Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Smile that Work Drugs More Effective

Being a grateful person has been associated with longer life , happy, and healthy . According to the findings of the experts at Harvard Medical School , a personality like that can make drugs taken to work more effectively .
In the study , the researchers found that there are differences in the effectiveness of the drug in the group of people who are given positive and negative information . The first group reported their pain was reduced 30 percent faster when given positive information than other groups , even though the drug is given only a placebo .
Senior researcher Ted Kaptchuk said , mental status may be affected by health status , and vice versa . " In other words , what you say can affect not only your mind but also your body , " he said .
Nevertheless, Kaptchuk asserts that the drug does not replace the function with a smile . However , a higher cure rate of patients with the drug than with placebo .

Paracetamol Consumption Increase Risk of Infant Hyperactivity

A recent long- term study showed that mothers who consumed acetaminophen or better known as paracetamol or Tylenol are more at risk to bear children with attention deficit - hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ) . Whereas so far Paracetamol is the most commonly used drugs pregnant women , to cope with fever or pain .
According to the study , children whose mothers consume 40 percent more at risk of paracetamol diagnosed with ADHD , or hyperactivity . The study involved more than 64 thousand mothers in Denmark along with their children . Generally the children studied were born between 1996 and 2002 .
At the age of 7 years , the children with ADHD showed behavior . This research was published on February 24 in the journal Pediatrics JAMA . However , the study did not explain the cause-effect relationships . Doctor of pediatric specialists said the research should be followed up to verify the findings .
Pregnant women typically use paracetamol to treat headaches , fever or pain . Therefore , drugs such as aspirin , naproxen and ibuprofen is not recommended during pregnancy .

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weightlifting Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Women who do weight-bearing exercise cut the risk of diabetes , according to recent research.

The finding is the result of monitoring the health of nearly 100,000 nurses in the U.S. for 8 years .

Lifting weights , press - ups or similar to resistance training will train the muscles , thereby reducing the risk of diabetes , the sound of the report published in the journal PLoS Medicine is quoted by the BBC ( 15.01.2014 ) .

Women who do aerobic activity at least 150 minutes a week and one hour of exercise a muscle, most chances to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by one-third .

Previously , many experts say regular aerobic exercise such as jogging , brisk walking or swimming can help keep type 2 diabetes .

Researchers at Harvard Medical School say their study was still not perfect , because the respondents mostly women white race .

However , they say that the results of his research as research on men .

According to Dr. Richard Elliott of the foundation Diabetes UK , the best way to avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes is by maintaining a healthy weight , eating a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise .

When to Drink Fluids Isotonic

Isotonic drinks should only be taken after exercising for 60 minutes or more . Excessive drinking isotonic fluids causes additional unnecessary calories to the body and aggravate the kidneys .

Sports medicine specialist Rachmad Hidayat said that Vishnu is called isotonic sports drinks . It signifies the drink is not recommended to drink outside sports activities . Drinks containing sugar and salt with the same osmotic pressure of blood in the body fluids serves as an energy enhancer and replacement of fluid and electrolytes lost through exercise .

" Consumption is not right just adds calories from carbohydrate cause weight gain , " said Vishnu at the launch of a book Practical Fluid Fulfillment in Physical Exercise , Tuesday ( 25/2 ) , in Jakarta .

Vishnu added , those who are on a diet does not have to worry about taking home isotonic exercise more than 60 minutes and measure the offset to the calorie intake of daily food .

However , he cautioned , isotonic drinks if consumed in excess will aggravate the kidneys . Generally , this beverage flavorings or colorings added substances that affect health . " These substances are excreted through the kidneys thus aggravate the kidneys . If exercising less than 60 minutes , drink water only , "said Vishnu .

