Sunday, April 27, 2014

Food Thieves " Masculinity " Men

High dependence on fast food or processed foods make us more vulnerable exposed to contamination . Various chemicals in these foods can certainly have a negative impact on the body , including making men less masculine .

Harmful substances in food are not only preservatives , dyes , or heavy metals . There are also substances that can mimic the hormone estrogen in the body , which is called xenoestrogen . These substances are usually found in meat , poultry , dairy products , and processed foods .

Xenoestrogen would mimic the effects of estrogen hormone in the body . " Estrogen " will easily bind to estrogen receptors , causing the appearance of signs of femininity in men , such as enlargement of the breast and prostate enlargement .

Unfortunately the chemicals that resemble estrogen is not only able to get from food but also personal care products daily .

This 5 Benefits for the Body Ice

Rolers , do you know that the ice provide benefits for your body ? Ice can provide benefits , not only as a mixer in cold drinks only. There are several ways in which you can use ice to heal some of the pain , quoted from Easy Good Health , Friday ( 25/4 ) .
1 . Headache
You do not need to call a doctor if you experience headache . This is because the medicine is already in your home , the ice cubes . Enter the chunks of ice into the fabric and then place it in your head that is sick . It will cool your head in order to be much better .
2 . Tendonitis
Tendonitis usually affects the feet , knees , shoulders and elbows . This causes a lot of pain and make it difficult to move . However , you can use home remedies to relieve the inflammation . Put ice in a towel to the affected part of your foot . Do not put ice directly to the foot as it will damage your skin .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It Benefits and Disadvantages Fruit Juice Consumption

Fruit juice and vegetable juice several times the latter is often a controversial issue , with many things protagonist and antagonist that accompany it. Many people are confused what should they choose , which one is better , eating fruits or vegetables in juice form or even in liquid form ?
Here are the benefits and disadvantages of drinking juice , quoted from Easy Good Health , Friday ( 25/4 ) .

1 . The Benefits of fruit and vegetable juices
Fruit and vegetable juices can allow your body to absorb most of the nutrients contained in these foods . This is because most vegetables will lose a lot of nutrients after cooking with fire . The juice also simplifies the digestive system because your body more easily absorb the nutrients in fruits or vegetables because they 've extracted first . Your small intestine will also be easier operation .
Treatment with juice allows you to eat fruits and vegetables that you like , even you can easily mixes it with some fruit or some vegetables . Juice could serve as a diet . This effectively reduces your vulnerability to energy caused by eating certain types of fruit . The juice also improves the immune system and also minimizes the possibility of the possibility of contracting heart disease and cancer .

6 most powerful food Soothe Inflammation

The body has a natural defense system when there is a foreign object into the body harm . Inflammation ( inflammation ) is the body's earliest response against foreign objects .

However, sometimes exaggerated response of the body causing damage to the body's own tissues . Manifestations of the condition, among others, allergies , autoimmune disorders , and immune deficiency disorders . One study even showed that inflammation in the body can lead to cancer .

The good news , inflammation can also be prevented and corrected through food . Here are the six best food in the repair of inflammation in the body .

1 . Fish oil
The content of DHA are found in fish oil are known to have anti - inflammatory capabilities . According to researchers from Harvard and the University of Southern California , macrophages (type of white blood cell ) using DHA to produce maresin that play a role in stopping inflammation .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Sleeping Habit Towards Trivial Eye Damage

Karen . A young executive who was aged 29 years went to the eye doctor . He complained of blurred vision from day to day . Once traced , since high school until now he often spent time before bed to read her favorite novel . What's wrong huh ?

It turned out that the influence of the lighting before sleep habits that cause decreased vision , blurred and trigger presbyopia , glaucoma and cataracts . These three are not impossible snatch your vision in the future . Prevention ?

Change bad habits below and add a table lamp RAMUN Amuleto that protect your eyes in different events .

Bad habits that you should avoid and correct

- Read a book

This activity is often done while lying down with a makeshift room lighting . Though the lights are too bright or dim making eye strain . Recumbent position was causing his back to the light . Try to keep the body upright and use tetep reading light .

