Thursday, July 17, 2014

Parents fret Brain Can Sleep Deprivation

parent lack of sleep will accelerate fret their brains, according to a study released on Tuesday (07/01/2014) by the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore.

The findings were based on a 10-year study on 66 people aged 55 years and over. By looking at MRI scans to measure their brain structure and neuropsychological assessment of brain volume, as well as factors related to recording hours of sleep, the researchers found that those who sleep less show more rapid ventricular enlargement and decreased cognitive performance.

"Our findings related to short sleep markers of brain aging," said Dr. June Lo, lead author of the report and the Duke-NUS researchers.

Previous studies have shown, enlargement of the ventricles of the brain that is driving faster cognitive decline and driving the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, said the Duke-NUS, reported by Channel News Asia.

"Good advice is generally cited seven hours a day to (sleep) adults will provide optimum performance on cognitive," said Professor Michael Chee, senior author and Director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke-NUS.

The college said the findings related to the rapid aging of society Singapore, and hope this study opens the way for formulating future work to workers who lack sleep and decreased cognitive contribution, including dementia.

Pectin from Banana Skin Extract to Lower Cholesterol

Health benefits of bananas for a long time may have been familiar. However, not many people know that the banana peel was also can be used to cope with high cholesterol levels.

Three students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University, Malang, namely Lukman Azis, Nisa Alfilasari and Clara Arha, doing research on the benefits of a banana skin. Apparently, the extracted pectin from banana peel has anti-cholesterol benefits.

Pectin substances are then made ​​into chewy candy or marshmallows are delicious. "Pectin has a nature capable of binding water, such as a gel. Nah, marshmallows require gel so we chose this form of candy. Anyway, this marshmallow now being favored people," said Lukman, head of the research team, when contacted KOMPASHealth (17/7 / 14).

He explained the process of making pectin is quite easy and can be done using common household appliances. Waste banana peel which has been sorted fairly small sliced ​​then steamed for 10 minutes. The next stage is the drying and flouring. The flour is then extracted by the method of solid-liquid at a temperature of 90 Celsius using acidic solvents. Results of extraction then became the manufacture marhmallow.

"The ingredients are all natural marshmallows. For pink dye, I use dragon fruit extract. Used sugar also low in calories," he said.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The danger Rarely Sunlight Exposure

Too often exposed to sunlight it can cause black spots on the face. However, avoiding the sun actually be detrimental. No matter how, our bodies need sunlight.

In a research report published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, mentioned women who avoid the sun are at risk doubled died from various causes, including skin cancer.

Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. This vitamin deficiency has been known to increase the risk of heart and vascular disease, as well as an aggressive skin cancer.

Research on the effects of sun exposure is rarely performed in Sweden that is not exposed to the sun all year round with white women respondents.

However, in countries such as Indonesia bathed in sunshine, quite a lot of the population are actually deficient in vitamin D due to fear of being exposed to sunlight. In addition because there are intentionally avoiding the sun, many people who had to leave for work before the sun rises to avoid congestion. The children are also now increasingly rarely playing outside the house.

Do not brewed ginger drink with Hot Water

Wedang ginger or drinking ginger has long been favored as a companion in cold weather. Feel warm after a drink is even believed to help prevent flu illness.

To obtain optimal benefit from this drink, ginger should not be brewed with water that is too hot. According to herbal expert dr Abrijanto, ginger is brewed with boiling water temperature is approached (100 degrees Celsius) will lose active compounds they contain. But the fact that the active compounds found to have the benefit of ginger.

Unfortunately, for many people who work in a way ginger boil, then drink it hot-hot. By the way, said he, ginger contains compounds no longer active, such as flavonoids and saponins, as it has already broken into contact with water with a temperature that is too hot.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Researchers Discover Connection Between Stress and Heart Attacks

Scientists have said, they have produced a study that chronic stress can lead to heart attack and stroke: triggers the production of white blood cells that can cause excessive harm excesses.

Surplus cells can build up on the inner walls of the arteries, restricting blood flow and encourages the formation of clots that block the circulation, or to rupture and spread to other parts of the body.

White blood cells important for fighting infection and healing, but if too much or they are in the wrong place, it can be dangerous, "said Matthias Nahrendorf, researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston, as published in the Malay Mail Online, Monday (23 / 6/2014).

Doctors have long known that chronic stress causes heart disease, but the mechanism is not yet understood.

To find a relationship, Nahrendorf and team examined 29 medical workers in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Their work environment is considered as a model for chronic stress exposure, given the fast service and the heavy responsibility they bear for addressing the patient in an emergency.

Rotten eggs Potential Overcome Stroke and Heart Attack

Who would linger store that has a rotten egg? The smell would make anyone want to get rid of it. However, it turns rotten egg benefits may outweigh the disadvantages.

Researchers identify specific content that was produced rotten eggs proved to be beneficial for health. The content of a gas called hydrogen sulfide has proven effective in restoring mitochondrial function that has been damaged and treat diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and dementia.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter found that a new compound known as AP39 in rotten eggs can target specific cells such as in the mitochondria in the cell. Mitochondria are known as the "brain" of the cell: regulating growth, cycle, and cell death. Mitochondria are also a source of chemical energy of the cell.

