Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watch TV Too Close No Damage Eyes

Many people think staring at a computer screen or television for too long will damage their eyes . But actually it did not damage the eyes , but only makes the eyes tired . Damage to sight it can be caused by other things that may have never occurred before .
Agency for Food and Drug Administration USA ( FDA ) stated , things that can damage the eye such as smoking , use of decorative contact lenses , and laser pointer beam exposure .
According to the FDA , many people use decorative contact lenses without a prescription . Though the business of contact lenses that are sold without prescription are actually breaking the law , so its use became illegal .
" You need to go to the doctor to assess the health of eyes and declared suitable for use contact lenses , eye health due to lack of will cause eye damage , " advises the FDA .
In addition , you also need to be vigilant with laser pointer because it can cause permanent eye damage . And Hewett , health care workers at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health FDA said laser beam which leads directly into the eye will cause instant injury .

Free Yourself from Gout Attacks

Pain because uric acid is very disturbing the comforts of life . The pain can be eliminated with pain medication . However, the treatment of gout attacks should also include prevention of recurrence of disease is not anymore .

Indeed stiff, stiff in the joints especially are complaints that ordinary everyday experience almost everyone . For ordinary stiff in the joints , Dr. . Harry Isbagio , Sp . PD - KR suggest taking paracetamol drug types .

" These drugs are commonly used throughout the world to treat the pain and stiffness . This type sold in the market . I need not mention the brand , " said a specialist rheumatology from Cipto Mangunkusumo this .

In particular, he reminded the public to be careful selecting herbs rheumatism . Some brands of certain herbs allegedly mixed the chemicals . " Food and Drug Administration has issued a list of herbs mixed with chemicals . Society should carefully choose the herbs that will be taken , "he warned .

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keep the Habits that Cause Stomach

STOMACH belly is a problem a lot of people . When various attempts have been made , but to no avail , maybe some habits still be the cause.

Reported by Lifespan , distended stomach is actually caused unhealthy habits . What is it? Here's his review .

Consumption of soda

According to the study , eating one or two cans of soda each day to make the waist widened to five times faster . Because sodas contain artificial sweeteners are high . This then leads to increased appetite .

Eating too late

During sleep , the body will experience fat burning process . However , this will not happen if you eat too late , resulting in a full stomach . In addition to resulting in fat deposits , a full stomach also increases the risk of stomach acid and digestive disorders rise . To prevent this , it is better to eat three hours before bedtime .

This fruit Powerful Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the dreaded disease . But do not worry , the article you can prevent it in several ways , including eating fruits .

Yes , there are fruits that are believed to fight cancer . If consumed regularly , the risk can be reduced kankerpun .

So , what are the fruits ? Here's his review as reported Healthmeup .


Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C , which these vitamins can fight cancer cells in the body . In addition , grapefruit also contain nitrogen compounds , which are responsible for the fight against cancer .

Assorted berries

Blueberries , mulberries , raspberries and strawberries are a very important source of antioxidants to fight cancer cells . In addition , a variety of berries are also good for maintaining heart health .

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kitchen materials penghalau Constipation

Often difficult bowel movements can cause discomfort in the abdomen . Although many products on the market circulation laxatives , but in fact we can eliminate this interference with the groceries home .

1 . Sesame seeds
Composition in sesame seed oil will work to moisturize the gastrointestinal tract . This certainly could be launched if the bowel is the main cause of dry feces . Add sesame seeds in cereals or pastries . You can also mix them with coffee grounds . A simple way to overcome constipation with sesame seeds for a long time believed by the Chinese people and the Amish .

Evaluate Your Diet with 4 Question It

Health and condition of our body is the result of what we eat every day . If we feel the weight easy to ride , often experience indigestion , or emotionally unstable , it might be time to reevaluate the quality and quantity of nutrients entering the intake .

