Sunday, September 30, 2012

Specified on the 1000 Children's Health After Birth

Health conditions of children from early childhood is determined 1000 that starts from the onset of pregnancy. Medical Director Nutricia Indonesia Prosperous Swissanto Soerojo, deliver it in Yogyakarta, Saturday (29/9).
"Therefore, maternal health and nutrition before and during pregnancy in determining the health of children in the future," he said at the symposium "The Importance of Early Life Nutrition to Support Long Term Health", in Yogyakarta.
According to him, the problem of nutrition and health of children over a span of time if left untreated will give a negative impact on the next age.
In connection with this initiative the first 1,000 days of life movement that was recently launched by the government is one example of a program to find a holistic solution to the problem of malnutrition.
"It aims to improve the quality of life for the current generation and future through nutrition early in life with the awareness, knowledge, and expertise," he said.
Medical nutrition experts from the Association of Nutrition Indonesia, Saptawati Bardosono said many epidemiological studies showing an association between long-term health issues with nutrition early in life.

Want to Work Effectively? Follow the rhythm of your body

Many of us often feel less the 24 hours in a day. Piles of work plus a series of delayed activity shows how the tight schedule of the day, so you need to optimize your time.
Assessment experts point out, if you are able to work effectively when the rhythm of your body in optimal condition, it is not impossible either matter will be resolved according to the time you have.
Many people organize activities or work in accordance with the time they have. Not follow the body's natural rhythm. The number of tasks a person can disrupt the circadian rhythm, which is closely related to health conditions cause a variety of diseases such as diabetes, dementia, depression, and obesity.

Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Unexpected Food that Make Slim

For most people, losing weight is not an easy effort. In fact, get to make them become depressed and frustrated. Undergoing a weight loss program is not just a sport or a regular diet, but also requires a strong commitment.
Matter intake of food, many nutritionists recommend a low-fat diet as the primary choice for helping weight stable. However there are also foods that can help you lose weight, despite all considered "less healthy".

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Sports Make a Healthy Brain

It's no secret if exercise can help maintain one's health and fitness. Another great benefit of physical activity is able to improve the performance of the brain for a long time.

This was conveyed by the expert neurologist of PacHealth @ ThePlaza, dr. Pukovisa Prawiroharjo, Sp.S when found in "How to Boost Your Brain Power through Exercise" in Jakarta, Thursday (09/27/2012).

According Pukovisa, when someone exercising will trigger substance called Brain Derrived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in the brain. This substance is essential for the regulation of defense and the growth of brain cells. During exercise, BDNF substances can reach the top to three times higher than at rest.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Instead of Eating Drugs, Better Cycling

"Instead of eating better medicine physician ya bike", commented a patient one afternoon, when I want to push my bike home, after serving patients in poly medicine, the hospital where I work.
".......... Oh yeah, definitely. Guy is never healthy only with drugs, it only helps temporarily, especially if you maintain health, and certainly we are not born with deficiencies of these drugs, should like ya! " I replied, walking away.
Cycling to the hospital already 3 years I have done, there is no day without a bike, I was invited to attend a bike. If another day off, my face lakoni cycling, usually out of town. After paddling about 30 minutes, my new sweaty back home.

Revealing the content of Arsenic in Rice

Rice is the staple food for people in many countries. But you know, if the rice is consumed every day it has the potential to contain arsenic which is highly toxic substances that harm the body.
The experts had been aware of rice as the main source of dietary arsenic. However, the results of recent studies in the U.S. Consumer Reports found that arsenic in different types of rice products. Encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to immediately set a safe level of arsenic in rice. FDA found arsenic levels exceed more than 60 rice products.
That interest, contained arsenic in rice is not because the toxic chemicals produced by the plant, but from the natural processes that cause these toxic elements accumulated from when rice is planted and grown. Then how arsenic, a toxic element often used to kill political opponents in the Middle Ages, can be contained in the rice?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Garlic Make Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Having healthy skin is certainly a dream every person. However, the price offered beauty products to get the desired results are often too high. There are easy and inexpensive way to provide the same benefits of garlic.

Garlic can be used to treat acne, as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment can reduce inflammation of the skin.

How to use it is also quite easy, simply by crushing garlic cloves to a paste. Apply garlic paste on the acne. It is believed to help relieve and treat sore red rash caused by acne.

