Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diet Uric Acid Lowering Risk

Having a family history of gout or gout, obesity, drinking too much alcohol, high-purine foods, are some of the risk factors for gout. Because it is a healthy lifestyle should be run. One way to do this is by eating a healthy diet low purine.
There are some foods that can help reduce the appearance of gout attacks.
- Vegetables and fruits
Green vegetables and fruits packed with fiber and vitamins such as vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the body from infections such as inflammation associated with gout. Examples are carrots, beets, cucumbers, apples, bananas, grapes, and watermelon.

Cheese Can Lower Fertility for Young Men

For you fans of cheese and dairy products (dairy products), it helps to reduce the consumption of these foods. Therefore, the results showed these foods can reduce the fertility of young men.
As quoted from Dailymail, the young men who eat more than three slices of cheese will have a smaller chance to be a father. The results showed men who ate at least three servings of cheese daily had poorer sperm quality than others.
Not only that, another fact is to consume some dairy foods (dairy products) was found to cause a decrease in male fertility. The food was among 28 grams of cheese, a tablespoon of cream, one ladle of ice cream or a glass of milk contains fat.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RICE Therapy for Arthritis Sprains

Sprains or laymen often called sprains usually preceded by the sound of "kletek" followed difficulty moving the joints. The athletes or those who frequently exercise at high risk for sprained joints.

A sprain occurs when the motion of spinning or stretching too strong so that the joint is moved beyond the reasonable range is so tore ligaments attached to the bones.

Indications sprain include pain and tenderness at the sprain, swelling occurs rapidly, and the disruption of the function of the joints.

a couple of suggestions that will be loved by the brain

If you are the types who like the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin for example, then this is a suggestion that will loved your brain: exercise and less salt. This simple team can suppress the thought process and the foggy memory impairment with increasing age.

A big reason behind the two suggestions above, as told RealAge is a benefit to your arteries. Sport makes the blood vessels more flexible and free blob. Reducing salt intake is clear, to protect you from high blood pressure. Wonderful is not it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camel Milk Nutrition nearly parallel with the ASI

This is one of the features camel. Animal milk is reported to have high nutrient content. Even a lot of iron content in camel milk ten times more than cow's milk.

In addition, vitamin C contained in camel milk three times more than cow's milk. This is ust, in a study of note, nearly matching camel milk breast milk breastmilk alias.

Unfortunately, little is utilizing camel milk. Because, unlike dairy products in general, camel milk has a slightly salty taste and weight. While from aronya, people immediately know where milk comes from.

Walking Prevent Brain Shrinking

New research on the brain wasting in the elderly suggests that exercise may be more beneficial than mentally stimulating activities and social.

The research team University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, delivered a conclusion after conducting a study of 638 people aged 70-something years.

They scanned the brains of study participants using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the structural changes in the brain.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cigarette, Alcohol & Coffee Causes of Osteoporosis

Active smokers usually consuming coffee. In fact, cigarettes and coffee is the culprit of the onset of osteoporosis.

In addition to coffee and cigarettes, frequently drank alcohol and drugs seizures and prevention of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, are known to also trigger osteoporosis. Similarly, given a specialist in internal medicine hospital has no global Osteoporosis Day held by PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe), in GOR Amongrogo, Yogyakarta, Sunday (21/10). In this warning also done gymnastics Seniors who attended about 700 participants from the community and individuals from Yogyakarta and the surrounding area.

