Thursday, October 19, 2017

According to Recent Research, Here are 5 Best Sports

If you think running a marathon is the fastest way to make the body fit and healthy, not so, according to experts from Harvard Medical School, America.

According to professor I-Min Lee, the old-style sport is not as good as many people think. Instead of running long distances, which can make joints and digestive systems problematic, Lee recommends five other types of exercise.

According to his research entitled "Starting to Excercise" the 5 types of exercise produce various benefits ranging from weight loss and muscle formation to protect the heart and brain, and strengthen bones.

Check out what the best sports he recommends.

1. Pool

Swimming can be the most perfect sport. In addition to moving almost all the muscles of the body, swimming also increases the heart rate to improve heart health and keep the brain from aging problems. Plus, being in a floating position makes this sport almost free from cramps.

"Nice pool for people who have arthritis because the body does not lift weights," Lee said.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Clean Miss V with Betel? Here's the Rule

Betel is a leaf that has antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant properties and can help heal skin wounds. With these properties, betel water is believed to be able to assist women in overcoming the troublesome whitish problems.

There are several bioactive compounds in betel which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, for example essential oils. One of the bacteria that can be inhibited by the growth of essential oil is E coli is known to trigger the occurrence of vaginal discharge.

Betel also has a bioactive compound hydroxychavicol which has antifungal properties. This compound can actively fight a very wide strain of fungus, reaching 124 strains.

"Scientifically, (sirih) is indeed a one-way benefit (to help overcome the whiteness)," said Head of Bogor Agricultural University Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Dr Irmanida Batubara SSi MSi, in a health discussion held Resik V Godokan Sirih from PT Kino Tbk, in Jakarta.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apples should not be eaten with the skin

Eating apples is practical, because no need to cut or process them into juice. Although the fiber content in the apple is also found on the skin, but, apples are recommended consumed without skin.

"I do not recommend people eat apples with their skins, except organic apples," said Professor of the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Ahmad Sulaeman in the event "Roaming Nutrition 2017" in Malang, East Java, Friday (13/10/2017).

He explained, in the apple skin contained a candle that is useful for apples still look fresh and not easily rot in the process of delivery. In addition, apple skin also contains pesticide residues.

"Especially the imported apples, added not one kind, there are candles and pesticides," he said.

Candles in apples are actually different from ordinary candles, because it is "food grade" so it is safe to eat.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Good Fruits for Breakfast

Starting the day with breakfast can help provide early energy to run your day's activities. Research has shown that a healthy breakfast in the morning can help meet nutritional needs, can help lower cholesterol levels, help improve concentration and performance for activities, and can also give strength and endurance to face the day.

Some foods can be a breakfast menu, such as cereal, oatmeal, bread, eggs, until fruits. Yes, fruits are one of the menus that make breakfast healthy. Inside the fruits contained essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

For example, the high vitamin C content in the fruit can help prevent certain diseases, the potassium content in the fruit can help to nourish the muscles, and much more. Fruit also contains lots of fiber that can make you feel full longer.


Banana is one of the fruit that is easy to find in any season. Eating bananas in the morning is a great idea. Bananas contain carbohydrates and also fiber that can make you full longer.

In addition, bananas also contain potassium which can help lower blood pressure, so good for people with hypertension. You can eat bananas in various ways. Can be eaten directly, made smoothies, added to cereal or oatmeal, and can be other ways.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Prevent premature aging with eating an apple routine

Benefits of eating fruits are very diverse for health. Not just a source of vitamins and fiber, regular eating apples was also able to prevent premature aging.

According to Professor of Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB Prof. Ahmad Sulaeman, apple is a fruit that has antioxidant penolik and flavonoids.

"If the apple is cut into brown, then there is a compound that is anti-oxidant," said Ahmad Nutricia Sarihusada when exploring Nutricia in apple orchard, Malang, East Java, Friday (13/10/2017).

The aging process occurs due to oxidation. Now with the existence of these two compounds said Ahmad, will catch free radicals will be neutralized again. "By eating apples can also maintain skin hygiene and fitness," said Ahmad.

So, how much to eat apples to keep skin healthy and prevent premature aging? Ahmad said there is actually no limit to eating fruit, because the content is abundant and healthy. However, Ahmad said the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating fruits five to seven times a day.

"Consumption is also better juiced, because the fiber obtained more than directly eaten," he said.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This is the Most Healthy Length of Hand Washing Time

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) says the ideal time of hand washing is about 20 seconds. About one-third of cases of diarrhea and 16 percent of respiratory infections can be prevented by hand washing properly.

RPS adds hand washing for 20 seconds is the only way to get rid of some viruses and bacteria that cause colds, infections, stomach aches, and even the flu. RPS President, Ash Soni said people do not often wash hands with a long time to get rid of disease-causing bacteria.

"Even when we are not affected by the virus, if we do not wash our hands, we can transmit the infection and become more real, more vulnerable problems, such as children and the elderly," Soni said on Wednesday.

Sounds basic, but most people do not wash their hands for 20 seconds. According to a poll conducted over 2,000 more people by RPS, 84 percent of people did not wash their hands for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, about 65 percent and 32 percent of people do not wash their hands before eating or even when preparing food. Half of those surveyed did not wash their hands after touching pets and other creatures, and another 21 percent did not wash their hands after the toilet, according to The Guardian.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When is the Best and Worst Time to Eat Fruit?

Vegetables and fruit are the must-eat foods in your daily menu. The recommended portion of vegetables and fruits for adults is 400-600 grams per day. From the portion, 2/3 consists of vegetables and 1/3 of them are fruits.