Water Salts Bath Reduce Arthritis Pain

Complaints excruciating joint pain and muscle due to rheumatic diseases is very disturbing. But do not just rely on pain medication to get rid of the complaint. Soaking in salt water could actually help.

In contrast to conventional drugs that are sometimes side effects, soak in salt water has no side effects. Salt water is known to reduce the effects of inflammation on the joints so that the pain is reduced.

Conclusions are presented by researchers from the University of Manchester, UK. They discover how the expansion of the body's cells to control inflammation, the immune system response to injury or infection.

6 Recipes Overcome Constipation

Constipation is almost never experienced by everyone. Many thought that constipation occurs only in people who defecate  irregular aka not every day. In fact, there is no definite rule how many times people have to BAB in every week or every day.

Many factors can cause constipation. Less fiber diet, drink, exercise, and dependence on laxatives, stroke, and colon problems, can all be causes.

Spices Weight Loss

Choosing rich cuisine spices can be a way to enjoy the hobby without worrying snack foods increased weight. Some types of spices known to have a thermogenic effect, which can increase your metabolism so that calories are burned faster.

Here are some types of herbs that can upload your appetite as well as accelerate metabolism.

Do not Mix Milk With Tea

In addition to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. The content of antioxidants, vitamins, and other components in tea making tea as a beverage believed to enhance immune function and prevent cancer.

Some research also suggests tea can prevent cavities, maintain blood sugar levels, and heart healthy.

In many places, the tea is often served with milk. Although the result is delicious, but the study says adding milk to tea could be efficacious in reducing the content of tea.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Less Vitamin D Risk of Diabetes

Research experts back links between low levels of vitamin D with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In research released at the annual meeting of The Endocrine Society in Houston, researchers found an inverse relationship between vitamin D levels in the blood with the metabolic syndrome, which is a group of risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Researchers reported that those with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood had a 48 percent lower risk of having metabolic syndrome than people with the lowest vitamin D levels.
"This association has been documented before, but we are expanding our research association for people from racial and ethnic backgrounds are diverse," says lead researcher, Joanna Mitri, MD, a researcher at Tufts Medical Center, Boston.

Enough Vitamin D While Pregnant Make Babies Smart

Vitamin D is very positive effect for pregnant women and expectant baby. In addition to its function to support the growth of bones, babies born to mothers who consume enough vitamin D during pregnancy tend to be more intelligent.

Thus the conclusion of research in Spain involving 2000 mothers and their babies. Vitamin D deficiency is known to be associated with the development of infant mental and motor skills.

"This research could strengthen the recommendation of the importance of vitamin D for pregnant women and women who are planning a pregnancy," said Valencia Walker, neonatology experts from Mattel Childrens Hospital.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spices Weight Loss

Choosing rich cuisine spices can be a way to enjoy the hobby without worrying snack foods increased weight. Some types of spices known to have a thermogenic effect, which can increase your metabolism so that calories are burned faster.
Here are some types of herbs that can upload your appetite as well as accelerate metabolism.
Using cinnamon in cooking is a natural way to get a taste of sweet without using sugar. Several studies have shown cinnamon help weight loss process.

It Nourish Sperm Protein

This is good news for men who have been unable to provide offspring. Recent research experts had found an important protein that is able to improve the quality of the fertility of men.
By adding this vital protein in sperm infertile, male infertility cases will be resolved. Tues spema the infertile would have hope to fertilize the egg, and dramatically increase the chance of pregnancy.
As reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers from Cardiff University, UK claim to have discovered an important protein known as PLC-zeta (PLCz). Protein was transferred by healthy sperm during the process of egg fertilization. Protein is what started the process called "egg activation", paving the way for all the biological processes necessary for embryonic development. This important finding was believed to give hope to couples undergoing IVF to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Diabetes Myths Mistakenly that needs to be clarified

Diabetes Mellitus Type II in particular often come to the doctor in a state already experiencing complications. Most patients tend not to realize the condition of pre-diabetes is going through. In addition, there are many who believe information and myths about diabetes that is not true.
Following are some false myths about diabetes that needs to be clarified. The myth that diabetes is growing a lot, but only 10 presented the following information is summarized from various sources:
1. Diabetes derived crosses, from mother to son, or from father to daughter.