To find out whether the eating habits we are doing is right or not , Karen Ann Kennedy , certified health coach and president and CEO at The Caring Coaching Center , LLC The Caring Coaching Center , gives the following four key questions :
1 . What do I eat ?
It's not a question of origin , even though most people who feel healthy eating means eating less . According to Kennedy , while not knowing what is in the food you eat , eat in smaller portions also still provide the desired impact .

" It is important to always check the labels of foods purchased . Better yet, to not buy packaged foods or just buying food with a list of contents only five ingredients or less , " he said .

Thursday, May 22, 2014

7 Causes of Stomach Fat in Stacking

Although the program is running a series of diet , does not guarantee your belly fat free . The enemy most of these women could have conceived of a food or beverage that you consume in order to lose weight .

Here's his review as published in , Tuesday ( 13/5 ) :

1 . Too much drinking soda
If you belong to can not live without soda , can forget about avoiding fat maximally . Sugar content in soda can make your diet fails miserably .

2 . Uses Great Dishes to Eat
The larger plates you used to eat , the more you eat foods that may be . So if you do intend to lose weight , use a small plate .

Poor Cholesterol Levels Risk of Stroke

Factors that increase the risk of stroke is not much different from the risk factors for heart disease . One of them is the bad cholesterol levels .

Levels of bad cholesterol , which is bad cholesterol ( LDL), high and low levels of good cholesterol ( HDL ) may increase the risk of narrowing or blockage of the arteries , including the arteries of the heart to the brain .

Nevertheless, high cholesterol is only temporary need not worry . "If high cholesterol is only momentary , for example diet is bad , it's okay . Which danger that if the level is constantly high , " said dr.Frandy Susatia , neurologist from Kebun RS.Siloam Orange Jakarta , in a media event education the strokes in Jakarta ( 20/5/14 ) .

Therefore, cholesterol checks must be done on a regular basis . If high cholesterol levels , in the long run will cause plaque deposits in blood vessels . Plaque can reduce or block blood flow in an artery or too fragmented and carried to the brain , causing a stroke .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

High Cholesterol Make Difficult Times

A healthy body is an important requirement for couples who want to get the descendants . Couples who have high cholesterol levels is more difficult to conceive .

Researchers found that cholesterol -free to couples who have not conceived after 12 months is higher than the couples who have managed to get pregnant .

Free cholesterol is the cholesterol that is not bound to other molecules . In contrast , HDL ( good cholesterol ) and LDL ( bad cholesterol ) is bound to proteins .

The results of this new study shows , free cholesterol was influential on the level of fertility . Women who have high levels of free cholesterol but her partner has normal levels was also longer to get pregnant than couples who both have normal cholesterol free .

The study monitored 501 couples in Michigan and Texas who are trying to have children and not following fertility treatment . Nurse taking blood sample of husband and wife at the beginning of the study and measure the five levels of blood fats , ie free cholesterol , total cholesterol , phospholipids , triglycerides , and total lipids .

Eat Healthy , Fast Metabolism

Fast metabolism will keep your body fat is not easy , while a slow metabolism not only causes us to be overweight but also affect mood . Keep metabolic processes remain normal with proper diet .

Metabolism is the term used to describe the various processes in the body so that each function running normally and maintain viability . A variety of complex tasks include changing food into energy , making new cells and tissues , breathe , circulate blood , regulates body temperature , removes waste products , and much more .

Because the entire task requires energy , the body must use the calories to run this process . The number of calories burned at rest when the body is called the resting metabolic rate ( RMR ) , sometimes also called the " basal metabolic rate " ( BMR ) .

RMR is the minimum number of calories used by the body to function properly at rest , so this does not include the calories needed for daily activities or exercise .

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Sports Easy Spirit fade

When set a target to have an ideal body weight or more toned , muscular , we are so excited to do the exercise . But usually such great enthusiasm slowly faded and was easily defeated exercise intentions feeling lazy .

A survey involving 3,000 respondents showed that 54 percent of participants in the early years of life are committed to running fitter , it has failed to meet them in a few months thereafter . The survey conducted by Fitness First in several countries in Asia , including Indonesia .