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frequent Headaches and Migraine Signs Stress

Headaches and migraines are often a sign of stress . The new study found evidence suggesting that stress can trigger headaches and migraines .
The researchers analyzed data from 5,519 participants aged 21-71 . They found that participants experienced an increase in headache per month associated with increased stress . These findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in Philadelphia .
In the survey , participants reported stress levels and their headaches during 2010-2012. As many as 31 percent of participants experienced headaches as depressed , 14 percent had migraine , and 11 percent had a combination of migraine and headaches .
Participants who reported experiencing headaches , stress levels reach an average of 52 out of 100 . Those who experience migraines have a stress level of 62 100 . While they are experiencing a combination of both stress level of 59 100 .
" Tension -type headache and migraine is a primary headache disorder that occurs in 80 percent of the general population . This is the reason why we chose to examine both, " said study author Sara H Schramm of the University Hospital at the University Duisburg - Essen , Germany .

Fat Teens Need " Screening " Fat

Having teenage children who are overweight or obese do not be ashamed or proud . Parents should immediately be aware of the conditions experienced by children and act quickly overcome .
Parents are advised immediately improve the diet of children and consult a doctor to find the right diet .
" Usually the recommended screening will be fat , you can do the child category teens over the age of 10 years . Screening untik know this lipid profile , especially LDL , in the body , " says pediatrician Fatmawati , Lanny Christine Gultom , Wednesday ( 19/2 / 2014 ) .
LDL or low density lipoprotein is the bad fats that lead to risk adolescents experience a variety of diseases , such as cardiovascular , at a young age .

LDL levels should be no more than 110 mg / dl . When LDL levels reach 110 mg / dl , teens and parents will be educated to determine dietary patterns . These results are evaluated next 5 years .

If LDL levels reach 110-129 mg / dl , the patient must carry out physical exercise routine . Exercise performed at least 3 times a week with a duration of 60 minutes . Tended the aerobic exercise movement and strengthening muscles and bones . Patients also underwent a diet to maintain the balance of intake and portion each day . Furthermore, patients were evaluated every 1 year .

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Done It For Healthy cuisine is Bland

A relatively healthy cuisine often considered unattractive . " Anyep , " said Arimbi Nimpuno , practitioner and teacher of culinary cook at Ranch Market Lifestyle Studio .

In fact , healthy food does not always have to be enjoyed bland . Arimbi said , the use of natural ingredients that help enhance the flavor rich dishes .

" To add flavor , use more basic ingredients , " explained Arimbi . The more fresh ingredients , such as onion , garlic , lemon grass , lime leaves and also the use of the more minimal flavor in cooking .

For example , Asian -style steamed fish menu with mushrooms are made ​​Arimbi . As a flavor enhancer , Arimbi sows onion , white , and into the stomach bombay snapper that had been cleaned . He then added the ginger slices , chopped lemongrass , and cilantro . Various fungi , such as the type shimeji , oyster , buttons , and enoki then inserted into the stomach of fish anyway .

Before cooking it in an oven preheated to 170 degrees Celsius temperature , Arimbi spice it up with salt , pepper , sesame oil , rice vinegar , and soy sauce . " Also add the Thai fish sauce if you like , " he said .

5 Natural Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is the second most common reason people visit a doctor after flu and colds . If you're one of those affected, in addition to taking medication , the best way to cope is to strengthen your spine and back . Try the following five ways .

1 . yoga
Those who do yoga exercise 75 minutes in 12 weeks improved symptoms of pain . Their dependence on drugs will be lower than those who did not. Similarly, a study revealed in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2011. When hard doing yoga , the researchers stated that a similar effect can be felt by those who follow an intensive stretching classes .

2 . Osteopathic manual therapy
Studies experts at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center found that six sessions of this therapy will provide a substantial improvement to the low back pain patients after 12 weeks . Nearly two- thirds reported moderate improvement . In this therapy , osteopathic physicians provide stretching and using gentle pressure on muscles and joints .

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sleeping Too Much Trigger Depression

Not only does sleep deprivation lead to health problems , too much sleep can result in the same . Two new studies show , too little or too much sleep can increase the risk of depression . The researchers report in the journal Sleep , the amount of sleep that does not conform to activate genes associated with depression .
A study involving more than 1,700 adult twin pairs to compare symptoms of depression a person with a twin. Those who get enough sleep seven to nine hours per day , only 27 percent who reported experiencing symptoms of depression .
This figure is much higher in those who sleep less ( about five hours per day ) were 53 percent reported symptoms of depression . And 49 percent of those with excess sleep ( approximately 10 hours per day ) .
" Sleep duration is too short and too long to activate genes associated with depressive symptoms , " said lead researcher Nathaniel Watson , professor of neurology and co-director of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center in Seattle . Therefore , he added , the optimal sleep duration is the most effective way for the treatment of depression .