If the analogy, in a day you are advised to consume 2.5 servings of vegetables (or equivalent to 250 grams) and 3 pieces of fruit (eg 3 medium banana Amber, or 3 medium-sized oranges)

What are the factors that determine the best time to eat fruit and vegetables? The work of our digestive system in food processing is one of the determinants when we should eat fruits and vegetables.

Most fruits consist of fructose fruit sugar. Since the first bite, the mouth will produce enzymes that work to break down carbohydrates into more easily digestible components.

Furthermore, the work of carbohydrate breakdown enzymes in the stomach is stopped because the environment is too acidic. This process will continue again in the small intestine to produce a simpler carbohydrate component so it can be absorbed by the body.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

6 High Fruits Vitamin C, In addition to Orange

During this time if asked what fruit contains vitamin C, which became our first answer is citrus fruit. In fact, oranges are not the fruit with the highest vitamin C content.

Yes, it turns out the fruit that contains the highest vitamin C is guava fruit. The content of vitamin C in guava is 206 mg, higher than the citrus fruit containing vitamin C of 59-83 mg per one fruit.

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins needed by the body, especially for the growth and repair of cells in bone, teeth, skin, and other tissues.

In addition, vitamin C also has other roles, such as helping to increase the absorption of iron from plant-based sources, helps prevent cell damage that can reduce the risk of cancer, and also can protect your body from various infections because vitamin C can help keep the immune system .

Because of this important function, it's no wonder our body needs a lot of vitamin C intake from food. One source of vitamin C is fruits. Not only oranges, there are many more fruits that contain vitamin C.

Read also: Fruits and Vegetables with Vitamin C Content Exceeded Citrus

Some other fruits that contain vitamin C are:

1. Guava

Guava is a fruit that contains the highest vitamin C. As mentioned above, guava contains more than 200 mg of vitamin in one fruit, exceeding the vitamin C content of oranges.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sweet Food and Its Impact on Heart Health

Sweet foods are good, but if consumed too much can have a bitter impact on the body. More than just making fat, it turns out the hobby mengasup high sugar foods also have an impact on heart health.

Several studies have proven this, and now there is more evidence to support. The latest is a study published by Clinical Science.

In the study, the researchers recruited 25 men who underwent fatty liver conditions - a condition called non-alcoholic fatty acids (NAFLD), which is also identical as a sign of heart problems - and compared those with low-fat liver.

Body conditions associated with NAFLD conditions include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

The researchers gave each of two groups of foods with the same number of servings for 12 weeks: foods with high sugar, containing 650 calories of added sugar per day and; low-sugar foods, which contain 140 calories of added sugar a day.

This is similar to a recommendation for additional sugars, in which no more than five percent of total daily calories, according to the study.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Prevent Blood Pressure Increases Not So Hypertension

When blood pressure increases slightly, also called prehypertension, you may not be too concerned about it. Many consider this not a serious matter. However, blood pressure that is less than normal can turn out to be a danger. Is this prehypertensive condition bound to develop into hypertension (high blood pressure)?

Prehypertension is a new category in blood pressure measurement. In fact, prehypertension is a warning sign of hypertension. This sign is made so that you pay more attention to your blood pressure so it does not progress to worse in the future.

People with prehypertension have slightly elevated blood pressure, but can not be included in the category of high blood pressure or hypertension.

You belong to the prehypertension category if you have systolic blood pressure (top number in blood pressure reading) of 120-139 mmHg or have diastolic blood pressure of 80-89 mmHg. Meanwhile, people with normal blood pressure have blood pressure below that number (120/80 mmHg).

Will prehypertension be hypertensive?

Blood pressure in the range of hypertension is practically abnormal. This is because people with prehypertension are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure than people with normal blood pressure, according to Harvard Health Publishing. People with prehypertension also have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Avoid TV If You Want Kids to Achieve

Parents should be more careful about television. Placing the television in a child's room will give them 24 hours of access to turn on the television, while the parents will have difficulty controlling. Too often access to television can have a negative impact on the physical, psychological, and socialization of children.

Indian Express page reported, there is a new research on putting the television in the child's room. Some activities on the television monitor can be accessed easily, one of them playing a video game.

Based on a study written in The Journal of Developmental Psychology by Professor of Psychology from Iowa State University, United States (US) Douglas Gentile, television in the child's room will reduce their time sleeping, reading, to participate in social activities. This will affect the increase in education level.

"When children turn on television in their rooms, they will not watch educational games or anything like that," Gentile said. But the child will actually watch the opposite event.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Banish Insect Bearer Germ with Citronella Scent

Citronella is included in the spice plant that has many benefits, including to repel insects that carry disease germs, such as cockroaches and flies.

According to dr.Kartika Mayasari, flies and cockroaches could be the intermediary of entry of germs into the house. "Because flies and cockroaches like to be a dirty place like a ditch or a trash can," he said at the launch ceremony of Sereh S.O.S floor cleaner in Jakarta (3/10/2017).

Germs that can be carried by these insects, among other causes of typhoid, cholera, to diarrhea.

Surveys conducted by S.O.S in 2017 to more than 500 mothers revealed, 73 percent of mothers considered mosquitoes and cockroaches as the most disturbing insects, followed by ants and flies.

Kartika added, it is very important to maintain home sanitation to maintain family health. Dirty houses are vulnerable to the development of germs, insects, and diseases.

"The glossy and scented floors are not necessarily clean, the house is considered clean and healthy if the family members are free from disease and disease sources," he said.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Innocent Breakfast Affects Heart Health

Breakfast is an important routine that can affect the health of the body. According to a recent study, neglectful breakfast can even trigger an increase in atherosclerosis or constriction and thickening of the arteries due to plaque buildup.