Want to Diet Success ? Do not Forget Breakfast

When you intend to lose weight , then breakfast indeed be key . Skipping breakfast only to cut calories in your body only frustrate your diet .
Absent breakfast makes you hungry in the middle of the day easily , destroying any diet method that you live , and damage the body's metabolism . Here are five of the best breakfast menus that can reduce 250 calories in your body , quoted from Easy Good Health , Thursday ( 24/4 ) .
First , smoothie menu . Combine a cup of skim milk or nonfat yogurt with chunks of frozen fruit or bananas .
Second , upon which the wheat waffles sprinkled with chopped fruit or a drop of peanut butter .
Third , if you like eggs , then mix the eggs with vegetables . Whisk one egg with two or three pieces to add protein vegetables , such as spinach steamed , sauteed red peppers , zucchini , or two tablespoons of salsa , then wrap with whole wheat tortilla .
Fourth , oatmeal is the most common breakfast . Make it with skim milk to add protein and calcium , then Sweeten with berries or vanilla and cinnamon .
Fifth , make a parfait by layering sliced ​​half a cup of fruit and a cup of yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of almond . In essence , when his breakfast healthy food is the mantra of success of your diet .

Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 Foods That Lower Brain Performance

Green tea , blueberries , and whole grains are the best known food and has been shown to improve brain performance . But the study shows , there are also some foods that can degrade the performance of these organs . Researchers showed , some foods that have great potential to degrade the performance of the brain .
1 . Omelet egg white
Yes , egg whites are very rich in protein , but if you do not eat the yolk will lose the most important nutrients , namely choline . Adults who eat more of choline in their diets had a verbal and visual memory tests better than those with less . Similarly, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

2 . Agave
Agave is a sweetener that has high fructose levels . This is the cause of agave is sweeter than sugar . Unfortunately , high levels of fructose it can also reduce brain function .

Diabetics Should Eat 6 Times a Day

Instead, avoid diet " once ate a lot " . That's a good diet . As a solution , distributed daily nutritional needs be eating six times a day .

" The trick with three main meals and three snacks , " said Dr. Widjaja Lukito SpGK PhD .

The number of calories certain foods with healthy composition and the frequency is divided into more than three times a day resulted in blood sugar control better than when administered with a frequency of less than three times a day .

"If the frequency is low, too low blood sugar control , " he said .

This is evidenced in various studies . There is a metabolic advantage achieved by increasing meal frequency . The response of blood sugar levels in the body will be more stable for the main meal and snack compared with only three meals without snacks .

Serum insulin , serum C peptide , triglycerides , and saturated fatty acids also be low . " Conversely , when blood sugar levels are not stable , stimulating the body to eat large portions and raises the risk of obesity , " said Wijadja .

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slim in a Short Time , Try Eating It

Reduce weight can seem easy if you have the will to do so . To lose weight quickly , you must have a healthy diet and smart .

Some foods can help you lose weight fast and look slim . Here are foods you should eat , as reported by Boldsky .

Tomato is a fruit that is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants . In addition , the fruit is also low in calories , making it the best food to make you more slim fast .

You must add the orange in the daily diet . This is because the fruit is rich in vitamin C helps keep the body hydrated during the summer . In addition , citrus contains 120 calories good for chewing when hungry .

This is because the Importance of Exercise For People With Diabetes

" I 've started now sports doctor " , said a patient in the practice room one afternoon .

" Yes , that's good , it's been how long ? " I replied, asking

" Approximately 3 months of the doctor "

" Great, what sport , how many times a week do you do ? "

" Almost every day a doctor , at least 30-40 minutes , my street , jogging , and running occasional "

So , " what you feel with that sport ? "

" A lot of doctors , my body feels better, the weight began to fall . Thirst , hunger and urination decreased night . Sleep is also easier and tastier , and more importantly I began to passionately again " , the story , glancing at his wife who was beside him .

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3 Destructive Morning Ritual Energy Throughout the Day

There are many things that are beyond our control , severe congestion on road , rail travel disruption , or your child will be left when the fussy work . All that can affect your mood all day .

However , it turns out there is our habit of starting the day without realizing that adversely affect the emotional state .