Walking Make Up Old Memories Remain Strong

Walking with a breath of fresh air not only can reduce the risk of disease , but also prevent brain shrinkage . The researchers found that walking can increase the size of the hippocampus of the brain which is the first target is destroyed by Alzheimer's disease .
In this study , the researchers asked 120 men and women aged between 55 to 80 years to run for 40 minutes three times a week . Normally , the brain shrinks with age , but the scan results after one year showed brain volume actually increased two percent of participants .
Researchers explained that brain growth during the two years is a big development . Chairman Erickson Krik researchers from the University of Pittsburgh said , one does not need to perform strenuous physical activity to see this effect . Within walking distance , you can restore the body ages several years younger .
Erickson emphasized that exercise is not the key to fighting dementia , but it is the best way to make the mind stay sharp . " But most people are still very actively moving and difficult to get them up and moving , "  he said .

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In order Efficacy of Anti-oxidant Rich Vegetables Not Lost

More than four thousand elements in vegetables act as anti - oxidants . However , vegetables that have Oxygen Radical Capacity or ORAC Absorbence higher , making the body absorb more anti - oksidannya .

In his book entitled The Miracle Antioxidant , Priska Siagian mention a super vegetable that has a high ORAC . In addition to need to be more diligent in taking them , how to enjoy vegetables is also important to note that the properties are not lost .

* Spinach .
Spinach contains lutein high . Lutein is an anti - oxidant that gives color or pigment in the macula of the eye. Without lutein , eye can not capture the color of light reflected from the object being viewed .

Research shows , people who often eat spinach will have fewer eye disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts . Lutein protects the retina of the eye from sun exposure and free radicals that can damage the eye .

Loneliness More Deadly than Obesity

Obesity is a risk factor for degenerative diseases . But according to a new study , there are factors that impact on health worse than obesity , is lonely .
According to research by experts from the University of Chicago United States , loneliness can make blood pressure rise up to the area at risk for heart attacks and strokes , weakening the immune system , and an increased risk of depression .
John Cacioppo , professor of psychology who has studied the effects of loneliness for 20 years , an analysis of more than 2,000 men and women aged 50 years and six years later .
Those who most feel lonely almost twice as likely to die within that period of time than those who felt most needed and necessary . Another study even mentions that lonely two times more kills than obesity .
Loneliness , Cacioppo further , can also disrupt sleep so that lonely people tend to be more dependent on sleeping pills . Cacioppo explains , lonely people usually feel very wary that the slightest noise can instantly awaken their sleep .

Monday, February 17, 2014

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

Lemon is a type of fruit that is used widely because of its benefits. Rich in citric acid, lemon sour taste is also very efficacious in healthy body and skin.

You've heard the advice to drink lemon water in the morning before you eat other foods. Indeed, there are many benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

As reported by Boldsky on Monday (17/2), in addition to helping you lose weight and detoxify the body, lemon juice can also be a natural remedy. Warm lemon juice is able to treat nausea, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, treat respiratory problems and help you lose weight.

Lemon is also efficacious in reducing wrinkles and acne skin. A healthy mouth condition would be everyone's dream. Lemon juice is a natural mouthwash that reduces bad breath, toothache and tooth decay.

So, what are you waiting? Enter the lemon juice in your breakfast list in the morning.