The survey also found that the biggest reason for not exercising is due to lack of time and motivation . That's why most people fail to continue the commitments that have been made ​​since the beginning .

Fitness First Asia CEO Simon Flint said , there are three important factors in building motivation , including exercise motivation , namely competence , feeling competent or was unemployed and looking for what progress has been made ​​. Then , autonomy is to have the freedom to choose and there is no compulsion to do something .

"In addition , social Relatedness is feeling a part of something , feel in a comfortable environment and also support what he did , " Simon said in a press conference in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20.05.14 ) .

What Are the Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke is a sudden illness that attacks the brain . These conditions can be fatal and cause disability . However , with the rapid and precise handling , the impact of greater damage to the brain can be avoided .

Strokes caused by blood supply to the brain is impaired . When blood flow to the brain is blocked , the nerve cells do not get oxygen and nutrients . As a result , the function of brain cells will be damaged permanently .

" The longer the stroke left untreated , the more damage to the brain . Brain will be broken within 5 minutes after the stroke . Having said that , the longer the patient was taken to the hospital , the worse the consequences , " said neurologist Franky Susatia in a media event education held by SOHO Global Health in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of a stroke . For simplicity , we can remember three things when a stroke occurs , ie, through a smile , talk , and hands .

Monday, May 19, 2014

Complete Nutrition to Prevent bone loss

Bone is an important structure forming the framework of the human body . Therefore we need to maintain their health in order to remain fit and active until old age .

Mother who experiences pain in the joints and bones in old age makes a singer Liza Natalia choose to run a healthy lifestyle . He is now also undergoing professional Zumba instructor 's gymnastics exercise at least three times a day and keep his diet .

" I still want to be healthy and fit to old. Trick routine exercise , avoiding smoking , and keep eating , " said the mother of two children who always seem to fit this in an educational media event held by Caltrate calcium supplement in Jakarta some time ago .

Without implementing a healthy lifestyle a person is prone to bone loss or osteoporosis , especially in women whose risk is greater than men .

Everyone will lose some of their bones with increasing age . It was a normal process . However , in people with osteoporosis , their bones thinning at a rate faster , become brittle , and easily broken .

9 Food Destructive Diet

When you wish to get the ideal body weight , one way to do is to manage your diet alias diet . However, foods that are considered healthy choices in diet is not as healthy as we sometimes assume .
Foods that are considered healthy often contain other ingredients that are high in calories or sugar , so be culprit diet damage done . What food are they ?
1 . Gluten -free food
Gluten-free diet has become the choice of many people to lose weight . But actually this diet will actually have the opposite effect . By Karen Ansel , certified dietitian of America , said , gluten gives the texture and taste of the food .
" Especially for processed products , when gluten is eliminated from the diet , so instead, there will be a starch , fat , and added sugars . Then better choose whole foods , " he said .
2 . Coconut oil
It remains unclear whether coconut oil can burn as much fat and has the benefit of olive oil . But clearly , coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fat .

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Choose Dark Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit is a good source of fiber , vitamins , and antioxidants . But if you want to get more antioxidants , better choose dark -colored fruits and vegetables .

For athletes , dark -colored fruits and vegetables are also recommended as excellent antioxidants to fight free radicals that can cause muscle pain , inflammation , fatigue , and premature cell death .

A free radical is an atom or molecule compounds containing one or more unpaired electrons that are highly reactive .

Free radicals can be formed in the body during breathing as a byproduct of the process of oxidation or burning , excessive exercise , when there is inflammation , exposure to environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke , motor vehicle , radiation , and so on .

To avoid the adverse effects of free radicals , eating dark foods is highly recommended . Here are some of the fruits and vegetables are recommended .

Men's Slimming Stomach Diet

Increased age , many men are increasingly distended stomach . Before adding a hole in the belt , you should try to stomach so slender . Diet does not mean eating less . Eating less actually makes your metabolism slows down and belly so big .