Because it has a meaningful role in the cell, then the cell interior can also regulate the cell's ability to fight diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. So the researchers believe, to prevent damage to mitochondria may provide a therapeutic effect in certain conditions such as stroke, heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, and even aging.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boost Nutritional Food Fortification

Fortification of food is not something new. Tens of years salt has been fortified with iodine to prevent goiter. Lately more and more nutritionally fortified foods. For example, eggs enriched in omega three fatty acids.

Iodine was first added to salt in Michigan, USA in 1924 with the aim of reducing the incidence of thyroid disease. When the events in the U.S. state was quite high, 47 percent.

It turns into the action of iodine enriched salt was managed so as to make the entire state doing the same thing. Skin disease pellagra was also successfully removed during the 10 years after the bread and wheat enriched with niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and iron in 1943.

In this modern era the addition of nutrients was more diverse. In the U.S. had sold orange juice fortified omega three fatty acids. In Japan there is a marshmallow products enriched collagen, a substance that makes the skin so young and strong. While in Canada there are manufacturers of ginger ale beverage enriched with green tea to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease.

Do not Drink Coffee While "Sleepy"

For those who often drink coffee with the aim to neutralize sleepiness and refresh your body, you should immediately change the perspective. Do not drink coffee when sleepy.

Dr. Andreas Prasadja reminded that caffeine only inhibit drowsiness, but the brain still tired. If tired and sleepy, cure only one, namely sleep. "Do not drink coffee on sleepy!" He said.

Time to drink coffee should be tailored to the sleep plan. If you want to sleep at eight in the morning, coffee consumption means the ending time is eight to nine nights. Because caffeine has the effect for 9-12 hours. And, the effects of caffeine starts working after 30 minutes of drinking.

"So if shiftmalam work, do not drink coffee at two or three in the morning, because it was new sleepy-ngantuknya. Drink before shift work, for example, at nine o'clock, "said Prasadja. This should be done so as not disturbed sleep patterns: be awake at night and in the morning can sleep.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Marine Brown Algae Soothe Stomach Disorders

It is estimated that one in three people have experienced indigestion. One is a disorder that affects many of the stomach due to inflammation or also called gastritis. This disorder occurs due to damage caused by acid in the stomach wall.

According to Professor of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Marcellus Simadibrata, gastritis is not only caused by the acidic conditions of the stomach, but also the erosion of the stomach lining that is protective of materials destroyer.

Gastritis is usually influenced by two factors. First, aggressive factors, among others, stress, gastric acid, pepsin, and Helicobacter pylori infection. The second, defensive factors, such as the surface epithelium, mucus gastric mucosa, and prostaglandins.
Gastric natural defense mechanisms or defensive factors such as mucus or mucosal surface epithelium. The defense mechanisms of the gastric wall keeping the inflammation caused by the consumption of food or beverages, or bacterial infection. This mechanism is referred to as a defensive factor, while the things that cause damage to the stomach is called aggressive factors.

"Currently gastritis treatment therapy is still focused on the aggressive factor, not the defensive factor. Products supporting defensive factor of effective and safe in treating gastric disorders is still a little," he said in a SOHO Natural Wellness Global Health Symposium in Makassar, on Saturday (14/6 / 2014).

Hull will be healthier if both of these factors in a state of balance or homeostasis. However, if the rise of aggressive factors and defensive factors down, then there was a gastric disorders including mag. Gastric disorders have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, and abdominal pain.

One drug which serves to strengthen the gastric defensive factors are shown to be effective is the use of brown seaweed (Cladosiphon okamuranus). Research shows, brown seaweed fucoidan-containing compounds that can improve gastric defensive factors.

Clinical trial in 28 patients showed improvement after gastritris given brown seaweed extract. Compared with placebo, fucoidan better in increasing the thickness of the gastric mucus in the top 32 percent and 29 percent at the bottom of the hull.

To be Effective, Drug Drink with White Water

Drugs can be used to determine the diagnosis, relieve and treat disorders, treating the condition of the body, and prevent disease.

In order to more effectively cure the disease, most of the drug is recommended to be drunk with water, according to Dr.. Wiyarni testifying, SpA, IBCLC, a pediatrician from BJ Medical Center.