The trigger plaque of atherosclerosis consists of cholesterol, fatty substances, calcium, and fibrin (substances in the blood). It can cause blockage causing the circulation of blood and oxygen from the arteries to the body organs is inhibited. Aterclerosis is often classified as a cardiac disorder. However, it can also occur in arteries in other parts of the body such as the brain and kidneys.

"The greater the percentage of energy consumed early in the day can have a good impact on cardiovascular health (such as heart and blood vessels)," said study head. Valentín Fuster director of Mount Sinai Heart of New York City at the same time and Managing Editor in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, quoted by Channelnewsasia, Tuesday (3/10).

Researchers of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology have previously linked breakfast negativity with an increased risk of problems that can lead to heart disease such as obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Know the Types of Carbohydrates: Which Is the Most Healthy

Many people who reduce even avoid carbohydrates in the diet. Most consider that carbohydrates are 'bad', because they cause weight gain and blood sugar levels to soar.

But, did you know that your body actually still need carbohydrates as the main source of energy? Yes, you can not avoid carbohydrates at all. All you have to do is choose a healthy type of carbohydrate. Then, what kind of carbohydrates? Which is the healthiest for the body?

Carbohydrates are a type of nutrient that has a primary function as a source of energy for the body. In fact, carbohydrates - especially sugars - are the main food for the brain. So, you can not avoid carbohydrates at all just to make weight down. If you do, then many health problems will arise afterwards.

Basically, there are two types of carbohydrates, namely simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Both of these carbohydrates are processed and digested in a slightly different way by the body. Both, it will affect blood sugar levels, but the speed to be blood sugar is different.

Simple carbohydrates

This simple carbohydrate is contained in sweet foods, sugar, honey, and brown sugar. Among other types of carbohydrates, these simple carbohydrates are most quickly absorbed and processed into blood sugar. this happens because of its simple shape, making it easy to digest.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Reduce Carbohydrates Or Increase Protein, Which Is Better

A low carbohydrate diet is one of the most popular diet types undertaken to reduce and maintain weight, while preventing obesity. The key to the success of this diet is to replace the intake of carbohydrates by multiplying eating high protein foods derived from meat, fish, eggs, and nuts.

Many believe that carbohydrates are the main cause of weight gain. This is not always the case. Carbohydrates include macro nutrients that are needed by the body in large quantities to generate energy.

But indeed, carbohydrates are a food source that tends to be easy to consume in large and excessive portions. Moreover, simple carbohydrates that can make you hungry fast.

Meanwhile, high protein foods can cause longer satiety because it is broken down longer in the digestive system, unlike carbohydrates. Protein can also keep your blood sugar levels stable so as to avoid excessive hunger.

This has been proven in various studies. One of them, a study published in the Journal of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In the journal said that the protein has the ability to activate the hormone that regulates satiety in the body. So, when the protein is consumed in large quantities, hence the hungrier buffer produced is also a lot.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Diligent Eating Fish Cobbler Can Prevent High Blood Disease to Stroke

Indonesia is promoting a fish-eating culture to improve public health. Of the many types of fish, you may need to consume cobs.

Yes, tuna can be your healthy daily menu. This type of fish will provide many health benefits, including preventing heart disease. Here's why quoted page Organicfacts, Thursday (28/09/2017).

Blood pressure

The combination of omega-3 fatty acids is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce blood pressure, along with potassium, vasodilator, make tuna is very good for lowering blood pressure. Reducing high blood pressure can significantly improve health by lowering blood pressure in the cardiovascular system. This will help prevent heart attacks and strokes, as well as conditions of atherosclerosis that can lead to a number of health complications.

Weight loss while preventing obesity

Obesity is one of the most troubling conditions, but it has steadily increased in recent decades. Thankfully, the tuna fish is low in calories, but is loaded with useful nutrients and proteins. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids in tuna stimulates a hormone called leptin. This hormone balances the body's food intake with the desire to eat more. This can ensure that your body is consuming what is needed.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Foods to Avoid to Maintain Skin

A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics finds out exactly which foods cause acne and other skin problems. The study involved two groups consisting of 32 participants. One group has clear skin, others have moderate to severe acne. Each group was asked to complete a five-day diary and then do blood work.

As quoted from the page, Reader's Digest, of all participants, about 61 percent believe their food affects their skin, and that's true. But it's not the greasy foods that cause problems. Participants who have the worst acne have a high carbohydrate and high food diet with high glycemic load.

The food glycemic load is determined by how sharply a person's blood sugar rises after consumption. The glycemic load index is measured from one to 100, and food above 20 on a scale is considered to have a high glycemic load. Foods with a score of 10 or less are considered to have low glycemic loads.

Some important foods with high glycemic content and high carbohydrate content include white rice, roasted grilled potatoes, spaghetti, white bagels, and instant oatmeal. Some foods with low glycemic load and low carbohydrate content include apples, grapefruits, red beans, cashews, and carrots.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Prevent Wind Entry For Your Frequent Night Out

People say, do not go out often because it will catch a cold. Do you know if the cold is not an official disease in the world of medicine?

Cold wind is a name that exists only in Indonesia. But that does not mean a cold is a myth. The symptoms are real and certainly have been complained by almost everyone.

Well even though there is no medical name for him, you can still prevent the cold with a variety of easy ways in order to continue smoothly on the move. What the heck really is it?