Grape Seed Effective Against Colon Cancer

Recent research from the University of Adelaide shows , grape seed may help the effectiveness of colon cancer chemotherapy . In fact , while reducing the side effects of chemotherapy .
The discovery was published in the journal PLoS ONE , as reported by Science Daily . Researchers said combining grape seed extract with chemotherapy has the potential as a novel approach to the treatment of colon cancer .
The use of grape seed extract also reduces gut damage caused by chemotherapy often . Lead author Amy Cheah said , there is growing evidence about the benefits of antioxidants from grape seeds . Substances or tannins in grape seed polyphenols function as anti-inflammatory and anticancer .
" This is the first study which shows grape seed may increase the potency of chemotherapy in action against cells of colon cancer , " said Cheah who is a researcher from the School of Agriculture , Food and Wine .
The study also showed in laboratory studies that drinking grape seeds significantly reduces inflammation and tissue damage caused by chemotherapy in the small intestine . Grape seed does not have a detrimental effect on the cells of non - cancerous .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Not Enjoying Hobbies Again? Depression caution !

I have not been home a week from Paris to participate in the International Summit Meeting in Depression . I shared one of the Indonesian colleagues together with psychiatrists from various European countries following the two- day event which took place at the Hotel Le Meridien , Etoile , Paris . A visit to Europe to conduct this seminar was my first visit because I had more routine to the United States to update my knowledge especially in the field of Psychosomatic Medical .
One interesting thing that I can possibly tell the reader here is about the symptoms usually appear and experienced by patients in Europe than in the United States may be . It is revealed in the presentation of depression cases are discussed at the meeting when the first summit .
Symptoms of anhedonia , or the inability to enjoy something that initially enjoyed is one symptom that is often expressed in the presentation of the cases of depression at the summit event . Some psychiatrists express their patient cases emphasizing anhedonia as one of the important symptoms are considered to be one of the determining factors of therapeutic efficacy as well .

Utilizing Leaf Meniran for Natural Medicine

Meniran powerful scientifically proven to increase endurance , in addition to treat hepatitis , respiratory disorders , diabetes , jaundice , and diarrhea .
To process meniran into drugs , used parts are the fresh herbs or dried with aerated .
How to use simple , for drugs taken , boiled 15-30 grams of dried herbs meniran or 30-60 grams of fresh herbs . Then , drink boiled water .
Alternatively, mashed fresh herbs meniran , then squeeze . Accumulated water to drink . For external use , wash fresh herbs , then milled until smooth . Put the ingredients into the sore spot , then bandaged .
Here are some natural herbs using meniran :

Potion 1 ( for body swelling due to inflammation of the kidneys )
How to use: Wash meniran 50 ounces fresh , boiled in 3 cups to the remaining 1 ½ cups . Once cool , strain and drink ½ cup each , morning , noon , and night .

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coconut Water Helps Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction ( ED ) would be a big problem for the sexual lives of married couples . Because , DE affects the satisfaction derived from sexual performance .

ED is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection . The cause is a lack of blood flow to the penis , nerve damage , stress , diabetes , vascular disease , medications and hormonal disorders .

" This inability to walk constantly, instead of alternating sometimes could sometimes not . Condition is also still in progress , though with different partners , " said Poncho Birowo , urology specialists of RS Asri Jakarta some time ago .

The key is to address the DE DE knowing the reason why could happen , but unfortunately most men just do not feel confident to discuss the topic so that adds to their depression . However, many natural remedies that are actually effective in overcoming DE , one of which uses coconut water .

Fermented foods , Prevent Diabetes and Good for Immunity

The fermented food intake was initially not seen as beneficial to health . But the food , which is processed by settling for a few days or weeks before consuming it , turned out to be a new source of health .
In America , today's vegetables and fermented kombucha drinks healthy food is becoming a trend . Kombucha is a fermented tea drink frothy long been known in China .
This trend is also supported by the benefits based on the results of the research . Last week researchers from Cambridge University reported that regular consumption of low-fat dairy products fermented , such as yoghurt , fromage frais and cottage cheese , can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25 percent over a period of more than 11 years .
Fromage frais is fresh soft cheese made ​​from unpasteurized milk and some cream to use . Although soft , very sharp flavor fromage frais . While blue cheese blue cheese is is due to the growth of bacteria and fungus in it . Blue cheese is made from sheep's milk and fermented bacteria Penicilium roqueforti .
In the fermentation process , microbes first consume food rather than humans . The bacteria then break down sugars , starches , and causes nutrients more easily absorbed by the body . The existence of this process can be seen from the number of yeast found in fermented foods .

