Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Want to Lose Weight? Consumption 9 Types of Foods

Want to lose weight means you have to regulate eating and calorie consumption by an amount less than that you have burned. Eating certain foods can help mengurnagi indeed secured your weight, because they help you feel full longer and does not desire to snack, obviously Heather Mangieri, RD, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics. Some of the food was even able to launch metabolism in the body.

1. Grains
Cheap, filling, and versatile, beans are a very good source of protein. Contains high fiber and slow to digest. That is, eating whole grains will make you feel full longer and stop overeating.

2. Soups
Start your lunch with a small bowl of soup, so you will reduce the portion of the next meal. It does not matter which you choose watery soup or thick, s ver-containing broth. Try to only consume 100-150 calories per serving. So, skip the additional form of cream or butter.

3. Dark chocolate
Want to enjoy chocolate between meals? Choose one or two small squares of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. In a study reported, chocolate lovers who were given dark chocolate ate 15% less pizza a few hours later, compared to those who ate chocolate milk.

Prevent Acne? Try Diet Carrot Juice

Carrots are the most popular vegetable that can be eaten either cooked or raw after. Carrots most well known for the eye, but there are various sources of this antioxidant benefits. One of them avoid inflammation of the skin or acne.

Now, let's look at some of the health benefits of carrot juice that we can know, as reported from Zeenews, Monday (28/09/2015).

Boost the immune system

Carrots contain beta-carotene which makes it a source of foods rich in vitamin A and helps boost the immune system. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day is good for building a strong immune system.


Carrot juice contains high amounts of dietary fiber which is essential for good digestive health. Consumption of carrot juice regularly reduce the severity of health problems such as constipation and digestive problems common.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Red chili spiciness Lower Risk of Obesity

A person who can not manage diet vulnerable at risk of obesity. But there is news for lovers of spicy food, red chili apparently can resist the risk. Is that right?

Scientists have recently conducted a study on the relationship of obesity and red peppers. The prior art claims that, spicy chili is easy to burn fat in the stomach, so this is a new solution to lose weight.

They found that a diet high in fat can disrupt important receptors located in the abdomen which signifies fullness. This is done in the investigation of the relationship between the spicy chili receptors in the stomach and a feeling of fullness.

Professor Amanda Page said the current full belly fat, nerves in the stomach we certainly gave the signal to halt the entry of food.

Why Children Under 2 Years Should not you know Gadgets

Not a few parents who introduced the gadget in his son before the age of two years. Perhaps you are one of them. But Psychologist Child Development from the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Indonesia, Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, Psi advise the parents, so that under two years of age children do not come into contact first with the gadget.

Introduce gadget before the age of two years will affect the child's development. All aspects of child development, ranging from the physical, language, emotional, social, and intellectual.

Physically, too many gadgets to make their fine motor unstimulated well. As well as gross motor, he sat there, silent, he is lazy everywhere. As for cognitive, play gadget does not help resolve the problems facing children. He does not like to play or watch, children simply pressing the off button. Children were lazy thinking. Not to mention that children are exposed to violence and so on, it also has an effect.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Vegetable It Can Make You Fat

Vegetables synonymous with healthy food and friends dieters. Actually, not all types of vegetables can help you lose weight, you know. For those of you who were on a mission to gain weight, eating some types of these vegetables can actually help add fat reserves in the body. Unfortunately, for those who are in a mission on the contrary, some of these vegetables may bring bad news. Therefore, the frequency of eating these vegetables could actually make fat.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health provide an analysis of weight gain experienced by 130 thousand Americans, men and women, after they consume these vegetables for 4 years. The result? Potatoes became one of the high-carbohydrate vegetables that can quickly help you gain weight. In addition, some types of vegetables that have the same effect as potatoes are sweet corn and peas.

Rebecca Lawton from the British Dietetic Association respond, in fact there is still room to bring our potatoes in a serving dish, the size of a fist to a meal. After all, potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium. So that the potatoes did not cause adverse effects to weight, you should not combine the potatoes with sweet corn and peas. Avoid also megonsumsi potatoes together, bread, rice, pasta or other carbohydrate sources.

Want Armpit Bright Natural, Use Turmeric

Got a problem with underarm? Starting from its black color due to the use of deodorant, and put out bad smells? No need to worry, now there is a natural way to eliminate these problems.