There is no term "catch" in the medical world. According to dr. Noble Sp. PD, specialist in internal medicine from Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital, the wind is more accurately said to be a group of symptoms (syndrome) that indicates a combination of symptoms of two types of health problems, namely ulcer (dyspepsia) and flu.

The most common symptoms of gastritis are flatulence, abdominal pain, gas, heat in the chest, and often belching. Meanwhile, flu symptoms can include sore throat, runny nose, cough, nasal congestion, and fever. The flu can also make you feel unwell and muscle aches or aches. Begin to feel familiar with this series of symptoms "catch the wind" is?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Avoid These Foods For Acne Free Skin

What we eat does affect the skin condition. This is not just a myth, but it has been proven through research. For example, about the types of foods that can trigger acne.

A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics finds out what foods cause acne on the face. Experts involve two groups of 32 people each.

One group has clean skin, others have moderate to severe acne. Each group was asked to fill the food diary book for five days and blood tested.

About 61 percent of respondents believe that the food they consume affects their skin, and that's true. The cause of acne facial skin is apparently not only derived from oily foods. In fact, participants with severe acne are those who eat high carbohydrate and high glycemic foods.

The food glycemic index is determined by how quickly a person's blood sugar rises after the food is consumed.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Avocado Does Not Change Color Fast

Avocado immediately turns brown shortly after you open. This color change as a result of oxidation, chemical reactions that occur when alpuka exposed to air. In addition to not beautiful, avocado that turns brown color is also uncomfortable consumed.

These color changes can be inhibited in a number of ways. First, add acid such as lemon juice to avocado. This technique can be useful because the acidic fluid prevents the enzyme that causes the appearance of brownish color to stop working.

The second way, using plastic food wrap to block the oxidation event. Make sure to wrap the avocado tightly so that no air enters. Harold McGee in his book, On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, this solution is very useful for the avocado that has been split in two and there is a hole in one part.

"Plastic can act as a barrier against oxidation, so if you only use half of the avocados at once and save the rest for later, wrap the rest," McGee said as quoted by page.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This is the Excess Nutritional Sweetened Milk

Concerns of some parties to the consumption of sweetened condensed milk is considered unwarranted. The National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) considers the circulation of the issue of unhealthy sweetened condensed milk is a concern that should not happen.

"In essence, people consume any milk," said BPKN Chairman Ardiansyah Parman in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/9).

Ardiansyah said, sweetened condensed milk and other dairy products that are in the community today have been through health tests by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). According to him, as long as there is no statement from BPOM that a product is not worth consuming, so people do not have to worry about consuming it.

He also asked the parties who feel a problematic product to be consumed report to BPOM. It is considered more intelligent than spreading the issue through a media that is counterproductive.

"If it is not safe to be consumed report BPOM, if all just beropini in public even make chaotic," he said.

Monday, September 18, 2017

5 Things You Can Do If You Have No Breakfast

Some people claim to often skip breakfast or breakfast. The reason, among others, is not usually breakfast, or do not want to eat that morning with the reason the stomach still do not want to eat, and there are also because of lazy breakfast.

Breakfast is literally meant to "break the fast" (taken from the English word, "break-fast") of all hours you spend after sleeping overnight. The habit of skipping meals in the morning can trigger a variety of physiological processes - both good and bad.

This is what happens in the body if you do not have breakfast:

1. Weight loss

Yes, this idea seems logical, because you effectively eliminate one meal out of your diet every day. Some studies even show that skipping breakfast can reduce overall caloric intake to 400 kcal per day.

However, the relationship between skipping breakfast and losing weight is not as simple as you think. Reporting from Prevention, a study from Ohio State University shows you will indeed lose weight when skipping breakfast in the short term. Ironically, these few missing pounds are not derived from recalcitrant fatty deposits, but rather from muscles - which is an unhealthy weight-loss method.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Artificial Sweetener Precisely Triggering Diabetes

Artificial sweetener is an alternative to get a sweet taste but still low in calories. Although artificial sweeteners proved safe, but there was also a danger, one of which triggered diabetes type two.

According to a recent study, the consumption of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This happens because the body's ability to control glucose levels in the blood is disrupted.

The study, conducted by professors at the University of Adelaide, Australia, is small, involving only 27 healthy people. The study was conducted by giving some capsules containing artificial sweeteners, which amounted to five cans of diet drinks.

The capsule contains both sucralose and acesulfame K and should be taken three times a day for two weeks. Another group of participants was given a placebo capsule.

After the study was completed, tests showed those who consumed artificial sweeteners had impaired body's ability to manage glucose, which had a direct impact on the onset of type 2 diabetes in the long run.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Symptoms and Causes of High Cholesterol in Skinny People

Overweight or obesity is a scourge for us. In addition to less attractive appearance factors, obesity is a risk factor for many diseases.

Obesity is always associated with the amount of fat. But did you know that high fat levels not only attack fat people? People who are thin or even ideal posture can actually develop this one disease.

People call it high cholesterol, but what happens is an imbalance between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. This disease is called dyslipidemia.

What is dyslipidemia? Before we talk about dyslipidemia, we have to recognize the types of fats in our bodies, namely LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol), HDL (high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol), triglycerides (excess consumption of carbohydrates converted to fat) and total cholesterol (accumulation of all three types of cholesterol).

Dyslipidemia is a fat metabolism disorder characterized by an increase or decrease in the type of fat in the blood plasma.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tattoos Trigger Lymph Node Disorder Risk

Merajah skin or better known as tattoo term predicted to trigger the risk of lymph node disorders. The health impact was revealed in a research team from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France.