Prevent Osteoporosis with "Dodgy"

Deputy Health Minister Ali Ghufron Mukti urged people to always adopt a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of disease. One effort is the Ministry of Health to promote prevention behaviors "dodgy" to avoid osteoporosis. Cleverly is singaktan of periodic health check, Get rid of cigarette smoke and Diligent physical activity, a healthy and balanced diet, get enough sleep and manage stress.
Ali Ghufron added that osteoporosis can be prevented and detected early enough nutrients by eating a balanced diet and especially those containing calcium and vitamin D. "So the great opportunity to live in the open with healthy bone," said Wamenkes to the press at the top of the National Osteoporosis Day (HON) 2012 in Jakarta, Sunday (10/21/2012).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Multivitamin Press Cancer Risk in Men

Multivitamins are consumed on a regular basis are not only supply the micronutrients your body needs but also can reduce the risk of cancer in men, although small.
Conclusions are generated from large-scale studies conducted on male physicians who regularly take multivitamins for more than a decade.
The results were quite surprising because previous studies did not mention a single vitamin supplements can prevent chronic diseases, even some that actually increase the risk of cancer.
In a recent study, known multivitamin supplements will reduce the risk of cancers up to 8 percent. It is still lower than the habit of exercise, a healthy diet, and not smoking, each of which can reduce the risk of cancer between 20-30 per cent.
The positive impact of multivitamin also only found in men than women or young people.
"The benefits of multivitamins including personal light and thus not significant and can be recommended to the public," said Dr.Ernest Hawk, deputy head of the cancer prevention center at the University of Texas, USA.
Mengasup current multivitamin supplements is a way of life for many people. In the U.S. alone know half of people over 50 years of taking a multivitamin. Manufacturers multivitamin supplement marketed as a guarantee of a poor diet.But so far there has been no recommendation from health authorities about the importance of multivitamins. Moreover, some supplements are known to contain higher doses than the body actually needed.
In a recent study conducted Dr.J.Michael Gaziano, he involving 15,000 male physicians over 50 years and did not have cancer when the study began. All the participants were randomly given a multivitamin package for a month or supplements without the active ingredient.

Want Happy? Consumption Try This!

 There are times when people are at their saturation and bad mood. Well, to restore a happy mood again it never hurts to try to eat this food. Here are seven foods that can make you happy again as quoted from magforwomen:
1. Oranges. Citrus fruits are not only good for your health but can also restore mood. Fruits such as oranges contain folic acid which controls the formation of the amino acid homocysteine. The amino acid homocysteine ​​would inhibit the release of serotonin. And serotonin is a substance that makes you feel happy and calm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Danger of Smoking in the Car

Smoking in the car, even in a state of open windows or air conditioning alive, still creates pollution beyond the'' safe'' according to a new study.
Every kid who sat in the back seat when someone is smoking in front of the window will still be exposed even opened.
Report of the journal Tobacco Control in a measurement of 85 car trips in Scotland found that pollution caused solve the set limit to the World Health Organization (WHO).
British Medical Association said all smokers in cars should be banned.

Choosing Energy Sources for Children's Brain

Good concentration ability is closely associated with intelligence. The ability to concentrate for long periods will make the children are trained to solve problems in their learning.
To improve the cognitive abilities of the brain stimulation is also required in addition to good nutrition. According to nutrition experts dr.Saptawati Bardosono, there are some major nutrients support brain development, such as carbohydrates, omega-3, zinc, iron, and vitamin B.
In a study conducted Friesland Campina, Frisian Flag milk producers, it is known that isomaltulosa, carbohydrates are able to survive long in the provision of energy, have a good effect for children's cognitive work.

Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Getting Nutrition Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of highly anticipated by a woman. Keep in preparation since long ago, that the pregnancy is progressing smoothly and ended with vaginal delivery followed by the presence of a healthy baby and that you look forward to.
Two things that really need to consider before planning a pregnancy is a factor of nutrition and fitness. Many people assume that good nutrition starts from the known to the pregnant woman. In fact, understanding is wrong and should be changed. Nutrition should be prepared by a woman before entering the pregnancy.
Here are some important things related to nutrition and fitness that a woman needs to be prepared in times of preparation for the pregnancy:
1. Meet the needs of folic acid.

Wanting Thick Hair, Preventing Loss Tips Here

Hair is the crown of a person. S appearance will be more interesting if well maintained hair. One of the problems in treating the signs are loss.

