Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Smartphone usage Change the Human Brain

Scientists use something called Electro encephalography (EEG) to measure brain activity. They found clear differences between smartphone users and those who use conventional phones.

Smartphone users have more fingers and thumb aligned, based on their own EEG readings. Of the 37 volunteers, 26 volunteers owner of the phone with a touch screen mobile phone while 11 used the old type.

EEG readings electricity view sent messages back and forth between the brain and the nervous hand through. Some electrodes placed on the scalp of volunteers record the exchange of sensations produced.

From here, the researchers were able to build an image or map of how much brain tissue is devoted to a particular body region. The results showed that the differences can be seen between the touch screen smart
mobile phone users and those with conventional mobile phones.

Tips to Avoid BREATH Morning

Do you like to shut your mouth when talking to others after you wake up? You would often be aware of bad breath every time you wake up, even if you always brush your teeth before bed. However, this problem can still be solved.

Bad breath in the morning not only be caused by germs that are left in your mouth. Dry mouth during sleep also can contribute to this problem. Especially if you often snore during sleep or incorrect use mouth cleanser.

This is actually a common problem experienced by anyone. It is also easy to overcome a moment you wake up, like with a quick brushing teeth, drink water, or breakfast for rinsing and moisten your mouth.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Drinking Ice Generate Passion Sex

The pleasure of drinking a glass of ice, it can be fruitful to the enjoyment of the intimate relationship between husband and wife pasangann. This was disclosed by researchers from the United States.

But in a study published in Medical Hypotheses, researchers also revealed that a person who likes to drink ice can iron deficiency. But in addition, can also raise a person's sex drive.

"We thought it must be the case that the ice can trigger some response in the human body from the blood and oxygen to the brain," said researcher Current Penn as reported by FoxNews, Tuesday (12/30/2014)

But at least, says Penn, two hematology of the study had the possibility that someone who had iron deficiency does not mean you have anemia.

The difference with sexual arousal, someone would get a boost stimulation of blood flow to the brain, so the ice is claimed to facilitate intercourse anatara husband and wife couple.

Dislogia Threatens Growth

Children who originally born normally, but exposure to television as a child can experience dislogia. Dislogia is a disorder of language comprehension, language expression, and the concentration of attention.

As a result, the child can only record a word or phrase. However, the understanding and the arrest of the language yet. '' I had a patient that when the normal age of six months, would be called to look, then at the age of six months can say 'ma-ma', but when the child was two years old called silence, did not want to play together, "said Coordinator Therapy speech Dr Sardjito Euis Helmi Helmia Rosa.

The child continued Helmi, at home just bertemankan housekeeper and always watch television. He lamented late parents often bring children who have speech disorders to get therapy.

"If this speech delay delayed or even considered normal, then after the child will experience learning disorders, can not concentrate, and so on."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Not Too Make Addiction Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette tobacco smokers judge not too addictive just like traditional cigarettes.

Although electronic cigarettes they smoked cigarettes as usual, but nearly 1,000 former tobacco smokers said they were less feel addicted, not too feel impulsive, irritable want to smoke.

"The pattern is very clear. The value is not very significant for users of electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette users feel less addicted," said Jonathan Foulds from Penn State College of Medicine.

Electronic cigarettes continue to be popular in the past 5 years. Cigarettes that consume the battery is delivering liquid nicotine and other flavorings through the vapor which is inhaled. Some people say they quit tobacco is smoked after using electronic cigarettes.

Although fewer electronic cigarettes contain carcinogens and other toxic substances than tobacco cigarettes, but long-term effects of smoking is not yet known.

This He Rainy Season Three Diseases Routine

The rainy season also often attacks the respiratory tract. Cause infections of the respiratory tract.

The fourth is the threat of disease Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) can be bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Factors gathering of many people, for example, at the refugee flood victims also play a role in respiratory infection.

"The main symptoms may include cough and fever, severe that may or may be accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pain, and others," said the Head of Research and Development of Health Ministry of Health of Indonesia, Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Tuesday (23/12).