Monday, February 10, 2014

Smokers are Lazy

Bad image of smokers seem to continue to grow . After a bad image because of the less savory scent , current smokers also branded a slacker compared to non-smokers . This is based on the latest research results Brazilian scientists .

In this research , the scientists found smokers were more inactive and less motivated . The smokers are not motivated to change his lifestyle to a more active, such as walking . The smokers were also more likely to have symptoms of depression and restlessness .

Research conducted by scientists from the State University of Londrina , Brazil 's , was just wanting to know if smokers are less active than non-smokers . Research conducted on 60 smokers and 50 non- smoking respondents .

In this research , all respondents had to wear pedometers taip minimum of 12 hours a day for 6 days . As a result, smokers run a little each day with lung function begins to decline .

Effect of Vitamin C for Cancer Therapy

High doses of vitamin C can enhance cancer cell killing effects of the chemotherapy process . This was stated by the experts in the results of research in humans and animals in laboratory rats .

Researchers say vitamin C through injection , which is safe , effective , and would constitute a low cost treatment for ovarian cancer and several other types .

Researcher Dr. Jeanne Drisko said interest and the interest of experts on the use of vitamin C for the treatment of cancer is increasing .

" Patients are looking for a safe choice and low cost in the management of their cancer . According to our research and early clinical data , administration of vitamin C through the blood vessels have the potential , " Drisko said .

Written research report in Science Translational Medicine , asked the government to conduct a clinical trial with a larger scale .
direct consumption

Vitamin C has long been used as an alternative therapy for cancer .

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quick averse senile , Drinking Milk

As we know , the milk can help bone growth , prevent osteoporosis , helps maintain weight , and many other health benefits to drinking milk . But have you ever heard that milk can also help prevent dementia ?
As reported by the site duniafitnes , a study at the University of Oxford , stated that , the milk has a high content of B12 , which are crucial to help maintain the health of your brain . Someone who is at risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency of brain atrophy , a disease in which brain volume shrinks / decreases . The disease is commonly associated with dementia .
Dementia is a condition in which a person experiences a decrease in the ability of memory and thinking power . It usually occurs in older people and the elderly , but did not rule can affect adults and even young children . Senile dementia is a common symptom , although dementia itself is not meaningful indication of dementia . People with dementia often can not think properly and can result in not move well .
Nerve cells in our body ( including the brain ) encased and protected by a material called myelin . It is important to help the functioning of the nervous system to the optimum . If the ' wrap ' nerve cells are damaged , the nerve cell activity will decline and die , as was the case in patients with dementia . The content of essential nutrients found in milk , one vitamin B12 , can help prevent damage to ' wrap ' the nerve cells and even improve it .

Low Fat Yogurt Prevent Diabetes

If you want to avoid type 2 diabetes , perhaps you should increase the consumption of low-fat yogurt . So that was suggested by a new study from the UK . According to the study , the consumption of yogurt can reduce the risk of development of diabetes 28 percent more than those who do not eat yogurt .
Not only that , the consumption of other fermented milk products eg low-fat cheese can also reduce the risk of diabetes by 24 percent . " Yogurt should be part of a healthy diet , " said Nuta Forouhi , head of nutritional epidemiology program at the Medical Research Council , University of Cambridge .
Forouhi said , although the study did not directly state the nutrients in yogurt or other low-fat dairy products most useful , but the truth may be. Yogurt , he said , contains calcium , magnesium , vitamin D , and the beneficial fatty acids , as well as other dairy products in general .
" In addition, yogurt and other dairy products also contain vitamin K and the specific type of probiotic bacteria , " he added .

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reduce Risk of Diabetes with Yogurt Consumption

A recent study found that eating yogurt conclusion four to five times a week can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes .
British researchers examined 4,000 meals for 11 years . They found participants who ate the most yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes by 24 percent compared to those who do not eat yogurt .
Based on the study published in the journal Diabetologia , Thursday ( 5/2 ) , participants reduced the risk of diabetes consuming an average of 4.5 ounces of low-fat yogurt every week .
This study examined the relationship , not a causal relationship between the consumption of yogurt with a reduced risk of diabetes .
In this study , researchers also found that participants who ate yogurt has a good habit of eating desserts and healthy snacks . Replacing snack chips with yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes 47 percent .
Yogurt is a fermented dairy products . The processed products containing vitamin K and certain types of probiotics are able to protect themselves from diabetes .