Quoted from page Timesofindia Tuesday (29/9) following natural way to eliminate these problems.

Add two tablespoons of turmeric and a little water, then mix the two together and apply on underarms. Not only will brighten the skin, but it also can get rid of body odor.

If you rub the apples are crushed in the armpits every day, it can free you from the black spots and odor causing bacteria. Apple containing AHA, so as to kill germs and bacteria that cause armpit you blackened.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Benefits of Guava Leaf, diarrhea Until Overcome Cancer

Guava leaves have long been used in ancient medicine to treat various diseases. The leaves of this plant are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and tannins which is known to have a healing effect.

As well as its fruit, guava leaves can also be processed into a variety of foods, such as tea brewed or made herbal godok.

Here are some diseases that can be treated with guava leaves.

Tea drink water or eat guava leaf extract in capsule form can help us cure diarrhea. 2008 study conducted on mice in the laboratory showed that guava leaf extract proved to contain an antidiarrheal.

The researchers found that the leaf extract was able to delay the occurrence of diarrhea, reduce the frequency of bowel movements, and also reduce the severity of diarrhea.

Reason Healthy Eating Bananas Every Day

Some of us think that most eating bananas can make us fat. But in fact, when you know about the health benefits of eating a banana, you will stop believing the claim.

Without realizing it, we can change your life in many ways, as reported from Boldsky, Monday (28/09/2015). Only eat three bananas a day can give a boost to your health.

The first benefit

Fibers play a good role in accelerating the process of digestion. Because bananas contain fiber, you can expect your digestion is better when you eat them regularly.

The second benefit

The body needs vitamin B6 to produce enough hemoglobin and insulin, and bananas contain this nutrient.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Healthy fats are good for Lower Cholesterol

Fat has had a bad seal in our minds. They are often blamed for causing obesity and other deadly diseases. Though not all fats are bad, even plays an important role in the functioning of the body, such as lowering the bad cholesterol.

So, not all fats are bad. Both full fat soluble vitamins fat to prevent hunger continuously. Here are some healthy fats that are good for lowering your kolesteol, as reported from Timesofindia, Thursday (24/09/2015).

Healthy oils for foods low in cholesterol
All oils and fats have some qualities that are good for our health. So we should not stick to one type of oil or fat for cooking. For example, in one month you use sunflower oil and the next month you can use sesame oil.

Fresh drinks are Good for Heart

Our heart must be kept completely by maintaining diet and avoid drinks in containers. Therefore, currently many patients who suddenly had a heart attack and his life was not helped.

Thus, there are five types of fresh drinks to avoid a heart attack, as well as Boldsky quoted on Thursday (24/09/2015).

Black coffee without sugar is predicted to be the favorite drink of many people to maintain good heart health. From now on, if you order coffee do not select cappuccino, latte, or other frappe containing sugar high.

Drinking tea is apparently not only good for heart health, but also good for the brain as it helps to prevent strokes. Drink a cup of tea as much as once a day to help you stay active mentally and physically.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indeed Dangerous food Burned

Who does not like food that is grilled or baked? Various barbecue food is very tempting, but we often forget is the form of black and crusty food as a result of the fire. Do we know that it is dangerous? In fact, we often hear that the food is burnt can cause cancer, right?

One study found that two types of cancer-causing compounds can be formed during roasting, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCA).

PAHs are formed in the smoke and found on the surface of the meat and hard to remove, usually must use pengerikan and this is what we often see. While HCA is caused by the meat to cook under high temperature and HCA is found in the flesh. Moreover, HCA also can be formed by frying or oven, and toaster.

Nobody Wants Hair Loss When shampooing, Comb preemptively

Many women experience hair loss problems after finishing shampooing. It is unknown when they use a conditioner, a lot of hair attached to the knuckles.

Wash your hair becomes the most important thing in maintaining the beauty, moisture, and hair health. But many do not realize that something is wrong, causing damaged hair.

Reported by Women's Health Mag page on Wednesday (23/9), a beauty stylist of P & G Dr. John Gray said that the hair is very strong indeed. One strand alone can withstand loads of up to 100 grams without fracture. However, in wet conditions it does not apply.