Sports Brief Lose Weight Faster

Most of the people who regularly exercise to lose weight will be disappointed with the result, if the effort is not barengi with dietary changes.
Hard sports in general can only reduce a little weight. In the new study on physical activity and weight loss, it is known that exercise actually have an impact on weight reduction if its duration slightly.
To reach the conclusion, researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, gathered a group of men who are obese and have a sedentary lifestyle, a segment of the population is currently increasing worldwide.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reduce Fat, Prevent Diabetes

Reduce consumption of fatty foods more effective at preventing diabetes than weight loss. This is very important, especially for those who have a family history of diabetes.

A person diagnosed with diabetes when the body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin properly there. Insulin is a hormone secreted pancreas and necessary for converting food into energy.

High Fat Diet Dangers for Women

Danger has a high-fat diet was not limited to obesity, but also increase the risk of cancer. Especially if mengasup fatty food habits started young.
In a study of young mice is known that a diet high in bad fats dapa metabolic changes that stimulate breast growth. It also causes abnormal tissue in the breast that is believed to be cancer.
Lead author Dr.Russ Hovey from University of California at Davis, said the results it is important because the amount of data that showed a lot of young women with breast cancer and at the same time the epidemic of obesity in children.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Passive Smokers Higher Diabetes Risk

One more warning for you the second-hand smoke. A recent study claims that exposure to cigarette smoke received secondhand smoke has been associated with an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes in adults.

The findings are based on data on more than 6,300 adults who participated in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2001-2006. Researchers found that, compared with nonsmokers, those who are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and higher body mass index (BMI), a measurement that takes into account height and weight.

In addition, compared with non-smokers, people exposed to cigarette smoke also have a higher measure of insulin resistance (which can lead to type 2 diabetes), higher levels of fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels higher A1c (a measure of blood sugar control over the three months).

Close to Smokers Make Slow Brain

Dangers of secondhand smoke not only damage the health of active smokers, but those who live or spend time with a smoker are also susceptible to memory deterioration.

"Based on the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to secondhand smoke has serious consequences for those who do not even smoke, but are exposed to secondhand smoke. Our findings suggest that exposure to cigarette smoke can affect cognitive function," said Dr.Tom Heffernan, a researcher from the Collaboration for Drug and Alcohol Research Group at the University of Northumbria UK

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nutritious Corn Not Lose

Corn is a source of carbohydrates that actually contains many important nutrients. One is a carotenoid that helps lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

When most of the vegetables and fruits have nutritional value will drop after cooking, not the case with corn.

According to researchers from Cornell University, cooked corn had higher levels of carotenoids (vitamin A) is better. In addition, the cooking process will increase the antioxidants in corn to 53 percent. There's more content is not less important, namely ferulic acid.

7 Bacteria in Food Cause Illness

Outbreaks of diseases caused by food the past few days is quite common and cause many casualties. The stormiest likely cases of food poisoning in Europe which led to 3,000 people in 14 countries ill.
There are many causes that trigger food poisoning bacteria, including 7 types of bacteria. Recognize that you can avoid it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 Diseases Requiring Help in Healing Antioxidant

Appropriate treatment is essential to cure a disease. Than through medical treatment, healing of certain diseases will be more effective if supported by increasing your intake of antioxidants through diet changes.
As reported Besthealthmag on Thursday (13.09.12) following seven diseases that can be helped with the healing antioxidant intake:
1. Cardiovascular DiseaseFoods that contain antioxidants are very well taken to maintain heart health. Antioxidants can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and tea.

Drinking Tea, How Must Use Sugar

Today I had lunch in the cafe for the first time I entered. Understandably, because my local bachelors more frequent eating out, and it was moving. Eating in a stall of the same boring, although the taste of good food.
When asked, "Would you like a drink?" by a guard at the shop. "Tea tasteless" I replied. As a bit surprised, do not believe, I saw his face looks a bit changed. "Do not use sugar, sir?" He asked again. "No," I replied. "So what?" I then continued. "Only nanya course sir", he said as he left.
Meal without sweet tea or sweet juice at breakfast, lunch or dinner for most of us it seems odd. Especially if you eat at the restaurant, we might be stingy if you only drink unsweetened tea or water. I do not know what causes this widespread habit in our society.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Green Tea Benefits for the Brain

After going through the process of research, scientists finally have an explanation for why green tea is good for the brain. According to scientists, it lies in the chemical properties of green tea can affect the production of brain cells, so it can enhance memory and spatial learning.
"Green tea is a popular beverage in the world," said Yun Bai, professor of Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China. "Previously had a lot of scientific attention on the use of green tea helps prevent cardiovascular disease, but now finally there is emerging evidence that chemical properties also influence cellular mechanisms in the brain."