- Drinking coffee is too early
It turns out that the time drinking coffee has its own influence on the body . Our energy levels naturally increase when we wake up . Therefore, if we wake up immediately drink coffee , there will be a surge of energy that makes us more anxious . Drink coffee an hour after waking up, a time when our energy levels start to fall . Thus coffee will make you more focused and energized until lunch .

5 Strange Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea is generally triggered by food contaminated with bacteria so it will be easier to track down the cause of diarrhea from the food you eat . But when diarrhea occurs suddenly without eating strange food before, then maybe five this cause.
1 . Sorbitol
This artificial sweetener found in sugar-free products for chewing gum , candy , cough medicine , sports drinks , juice , and jam . Anish Sheth , a gastroenterologist and author of the book " What's Your Poo Telling You ? " said that , when ingested sorbitol draws water in the intestines and cause diarrhea .
Attention to product labels and reduce the consumption of products containing these sweeteners can help overcome this .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Simple Ways to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is a disorder that is often experienced by the urban , especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk . Nevertheless, many ways that can be done to avoid these problems . Even relatively simple ropes and easy to do .
According to Kathy Dieringer , of the National Athelic Trainers ' Association , a way to avoid back pain starts from not smoking , and maintaining a healthy weight with good nutrition and exercise . Good posture , balance , strength , and flexibility to help strengthen the spine to support the back .
" These elements can be a good back support , maintaining bone strength and body , and helps healing after injury , " he said .
To maintain good posture , Dieringer explained , sitting shoulder to be pulled back , avoid bending , and do not sit for more than 30 minutes without interspersed stand and walk around .

5 Reasons to Not Hostile Eggs

Nature has provided us with a cheap source of protein and high in nutrients , namely eggs . Unfortunately the egg already has a bad reputation because many people fear going cholesterol .

A study published in the British Medical Journal says that eating eggs in moderation is not a bad effect on heart health . To further convince you , here are five reasons why we should not be hostile to the eggs .

1 . Required infant brain
Eggs should routinely consumed by pregnant women . Why ? Eggs are rich in choline , a B vitamin needed for baby's brain development . Choline supplementation also lowers the risk of mental disorders in infants , reduce risk of Down syndrome and dementia .

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Many Sitting More Dangerous Than Smoking

Too much sitting it can be a time bomb for health . Recent research conducted in the UK said , too much sitting increases the risk of obesity , heart disease , diabetes , colon cancer , muscles and back problems , brittle bones , depression and even demnsia .
British people spent an average of 8.9 hours each day to sit down . Coupled with seven hours of sleep each day , meaning that the average body only used about 8 hours to run . In the extreme , even the experts describe as a sit ' activity ' is as dangerous as smoking . ' Sitting is a new smoking' , so said the experts .
Sitting is a health time bomb that is just waiting for the time to explode . WHO inactivity even identify the body as the killer number four in the world . Specifically in the UK , they spent 1 billion Pounsteling to treat back pain , neck and muscle caused by too much sitting or lack of movement .
A new campaign 'get Britain standing ' in the UK recently launched to induce those actively engaged . Gavin Bradley , director of ' get Britain Standing ' said basically everyone is aware of bad lifestyle , but meereka did not really realize how bad lifestyle living.
In fact at this time , the computer and TV for 40 years have contributed to one culprit of modern humans spend more time to sit down .
" Spend less time sitting could actually increase the lifespan ( healthy ) . This is an important message , " Bradley said , as quoted by the Mirror .

Besides apples , It's The Most Contaminated Fruits Pesticides

Modern agriculture that rely on pesticides to kill pests would cause us to worry about exposure to pesticides in vegetables and fruits . Get to know what fruit has the highest pesticide residues .

Every year , the nonprofit advocacy organization Environmental Working Group, which is located in the United States , released a list of fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides ( Dirty Dozen ) . Fruits and vegetables that measured levels of pesticides , even after washing .

Apple always ranks first as the most contaminated fruit . From the examples studied fruit , it turns out 99 percent contain at least one type of 5 types of pesticides commonly used in agriculture .

Here is a list of fruits that contain the most pesticide residues .