Because, when wet hair tends to become brittle. Water causes the hair split of hydrogen bonds that affect keratin in the hair layer itself. This leads to reduced elasticity of the hair.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mushrooms eradicate mouth with Ginger

Diseases caused by fungi in the mouth called thrush, which candida albicans is a type of fungus that cause.

In addition to the oral cavity candida albicans is also found in the digestive tract and genital organs. 'Proliferation' of this fungus develops in the mouth supported by a number of factors such as:

- The use of denture irritation

- Decreased immune system

- Consumption of foods with high sugar content

- Dry mouth due to the use of drugs

- Due to radiation therapy

- The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for a long time.

How is the solution to overcome candidiasis disease?

Solutions are needed in not only the prevention of candidiasis disease and treatment, but also the necessary drugs cheaper alternative and affordable, because the drugs that have been circulating in the community in addition to relatively expensive it also has some side effects.

Side sleeping on the Gadget Help Boost Brain Tumor Growth

Humans and gadgets today more and can not be released. Nothing took him to the toilet, dining room, even to bed. Did you know, sleeping with the gadget on the head a negative impact on health?

Reported Health page on Monday (21/9) put the phone or gadget on the side of the body during sleep can increase the risk of tumor growth in high amounts.

The cause was found on the LED screen gadgets emit bluish light that can inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin and may interfere with sleep subconscious.

Moreover, the gadget or mobile phone has karsonegenik which may cause the growth of cancer cells. Properties of electromagnetic waves also stimulates the growth of brain tumors more quickly than usual.

This habit is also very harmful effect on children. Because the scalp and skull are still thin have a greater risk dibandingkand ith adults.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spicy chili Can Kill Prostate Cancer Cells

The chili is a food that can give a spicy taste sensation. Moreover, in a study published by the American Chemical Society's Journal of Physical Chemistry, chili believed to help kill prostate cancer cells.

Researchers found that the compound capsaicin can kill cancer cells. Capsaicin is a compound that causes the chili was hot and spicy in the mouth.

A study published in Cancer Research found that these compounds can reduce the size of the tumor when conducted experiments on mice. Previously, genetic engineering has been carried out on mice, so have cells of human prostate cancer.

Research shows, hot sensation on capsaicin can tear the cell membrane so that the cancer cells will eventually die. However, to get an effect in humans, estimated to need a dose high enough or consumption of chili so much in one day.

Inhibitory senile with Vitamin D

In the next 50 years, Alzheimer's disease and dementia is expected to demetia or affects more and more elderly people worldwide. The researchers studied vitamin D to see if it can slow down early dementia.
Vitamin D comes from the sun and from some foods such as beans, lentils and fish fat.
The researchers found that low levels of vitamin D may be linked to dementia and Alzheimer's disease, one of the most common forms of dementia. Alzheimer's can be very tiring for those who care for people with the disease and frightening those who are suffering.
"I've had a very bad thing when I want to get in the car, I not only forgot to go anywhere, but I also do not know where," said the dementia sufferer, Chris Roberts.
World Health Organization estimates that more than 47 million people suffer from dementia, and about 60 percent of whom come from the low and middle income countries, which are least able to cope with this disease.
US scientists studying the elderly and measure the level of vitamin D and their cognitive abilities: namely, the ability to remember and think.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mushrooms eradicate mouth with Ginger

Diseases caused by fungi in the mouth called thrush, which candida albicans is a type of fungus that cause.

In addition to the oral cavity candida albicans is also found in the digestive tract and genital organs. 'Proliferation' of this fungus develops in the mouth supported by a number of factors such as:

- The use of denture irritation

- Decreased immune system

- Consumption of foods with high sugar content

- Dry mouth due to the use of drugs

- Due to radiation therapy

- The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for a long time.

How is the solution to overcome candidiasis disease?

Most Sitting Bad for Liver Effect

Sitting for a long time regarded as the latest health threat because it can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Now there is no research that says that sitting for long also be bad for the liver.

People who sit 10 hours or more each day suffer from fatty liver risk nonalkoholik rose to 9 percent compared with those who only sit about 5 hours each day.

Nonalkoholik fatty liver disease has been known to be caused by the consumption of too many fatty foods. This condition is also influenced by obesity, cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels, and hypertension.