To deal with this disease, people are suggested to break, appropriate symptomatic treatment of symptoms, causal treatment may be needed to address the cause, increase endurance. What is important is to prevent infection in people around, such as by closing the mouth when coughing, no spitting and others.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fermented vegetables are beneficial to Health

The fermentation process used to make the vegetable has been developed centuries ago as a means of safeguarding the food supply through the winter months.

The Roman army is rumored to have traveled with armed with sauerkraut or coleslaw, hot and which can be used to prevent intestinal infections armies during the long journey. Likewise with kimchi, which is considered important by the people of Korea, as rice for Indonesia.

Besides it tastes good, kimchi has many benefits for your health. This low-calorie foods, can help boost your metabolism, and contains prebiotik which can also strengthen the immune system and digestion.

As quoted from Naturalnews, Thursday (18/12/2014), fermented vegetables indeed is an excellent food source. There are enzymes living (unpasteurized foods origin) as well as probiotic benefit, which makes a wonderful combination for effective digestion process.

Five Secrets of Healthy Fruit mulberry

Behind the mulberry fruit sweetness, apparently save a lot of health benefits. What is it?

Quoted NaturalNews, Friday (12/19/2014) The following five benefits of mulberry fruit you should know:

Slowing potential diabetes

According to the study, someone who eat mulberry can slow the development of type 2 diabetes potential of 60 percent of respondents admitted patients, glucose levels in the body is low because they often eat mulberry.

Keeping blood flow

Patients often use mulberry to overcome the problem of blood clotting. Apparently the anti-inflammatory properties of mulberry plants naturally lower blood pressure, risk of stroke, kidney disorders, liver, and heart.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plus Minus Suction Electric Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette is currently the trend in 2014, although the e-cigs is already booming abroad long before in Indonesia. Cigarettes without tobacco is also very loved by young people.

Regarding eksisnya electric cigarette in Indonesia, Host Daniel Mananta also provide feedback about the electric cigarette. Any comments?

"I have one friend who can really smokers to two packs a day and he finished dressing electric cigarette. So he really has been like air freshener just so. Each room he ngerokok it definitely smells of strawberries, "Daniel said during a visit to the editorial office Okezone, in Building High End, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

Although Daniel is not a smoker, but this former MTV VJ assess electric cigarette have pluses and minuses. One of them makes the smoker addicted.

"He (electric cigarette) do not kill people around the nicotine, but he makes the same opiate this electric cigarette. So there are pluses and minuses, "he concluded.

Benefits of Papaya and Pineapple for Digestion

The enzyme is a nutrient that is responsible for carrying out almost every metabolic function. The body has about 3000 unique enzyme, which is involved in more than 7000 of enzymatic reactions. Simply put, without enzymes, our bodies will cease to function.

Unfortunately, many of our foods void of enzymes. Cooking food can completely destroy the enzyme, make your body lose the key components for life. Fruits such as pineapple and papaya are the best fruit to enrich the supply of enzymes in your body.

Another enzyme-rich foods that can be considered, such as melon, mango, kiwi, grapes, avocado, and coconut water. Here is how enzymes found in some fruits can be utilized directly, as reported on NaturalNews, Thursday (12/18/2014).


Papaya fruit is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes, such as papain, which can greatly assist the process of digestion. Papain has been regarded as one of the most effective in breaking up the meat and other proteins, so they are ready to be used for growth and repair of the body.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Excess Sugar Triggers Premature Ejaculation

Eating too much sugar will affect the health of the body. One of them is a disorder that occurs in sexual activity.

Every day our bodies just need sugar as much as 24 grams for women and 36 grams for men. Moreover, the risk of diabetes can threaten and some other disorders that occur in other organs such as the five reported by Prevention.


Sugar can reconnect brain pathways. If you do not do diet wise to stay away from sugar 58 percent of your body's condition will experience depression that makes the activity disrupted.