1 . Apples
2 . Strawberries
3 . Wines
4 . Celery
5 . Peaches ( peaches )
6 . Spinach
7 . Paprika
8 . Nectarin
9 . Cucumber
10 . Potatoes
11 . Cherry tomatoes
12 . Chili

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beware of Oil Ingredients In Fried Rice

Fried rice is a mainstay of many menus . The food is usually enjoyed at breakfast or dinner because it tastes delicious and savory . Unfortunately , the oil content in fried rice including high that excessive consumption can lead to excess calorie intake .

Clinical nutrition specialist Permadhi Inge said , often times people do not realize the extra oil in the food consumed . In fact , greasy foods including fried rice can contain double the calories than the same foods cooked different ways .

" For example, crackers , basically the material contains only 10 calories , but when the chips are fried , the oil will stick and add as much as 9 calories calories . So the total is 19 calories , almost twice as much , " Inge said in a talk show " Healthy Campaign Nestle Indonesia : Zone healthy Nestle " in Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

According to Inge , the oil content is high with fried rice cooked using cooking oil or butter . When heated , the two materials will turn into saturated fats can increase the risk of diseases , such as heart disease and stroke . Not to mention the risk of obesity .

Develops Fermented Soy Milk

Faculty of Agricultural Technology , Gadjah Mada University to develop formulations of fermented soy milk as a food ingredient supporting the infant nutrition .
" We developed an alternative nutritional support products such as an effort to address and prevent malnutrition in infants , " said researcher Faculty of Agricultural Technology ( FTP ) , Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ) in Yogyakarta Indyah Sulistya Utamy , Thursday ( 10/4 ) .
According to him , the idea came from the results of previous studies using the direct non fermented soy . From these studies were then developed to make the formulation of soy milk that has been fermented .
" Soybeans have several advantages over whole milk as a staple of making baby food . Composition of amino acids in soy milk equivalent , " he said .
In addition , he said , that has been fermented soy milk oligosaccharides that can reduce the protein content easier to digest . Soy milk that has been fermented flouring process is then performed in order to set the milk in powder form .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In order for Heart Patients Not Treated , Avoid It Here

A study which studied a group of people who were hospitalized due to heart failure found that patients with sleep problems experienced twice the risk of hospitalization .

According to the study , more than 40 percent of heart failure patients have trouble sleeping when they leave the hospital and a third of them continue to suffer up to 12 months.

" We found a lack of time consistently cause twice as much risk of hospitalization in patients with heart failure , ... , " said Dr . Peter Johansson , heart failure nurses in Sweden and author of the study as reported by Female First .

He added that patients with heart failure should avoid a number of habits that make them difficult to sleep , such as drinking too much coffee late at night , or having a conversation with an annoying topic before bed .

Nevertheless , until now no data how the lack of sleep that continues over time associated with hospitalization .

Want a Healthy Heart ? Marry

Many people are still free to marry , when to marry has many benefits for psychological and mental health . One of them is the lower the risk of heart disease .

A study involving 3.5 million adults in the U.S. showed that those who were married had lower chances of heart disease than those who are single , divorced , or whose partner died .

" The survey results show clearly , when it comes to heart health , marital status play a role , " said Dr. Carlos Alviar , lead researcher . He emphasized that this study is the largest study that examined the link between marriage and heart health .

One of the things that make heart health a married person is awake , among others , our partners can directly contact a doctor or set up a transport to the hospital if something happens to the heart . Married couples are also more motivated to run a healthy life .

Monday, April 7, 2014

3 Habits to Healthy Lungs

In general , to get healthy lungs , we need to avoid the habit of smoking or too much exposure to air pollution . Unfortunately , to stay in the big cities , exposure to cigarette smoke and air pollution often can not be avoided .

For example , despite being actively avoiding smoking habit , but when you are in a public space , exposure to cigarette smoke from people around make us become passive smokers . Often drive the motor and be on the road also makes us exposed to pollution on the road . So what to do ?

According pulmonary specialists from the Faculty of Medicine , University of Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) , Agus Dwi Susanto , there are at least three things that need to be done to avoid pollution or adverse effects to the body . First , the use of masks to reduce exposure to the entry into the body .

" Masks least will reduce the exposure that goes into the body . Though the masks are not all the same because it has the ability of different filtration , " he stated in a press conference Combi Hope titled " Healthy Lifestyle Education for Young Generation " on Monday ( 07/04/2014 ) .