9 It Affect Health Mr P

Maintaining the health of the sexual organs is important for both men and women . Create a gentleman , sexual health , especially organ penis , of course, is more than just an erection , ejaculation , and reproduction .

Problems on the penis can be a sign of health problems . Health problems that affect the penis can have an effect on other things , such as the problem of stress , social relationships , to reduce self-confidence .

By knowing the causes of penile problems , prevention and treatment can be done to improve the condition of Mr P. Here are some things that affect the health of the penis .

1 . Unprotected sex

Unprotected sex increases the risk of becoming infected with viruses and other germs in the genital area . Instead, always use protective order is not easily contracted venereal disease .

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sleeping hard ? Milk and Beans Could Be Solution

're Looking for a natural recipe to help you sleep better ? The combination of a glass of milk snack plus a handful of Brazil nuts could be an option at bedtime .

The secret revealed by U.S. researchers after conducting research diet and sleep 4,500 respondents . Researchers also asked the respondent 's health and lifestyle .

As a result, certain minerals and acids in the diet may help you sleep better . Based on these results , the research recommends Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and potassium as a healthy snack before bed . After that , followed by a glass of milk rich in calcium for a comfortable night's sleep .

According to lead researcher Michael Grandner of Pennysylvania University , these findings suggest a natural and easy to find ingredients may also be considered as a solution to sleep problems . This recipe is also effective even overcome sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia .

Irregular Sleep Patterns Can Extend Age

A Monash University study revealed that the pattern of good sleep can help men live longer . As for women , it's a good sleep pattern will only benefit if they also have a diverse diet .

The study led the study in collaboration and Monash University found that women who eat a varied diet , including foods rich source of vitamin B6 enables long life . Although , he has a bad habit of sleeping  patterns .

Collaboration is comprised researchers from various universities including Monash University , National Defense Medical Center of Taiwan and the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan . They examine how diet contributes to the relationship between sleep quality and mortality among elderly men and women .

Professor Emeritus , Mark Wahlqvist of Monash University , said sleep patterns play a more important role contributing to the death of men than women .
" Lack of sleep for men has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality , including obesity , diabetes , heart disease and coronary heart disease , " said Walhqvist , as reported from Sciencealert , Wednesday ( 5/3 ) .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Burger Make Weight skyrocketed

Burger is one of the favorite foods in urban areas since the past until now . However, the results of this new study may make you think twice about eating it , especially for those who are trying to control your weight .
The study revealed that even with only one eating handfuls of burgers , body mass index ( BMI ) on average each person will be added 0.03 points .
The study, published in the WHO bulletin also found , from 1999 to 2008 , the number of servings of fast food including burgers , eaten every one increased from 27 to 33 servings each year . In the same time period , the average BMI in the countries studies into the area  of  coverage also increased from 25.8 to 26.4 .
Researchers from the University of California was concluded , for every fast food consumption causes an increase in IMT as much as 0.03 points . Known , BMI range 18.5-24.9 is referred to as a healthy body weight , 25-29.9 is overweight range , and more than 30 are classified as obese .
According to researchers , the government may be involved in reducing the rate of progression even reduce the obesity epidemic by making rules regarding the consumption of fast food .

9 Benefits Eat Less Meat

The term " go green " is not just good for the environment , but also to our diets everyday . According to Steven Masley , nutritionist and author of The 30 - Day Heart Tune - Up : A Breakthough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease , reduce meat provide health benefits for the whole body .
"Americans are replacing meat with vegetarian diets can reduce weight and visible improvements to their cholesterol and their blood sugar , " he explained .
Furthermore , these nine benefits that you can get from the consumption of meat.