When sugar bombard the body, proteins that enter into our bodies is limited. So that your skin will gradually aging and wrinkles.

Good Food For Breakfast

Before undergoing your long day, it is advisable to have breakfast in the morning.

The breakfast will make you concentrate, increase energy, and also good for the stability of your weight.

There is a saying, "What do you eat at breakfast, reflecting your day overall." Regardless of the truth or not, following an excellent meal 7 to be consumed before starting your day as reported from the site Allwomenstalk, Wednesday (17/12):


These foods contain protein which helps boost your energy throughout the day. In addition, the eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways such as, mendadarnya with additional vegetables, sausage or meatballs, made egg, omelette, or boiled. Eating eggs with carbohydrates such as bread or rice is a very precise combination.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Often Dizziness? Begin Reduce Salt Intake

If you often feel dizzy for no apparent reason, it might be time to start reducing salt intake from food. Research has shown that reducing salt can relieve headache by a third.

Reducing salt intake approximately three grams a day is proven to reduce the dizziness. Three grams of salt alone is equivalent to half a teaspoon, or the amount of salt contained in french fries fast food restaurants.

Experts say, reducing salt intake can relieve headaches due to blood pressure and pulse rate drop.

Not only that, people with normal blood pressure also experienced reduced headache after they reduce salt intake.

In the study, researchers asked 400 random people adopt a low-fat diet that only eat fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, or run a Western diet as the control group.

It Five Signs Lack of Vitamin K

Just like other vitamins, vitamin K plays an important role for the body, such as vitamin K2 for example, that keep bones strong and maintain the arteries clean.

However, if the body does not get enough vitamin K intake, then a number of problems can lurk.

Here are six signs if the body lacks vitamin K as reported Boldsky, Monday (15/12):

1. Bleeding

One sign of the body of vitamin K deficiency is the occurrence of abnormal bleeding episodes. Nose bleeds or bleeding gums is a sign that you noticed. In extreme cases, bleeding can also occur in the digestive organs. In addition, urine containing blood is also a significant sign.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seats Two Legs Made To Move Active and Healthy People

Seating more than four hours a day can increase the risk of a person suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart. Habit is what generally happens at office workers.

Office workers mostly only move when going to the toilet or lunch. Sitting too long makes them become sedentary. This lack of movement can ultimately increase the risk of various diseases.

Lack of physical activity at the office workers also inspired a French designer, Benoit Malta. He created a chair that has only two legs. Chairs 'Inactivite' This will make people more active.

This chair is deliberately less comfortable so users must maintain a sitting position to remain stable or balanced. These seats are not created to sit for a long time, but only a few hours.

According to him, the chair is an important part of life as an office worker can use 70 percent of their time sitting. To make a perfect seat structure, Malta in collaboration with ergonomic expert and a physical therapist for 9 months.

Two Best When Eating Fruits

The fruit is a food with high vitamin content. Diligent consume fruit is believed to make the body healthy and youthful.

Chef Addrian recommends fruit consumed as much as five to seven times in one day. The trick diverse, ranging from eating it directly, making juice, to add it in the food.

'' I eat fruit most often in the morning, '' he said, at the launch of USA Fair at the supermarket Ranch Market, some time ago. According Addrian, best fruit to eat on an empty stomach so that morning so the most appropriate time. The reason, so the fruit nutrients will be absorbed by the body perfectly.

Another most appropriate moment to eat the fruit is at leisure. '' I also always prepared fruit in a bag, apple for example, to be eaten while stuck in traffic, '' he said.

Christian Bauer, deputy US ambassador to Indonesia, add apples, pears, oranges sunkis, grapes, strawberries, plums also is a fruit that is very prevalent in the country of Uncle Sam. Washington apple red fruit products became the most popular in Indonesia.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reduce Salted Food Can Prevent Headaches

According to new research, reducing salt intake of three grams per day can reduce the risk of headache.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (12.12.2014), three grams of salt equivalent to about half a teaspoon, or equal to the amount of salt that is found in a Big Mac and large fries from McDonalds fast food restaurants.