Treating TB with Noni and Red Ginger

Tuberculosis ( TB ) is a serious public health problem for the citizens of the world . Burden of TB in Indonesian problems contribute significantly to the burden of TB issues at the global level , which is about six percent . Until now , Indonesia is among the four countries with the highest TB burden in the world problems .

Indonesia now ranks fourth after India , China , and South Africa .

Each year , there are 730 thousand cases of tuberculosis in Indonesia . The good news is from 1990 to 2012 , cases of tuberculosis continues to decline significantly, either through early detection and treatment.

Antituberculosis drugs ( OAT ) is a major drug in the treatment of tuberculosis . Besides given OAT , TB patients may also be given as a complementary herbal medicine .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

People Depression 40 Percent More Vulnerable Heart Attack

A study from Norway says that people are always more vulnerable to depression 40 percent  of  heart attack .

Injustice , the condition of being victims of abuse by family , co-workers or the environment , endless grief and conditions can be suppressed without the help of depression in a person's motives , workers or the public .

Excerpted from The Times of India , a study was made ​​by Lise Tuset Gustad , a writer and a nurse at Levanger Hospital in Norway said , " We found an association between depressive symptoms and the risk of heart attack . This means that the more depressed you feel , the more at risk you are exposed to the   disease . "

The study involved 63,000 respondents Norway and also studied the patients who died within a period of 11 years.

Should food Consumed When Sick

When the body is " collapsed " due to disease , resting and taking medication alone is sometimes not enough to restore health . We are also required to pay attention to diet .

Indeed , when the appetite pain seemed to disappear . Yet we also need mengasup - eat nutritious foods and maintain fluid intake . Eat small meals but often and listen to your body to find out if we are hungry , we can make it easier to eat during the healing process .

Here are some foods that can give you extra energy and nutrients so that we are more powerful .

- Soups
Since we are a small mother would make soup , usually chicken soup , when we have the flu . Research has shown that chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine ​​that helps eliminate mucus in the lungs and keep airways moist . Besides soup will also prevent dehydration and fight inflammation in the throat .

- Tea Warm
Warm drinks such as green tea consumption should be routine when we 're less healthy . High content of antioxidants in green tea will help the immune system fight germs . If you do not like tea , warm water fed lemon slices could be an alternative .

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flower Tobacco Cells Could Fight Cancer

Tobacco plants could be an alternative for the treatment of cancer . Australian Researchers publish new findings that tobacco plants can be a powerful weapon to combat the deadly disease .
The results of this study further enrich the types of molecules found in plants and animals that could potentially be used as a drug .

Researchers found a molecule in tobacco plants flower powerful kill cancer cells . The results of the study have been published in the journal eLife said that the newly discovered molecule is able to kill cancer cells , without causing impact damage to the cells that are still normal .

This molecule is found in the colorful flowers in ornamental tobacco plants . This type of tobacco is still a ' family ' with tobacco that is usually used for commercial purposes . "This is a new discovery , " said Mark Hulett , leader of the research team , as quoted by the Guardian , Thursday ( 3/4 ) .

Running Parachute Jacket Wearing Burn More Fat ?

Running is a sport that is effective in burning fat as well as train the heart . Therefore , many people take advantage of this exercise to help you lose weight . Unfortunately , there are many false myths regarding this sport .
Hario Tilarso sports specialist said , if done correctly , can run quickly lose weight . " In a week when it is done three to five times , ran able to lose weight about half to one kilogram , " he said on the sidelines of the Runners Camp in Bogor , last weekend .
However , he added , if the myths are not true is retained, then the benefits will not be felt optimal running . Therefore , Hario advised to find out the truth from the myths surrounding the run , the following .

1 . Myth : wear a parachute jacket while running
This habit is often done with the aim to accelerate weight loss . Meanwhile , according to Hario , this action can only accelerate the body discharge , but did not accelerate the burning of fat .
" So naturally, when quick weight down , as much liquid out . However if it is rehydrated , then the weight will be normal again , " he said .

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diet Extends Life Expectancy

Restriction of calories in the diet can help extend life expectancy and improve the health of the rhesus monkey , according to a recent study .