Indeed , exercise alone is not enough for slimming stomach . That said Brett White , MD , a family physician at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland , U.S. for patients who need to reduce kebuncitan stomach .

" There is a myth about the role of exercise in weight loss . In addition to sports , men need to diet . Exercise was necessary for heart health . But to lose weight needs to begin efforts to reduce food we loloskan in the mouth , " said White .

Manuel Villacorta , RD , MS , founder of the site weight management in her practice saw a lot of men in their 40s and over who lack of exercise when required to lose weight . "Once they do not exercise to lose weight . At the ripe age was not so anymore , " he said .

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sleeping hard ? Maybe Eating One

Eating and sleeping patterns are closely related . Lack of sleep not only due to being a lot of thought , but also due to poor food choices . Women who slept less than six hours a day on average consume more calories than women who slept at least seven hours .
According to a study published in the journal Obesity , too, are often eaten calories insomnia most women who come from a less nutritious food choices . The reverse was found in the group of women who get enough sleep .
Sleep deprivation relationship with food selection also applies vice versa . That is not just the lack of sleep that causes the selection of calorie foods , but also a selection of high-calorie foods also cause sleeplessness at night .
Researchers found that the people who are in a special diet , such as reducing fat or cholesterol , are also likely to be sleepy during the day . They also have trouble sleeping at night .
So the study also concluded the relationship between diet and sleep quality very closely . Both need to be optimized to obtain optimal health .

Theory of Saturated Fat Triggers Heart Disease Questioned

So far, health experts continue to warn us of the dangers of saturated fat because it can increase the risk of heart disease . Which is considered a healthy diet is the least saturated fat content .

However , this assumption is called into question by a new study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine which says , saturated fat is not a single nutritional factors that trigger heart disease .
Prompts for reducing saturated fat foods , such as cheese , butter , or red meat originally came from a study from the University of Minnesota in the 1950 study conducted by Ancel Benjamin Keys .

Research conducted in 7 countries concluded that saturated fats can increase cholesterol levels that increase the risk of heart disease . Since then , the dogma of saturated fat causes heart disease was widely spread throughout the world .
But then , a number of criticisms leveled at the Keys study . Criticism based on some norm deviation basic science conducted by Keys .
One of them , a study conducted Keys are not randomly select countries targeted in the analysis , but rather choose countries that prove the hypothesis , namely Yugoslavia , Finland , and Italy .

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nutrition Myths

Lots of advice on nutrition that comes to you . His advice was all kinds. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what is good for you and what is not . Well , to help , at least this 3 food myths and the truth behind it .

First Myth : Using a microwave can kill food nutrition
Using the microwave is one of the best ways to keep the goodness in vegetables remain intact . Boil it can dispense valuable vitamins and minerals . While microwaves heat up food without using a lot of water , so the food stays stored nutrients .

Myth two : You should avoid white foods
Nutritionists recommend that we consume brightly colored foods and more diverse . That said , it was good . And it is still true . For example , carrots and strawberries are high in beta - carotene , an important antioxidant that fight inflammation in cells . While the dark green foods are a rich source of antioxidants , fiber , calcium , and vitamins such as C and K.

10 Reasons Kids Need Regardless of the " Gadget "

Association pediatrician United States and Canada stressed the need for children aged 0-2 years is not at all exposed to the gadget . While children 3-5 years are limited to one hour per day and two hours for children 6-18 years old . But in fact , the kids actually use the gadgets 4-5 times more than the recommended amount .
In fact , the use of smart phones , tablets , and electronic gaming device has started since a very early age . Pediatricians from the United States Cris Rowan said , there needs to be a ban on the use of gadgets at early age , the children under 12 years old . The reason , many studies that prove negative impact on their gadgets . Include the following:

1 . Brain growth is too fast
Between 0-2 years of age , a child's brain growth entered a period of the most rapid and continued to grow until the age of 21 years . Stimulation of the environment is essential to trigger the development of the brain , including of gadgets . However, the stimulation that comes from gadget known to be associated with attention deficits , cognitive disorders , learning disabilities , impulsivity , and lack of ability to control himself .