Physical activity is also known to play a role in fatty liver disease nonalkoholik. Those who are physically active lower risk of having this disease.

Research on the health effects of sitting in the liver is done Dr.Seungho Ryu, professor of occupational and environmental medicine from South Korea. He observed more than 139,000 men and women were asked Korea physical activity. Then they undergo an ultrasound to determine the condition of his liver.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eating Fish Makes Hearts Happier

There are many ways you can do to reduce stress and feel happier, ranging from maintaining nutrition, regular exercise, to consult with the right people. However, researchers have found a way that is practical to reduce the level of stress and depression, ie do not miss the fish in your diet today.

Dr. Majid Fotuhi, a medical director of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center in Virginia, explained, "omega-3 fatty acids in fish have benefits for blood circulation and reduce inflammation, it became an important capital in an effort to improve mood by reducing depression."

Omega-3 fatty acids also have a stake in the regulation of dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine itself is neotransmitter in the brain that helps control the sense of satisfied, happy, happy, and the like. Medium serotonin also has a similar function, which helps improve mood, reduce the sadness, and depression.

The statement is also supported by a recent study released by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Initially, researchers wanted to look deeper into what effect frequent consumption of fish. Then they analyzed about 26 observational studies from 2001 to 2014, on the topic of eating fish with depression linkages involving about 150,000 people. The result?

Lose Weight with Aloe Vera

By following the lifestyle of today dominated by junk food and less exercise, I wonder if the weight is always up. Unfortunately, losing weight is not easy back your hand, it takes effort as managing diet and regular exercise. Because it requires a process that is not a moment, not infrequently those who want to lose weight choose a shortcut by megonsumsi various drugs to lose weight.

In fact, the best way to lose weight is the natural way. Try any diet and taking drugs will only make you feel weak and can even damage the health of the skin. Weight loss may indeed be down, but it will also make you look fresh and looks old.

One of the natural ways you can do to lose weight is to eat aloe vera. Plant this one apart without any side effects, also good for healthy skin and hair. Here is an explanation of how aloe vera can help you lose weight.

1. Cleaning the stomach
Aloe vera gel or aloe vera has in the leaves. This gel that can be consumed. The more fresh and natural gel that is consumed, the better the results that will be obtained. Aloe vera gel will cleanse your bowels and acts as a laxative that is also good for your colon.

If you've eaten in a lot or you feel have exceeded calorie intake needed by the body, by eating a variety of fatty foods, you can eat aloe vera gel to remove fat from your body that can be stored if not immediately discarded,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Carefully, Fruit Juice Can Be "Junk Food"

Smoothies or fruit juice can be a friendly snack time want to carry a healthy lifestyle. Through vitamins and minerals, fruits can be a daily nutritional supplement that can support the health of the body. Unfortunately, some of the additives in smoothies often damage the health of the fresh drinks. Of healthy snacks, become junk snack. Here it is additional material that should be avoided.

1. Adding fruit-flavored fat-free yogurt.
Although labeled fat free and is written based natural fruit, fruit-flavored yogurt in fact contains a lot of sugar. Interestingly, not only the sugar that becomes the main suspect who make a glass of juice to be less healthy, but not the fat content in the yogurt.

The reason, a study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015 found that a high fat serves to reduce the risk of diabetes could be caused by a product containing lots of sugar. Yes, fat is needed to be able to work together with calcium, protein, and vitamin D in order to prevent diabetes.

Better choice: plain yogurt with a higher protein content than sugar.

2. Adding fruit juice packaging.
Although labeled as natural fruit juices, bottled water or fruit juice turned out to be poor in fiber so it will not be filling. And when mixed with real fruit in a blender, then the properties of the original fruit fiber would be reduced. Coupled with the high amount of carbohydrates and sugar, these drinks will clearly frustrate the mission of someone who is dieting. The count, a glass of apple cider and orange mixture turned out to be equivalent to 3 medium-size sweet chocolate wrappers.

Reason Drinking Coffee Can Lose Weight

You must have heard about the tea can lose weight, but have you ever heard of coffee may be beneficial to reduce weight?

Reported Thedailymeal Friday (11/9) a number of studies have shown the many ways in which the natural compounds in coffee can stimulate weight loss.