"Do not take the medicine with milk, tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, even fruit or vegetable juice. Because it can change the nature and action of drugs in the gastrointestinal. Except for a few drugs that do require special solvents. If there is already a solvent, a new drink with the solvent. "

Drinking way too different, there are before eating, after eating, or at mealtime. "All it really depends on the nature of the remedy. There is absorbed and works well in an empty stomach or intestinal condition. Means do not take medication with banana because it must be in a discharged condition. "

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Broccoli Consumption Can Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Scientists from the University of Melbourne, Australia, found that regular consumption of broccoli can help people with asthma breathe easier. According to these scientists, broccoli contains a gene that can activate anti-inflammatory which will expand the airways.
Dr. Tom Karagiannis said that broccoli is the vegetable most menipulatif than vegetables such as cabbage and bok choy. "Broccoli has an active ingredient called L-sulphoraphane which can affect cells in the anti-inflammatory genes and genes anti-oxygen," he said, recently.
"We found out through the process of extracting the content of broccoli and some calculations that two cups of broccoli a day will help expedite the respiratory tract."
Dr. Karagiannis suggested that broccoli steamed slowly so that the effect is obtained more effectively.
He explains, raw broccoli tend to be difficult to be consumed. With steaming broccoli, content contained therein will not be lost.
"The most useful part of the broccoli are shoots that contain the highest concentrations. Consumption in the long term is also very important to get the maximum effect," he said.
Dr. Katagiannis mention that the doses required are not different between adults and children.
"The important thing here is to achieve levels in the plasma concentration of anti-inflammatory genes as high as possible."

Overcome Stress with How It Works

Stress can actually help to display more brilliant job performance, either in the workplace or anywhere else. However, the stress that occurs in a long time will make uncomfortable feeling.
Excessive stress also makes it difficult to calm and focus the mind. Therefore, if the stress that you feel is excessive, try the following nine ways to quickly resolve it.

1. Replace task 
David Reiss, psychiatry of San Diego, said that, if possible, so do other tasks besides first task that makes you frustrated. Do something else for a few hours will give your brain distracted from the stress that is triggered by a task.

2. Bantu people 
Doing good will make you more calm. Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project says, do something that will either reduce frustration derived from the work environment, such as sending e-mail with useful information on co-workers or just helping people bring their stuff looks very moment hassles.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4 Habits that Ruin Metabolism

The process of metabolism is not only influenced by the consumption of food and exercise, you know. Daily habits that seem to have no effect on obesity, it turns often contribute substantially to the metabolic processes in the body.

In fact, the rise and fall of body weight and body fat accumulation process is the result of metabolic processes that are not smooth. Well, what are the habits that destroy the metabolic process? Consider the four things that lead to this metabolic process is not smooth.

Food Not Spicy 
A new study in the journal Apepetite found that when people add red pepper on the dinner dishes, they feel more full, so eat as much as 30 percent less than those who do not eat spicy foods.

Eating peppers kind of capsaicin also was able to speed up the metabolism, because it controls the release of hormones that regulate appetite and increases levels of the stress hormone triggers the desire to eat.

Do not Keep It Fresh Food in the Fridge

Often people store food in the refrigerator to maintain freshness or not so quickly stale. In fact, sometimes almost all the food stored in the refrigerator immediately, either still closed or already open.
Though not all food can be stored in the refrigerator to maintain durability, especially when it is opened. Here are six fresh food should not be stored refrigerator after opening.
1. Alcoholic beverages 
Alcoholic beverages is common to be stored in the refrigerator, but if the alcohol content is high, the freezing point of the beverage will decrease. Thus storing alcoholic beverages, especially vodka and gin, in the refrigerator makes it easier to freeze.
So before storing in the refrigerator, alcoholic beverages should not be opened first. If want to store alcoholic beverages after it opened, then keep it in room temperature. Drinks will last about six to eight months.
2. Avocado 
Avocado or avocado usually we buy in harsh conditions. Therefore, this fruit also needs to be kept for a period of first structure to make it easier to eat. Hastily store avocados in the refrigerator will stop the ripening process of fruit. Therefore, it is better avocados stored at room temperature and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fix Fasting Cholesterol Levels

For centuries, humans do fasting as a self-cleaning behavior to healthy physical, mental, spiritual. In this modern era more and more research evidence reinforces the healthy benefits of fasting. It should be improved cholesterol levels due to fasting.

One of the research on the health benefits of fasting Ramadan was published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences in 2007. Study was designed to evaluate the effect of Ramadan fasting on plasma lipid profile and serum glucose on a number of Jordanian students.

Reported in these studies that fasting brings many changes in sleeping patterns, physical activity and eating habits. The change may lead to changes in metabolism on health and disease.

The study was conducted in the month of fasting month of October 2006. Subjects were 70 male and female students from three healthy Jordanian universities. Their mean age 21 years.

The parameters are calculated weight, pulse rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. All the parameters for the four-week month of fasting was significantly lower than that seen before the month of fasting. Two weeks after fasting, body weight and other parameters tend to return to its pre-fasting. The good news, it is still in the parameter numbers before fasting.

Opponents 6 Diet Cancer with This

Although deadly, cancer is a disease that can be prevented. A healthy diet rich in antioxidants and is one of the key. The basis of the diet needs to be done is a combination of limit and avoiding trigger foods, and increase foods that can fight cancer.
Dietary recommendations to fight the cancer that was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. In the recommendations outlined six points diet can help reduce the risk of cancer. The following six points.

1. Eating more fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables to reduce the risk of cancer overall.
All the doctors agreed to plant-based diets can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Dr. Paul Talalay, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who was not involved in the study, explained, fruits and vegetables contain protective compounds, antioxidant phytochemicals. That's what makes them able to protect the body from cancer.