Scientists use intense X-ray synchrotron facility results to track the titanium dioxide nanoparticles that are released into one's body during the tattoo making process. The team observed that the process releases microscopic pigment particles that accumulate in the lymph nodes, an organ that is essential for the immune system.

Titanium dioxide, the most commonly used material in tattoo ink other than carbon black, is white pigment used in food additives, sunscreen, and paint. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, explains, this material is often mixed with other pigments to create different shades of tattooing.

"When someone wants to get a tattoo, they tend to be careful to use a sterile needle, but not much to check the chemical composition of the coloring material," said one study author, Dr. Hiram Castillo.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Benefits of Consuming Uncooked Dragon Fruits

In addition to the fruit of mango, orange, or apple, today we often see dragon fruit in fruit makers. In addition to fits into a mixture of fruit ice, thick red scaly fruit is also delicious to eat directly.

In tropical and subtropical regions such as South America and Asia, dragon fruit grows and grows abundantly. As the name implies, the outer skin of the dragon's fruit resembles a cactus, scaly resembling a dragon's skin on myth.

Considered as a cactus plant, its light green and reddish color indicates that the fruit is full of nutrients, while the creamy white meat seen with its black seeds gives a lot of wealth and nature.

This dragon fruit contains about 60 calories and is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. And that's not all.

Here are 5 benefits of dragon fruit consumption on a regular basis.

1. Better than a sweet snack

Dragon fruit has a very low amount of cholesterol and can diasup quite often as a substitute for sweet-looking. The fruit also helps maintain weight and is healthier for the teeth because of its low sugar content.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Scientists Say Avocado Can Increase Intelligence

Nutrients found in foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), such as avocados, olive oil, and nuts can improve general intelligence.

As quoted from the page, The Indian Express, researchers or scientists found that general intelligence is associated with dorsal attention tissue of the brain. It plays a central role in a task that demands the attention and problem solving of everyday life. In particular, general intelligence is found with how efficiently dorsal attention tissue works best.

The study found that this association was driven by a correlation between MUFA and brain tissue concerns.

"Our findings provide new evidence that MUFA is associated with very specific brain tissue, dorsal attention tissue, and how optimal this network is functionally organized," said lead author Aron Barbey, professor at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, this weekend. "This is important because if you want to develop effective nutritional interventions in improving cognitive performance, we need to understand how these nutrients affect brain function."

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Drinking Water Warm Honey Every Morning, 7 Benefits It Will You Feel

Most of us only know the benefit of drinking a glass of warm water in the morning. But, have you ever tried to drink warm water and honey every morning?
Known as honey water, this drink is known to have many health benefits. Combining honey and warm water is good for overall health.

Here are the benefits of drinking honey water every morning that was launched from the page Boldsky, Friday (07/10/2017):

1. Beware of losing weight
100 grams of honey contains 305 calories. Eating a spoon can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Honey is also a source of natural sugar and prevents the desire to eat other unhealthy sweet foods.

2. Routine defecation
Honey is considered the best for the digestive system. Because honey contains antiseptic, antibacterial properties that help relieve the stomach from digestive problems when consumed first in the morning.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What is the Difference of Plant Protein and Whey Protein

Protein is one of the important foods for the body. Proteins are divided into two parts of vegetable protein and animal protein or whey protein. Actually what is the difference between the two?

According to Yenna Samantha, from YOURGANIC Indonesia vegetable protein comes from plants such as peas, rice, flax, sunflower, and other plants. Nutritional content of each plant has different benefits, so it provides different functions when consumed.

This vegetable protein is suitable to be enjoyed by consumers with digestive problems because it contains high fiber and digestive enzymes. There is no vegetable protein containing nine amino acids in one plant or vegetable.

In addition, vegetable protein contains vegetables rich in minerals and vitamin A. Because of its content, no wonder the price of beverages with vegetable protein is more premium than whey protein.

It also explains vegetable protein helps to combat acidity in our diets.
And can be used as a beverage for detox because of the vegetable protein. "Producing vegetable protein is very good for the environment because it is cleaner and does not need land, water, and other natural resources," he explained in a press conference in Jakarta, some time ago.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Frequently Carrying Baby Many Benefits

Do not hesitate to often hold and hug the baby because of fear the baby will "smell the hand" or spoiled. Research reveals, carrying more often just a lot of benefits.

Carrying and embracing the baby not only provide comfort, but also positively impact the baby's brain development.

Researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio, USA, observed 125 preterm and preterm infants to see how responsive to soft touch.

As a result, premature infants tend to have a lower response to touch than a term infant. Premature babies who get a lot of medical procedures also have fewer responses.

Even so, premature babies who often get a gentle touch of their parents turned out to have developed a response to touch compared with infants who are rarely touched.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Low Fat High Consumption of Karbo Cause Early Death

Research shows, people who eat foods that are low in fat, but high carbohydrates may be at high risk of early death. That condition when compared with those who eat foods rich in fat such as cheese and butter.

The findings, published in the Lancet journal, show contradiction with existing beliefs. Consuming higher amounts of fat, about 35 percent energy, is associated with a lower risk of death compared with lower consumption. Applicable to all major fat types, saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and mono unsaturated fats, with saturated fats is associated with lower stroke risk.

"The decrease in fat intake automatically leads to increased consumption of carbohydrates, and our findings may explain why certain populations such as South Asians, who consume less fat but consume more carbohydrates, have higher mortality rates," said lead author Mahshid Dehghan of McMaster University at Canada, quoted from the page Indian Express.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

7 Physical Signs We Have Bad Diets

There are many of our habits that are bad for the body, such as eating foods high in fat and calories, fast food, smoking, or drinking excessive alcohol.

