants higher than products that look fresh .
As is known , the supermarket sometimes squirting a fine mist , so fruits and vegetables appear fresher . When in fact , some vegetables and fruits have long been in a storage shed . During storage , a process of decay that can reduce levels of nutrients in vegetables and fruits .
The two teams that conducted this research from Leatherhead Food Research and the University of Chester . Researcher uses 40 tests to measure the levels of nutrients in the fruit and vegetable research . Foods tested have been stored in the refrigerator and freezer for 3 days .

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Inside In " Nugget " Chicken

Chicken nuggets is one type of fast food is often a mainstay when it took practicality in cooking . Coupled with a savory and delicious taste , these foods tend to be favored all ages .
Chicken nuggets may sound safe and nutritious as claimed as processed foods made ​​from raw chicken meat . However , a new study actually states the opposite .
According to a study by experts from the University of Mississippi Medical Center , USA , chicken nuggets it contains more fat than chicken meat itself.
The study was initiated by the curiosity of the researchers considering so many chickens are processed into nuggets , which is about 50 percent . After investigation, they found not only the chicken nuggets contain meat as long as it is claimed .

Beware of These 5 Eye Disease

Today, the disease attacks the eyes of more diverse . Do you know what the most eye diseases is often plagued Indonesian society ?
To ROL , Wednesday ( 9/10 ) , Dr . Johan Hutauruk , MD ophthalmologist as well as Director of the Jakarta Eye Center describes the five most common eye disease suffered by the people of Indonesia . These diseases include the following :
refractive disorders
Refractive disorders such presbiopi divided into four ( decreased ability of lens accommodation ) . Myopia (nearsightedness ) , hipermetropi ( farsightedness ) and astigmatism ( cylindrical ) .
Conjunctivitis ( red eyes )
Bloodshot eyes are usually caused by an inflammation of the eyeball . The cause of red eyes is quite diverse including irritation , allergies and infections caused by bacteria , viruses and fungi . For treatment , red eyes can be treated using eye drops or ointment at the direction of a doctor

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Visit the Not Pregnant ? Lumpy Blood alert !

Soon have a baby to be the dream of every newly married couple . But what would happen when a baby never comes even though the marriage was berbilang year ?
Trouble getting pregnant often experienced by some women due to various causes . In addition to age and fertility conditions , difficult pregnancy can also be caused disorder or disease -related blood viscosity .
According to a hematologist and medical oncologist Faculty of Medicine, University - Hospital Ciptomangunkusumo Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine - RSCM ) Prof.Dr.dr. Lidow Karmel Tambunan , Sp.PD , K - HOM , gore conditions can also inhibit pregnancy in women . For this reason, he advised women to check blood viscosity .
" There is a possibility that women not getting pregnant due to the blood that is too thick . With high blood viscosity complicate food intake through the placenta to the fetus . As a result . women not getting pregnant or experiencing recurrent miscarriage , " he said .

Sleep 6-8 hours Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Sleep for six to eight hours at night can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke .
Based on recent studies , researchers found people who sleep less than six hours a night have a possibility of having a heart attack or stroke doubled , compared to those who slept six to eight hours , as reported by Dailymail .
They also have a risk of 2/3 times more likely to have congestive heart failure that makes the heart's ability to pump blood throughout the body weakened , potentially damaging other organs .
Sleep more than eight hours a night is associated with a doubled risk of angina and 19 percent higher possibility of developing coronary artery disease .
Lead author Dr Saurabh Aggarwal , from Chicago Medical School , said people with sleep duration is too long at high risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk decreases with normal sleep duration . " Six to eight hours of sleep is the best time , " he said .

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Step 5 Restricting Artificial Sweeteners

Because of fear of getting fat and the risk of diabetes , many people turn to artificial sweeteners . Though artificial sweeteners can actually increase your appetite and desire to eat sweet .
Perhaps that is why , people who drink artificial sweeteners are often thinner than those who do not . In fact statistics show , the artificial sweetener drinkers 54.5 percent more likely to be obese . Meanwhile , those who drank sugar-sweetened beverages usual " only " 32.8 percent more likely to become obese .
Well , for that you should also limit consumption of artificial sweeteners , step this way .
1 . Meticulously read the label .Not only in the singular , artificial sweeteners are also often found in products such as chewing gum , water with flavor , drink milk , even cereal . To avoid this , the concrete steps that you can do is read the label carefully before purchasing . Aspartame , sucralose , saccharin , asesulfan potassium , calcium asesulfan are names commonly used in packaging .

Defeat Cow Milk and Soy , Milk It Him Best

Compared to soy milk or cow's milk , vitamin and mineral content of almond milk is much higher . Healthy living movement increasingly crowded with a variety of invitation to adopt a different diet . Principles of food combining , the paleo diet , to eat a diet that only minimum cuisine cooked over a fire or even known by the increasingly popular raw food .
One type of beverage that also rise with increasing the feed movement is almond milk or almond extract a milky appearance . Milk of almonds has been long known as a substitute for cow's milk since ancient times .
Sari almonds are healthier than cow's milk . Site fitday.com writing , almond extract contain cholesterol much lower than cow's milk . In fact , almond extract does not contain saturated fat , so it will not damage the cardiovascular system .