Loss could be prevented by natural means. Here are five tips to prevent hair loss naturally, as quoted by the Times of India:

1. warm oil

Take natural oil made ​​from olive, coconut, canola. Heat the oil but do terlau hot, just warm enough. Massage gently into your scalp. Then wear a shower cap to cover the hair and wait for an hour. Next, wash the hair with shampoo.

2. juice

You can rub your scalp with garlic juice, onion, or ginger juice. Leave overnight, then wash it thoroughly in the morning.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aspirin Reduce Cancer Risk

Researchers from the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, United States (U.S.) revealed more than 60 people who take aspirin every day are less likely to die due to a greater variety of attack types of cancer by 40 percent.

The new study also showed regular consumption of aspirin can reduce the risk of cancer of any kind. Also, it can offer protection even after several years.

The research team looked at more than 100 thousand men and women are always healthy and normal that taking aspirin regularly for a few years.

Osteoporosis Can Be Prevented

Osteoporosis or bone disease which is one cause of fractures, and paralysis and death, according to a nutrition specialist, can be prevented.Clinical Nutrition Specialist Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Inge Permadhi in Semarang, on Sunday (14/10), said that osteoporosis can be prevented, the fulfillment of which calcium intake."Osteoporosis is characterized by decreased bone mass, which bones become thin, brittle and easily broken. Osteoporosis can be prevented with adequate intake of calcium and a source of calcium is milk," said Dr. Inge.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Excess Cholesterol Can Make Sudden Death

Specialists in internal medicine from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial said the content of excess cholesterol in the body can lead to sudden cardiac death.

"Excess cholesterol can be fatal," said Ari Fahrial activity after the event 'Check Cholesterol Free' PT Pfizer Indonesia held in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/10). The event was held to raise public awareness of the dangers of cholesterol.

Select Beverages Under Body Condition

Did you know that not only serves drinks thirst but also can eliminate health care. Learn about types of beverages that best suits your needs and the condition of the body.

Fitness drinks
- To build muscle: Milk
Milk contains whey protein and casein, both of which are essential amino acids, which help you work to build muscle.
- To streamline the body: Green tea or grapefruit juice
Green tea is believed to help keep the weight because the content in it increases metabolism. Meanwhile, grapefruit juice is also known to help maintain weight. Eating citrus fruits this kind known to be more effective than fruit juice.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Want Down Weight Loss, Obey 3 Rules Eating It

Many consider the diet is to cut meals or not eating at all that rapid weight down. This is the assumption that is simply not true!
The diet is actually a diet and sorting healthy foods that should be consumed for weight loss support. Well, to help you to apply a healthy diet when diet, consider eating when dieting 3 rules below.

Eat In Small Portions
If you previously liked eating large meals, from now on you have to learn to curb it. Eating large meals can cause your body of excess calories. When not in use, these calories can lead to new fat deposits in the body. Smaller portions are also useful to help diabetics prevent blood sugar levels soaring. Also avoid eating while watching television, because you will not know how much food you consume.

New Way Diet, What Kind

Most people who are overweight, underwent various types of diet programs in order to get the ideal body shape.

Not a few people are making a big mistake in carrying out his diet, such as the following examples.

The mistake people often do when dieting is to reduce food portions drastically and suddenly. This would trigger health conditions come down. Perform reduction in calories slowly, so that the body can adapt to the diet.

The second error is skipping meals. When you skip a meal, it is the hunger that can not be overcome, so that when your next meal, your meal could be twice as much.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Food is Bantu Stay Focused Mind

Some of us may have had moments where it's hard to focus on the face of a job. A lot of the background to the emergence of the condition.
But you need not worry. To be able to focus and concentrate fully on the job, you do not need to consume drugs. There are some foods that are believed to help keep your mind focused:
1. Caffeine
Consumption of caffeine for some people may be perceived as a bad. It is indeed true. However, if used in moderate portions and moderation, caffeine can keep your brain to stay focused. But remember, too much caffeine will only make you become restless and unable to concentrate.