Actually our body has a way to tell if our diet is unhealthy and there are dangers awaiting. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it may be time to change your diet, consult your doctor, or both.

1. Damaged hair
Some people are blessed with thick, healthy hair, others are not as fortunate. However, having beautiful hair is not only due to genes but also many other things in the body.

In fact, hair follicles are the first part of the body that will suffer from an unhealthy diet. Diet is too tight until hunger will cause a lack of protein so the hair will be stiff or fall off. The condition can also be caused because the body lacks fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc, and iron.

2. Wrinkles
All of us will eventually get wrinkled. However, we can control how quickly the signs of aging will arise by avoiding unhealthy habits, such as smoking.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Foods Burned Cause Cancer, Myth or Fact

Another myth about cancer circulating in the community is that food that is burned can trigger cancer. Is this myth true or not?

Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), Prof. Dr. dr Aru Wicaksono Sudoyo, SpPD-KHOM, said the food that was burned did not trigger cancer. Because it is not the charcoal that causes cancer cells. But what materials are burned. If chicken or fish is burned even burnt though, it does not trigger cancer.

Then what food can be burned cause cancer? According to the man who also served as Chairman of the Association of Oncology Indonesia (POI) foodstuffs such as red meat that can cause cancer if burned to long. Red meat when heated will issue heterocyclic amunes. This is the substance that makes cancer.

"It's not charcoal that makes cancer, but red meat that is heated to black is what makes cancer.If chicken or grilled fish does not matter," he said in a press conference Betadine Retro Run in Jakarta, some time ago.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Which is Better, Routine Sports or Sleep Enough

Regular exercise and adequate sleep are two things that are just as important for maintaining a healthy body. But, when you feel tired and sleep deprived, does it still need to get up earlier to do the sport?

Maybe you hope the answer is "no". Besides, the mattress and the warm blanket are more tempting than having to bother to spend energy on the sport. Especially if the outside is raining.

That is why, choosing between going to sleep to get a healthy sleep is fulfilled, or forcing to get up to exercise, are two difficult choices. Well, between the two options, which should take precedence: exercise or sleep?

If asked to vote, according to Edward Laskowski, MD, a professor of physical medicine at the Mayo Clinic, sleep and sports are likened to food and water. Not only necessary for the body, but both are very difficult to separate from each other. That's why these two things are a difficult choice.

Cheri Mah, a sleep medicine researcher at Stanford University and University of California, San Francisco added, if based on many research results, it is known exercise routine is very important to get quality sleep, and quality sleep is important for physical performance.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Which is the Right One, Eat Fruit or Rice First

There are different opinions related to the 'ritual' of eating fruit. Some think the fruit should be eaten before the rice or vice versa, eating the fruit into "dessert" after a big meal.

According to Professor of Community Nutrition Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Professor Ali Khomsan, when the best time to eat fruit was dependent on weight.

"Fruits or vegetables matter first if we are experiencing obesity or overweight, so we are not greedy to eat carbohydrates and fats," said Prof. Ali to Compass Lifestyle in Journalist Goes To Campus event at Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB, Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (23/8/2017).

Meanwhile, for people with normal weight and no body weight problem, then there is no rule should eat fruit or rice first.

Prof.Ali reminded that the body can digest according to whatever food goes into the body. When the carbohydrate in advance, it will be digested first by the mouth. Meanwhile, if the incoming protein, it will not be digested in the mouth, but in the body.

"So our body enzymes come out to digest according to the incoming food," he said.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

5 Low Sugar Fruits to Lose Weight

If during this most people assume the fruit is the most healthy food for the diet, in fact not always so. The reason there are several types of fruits that contain high levels of sugar.

Instead of losing weight or controlling blood sugar, eating inappropriately will increase the intake of sugar and calories in the body. That's why it's important to know which kind of low-sugar fruit is good for lowering your weight and and also your blood sugar.

What are low-sugar fruits that are good for diet? Here are some low-sugar fruit that could be an option to be consumed in helping the weight loss program and control your blood sugar.

But do not worry your nutritional needs are not fulfilled by the consumption of these fruits. Although low in sugar, but these fruits still contain a number of other important nutrients such as protein and fiber are good for the body.

1. Family beri

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries are low-sugar fruit families. Average sugar content in the family give per 150 gram serving only 4-7 grams only. Berries are also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C so good for your skin and digestion.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Milk Assessed Most Effectively Improve Nutrition

Nutrition issue is a national problem that can only be handled through cooperation between various stakeholders. This needs to be a concern given that Indonesia should continue to foster competitiveness of human resources that can compete in regional and global level.

Deputy Minister of PPN / Head of Bappenas Human Development, Society, and Culture, Subandi Sardjoko, stated that the double nutrition burden is a challenge for Indonesian human resources. These challenges can appear in various stages of the life cycle and are very influential to the competitiveness of Indonesians.

For example, the impact of nutritional problems that arise at an early age is not limited to the child's nutritional status at that time alone, such as short-bodied children, obese children or malnourished children. These impacts will then be associated with lower risk of intelligence and the risk of non-communicable diseases when the child is in adulthood.

"For that reason the existence of affordable food and nutrition sources will greatly help the community improve their nutritional quality," said Subandi to, in Jakarta. According to him, the availability of good nutritious food products at affordable prices will greatly assist most people in the middle of limited purchasing power.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Running Does not Have to Be Fast, It Benefits Slow Run

Many people think that running should be in a fast pace, at least not slowly, to get healthy benefits. In fact, sooner or later, running together to provide health benefits, both physical and mental, said Alissa Rumsey MS, RD, CDN, NSCA-CSCS.