Monday, May 12, 2014

Five Causes of Back Pain

Many habits that you do not realize can cause back pain . Though this condition can actually easily anticipated .

Here's an example quoted from , Tuesday ( 13/5 ) :

1 . Slept in Old Mattress
A good mattress should be able to support your body properly . But if your mattress is already 10 years old , certainly not propped up your spine properly . The solution , immediately replace it with a new mattress .

2 . Carrying Bag Large
Ideally , your default is not more than 10 percent of your body weight . Carry the weight of too often can make back pain . The solution , switch to a lighter bag .

Hypertension also occurred in the Lungs

When you hear the word hypertension , people will think about high blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease . However , it turns out hypertension can also occur in a specific organ , namely the lungs , which can be fatal impact .

Specialist heart and blood vessels from Harapan Kita Heart Hospital , Rina Ariani said , pulmonary hypertension or pulmonary hypertension occurs due to increasing pressure on the lungs .

Blood pressure in the lungs is different from the body's blood pressure . If the blood pressure in the body is normally 120 mmHg for systolic and 80 mmHg for diastolic , a person is said to have hypertension if blood pressure above 140/90 mmHg .

" Meanwhile, the blood pressure of the lungs is only 25/10 mmHg and more than it already is said to pulmonary hypertension , " Rina said in a seminar in commemoration of the pulmonary hypertension in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) .

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Substances in soy sauce Potentially Treat HIV

Soy sauce is included in a flavor enhancer that is familiar with the culinary world . Who knows if the black viscous liquid , it is also the potential to treat HIV .

Yamasa Corp. , a Japanese company has been producing soy sauce since 1645 in 1988 established a research division of food .

One of the research was to determine how the immune system responds to various chemicals in food . Then in 2001 they announced a major discovery , namely EFdA , molecules in soy sauce that could make better sense , potentially of great use in the treatment of HIV .

EFdA ( 4' - ethynyl - 2 - fluoro - 2' - deoxyadenosine ) , similar to the 8 types of HIV drugs now on the market , which can prevent the replication of HIV .

In fact , EFdA may work better compared to tenofovir , an antivirus that can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood . People with HIV who take tenofovir often have resistance to these drugs so they need to replace it with a more powerful drug . This is a deficiency of tenofovir .

More Morning Wake up , Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Heart attack a scourge because without rapid treatment can be fatal . In addition to a healthy lifestyle , in people who have heart disease risk are advised to get up early to avoid a heart attack .

According to heart specialists Taufik Pohan , getting up early can reduce the risk of heart attack . This is due to a heart attack usually occurs in the morning between the hours of 3-9 am .

" According to the body's circadian rhythm , an early phase of 3-9 hours to start the move , so we should follow the rhythm , instead of still sleeping , " he told the media on Thursday ( 08/05/2014 ) in Jakarta Pondok Indah Hospital .

Circadian rhythms are the body's biological clock is known related to hormonal cycles . Research shows , according to the circadian rhythm of activity has many benefits , including preventing heart attacks .

Taufik explained , at 3-9 o'clock in the morning , a hormone in the body is prepared to undergo the activity that requires the blood flow faster . Meanwhile, if someone is still sleeping at this hour , the blood flow is slow and tends to be more viscous blood .

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Depression Can Be Detected from Blood Test

There is a new breakthrough for detecting depression . Scientists menungkapkan depression it can be detected through a blood test . Luke Pezawas , study leader from the Medical University of Vienna ari said this discovery is the first study were able to predict depression by using a blood test .

They reveal the condition of depression caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain or the happiness hormone . Symptoms of depression can be seen from the analysis transperter levels of serotonin ( SERT ) , an essential protein that transports serotonin into the brain cells .