The reason we sometimes lose the benefit of coffee is because we add things that are not necessary thereto such as milk, cream, sugar, sugar substitutes, etc. Surely we will add one of the above items, no matter how "safe" they may claim it has seized the original benefits of coffee.

Suppress appetite
According to a study from Griffith University's Center, the coffee acts as an appetite suppressant, which means that if you may be ingesting fewer calories when you drink coffee.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Includes popcorn Apparently Healthy Snacks

When dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) attack, many people recommend guava. Why should guava, and whether the fruit is really effective?

Dr Grace Judio-Kahl, healthy lifestyle consultant, explained that the guava proved to have nutrients that are beneficial for improving the condition of patients with DHF. Thanks to phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals contained therein.

"Red Guava contains phytonutrients called quercentin functioning patching leaky blood vessels that are vulnerable due to dengue infection. So, eating fruit or guava juice is sufficient to give effect to cure, "he explained.

Additionally, guava also contain lots of vitamin B and C are even many times more than the fruit jeruk.Ternyata favorite snack while watching a movie, popcorn including healthy food.

"Corn is intact it is rich in fiber, low in calories and nutritious. That you can also of popcorn," said Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University Prevention Research Center. Two bowls of popcorn without the sense of having 2.3 grams of fiber and contains 62 calories.

Why Red Guava Good for Patients with DHF

When dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) attack, many people recommend guava. Why should guava, and whether the fruit is really effective?

Dr Grace Judio-Kahl, healthy lifestyle consultant, explained that the guava proved to have nutrients that are beneficial for improving the condition of patients with DHF. Thanks to phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals contained therein.

"Red Guava contains phytonutrients called quercentin functioning patching leaky blood vessels that are vulnerable due to dengue infection. So, eating fruit or guava juice is sufficient to give effect to cure, "he explained.

Additionally, guava also contain lots of vitamin B and C are even many times more than oranges.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Spices type Prevent Heart Attack

Patients with coronary heart turns his life is not only dependent on the drug. They can maintain their health conditions that are not easily have a heart attack by taking some kind of herb spices. Any kind?

Boldsky quoted on Thursday (10/09/2015), there are five types of spices are most preferred by many patients with coronary heart disease, including Vice President Jusuf Kalla.


A handful of pepper contains some natural substances that prevent blood clots and improve blood circulation. Of course if you regularly mixing pepper into your daily diet, may indirectly prevent the risk of heart disease, including stroke.


Yellow spice that is believed to eliminate cholesterol and plaque from the blood that makes clogged. The benefits can improve blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and prevents blood clots to protect the brain and heart damage.

8 Food remover of toxins from the body

Detoxification has become a trend for many people and is often done at the end of the week, after Monday to Friday, a healthy diet we often disrupted. Detoxification means cleansing the body of toxic sediments and hazardous chemicals, due to a less healthy diet earlier.

Detoxification does not require a complicated process, simply by eating healthy foods that can help clean out toxins and debris in the body. Here are eight foods that you can prepare now to detox at the end of next week.

1. Avocado
Avocados are very rich in antioxidants, one of which glutathione. Alpukatd can cleanse the body by removing toxic chemicals out of the body. Thus, the body feel more healthy and fresh.

2. Cranberry
This fruit is good for preventing urinary tract infections and get rid of toxins that settles and is antibacterial.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 First Aid of Materials Kitchen

Fill your kitchen turned out to be a mainstay for emergency conditions. Here are 5 ingredients kitchen that has been scientifically proven to have benefits for treating the symptoms of minor ailments.

1. Honey
The pediatricians in the United States does not recommend parents to give their child the medication for a cold or cough. But do not panic, as an alternative you could give one teaspoon of honey when your child coughs. However, the granting of honey is not recommended for children aged less than a year because of the risk of bacterial poisoning.

2. Mouthwash
Mouthwashes are typically used after brushing the teeth it can be a potent recipe overcome thrush or sore throat.

3. Ice cubes
To reduce swelling or pain in the wound injury, use a cold compress using ice cubes. Compressed no more than 20 minutes to prevent frostbite.

Vitamin B2, Prevent Migraine up preeclampsia

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is also known as one of the eight types of vitamin B. Like other B vitamins, vitamin B2 plays a role in the process of energy production in the body. In addition, vitamin B2 also has other functions that are not less important.