"Many of my clients feel that they are not eligible to join the competition because it is very slow. In fact, running slow or fast, you will still reap many benefits. In fact, a recent report found that American runners have recorded a much slower race time in the last 20 years. That means you are not alone, "said Rumsey.

So before you throw away your running shoes, consider the reason why slow running is actually a good activity.

The risk of injury is reduced

One of the main reasons someone stops running is an injury. And one of the main causes of injury is running too fast or too hard. In fact, one risk of running at high speed is the emergence of extraordinary pressure and strain on your body.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sponge Wash Dishes So Bacteria Storage

Sponges in the kitchen become mandatory for cleaning cooking utensils and utensils, but this dishwasher can be the dirtiest thing. The scientists published a study revealing how dense the surface of the sponge in the kitchen with microscopic bacteria.

To produce accurate calculations, the researchers did two ways. Previously experts only measured the amount of bacteria in dirty sponges in the laboratory stomach plate, but not all bacteria could grow in the medium.

The researchers then collected additional data from the donor sponge (a sample of 14 dishwashing sponges). Apparently, sponges are cleaned regularly in soapy water or dishwasher stores more bacteria called Moraxella osloensis.

Bacteria are common and harmless, but can cause infection in people with impaired immune systems.

According to Dr.Markus Egert, microbiologist, this study is not intended to cause fear, but still many readers are worried. "Our study is primarily to create awareness, not fear," he told the New York Times daily.

Although bacteria in dishwashing sponges are not always dangerous, but he thinks it's better to throw out the stinky ones, a sign that the bad bacteria are there.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Diligent Handwashing Prevent Cervical Cancer

Diligent hand washing can prevent cervical cancer because the human papilloma virus (HPV) that causes cancer can move through touch, said Head of Social Services Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI) Venita.

"We need to be more careful about the cleanliness of the public toilets, then wash hand hygiene," he said in Jakarta on Monday (14/8).

Based on research, he said, the spread of cervical cancer virus through touch contact less than 10 percent. However, paying attention to cleanliness is important for prevention.

In addition to diligent hand washing, prevention can be done is vaccination and early detection at least 3 years.

"At least 3 years, if you can more often, yes, it does not matter.Summerly feared to forget, but once every 3 years minimal.Papsmear free BPJS so there is no reason not to check," said Vernita.

He also suggests a balanced diet, lots of foods containing antioxidants, and regular exercise to prevent contracting cervical cancer.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stress turns out to be contagious, this is the scientific explanation

When a person experiences stress, psychiatric conditions are not impossible to spread to people around. Founder of the health and wellness applications of Energy Fusion Dean Griffiths said there was a scientific explanation behind the condition.

He explained, humans can reflect each other's emotions because of what is called mirror neurons. When seeing someone else perform an action, the mirror neuron glows as if we are also doing the same thing and allowing us to capture the person's mind.

"Our emotions are spread through wireless networks of mirror neurons, which allow us to empathize with others," Griffiths said, as quoted from the Psychologies page.

If we see a person's toes tripping, certain areas of the brain light up and make us feel the same pain. In fact, one study found that 26 percent of people showed elevated levels of stress hormone cortisol just by looking at someone who is experiencing stress.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sugar Adversely Affects Mental Health

Sugar may not only be bad for your teeth and waistlines, but also your mental health. Researchers at University College London (UCL) compared the report of sugar intake by more than 8,000 people in a long-term study in the UK with their moods.

Participants who are civil servants, monitored during 1985-1988, and filled out questionnaires every every few years. Researchers analyzed the study data that studied the relationship between sugar intake and general mental disorders (CMD) such as anxiety and depression.

The UCL team found men who consumed more sweet foods and drinks were more likely to suffer from mental disorders after five years. They concluded, in a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, that lower sugar intake could be associated with better psychological health.

But nutritionist Catherine Collins, spokesman for the British Dietetic Association, said the results have not been proven. The problem is the amount of sugar consumption self-reported by the participants and the sugar intake of alcohol is not calculated. The researchers, he says, seem to confuse natural sugars from foods such as milk, and sugar added to hot drinks or sweets.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Often Takes Santan Increase Cholesterol

Santan is a food ingredient that is commonly used in food archipelago. Starting from vegetable lodeh to rendang, all must use coconut milk to enhance the taste.

Although tasty on the tongue, but the consumption of coconut milk should be limited because it has a negative impact on health. "Of course (raising cholesterol) If pure coconut milk is an oil, even a bad oil," said Dr. Setiowan Ong, SpPD-KGEH to Kompas Lifestyle at the launch of FiberCreme at The Lounge XXI Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (8/8) / 2017).

Santan, said Hardianto, also consists of a mixture of fat and sugar. As for the oil, according to him will have an impact on the narrowing of blood vessels that cause coronary heart to stroke.

Hardianto added, if fat and sugar mixed in the body so much will be absorbed. "Meanwhile, if we eat too much coconut milk, (can cause) high cholesterol, high blood or even coronary heart," he said.

To reduce the absorption of cholesterol, we are encouraged to eat lots of fiber-containing foods, such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, or oats and whole products.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Starting the day by drinking warm water is known to improve digestion, increase mineral absorption and other health benefits.

Add lemon in your warm water to get bigger benefits. Here are the benefits as reported by BoldSky page.

Detoxification of the body
Although quite acidic, lemon water can balance the PH in the body. This drink helps remove toxins from the liver.

Stimulates digestion
Lemon water can stimulate the digestive tract and increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients throughout the day.