SERT protein is found in large quantities in the blood and other organs . Scientists find link between serotonin uptake velocity in the blood and the brain depression . Levels of SERT is theoretically possible for a person suffering from depression mendetaksi . If low levels of SERT , the potential for greater depression will occur .

Ingredients Organic Food More Nutritious

Some of the " theory " of nutrition which we believe was already obsolete . Recent studies continue to be done is to make the human understanding of the constantly changing makananannya .

Here are some myths about which foods we should not believe anymore .

- Products organic food is more nutritious

Given the organic products produced without the use of pesticides , many people think organic food is healthier , including more nutritious . Unfortunately this is just a myth .

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prevent Sudden Death in Sports Picks

Each individual must be good brakes so as not to deplete the physical activity of the heart in a long time . If not , aka sudden death cardiac sudden death ( SDC ) stalking without any symptoms appear .
" SDC were no symptoms . If there are symptoms such as pain usually , it's called a heart attack , not the SDC . If anything , usually faint and dizzy . But that rarely happens , " said cardiologist Certified Cardiac Device Specialist of the Asian Heart and Vascular Center Gleneagles Medical Centre Singapore dr . Jeremy Chow , MBBS , MRCP , M. Med , FAMS .
At least , there are five causes of a person may experience sudden death . Chow explained one of them because of an abnormality in the heart organ , like the heart muscle to thicken . Congenital heart disease such as damage to the heart muscle or valve problem becomes a trigger .

Benefits of Ginger , for Asthma To Streamline

Ginger has been known to have the value of health benefits for thousands of years . The utilization of this spice is very diverse , ranging for food , drinks , to beauty products .
Ancient literature of the Middle East , Asia , and Europe reveals tremendous benefits of ginger . Together kunyir , cardamom , and kencur , ginger used as a holistic treatment . In addition , ginger can also be used in everyday life .

These are some examples of the health benefits of ginger .
1 . Smoothen blood flow
Ginger contains chromium , magnesium , and zinc . Minerals are known to be required for maintaining normal blood flow and healthy .

2 . Overcoming nausea during pregnancy ( morning sickness )
American Pregnancy Association recommends consumption of ginger in different forms such as tea or jam . The aim is to overcome morning sickness is often encountered by pregnant women .
A study in 2011 found that the benefits of ginger for nausea might not be as smooth as previously thought . According to the study , ginger is effective in dealing with nausea , but the benefits are not consistent . Therefore , before using it to treat nausea , need to consult the doctor first .

Monday, May 5, 2014

Iron on Red Meat Trigger Heart Disease

Red meat is a good source of iron . However , researchers found that iron derived from protein sources will actually increase the risk of heart disease . Conversely , if obtained from vegetables , iron will not affect the case.
According to researchers , this study adds evidence of an association of red meat with heart disease risk . Especially if red meat is eaten to excess on a regular basis .
Type of iron from red meat called heme iron . The type of iron is better absorbed by the body than iron from vegetables . This is what causes the red meat is a good source of iron better than vegetables .
Nevertheless, the remarkable ability of iron from red meat ironically could change the system of regulation of iron in the body and cause inflammation and damage to the arteries .
Previously , several studies had shown that too much iron in the blood can lead to heart disease and even cancer . However, most of these studies have not been able to explain the mechanism .
In the new study , researchers from the Indiana University School of Public Health in Bloomington analyzed 21 studies involving nearly 300,000 participants for 10 years . The results of this analysis is unique because it is their first time to determine the impact of heme iron , non - heme , and the total of the person's risk of coronary heart disease .