1 . Reduced weight
A large-scale study for five years , published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2013 revealed that those who ate no meat had an average body mass index ( BMI ) lower than those who eat meat . In addition , the study also found that obese people who follow a vegetarian diet are more prone to lose weight than those who diet but still eat meat .

Monday, February 3, 2014

This is the Best Source of Protein for Vegetarian

When speaking of healthy food and weight loss , vegetarians usually often overlooked . In fact , there is an important food source which they are obliged to follow the sake of his health .

Usually , a tip about healthy food and weight loss just focus on the general public . But in this article , we discuss the source of protein for vegetarians start to the daily intake or weight loss .
Protein is essential for the purpose of a healthy diet or weight loss . That's because it helps us build body mass without fat . Increase muscle mass and fat metabolism are important for long -term weight control .

If you are a vegetarian and need a good source of protein . Below are reviews that you can make reference , as reported Healthmeup .

Organic Yoghurt

Yogurt is a source of protein , but choose plain yogurt . That's because it's low-fat yogurt , and make it easier for a person's weight loss efforts . You also add some fruits and nuts to add protein sources .

Tempe vs. Tahu

Tempeh is a fermented soy products , which are rich in isoflavones which is very good for the heart . In addition , tempeh also has a delicious flavor and chewy . Meanwhile , the process through which high pengolahnnya process , but lack of protein , sodium , chemicals .

Risk Use Mouthwash 2 times a day

Antiseptic mouthwashes or mouthwash is often an option to refresh and clean the oral cavity before the move . However , you should not replace the function of toothpaste with antiseptic mouthwashes because there are health risks beyond.

Based on a recent study in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine , dessert use twice a day can increase blood pressure by 3.5 milimetes of mercury ( mmHg ) .

This increase in blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack . High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease , heart failure , stroke and various other health problems .

The findings of the research team of the University of London Queen Mary 's adds disease risk factors high blood pressure . Researchers are unsure chemical constituents in antiseptic mouthwashes kill the good bacteria that play a role in the relaxation of blood vessels . As a result , routine use of antiseptic mouthwashes increases the risk of blood pressure .

In this study , lead researcher Amrita Ahluwalia and his team , investigated the effects of the dessert by measuring blood pressure of 19 respondents healthy for two weeks . Research lasted two periods , namely seven days followed by seven days of control treatment with antiseptic mouthwashes .

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Often as a result of taking analgesics When Flu

If the flu strikes, a common practice is to go to the doctor , rest , and keep the body well hydrated . But not infrequently most people choose to take medication pain relief ( antipyretic ) -counter .
The drug is commonly used to relieve flu symptoms such as headache and fever . Unfortunately , the impact of overuse of these drugs may be more daunting than previously thought .
A recent study in Canada found that the consumption of such ibuprofren antipyretic , acetaminophen , and aspirin had the flu when someone will give a number of unforeseen consequences . Not only for your health , but also at the population level .
The study uses a mathematical approximation illustrates that the rate of consumption increases the risk of death antipyretics within a population . According to the researchers , a person who tends to use antipyretics was already able to interact with others . In fact , it is actually still in pain and potentially transmit the disease to others .
"Plus, fever-lowering drugs may increase the rate and duration of transmission of the virus so it is more easily transmitted to others , " says the researcher .

Geranium plants , AIDS Drugs Future

Plant geraniums ( Pelargonium sp . ) Is generally used as a mosquito repellent . But a new study of German Research Centre for Environmental Health in Munich indicates , this plant can also be a key to a new generation of HIV treatment .
The study found that extracts of geranium plants have the ability to inactivate HIV - 1 and prevented the virus to enter human cells . As you know, HIV is divided into two types , namely HIV - 1 and HIV - 2 . HIV - 1 is the type most responsible for cases of AIDS .
The researchers say , extracts of geranium plants could potentially become a new treatment of AIDS as compounds containing anti - HIV - 1 new class . Especially at the roots , the plant contains compounds that attack geraniums HIV - 1 and prevented the virus to berreplikasi in the human body .
They also found that these compounds may protect the blood and immune cells from viral infection . The trick is to hold the particles of HIV in human cells , thus efficiently preventing the virus entry into cells .