Foods containing riboflavin
Vitamin B2 is a type of soluble vitamins in the water so that the excess discarded every day of the body. The best way to get vitamin B2 is to eat natural foods that contain this vitamin. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, foods containing riboflavin them are eggs, nuts, meat, broccoli, wheat, cabbage, rice, mushrooms, soy beans, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, and bread.

Riboflavin is needed during growth and to keep the body healthy. This vitamin helps the body break down carbohydrates, protein, and fat to produce energy, and allow oxygen to be used by the body.

"Riboflavin is also used to maintain the growth and function of the skin, the lining of the digestive tract, blood cells, and other vital organs," Dr. Sherry Ross, women's health experts at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Green Tea Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth Fixed

Consumption of food and beverages greatly affect the health of your teeth. Consumption of food and drinks that contain lots of calcium, vitamin C or polyphenols great for keeping your teeth stay strong.

"Now that green tea is a drink that is good for teeth because they contain polfenol keseharan high," explained prakstisi dental health, doctors Deasy, in Jakarta.

Deasy explain polyphenols have very high manfat for dental health. Penlitian based on the content of polyphenols in green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

"Consumption of milk or cheese is also good for teeth because they contain a lot of calcium, or eat fruits that contain lots of vitamin C," he added.

Eating these foods affect the health of your teeth and avoid cavities. Deasy doctor explained cavities generally do not show signs of damage, but the hole in the tooth is usually only seen when it is severe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Simply Sleep Helps Lose Weight

At times, you feel very busy up hope time in one day more than 24 hours. The density busyness and the limited time owned, often making you willing to spend a lot of time to finish the job. As a result, metabolism deteriorate and end up with less sleep and irregular eating habits.

You tend to be irritable, feel very tired and weary, and always want to eat a lot. Weight gain and impaired concentration are some of the ill effects of poor sleep quality. If you plan to lose weight and is undergoing a diet program, you have to balance it with at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Here is an explanation of how sleep can help you lose weight.

1. night's sleep makes you relax and maintain normal body metabolism.
When your body is relaxed and metabolism running normally, you will digest food easily and will not feel hungry constantly. Lack of sleep will make you makans ach you want and snacking during the hours that is not necessarily only going to help you gain weight. Go to bed early and wake up early is the best way to menajga healthy body and keep your diet remains true.

6 Foods for Eye Health

Eye health can be affected by the consumption of certain foods. Not only the carrot, there are some foods that are good for the eyesight organ.

There is useful to keep the vision remains good, prevent dry eyes, to cataracts. Here are six foods that are good for eye health as quoted from Boldsky.

1. Green vegetables
Green vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin. Both are forms of antioxidants that can reduce cataract. Green vegetables is one of the best food for eye health.

2. Eggs
Probably never imagined you that eggs are also good for eye health. Eggs are rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and zinc. The content of reducing macular degeneration and cataracts.

3. Corn
You might also wonder why the corn into the category of foods that nourish the eye. Keep in mind, when the corn is cooked for a long time, it can increase the amount of antioxidant lutein.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Six Behavior Cause Stomach Bloating

I swear, my pants are not as tight this morning. Familiar with that sentence? Yes, we've all said that it is or may be new to say at this time.
Head of gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at the University of Chicago Medicine David T. Rubin says it could happen because of flatulence. Bloating is the excess air and gas trapped in the digestive tract, especially in the small intestine.
The cause is often because the nuts we eat. But check out these six little things that might have an impact on your waistline as quoted from Yahoo Health.

You like chewing gum
The bad news for bubble gum addicts. If your stomach is feeling the effects, it may be time to limit these sweets. "A lot of people chew gum to keep them from eating in between meals, but when you chew gum, you unknowingly swallow air," says dietitian Bonnie

According to him, the intake of excess air can make you feel like a balloon intestine. Plus, the sugar content can cause gas and bloating as well. Chewing gum sugar-free even generally contain sorbitol. It may cause a million stomach problems, including bloating.

Food for Liver Detoxification

Liver basically serves to filter toxins from all drinks and food into the body. However, when too many unhealthy toxins which handled the largest organ in our body, this will threaten the liver work.