Five Advantages So Vegetarian

Some people choose to be vegetarian or eat only vegetables for a variety of reasons, one of which is health.
Here are five advantages to being a vegetarian.
The first advantage to being a vegetarian is to have a healthy stomach. By eating lots of vegetables and fruits means more fiber consumed, so it will keep the colon clean.
In addition, the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits are very good for the stomach, as it is an excellent source of amino acids for the body's metabolism.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nutmeg Compound Effectively Lower Sugar Levels

Dr. Keri Lestari who is now acting as a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy Unpad do research on nutmeg. Apparently, nutmeg has the efficacy to address a number of diseases.

From the test results extraction nutmeg, Keri found that nutmeg contains compounds that effectively lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Keri research still to be developed to produce antidiabetic drugs made ​​from nutmeg. For drugs that are diujinya, Keri has been able to separate substances and safrol myritisin contained in nutmeg because it causes drowsiness effect.

Tips for Safely Using Food Packaging

Consumer foresight important in avoiding food that is unfit for consumption. One effort to do the public or the consumer is accuracy in choosing packaging that is safe for health.
Communities also must be smart in choosing packaged foods and wise use secure packaging, as this is a form of control over food packaging.
According to the Director of the Controlled Products and Hazardous Materials Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) Mustafa, there are some simple tips for consumers to use safe food packaging.
First, do not use plastic bags to pack food black crackle. Second, reduce the use of food packaging made of plastics for oily or fatty foods. Third, do not use plastic containers in the microwave except as directed, and four do not use food packaging that is damaged or deformed.
In addition, Mustafa said, there are also a number of tips on choosing food packaging. First, the priority use packaging made of glass or ceramic. Second, select a package that includes the logo between food and recycling code, choose three colors are not flashy packaging. Fourth, follow the manufacturers recommended usage instructions, and a fifth do not be fooled by the low price. Sixth, avoid the use of plastics to boil, and do not use milk bottles for sterilization.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Should diabetics Abstinence Food Sweet ?

Diabetes or diabetes is often considered a disease caused by excess sugar. Because of that sugar and other sweet foods become the main enemy of the people with diabetes (diabetes).
Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. Basically, it happens because the body can not adequately produce the hormone insulin.
Food is an important part in increasing blood sugar levels. In the process of eating, the food eaten will be digested in the gut and then converted into a form of sugar called glucose. Then the glucose is absorbed by the intestinal wall and circulated into the blood stream.

6 Habits Triggers Acne

Acne is a skin enemy number one. Although most teenagers are experienced by puberty, but pimples are also often interfere with adults. And, did you know that acne and Komeda can arise as a daily habit.
According Dr.Ava Shamban, dermotologis and author of Heal Your Skin, here are some habits that cause skin problems.

1. Touching the skin
"Acne can appear anywhere on the skin that often you touch," says Shamban. For example, on the chin due chin while you get used to seek fresh ideas in the office, or on the pilipis and chin because you always put the phone. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Prevent Stomach Bloating and Gas Often Remove

Certain foods can cause bloating so we often pass gas without knowing the circumstances. Of course, the effect on social life could be worse.

The good news, bloating and frequent complaints flue gas can be avoided. Find out what we can do:

- Avoid gas-producing foods such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs, and milk. The amount of gas produced in each person is different.


Digestive Disorders Can Cause Infertility

Many couples have infertility problems unexplained cause. Digestive or gastrointestinal problems may be one of the causes of infertility. But how can this be?
The fetus inside the womb need nutrients to grow flowers. When a woman has a digestive problem, it can make the body does not absorb nutrients from food consumed. It also means that the baby will not get the nutrients it needs.
Hormonal activity is also influenced by the nutrients absorbed from food. When the body loses nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, it is automatically hormones should be used to ovulate can not exclude the endocrine glands. This causes periods become erratic schedules and processes will become increasingly difficult pregnancy.