Stay Slim Only with Set Meals

Various ways people do to reduce or maintain their weight , such as restricting calories to abstain from certain foods . However , in fact the only set meal times has been able to maintain body weight , even down .
A new finding from Australia revealed that the human stomach knowing the time being . In fact , human digestion has its own circadian rhythms associated with sleep and wakefulness body .
Study author Amanda Page said , while eating the stomach enlarges and activate nerve cells there . Response of nerve cells that depend on the current time . In daylight , the neural response is relatively small so that people can eat more .
" Gastric need more nerve cells filled before there can be a signal to the brain that expressed a sense of fullness in the day . Contrast , in the evening so that the body's nerves more sensitive full faster , " said Page .
These conditions affect the body weight . Disrupt this rhythm is one of the reasons why people are more inclined to eat at night fat faster than people who eat a lot during the day .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chemical compounds Prove It Danger Cigarette

Data from the Indonesian Pediatric Association ( IDAI ) shows that about 50 percent of adolescents aged 15-19 years old and still in junior high / high school already smoke . Most of them probably do not realize how quickly a new habit that can lead to heart disease , stroke , diabetes , lung disease , and some types of cancer .
If you want to know the reason why smoking can cause hundreds of thousands to millions of deaths each year around the world , it is sufficient look at the chemicals in a cigarette .

Average cigarettes containing 600 different chemicals and over 7000 chemical compounds are produced from cigarette smoke . Knowing this may be surprising and adds a strong intention to stop smoking .
" Cigarettes contain thousands of additional ingredients that are not found naturally in the tobacco plant , " said environmental health scientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Luz Claudio .
In fact , when a cigarette is burned secrete chemicals that even more . The materials that are harmful to  health .

How to Eat Rules Before Exercise

Eating before exercise is not a good idea , especially because it can hinder the performance or indigestion , nausea , lethargy , vomiting , and diarrhea . This can be attributed to changes caused by the muscles and digestive system are competing to get energy from the food you eat .
However , some people who do not eat before exercise also face other consequences . For example , they are not motivated , tired , and weak due to reduced blood sugar levels .
For this reason, it is important to eat at the right time before exercise . The breakfast is too much can cause you trouble moving for a morning jog . Here are some important points to remember when you eat before exercise schedule , quoted from Easy Good Health , Monday ( 5/5 ) .

1 . The best time to eat before exercise
If you do not have time to eat before exercise , then your stomach will be just as empty oil tank cars . Therefore , the best time is to eat at least two hours before exercise .
However , if you intend to eat a lot , it is better to eat three hours before exercise . Snacks on the other hand can also be consumed two hours before exercise .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vegetarian Not Guarantee Weight Loss

Diet eat only plant-based food sources believed aka vegetarian people can make the body more healthy . Not a few people who expect her to stay slim after adopting this diet .

Adopted a vegetarian lifestyle is chosen for reasons of cultural , religious , or ethical . It could also be due to avoid the consumption of red meat , chicken , seafood or other animal products helps us live healthier .
" Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice , not a diet for weight loss , " said Katherine Zeratsky , RD , LD , a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic , USA .

Many research proves that a vegan diet makes many people so much slimmer than non- vegetarians . " This is due to the vegetarian diet consists of foods that contain unsaturated fats and eat more vegetables , fruits , grains and proteins are more satiating but less calorie content , " says Zeratsky .

Even so , he cautioned that it's vegetarian does not automatically low in calories . " You could still gain weight if food portions are very large or mengasup food or drink large amounts of high-calorie beverages or foods such as sweet . A number of vegetarian food can be fed a high calorie and fat . For example, soy hot dogs , soy cheese and snack bar , " he said .

Less Vitamin D Causes Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

Northwestern University study conducted in the U.S. showed men who are deficient in vitamin D are at greater risk of aggressive prostate cancer .

" Vitamin D deficiency may be a biomarker ( marker ) prostate tumor progression , " said Dr. Adam Murphy , researchers from Northwestern University who led the study.

The study was conducted on 600 men from Chicago who has prostate cancer risk factors , such as elevated levels of Prostate Specific Antigen ( PSA ) or the presence of families affected by the disease .

Each man underwent vitamin D before their prostate samples analyzed . Biopsy samples showed a lack of vitamin D is associated aggressive prostate cancer .

According to Dr. Murphy , research shows American men of European descent are three times more at risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer if they are deficient in vitamin D. While African men are four times more at risk .