The colors could Refreshing Brain

Want to keep your brainpower and keep it fresh, try to use three colors as a medium. Guaranteed return to work with fresh brains.

1. red

This color is good to improve the accuracy of your memory. If you need a little help with memory recall, many studies suggest you to choose the color red.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoking Triggers Increased Risk of Bleeding Brain

Smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day can make three times more at risk of cerebral hemorrhage than those who do not smoke.

Heavy smokers who had quit smoking also has a natural risk cerebral hemorrhage, two times higher than people who do not smoke.

Scientists from Korea to investigate the 426 cases of cerebral hemorrhage that occurred in the range of 2002 and 2004.

These patients were compared with 426 people who were matched by age and sex and never suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Drinking Tea, How Must Use Sugar

Today I had lunch in the cafe for the first time I entered. Understandably, because my local bachelors more frequent eating out, and it was moving. Eating in a stall of the same boring, although the taste of good food.
When asked, "Would you like a drink?" by a guard at the shop. "Tea tasteless" I replied. As a bit surprised, do not believe, I saw his face looks a bit changed. "Do not use sugar, sir?" He asked again. "No," I replied. "So what?" I then continued. "Only nanya course sir", he said as he left.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You at Risk Premature Ejaculation (ED), Check Here

There are some men who are sometimes difficult to get an erection when going to have sex. If the problem is not too often happens to you, you should not need to worry about first. However, if the "failure" is perceived has reached more than 50 percent regardless of the age factor, the kemunginan you do require special handling.
To find out if you are at risk for erectile dysfunction (ED) here are some important points that can be a reference. To make it easy, follow the short quiz below:

7 Behavior Sexually Transmitted Diseases It Causes

Not everyone has a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because not all lifestyle can lead to the risk of STD transmission.
However, there are a number of specific behaviors that may increase the risk of contracting STDs. What are the behaviors that increase the risk of getting an STD?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Avocados Make Women Infertile

If you are a young couple trying to get pregnant, it is advisable to pay more attention to nutrition and food. With nutrition and good nutrition, fertility will increase. Opportunities to get pregnant even bigger.
One of the recommendations should be considered in improving fertility, particularly in women, is to eat an avocado. The study showed that consumption of avocado and salad with olive oil mixture can help women get a descent. This applies particularly to those who were undergoing IVF or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).
Researchers found, monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts, and seeds fats are better than others for expectant mothers. Those who get the intake of unsaturated fats have the highest chance of pregnancy is 3.4 times greater after IVF than those consuming the lowest amounts.
In contrast, in women who consume too much saturated fat-is commonly found in butter and red meat, egg production so that they are less likely to affect the success of IVF.
The scientists believe that monounsaturated fats-are already well known for heart-to increase fertility by reducing inflammation in the body. The results of this research will be presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Istanbul.

Blood Sugar Detection of Saliva and Tears

Good news for people with diabetes. To measure blood sugar levels, they will not need to stab your finger with a small needle to draw blood. Now, experts are developing a biosensor for detecting blood glucose levels through tears, saliva, and urine.

Test process in a matter of minutes, as blood glucose detection devices with a needle. Jonathan Claussen, researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory of the United States, who led the research, biosensors, said in Purdue University, U.S., said the biosensor has three main parts, namely nanosheet layer made ​​of Grafen, nanoplatinum particles, and the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOD ) to measure blood sugar levels.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Junkfood" Quick Create Senile

Stop eating junk food now! Health experts warn that it is dangerous for a long time if we regularly eat junk food. The food is loaded with high fat content, but the nutritional value is zero, not only can trigger the risk of diabetes, but also causes dementia (dementia).
Thus the conclusion of a recent study that linked both with the production of insulin. An animal study showed that insulin is a key factor in the development of dementia. No wonder if some scientists suggest that Alzheimer's disease is another form of diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes-are closely related to the intake of unhealthy eating-can make the body's cells resist insulin. In fact, insulin is needed to convert sugar into energy.