Experts say that reducing salt intake can reduce headaches by lowering blood pressure and pulse. Even people with normal blood pressure, also undergo changes when they reduce food with salt.

Nearly 400 people with diverse dietary habits, consuming nearly nine grams of salt a day, as the average salt intake of the US population. Habits are reduced to six grams a day, before finally reduced to three grams per day during the period of the experiment.

Full Nutrition In Sweet Potato Purple

Who does not know potatoes? Tubers this one is very popular in Indonesia thanks enough carbohydrate content and it tastes good.

Actually, there are three types of the most famous sweet potato in Indonesia, namely, white sweet potato, sweet potato yellow (orange), and purple sweet potato.

The third yam contains different from each other, but there are reasons why you should choose the purple sweet potato as quoted from Allwomenstalk, Friday (12/12) in the following.

full Nutrition

Not only rich in fiber, purple sweet potato has many other useful content to your diet, such as vitamins A and B, potassium, calcium, iron, copper and even substances that are good for the health of your hair.


The sweet potato has a purple color due to the high levels of antioxidant anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are important antioxidants to help keep you from cardiovascular disease. Even based on the facts, purple sweet potato has 150 times more antioxidants than blueberries.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Excessive sugar consumption Diet Reduce Obesity Genes

A recent study published in the journal Cell, showed increased levels of sugar in the diet may cause obesity in their offspring.

In a study that makes the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster or as an object, the researchers said, this is due to changes that affect gene expression in the embryo. They say, there is also evidence that a similar system set susceptibility to obesity in mice and humans.

This research is claimed to provide insights into how certain traits inherited metabolic and can help researchers determine whether it can be changed. Research has shown that a variety of factors that are passed by the parents can affect the metabolism and body type their offspring.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers led by Dr. J. Andrew Pospisilik of the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and epigenetics in Germany and his colleague, Dr. Anita Ost from Linkoping University in Sweden, investigated whether male flies dietary fluctuations may have an impact on the next generation.

Signs of Unhealthy Sleepiness

Modern society has been accustomed to regard sleep as a form of laziness. A taboo for productivity. People who are sleepy underestimated. Consequently, sleepiness is treated as a disease that needs to be addressed cure.

Though sleepy is a signal the body needs sleep, as well as hunger is a sign of needed food or a thirst which means require liquid. Sleepiness is a natural thing. Naturally, if the lack of something we have to meet those needs, and not replaceable. Yes, until now, no one else can replace substance restorative effects of sleep.

The sleep process to build and repair the body. He gives new energy, new spirit even new cells. All body systems will be disrupted so disturbed sleep.

Basically we will be sleepy if the lack of sleep. But lack of sleep should be understood as a condition. Lack of sleep can be caused by lack of sleep duration, or poor quality sleep. Poor sleep quality, not just sleep that is not in the sense that the public is often known as napping. Poor sleep quality found in the form of excessive sleepiness even though the duration of sleep is enough.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stuffy Nose Symptoms Could Be Allergies

Often have a stuffy nose? Do not trigger consider it trivial. The nose is often clogged it could be because you suffer from allergies.

ENT specialist Gandaria Hospital, Dr. Rusdian Main Roeslani SpTHT-KL, said one of the causes of nasal congestion is rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an abnormal reaction of the immune system to certain substances that are considered foreign by the body.

Triggers of allergies are called allergens. When allergens attack, the body begins to produce antibodies called IgE specific types. The aim is to bind allergens attack. Ig-E bond and allergens will cause the release of allergy-causing substances called histamine.

Histamine and will cause a runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. "Nasal congestion is one of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis," he said, Wednesday (3/12).

He added that allergic rhinitis usually occurs repeatedly in a week or so, if not avoided originators and not treated adequately.

This He causes Stuffy Nose

Nasal congestion is one of the diseases that often occur. Although relatively mild, the disease is quite disturbing. Actually what is the cause of a blocked nose?