For that, we must balance our diet with healthy foods that can help work the liver in detoxifying toxins from our body system. Here is a list of some healthy foods that we can consume to help cleanse the liver, as reported from Timesofindia, Wednesday (09/02/2015).


Low calorie fruit that is easily found in this market have a liver cleanser protein, as well as lowering cholesterol.


Turmeric helps fight inflammation in the body, and is especially active in your liver. So, if you have a liver infection or other infections, include extra turmeric to your diet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This type peanuts Can Cause Cancer

Nuts are a healthy source of vegetable protein. Its function is also important in order to complete the implementation of balanced nutrition.
But not all beans can be eaten freely. Peanuts for example to watch out for consumption. Especially for the moldy peanuts, should not be consumed because carcinogenic that can trigger the growth of cancer cells in humans.

This type of fungus that often nest in peanut called Aspergillus flavus. These fungi also produce toxins called alfatoksin. Unfortunately, according to Medical Information Senior Manager Dr. Kupiya Arise Kalbe Wahyudi, laundering as clean as any in peanuts will not eliminate the fungus that attaches to the nut. Including even the beans have been boiled or fried though.
"There has been no research is that the fried mushrooms are also dead. But better moldy peanuts are not consumed," he said.

However, he says people should not worry because this new type of fungus will cause cancer in the body if we frequently eat moldy peanuts. Therefore it is important to be wary of what foods are good for the body.

Lose Weight with Green Tea

Green tea is proven to help increase metabolism, which later will help you lose weight. The exact amount in the consumption of green tea per day to lose weight is not defined.

Most experts say that two cups of green tea per day is enough, keep in mind too much caffeine is not good for health. Of course, the maximum limit caffeine intake is different for each oranng, depending on overall food consumption, eksehatan conditions and lifestyles, so it is advisable to consult your doctor dnegn.

For you lovers of tea and green tea want to include in the daily diet to help you lose weight, this tip.

1. Serve hot
Although technically green tea cold and hot green tea is the same, but the difference is the cold version usually has a moisture content of more, because the ice is melting. This is what will make green tea a little more fluid and reduce its effect. It's okay if you want to eat cold green tea occasionally, but try to eat them more often in hot conditions to obtain maximum results.

2. Select the best quality
Choose the best green tea products, the better the product, usually the better the quality. Also, make sure there is no additional preservatives, so you consume green tea really fresh and natural, which are naturally rich in anti pksidan and provide many beneficial effects on the human body, including helping to lose weight.

3. Add friend healthful
Add some lemon juice in your green tea to give a better effect in weight loss. This combination will naturally cleanse your body of toxins and lowers cholesterol levels. Similarly, if you do not like the natural taste of green tea, you can add a little honey.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day Just a Myth

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is one of the most common health tips in mind, as mentioned will make you look younger, feel more refreshed and healthy life.
However, in a new finding turns out it was not true, is only a myth. Lah why? One health researchers so fed up with the growing myth that has been often cited as fact. He also appealed to everyone to stop repeating the facts that are not true.

In an article in The New York Times, a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Aaron E. Carroll said that drinking eight glasses of water a day that is a myth.

"If there is a medical myth that will not die, it is this: you have to drink eight glasses of water a day, this is not true. There is no science behind it," he quoted from the Independent, Wednesday (2/9).

He said that a correct advice is that people need a balance with eight glasses of water a day. Scientists say that the number of actual flows are included in food and other vegetables, and never suggested that people drink eight glasses of water on food and drink them daily.

Want to Maintain Brain? Begin as Early as Possible

There's no harm in taking the time to exercise on a regular basis. Good habits that over time will become a lifestyle that can continue to be made to the old.

One of the positive benefits of physical activity is the ability of the brain that is still excellent. As well as Take Olga Kotelko. Women who live to age 95 this year began a routine exercise when he was 77 years and won numerous medals at the age of 90 years.

The experts found that the brain condition Kotelko greater than others of the same age. A healthy diet and exercise regimen is doing is a recipe preserve thinking ability remains sharp.

However, you should not wait until the advanced age to exercise. This is because the decline in brain function does not happen in one or two years. Scientists said that the supplementation of nutrition and physical activity influence on cognitive ability in old age.