Senile Slow to Learn a New Language

Lived since birth or even settle in an area for a long time, people are usually proficient with the language area. So also when the opportunity to live abroad, language skills asiing also honed.
If he did not have an opportunity to stay in a particular region or country, opportunities in foreign language and can also be trained Sar. One way is to follow a language course. Maybe for the local language, because it is rare or almost no place courses, taught by you can ask friends or relatives who are proficient in the area.
As with learning a foreign language. There have been many places that offer foreign language courses so you can easily get access to learning foreign languages. for some people, learning a foreign language may aim to attend school or work in the destination country.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Health Benefits of Work

The work included in the causes of stress in most people. Even so, thanks have a job because of the people who have jobs are healthier than the unemployed.

Those who work tend to be less frequent hospitalization, rarely suffer from mental disorders, and more longevity. In essence, having a job is very important for the well-being of body and soul. Research also shows most women prefer men unemployed lazy. Here are 5 reasons why the work has positive benefits for your health.

avoiding poverty

Having a fixed income means you can avoid many health problems caused by poverty, such as malnutrition, chronic illness, stress, and so forth.


Habit Danger Chewing with One Side Mouth

Is this for you are used to chew food is only one side of the mouth only? If true, it helps you get used to train the less active side of the mouth to chew. If the left and right sides are not balanced mouth play, it could potentially cause headaches or migraines.

"Chewing food with one side of the mouth causes a thick and strong muscles on only one side. Muscles on the right side of the face and left to be asymmetric," said the expert orthodontic who is also Chairman of the Association of Faculty of Dentistry, Indonesia (AFDOKGI), Prof.. Eky S Soemantri, when met in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/09/2012).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 Things You Need to Know about Protein

Protein is included in a very important nutrient in the human diet. Proteins make up about 40 percent of your body spread on the muscles that attach to bone, muscle, organs, bones, and so on.
However, most people consume less protein. Though we are advised to eat 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. During the actual protein diet also has a number of advantages, namely the effect of fuller longer and prevent the loss of muscle mass while dieting.
Known sources of protein include meat, fish, poultry or meat products. In fact, nuts are also rich in protein.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Coconut Oil Prevent Damage to Teeth

Coconut oil was not only used for cooking but also protect the health of teeth. The active ingredient in coconut oil are known to fight bacteria that cause cavities.

Dental cavities (caries) occurs due to several factors, namely the growth of bacteria, sugars in the diet, and are susceptible tooth surface. Streptococcus mutant bacteria (bacteria that makes the sugar in the mouth as food) will convert sugar into acid attached.

Well, when coconut oil bound with digestive enzymes compounding, will produce strong bacteria killer. Therefore, experts are now trying to develop toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain palm oil as an active ingredient.

Art Therapy, Solution for Mental Disorders

Effect brain plasticity, such a repair brain cells, an expected result of medical treatment for patients with mental disorders. Psychotherapy, including art therapy, it is important to support the occurrence of such effects.
"The drug is chemically assist the recovery of brain cells. As for psychotherapy, such as art therapy, are needed to give substance to think positive, "says psychiatrist Margarita M Maramis School of Medicine, Airlangga University, Surabaya, last July, in a seminar on bipolar disorder in Jakarta.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 Ways to be Free Digestive Problems

Abdominal bloating, constipation, or heartburn is a type of digestive problems ever felt almost everyone. It may seem trivial, but if it is common, of course, it can inhibit the activity or even endanger your health.It is important for you to recognize that digestive problems are common and do things that can help improve digestive health. That way, you can have a good digestive system so that life becomes more healthy.

Overcome Constipation with 6 Natural Recipes It

Constipation is almost never experienced by everyone. Many thought that constipation occurs only in people who defecate (BAB) irregular aka not every day. In fact, there is no definite rule how many times people have to BAB in every week or every day.
Many factors can cause constipation. Less fiber diet, drink, exercise, and dependence on laxatives, stroke, and colon problems, can all be causes.
Several types of drugs can also be a factor for the occurrence of constipation. Including narcotic drug class, antacids that contain aluminum and calcium, hypertension medications, antidepressants, iron supplements, antiparkinson, and antisesak.