Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Injectable Gel Breast Rated Not Safe

The practitioners of plastic surgery in the United Kingdom welcomed the decision to stop breast injection procedure using gel macrolane. The practice of injecting the gel macrolane to improve breast shape is known as the "lunchtime boob jobs" was originally discontinued in the UK will begin this week.

The decision was taken after considering the results of a poll conducted by the Association of Plastic Surgeons UK (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons / BAAPS). As many as 25 percent of BAAPS member states agree that the use of injectable macrolane may pose a risk of complications in patients.

Anti-Diabetic Substance Discovered In Sweet Root

Recently scientists from the Max Planck Institute Berlin Germany found levels of anti-diabetes agents called amorfrutin in plants "sweet root" or liquorice. Or liquorice Glycyrrhiza glabra in the Latin language has been widely used in the manufacture of candy or drinks. In fact, as has been shown in traditional medicine since ancient times, liquorice was selected as "2012 medicinal plants".

The study results show, amorfrutin not only reduce blood sugar levels, but also capable of functioning as an anti-inflammatory and very well tolerated by the body. In other words, liquorice may be also suitable for use in the treatment of complex metabolic disorders.

Avocado Oil In Aging

The findings showed scientists in Mexico, the avocado has the potential to be a natural weapon against the aging process and chronic diseases. Oil contained in fruits are proven to fight harmful free radicals, or molecules which allegedly responsible for causing the aging process, heart disease and cancer.

Said the researchers, who made a special avocado oil content which is specifically able to penetrate into the mitochondria, an important part of the functioning of body cells convert food into energy. Many antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes are also able to block the free radicals - but unable to penetrate into the mitochondria.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Broccoli Good For Breast Cancer Patients

Properties of broccoli for cancer has long been a concern of scientists. In a recent research note, broccoli and cabbage can also increase the life expectancy of breast cancer patients, and even delay the recurrence of cancer.

Research conducted in China on 5,000 women aged 20-75 years who were diagnosed with breast cancer found that those who often group cruciferous vegetables mengasup like broccoli, cabbage, or mustard, the risk of dying from breast cancer 62 percent lower. Among other benefits, the risk of disease recurrence is also 35 percent lower.

Autism Around You

On 2 April is celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day. More precisely by the WHO today is World Autism Awareness Day. Some of the agenda is carried out in order to commemorate this day aims to increase our awareness of the disorder austisme around us, especially in children.

Twenty years ago, probably not many people understand this disease. Even when I was in college of medicine in the early 2000s was "booming" diagnosis of autism has not been a lot like now. I predict when it might be the better understanding of children with autism as children who have mental retardation or commonly known by the child's first idiot (note: the longer the term is increasingly missing from the grammar of everyday and this is a good sign because this term is stigmatic ).

Turn off the lights for Sleep Quality and Health

All the sleepy at night, thriving in the morning. Daily cycle of eating, sleeping and full of vitality is part of the circadian rhythm or biological clock is ticking in the body. This internal clock can also be influenced by external factors such as a clock or other timepiece such as prayer, kentongan peddlers and the simplest is the light.

During the development of human evolution, we have to rely on light-dark cycle. The human biological clock is sensitive to light. Melatonin, popularly understood as the sleep hormone, is produced only when dark. SCN or suprachiasmatic nucleus, is the central biological clock of the light-sensitive nature of its name implied. Nucleus is located above (supra) the optic nerve (Chiasma).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Common Signs of Heart Attack

Heart attacks strike without warning. Can now sleep, work, or even exercising. Absolutely unpredictable if the slim is more secure than a heart attack compared to the obese. Indeed, obese people have the potential of having a heart attack is greater than their ideal body.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do not Be Forced Child Fat

Some parents want their children by feeding excess fat as it will look cute and adorable. However, this action is wrong because the child is at risk of future heart disease and stroke.

"Heart disease and stroke normally infect people at the age of 40 years and over. Cause is often started in these patients were children," said Chairman of the Association Keseminatan Kardioserebraovaskular Indonesia (Ikki) Lukman Hakim Ma'mun, Friday (30/3) in Denpasar, Bali.

Weight Training Make diligent Sex Ok?

A middle-aged friend confessed his sexual ability increased lately due to undergo diligent weight training. He himself was unsure whether it's a coincidence or could be explained scientifically the relationship between weight training and one's sexual ability, especially for those whose age was not young any more.

When examined further, the friend is not a young man who was in the peak of sexual arousal and ability. However, although not quite young, she can maximize the potential and ability in the middle of the shadow and the threat of aging (aging).

Aging is a process that can not be avoided by anyone. Many a man or a woman who claimed to not be as strong as the young, including in terms of sex. However, despite over 40 years of age, do not have the power in the broadest sense should be decreased dramatically.

Want Pregnant Fast? Tea Routine

If you and your partner wanted to get a baby, it never hurts to try to drink tea regularly. Why? Latest research indicates, drinking two cups of green tea a day can help increase a woman's chance of conceiving.

Danish scientists study indicates that women who regularly drank green tea had 27 percent greater chance of getting pregnant than those who did not drink tea. In his research, the researchers also found that consumption of soft drinks every day it will reduce the chances of getting pregnant.