Average life expectancy in the monkey cage 26 years , but more than half of the monkeys in the study consumed a diet with limited calories can live at least until the age of 30 years .

The study results also showed that animals that do not consume a low calorie diet have the risk of age-related diseases is almost three times larger than the group of animals with a restricted calorie diet .

" This study is important because it shows that a consistent beneficial effect we see in lower organisms also occurs in primates and therefore supports the belief that calorie restriction has beneficial effects for humans , " said Ricki Colman , a senior scientist at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center , the Live  Science .

In the study , the researchers observed 76 rhesus monkeys . Half of the animals were eating foods with lower calories 30 percent when they were aged 7-14 years . Other groups of monkeys received no restriction calorie consumption .

4 Important Things in Sport Running

Running sports enthusiasts soared in recent years . This is evident from the rise of competition and community that is never quiet running enthusiasts . Well , if you are one of enthusiasts of this sport , or maybe the new run will follow a program , there are four important things to note .

1 . Endurance ( endurance )
According to Matias Ibo , sports physiotherapist , endurance is important in running , especially for long-distance running . Ibo say , resistance include resistance pure ( pure endurance ) which is the ability to run as long as possible without getting tired .

" Runners with good endurance to keep the same tempo run for two to three hours , without any addition or reduction of speed , " he said .

In addition , durability also includes a total fitness ( total fitness ) associated with running technique and efficiency means the ability to optimize the work of the muscles used for belari .

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Want Happiness and Longevity ? Familiarize Sincere Smile

Smile had many positive effects , both to yourself as well as others around . In fact , a smile can predict the future of a person related to age and happiness .

Unfortunately , adults rarely smiles . Psychologists , Vera said Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo said than children , adults stingy smile because on average only 17 times a day to smile . While children aged five smile 7.7 times per hour .

Vera said some research shows how a smile can predict the future . In a study that took materials from one photo from the yearbook during school , found how to smile in the photo determines one's happiness 30 years later .

Not fake a genuine smile
The person in the photo the warm smile , cheerful , sincere or not a fake smile , 30 years later is known of his life happier .

Let Longevity , Diligent Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have long known both for health . Now a large-scale study revealed that consumption of fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities can substantially reduce the risk of death .
The researchers analyzed the eating habits of more than 65,000 people in the UK between 2001 and 2013. They found that people who ate seven or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables had a 42 percent risk of death at any age lower than their counterparts who eat in smaller portions .
The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that found that the risk of death was reduced by 36 percent eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day . While the risk was reduced 29 percent to eat three to five servings , and 14 percent by eating one to three servings a day .
However, the study does not prove that eating fruits and vegetables in large quantities can reduce the risk of death . The study only found an association between consumption of fresh produce and a lower risk of  death .
The researchers say , the consumption of seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 31 percent and up to 25 percent of cancers .

Slimming Accelerate , Perform 4 Things When It Lunch Break

No matter how busy your work , lunch break is a chance to relax , restore energy and concentration , even accelerate weight loss efforts are being carried out .

Here are four tips to help you achieve the target slimmer and healthier body . You can even do it on the desk .

1 . Sports to speed up metabolism
If you can spare 20 minutes during the day , there's no harm in doing a short exercise . There are many types of exercises that are not too long and does not make you sweat . For example, practicing squats with dumbbells for a few sets . Another way is to take a walk around the office . A few minutes ' walk will redirect blood flow and relaxes stiff muscles . Take advantage of the program to your smartphone to record and count the calories that you spend on any physical activity you do .

Dangers of Too Often Drinking Water with Lemon

Consuming water with lemon slices has become a habit of many people , especially those who are on a diet or detox . Of course drinking lemon water is not just decoration , but have health benefits .

Water with lemon slices contain the nutrients your body needs , including vitamin C , potassium , and fiber . However , these drinks can cause harmful side effects if too much is consumed .

Here are some of the dangers of consuming water with lemon slices .

- Erosion of the teeth
Eating acidic foods or drinks too often , like lemon water , will cause the teeth in contact with the acid . In the long run this will erode the tooth enamel and make teeth more sensitive , especially on hot or cold foods . To protect the teeth , consumption of acidic drinks through a straw . If you previously had dental erosion consult with a dentist who can recommend the provision of dental enamel .