ENT specialist Gandaria Hospital, Dr. Rusdian Main Roeslani SpTHT-KL say disturbance nasal congestion can. occur because the swollen nasal mucous membranes, which is partly due to allergic rhinitis or flu / colds (common cold).

The prevalence of influenza in Indonesia by 16 to 20 percent (last five years of data from several centers of education in Indonesia). While allergic rhinitis (data of 2011 Diponegoro University, Semarang) ranged from 10 to 20 percent.

Both can have the same symptoms are nasal congestion. He also advised the public that impaired nasal congestion, immediately consult a doctor to find out the main causes of the disorder. So get the proper treatment.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Seafood fact that Will Make You Surprised

Eating seafood is delicious. Besides the delicious taste, too much for health benefits. But even so there are still many hidden facts in seafood. Want to know anything. Listen yuk news excerpt from Listverse, Wednesday (3/12).

Mahi-mahi instead Dolphins
Many people are confused about whether fish mahi-mahi was still similar to dolphins. This confusion is understandable for a long time, because the mahi-mahi is actually known as dolphinfish. Mahi-mahi have a habit of swimming alongside the boat, so people began to associate them with the dolphins.

Unfortunately for commercial fishermen, fish mahi-mahi are said to be equal to the dolphin's being a bad thing. Because, most people do not want to eat dolphins because of their cuteness, intelligence, and very high levels of mercury. But usually in the store, so people are not confused, mahi-mahi fish name replaced dolphins. So that people easily recognize.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin disorder that is very disturbing. Acne can be treated with medication and proper skin care.

However, acne scars that can damage the skin beauty. You can not eliminate the former with normal skin creams available in the market. Some people choose to do laser scar to remove these scars.

ROLers, below are some of the home-based solution that can eliminate wound scars on your face. However, you should be extra patient to follow one by one and requires several days of 1-2 weeks to get the desired results, reported from My Health Today, Wednesday (3/12).

lemon juice
Drinking lemon juice three times a day for two weeks to reduce scars.

baking soda
Rub your skin with baking soda then this will help reduce the scars. Mix baking soda with water and rub for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with warm water and do it regularly every day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Antibacterial Honey Specified Quality Content

Benefits of honey for health benefits have long been known since time immemorial. Beneficial content of honey is antibacterial, among others. One fairly strong antibacterial honey is methylglyoxal (MGO). This honey can be produced from bees who take food in Manuka flower.

"Manuka one that can produce MGO. MGO many times this has the ability to kill bacteria," says Chandra Widjaja Mochamad beekeeping expert in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/26/2014).
Manuka flower itself widely grown in New Zealand (New Zealand). But not all bees can produce honey with a high content of MGO. It depends on the quality of the Manuka flower growing soil, weather, and how extraction.

"So different, there are MGO Manuka honey is very low," said Chandra.
High-quality honey can contain up to 500 milligrams of MGO in one kilogram of honey.
Managing Director of Eagle Blue Indonesia Gemilang (sole distributor of Manuka Health New Zealand in Indonesia), Wayan Raimantera say, New Zealand manuka honey is able to produce high quality with attention to soil and weather conditions. Moreover, New Zealand included in the 10 cleanest countries in the world.

Food Natural Fat Burner

Most women feel scared when overeating will make their body fat. Unisex instead of those who want a healthy weight, but lazy sports and even afraid to eat the food.

In fact, burning fat can still be done in other ways, not just reduce intake. Quoted from page Allwomanstalk, Saturday (29/11) following some natural foods that can burn fat in the body:


Coconut is one of the natural food fat burners because it contains vitamins, minerals and fats that help lower your appetite with a feeling of fullness. By eating a variety of refined oil such as oil, milk, cream, grated, or butter, you will feel full without worrying your weight will go up.

Red peppers

When you crave something sweet, try eating slices of red pepper compared pastries. This is obviously because this fruit contains 333% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, and fat-burning nutrients that increase metabolism and reduce inflammation kada.