Lose weight
Lemon water contains soluble fiber that helps you lose weight. This drink helps reduce calories from your food every day.

Treat stomach ache
When you are lying in bed because the stomach feels fullness, heartburn or flatulence, try drinking warm lemon water that can help reduce acidity in the stomach.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Potent Guava Boil Water Saves Blood Sugar

The result of research of Lampung student showed that giving of guava boiled water had an effect to decrease blood sugar level of diabetics. The research is based on traditional habits using guava to lower blood sugar.

Dedi Rahayu, a final semester student of STIKes Umitra Lampung nursing program, in Bandarlampung, Monday (7/8), explains, has conducted a study aimed to determine the effect of guava boiled water to decrease blood glucose levels in people with diabetes mellitus type II Setia Bumi Village, working area of ​​Totomulyo Public Health Center, Tulangbawang Barat Regency, Lampung.

He mentioned, diabetes mellitus patients (DM) in the village of Setia Bumi as many as 33 people. Guava (Psidium guajava) is one of the traditional medicine that can lower blood sugar, considering the content contained in guava fruit one of them is an antioxidant that can reduce oxidative damage in diabetics.

Dedi explained, DM is known as diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the body's inability to produce insulin hormone or due to ineffective use of insulin production. Prevalence of DM in the world of 1.5 to 2.3 percent is estimated to be 5.7 percent by 2020. In Indonesia, the prevalence of DM each year, ie 1.1 percent to 2.1 percent. In Lampung Province the prevalence of DM increased from the previous year, which was 49,568 cases to 69,282 cases.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drinking Water Mistakes

There are several drinking water habits that turned out wrong. Reported from Boldsky, following the mistakes:

1. Excessive drinking
If you force yourself to drink a gallon of water a day, you are drinking too much. Instead of being healthy, you can actually experience overhydration or excess fluid.

2. Not aware if the water also comes from solid foods
Did you know that 20 percent of our daily water needs can come from solid foods such as fruits and vegetables? Not only water, you can hydrate the body with fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, for example cucumber that has 96.7 percent.

3. Avoid caffeine
Caffeine can increase metabolism because it contains diuretics. Coffee is a good source of water and also gives your body an antioxidant inflammation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A cup of tea a day can prevent senile

One of the wishes of every person is to be able to keep a good memory until the old age. However, keeping memories is not easy. The risk of dementia, overall memory loss in elderly is still large.

However, there is a way that might help you avoid the risk of dementia. A study from the National University of Singapore found that drinking tea could reduce the risk of cognitive impairment by up to 50 percent. The decline could even reach 86 percent for adults who have a genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The study was conducted in 957 elderly ethnic Chinese aged over 55 years. "Although the study was conducted on Chinese ethnic elderly, the results can also be applied to other ethnic groups. Our findings have important implications for the prevention of dementia, "said Feng Lei, a researcher.

He said that despite the high-quality drug trials, effective pharmacological therapy for brain neurological disorders such as dementia remains elusive and current prevention strategies are far from satisfactory.

"Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Data from our study suggest that simple and inexpensive lifestyles such as daily tea can reduce a person's risk of neurocognitive impairment in the elderly, "he said.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Potent Avocado Seeds Become Anticancer Agent

Cancer is a disease that causes major morbidity and death in the world. Development of cancer drugs continues to be done, including utilizing medicinal plants as agents kemoprevensi or anti-cancer agent.

One of them is Yuni Widiyastuti, a doctoral candidate who studies further one of the Family of Laureaceae, which is avocado. Family Laureaceae is one of the families most studied its potential as an anti-cancer agent.

Utilizing avocado seeds, Yuni explore the potential of this natural ingredients to be used as an anti-cancer drug. The result, known avocado seeds are natural ingredients that can be used to overcome the development of breast cancer cells MCF-7.

He said, avocado seeds contain compounds alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, terpenoids, tannins and essential oils. According Yuni, the compounds that belong to the class of compounds that are anti-cancer.

"The chlorophomic extract of avocado seeds is cytotoxic, which can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells MCF07," Yuni said during an open examination of doctoral program at Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University, Friday (28/7).

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Whether Broccoli and Cauliflower Can Prevent Skin Cancer

We all know that vegetables are healthy foods. But new research found that in addition to healthy, a compound in vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower have the ability to fight melanoma or skin cancer.

In a study published in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, researchers developed the drug from a natural compound of broccoli and cauliflower called isothiocyanates. They tried the drug on human and mouse melanoma cells.

The result, the drug was able to kill human melanoma cells, and inhibit the growth of melanoma cells in mice up to 69 percent. It also does not harm other healthy cells.

In addition, it is also found that the drug is easily removed from the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of side effects, something that is often found in other melanoma drugs.

How these compounds work is still unclear, but researchers suspect isothiocyanates inhibit the division and growth of cancer cells.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Two Most Popular Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used thousands of years ago because of their properties. Not just fresh, essential oils are believed to have benefits for the body as well as beauty.

Young Living, a premium essential oil company from the United States, has nearly 300 types of products marketed worldwide.

However, according to Anggit Wicaksono, Country Manager of Young Living Indonesia, currently only 60 Young Living essential oil products are licensed by BPOM RI.

Of the hundreds of these products, Anggit mentions two types of the most popular products, namely Lavender and Peppermint. "Not only in Indonesia, but globally these two products are most in demand," he said.

This aroma is very popular and has been used in various types of products, ranging from soap, air freshener, perfume, and beauty products.

Quoted from the site, essential oils lavender can be used to improve the scent of skin care products, such as shampoo, lotion or scrub, by mixing a few drops.