Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another consequence of Smoking

In addition affects the lungs, smoking was also given another result in brain neurons. Based on research from the University of King in London, England, smoking weakens the power of memory, knowledge, and reasoning. From the sample of 8800 people aged over 50 years are also revealed, high blood pressure and excess weight is an effect on the brain.

The study is published in the journal Age and Ageing. The experts involved in the study were revealed, the public should be more aware that negative lifestyle can damage the brain and body. The researchers took an elderly health data by using the test the ability of the brain. Like, test participants with new words or the names of the animals they remember in a minute. As a result, there is a link between smoking and low test results they get.

Most Powerful Diet Tips

A wide range of courses on offer body care. Ranging from slimming, detoxification, to the use of advanced machinery made ​​overseas. Even so, according to Manager of Studio Impressions, Sri Rumondang, all would be meaningless without maintaining diet (diet) and exercise.

"To get a perfect body results, we must always exercise. For example, cycling, sit-ups and run 10-50 times faster to 30 minutes in length, "he said.

Do not forget also to always drink 10-11 glasses of water a day. Also avoid foods containing carbohydrate like white bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, cakes and others. Increase foods containing complex carbohydrate such as bread wheat, corn, brown rice and high-fiber foods.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Eating Equipment at Restaurant Can Be Source of Disease

If you like to eat out, you should choose a place to eat or eat a clean and hygienic. Net is not limited to the location and presentation of the food, but also cutlery used. It is not possible, a less hygienic cutlery is also a source of the spread of disease.
Recent studies in the United States indicates, plates and cutlery in a restaurant that was not washed properly can become a medium growth of bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Research experts from Ohio State University suggests, tableware washing method used by most restaurants in the U.S. can not significantly reduce contamination of norovirus, one cause of poisoning due to food (foodborne Illnesses).

This food addiction? Beware of Bad Impact

When tried on the first bite, you might think it's just one bite. But in fact, it makes you addicted to food. One bite was continued to the next bite.
Here it is 10 kinds of foods that make you addicted, quoted SymptomFind, Monday (24/12). Unfortunately, these additives contained in it is very harmful to your body.
1. Potato crisps (potato chips)
Potato chips are potato chips slogan impossible you just take one bite. What makes potato chips make you so addictive? The answer is salt.
Salt trigger the pleasure centers in the brain. It makes you difficult to stop chewing. Unfortunately, if you are eating too much salt, it will take your body into chaos.
If the body is eating a lot of salt, then the excess salt will be excreted through urine. Unfortunately, if the kidneys do not process it fast enough, then the excess salt will be stored in your blood cells. This then causes a person to have a shortage of potassium and eventually suffer from high blood pressure.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Tips For non Dehydration

You have to keep your body to stay hydrated or have enough body fluids. This is to avoid your chances of many diseases, especially dehydration.
Dehydration can cause stroke, fatigue, cramps, and rash. Here are 10 tips to keep you hydrated, quoted SymptomFind, Thursday (20/12).
1. Drink before thirst
You are advised to drink before you feel thirsty. The body is thirsty indicate you may be close to dehydration. Someone usually only drink when his thirst. Healthy it was when his needs are met with good body fluids, even where they have you do not feel hungry at all.

Eating lots of fruit Make Healthy Sperm

Scientists discover natural ways to enhance fertility, especially in men. Research has shown that reducing the intake of red meat, coffee, and alcohol will indirectly improve male fertility.
In previous studies, researchers have found that poor diet and obesity can lower sperm concentration and affect the ability of sperm to swim towards the egg.
Experts now recommend that men eat more fruits and whole grains to increase the chances of success in IVF or (in-vitro fertilization).

Choosing Healthy Snacks for Kids

Nutritionally balanced diet in the age of the children is very important, not just to physical growth but also intelligence. In addition to dining in the main clock, the child should also be introduced in a healthy snack as a source of energy.

According dr.Aman Bhakti Pulungan, Sp.A (K), provide a snack is fine, but you should select a high sugar or low carb but high protein. "We recommend that children stay active after eating so that food moves converted into energy, not fat," he said.

Safe recommends that children always be given breakfast to prevent cravings that are too large or have a snack most. "Children who eat breakfast will be more satisfied when eating snacks in between meals, so take smaller portions," he said.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Limit Child Two Glasses of Milk Daily

Milk is a good source of vitamin D and calcium is good, especially for children. However, drinking more than two glasses of milk every day are not recommended because it can lower the levels of iron in their bodies.
According to the study in Toronto, Canada, consumption of two cups of milk each day is optimal for the fulfillment of child nutrition. In a study of 1300 preschool children known to consume more than two cups will lower iron stores in the body of the child so that they are vulnerable to anemia.
Vitamin D and iron play an important role in the growth of children. Iron has a vital role in the intellectual development, while vitamin D, especially for bone strength.

Bad Effects Stress Equals 5 Trunk Cigarette

Stress should be avoided because of the bad effects. According to research, people who often stress, panic, and overwhelmed by the problem greater risk of suffering a heart attack. The risk is even called the equivalent of five cigarettes smoked.

Similarly, according to research by a team from Columbia University Medical Center and published in the meeting of The American Journal of Cardiology.

The researchers analyzed six studies were interviewed about their perceptions of stress, both the degree and frequency of the stress they feel.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Swine Resources Disease For Human

Daniel S Shapiro MD, the Director of Clinical Microbiology Laboratories, Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts, and is also an assistant professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, USA, states that there are more than 25 diseases that can be plagued from pigs . Happens, pork as a source of disease for humans by naked eye is already predictable.

While Sitting, Baby Can Learn Faster

If your baby is able to sit down, try to get him in a fun activity to practice learning. According to a new study published the journal Developmental Psychology, infants can learn better when they are sitting.

"An important part of human cognitive development is the ability to understand whether an object is the same or different from the objects they had seen before," Rebecca Woods, assistant professor of human development and family sciences and professor of psychology at North Dakota State University, from the United States.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fish Cork Can Heal Liver Disease

Haruan Fish aka fish cork albumen contains quite a high functioning form of new tissue in the body and be able to cure many heart diseases to become cheaper solution to treat a variety of diseases, including surgical and lever.

Hospital Director Ulin Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, Dr. Abhimanyu, in Banjarmasin, said Friday of the various studies conducted, fish cork albumen able to increase the levels of a person.

According to him, the patient low levels of albumen, for that can normally be given intravenously to raise the level of albumennya, the cost is quite expensive, which is over $ 1 million.

Want to Know to Prevent Hair Loss

Baldness, thinning hair volume and hair loss occurs due to various reasons. Clearly, this affects a person's self-confidence.Clinical expert professional hair world, Swiss Luxury Clinic, gives 10 tips to prevent hair loss. Here's how, quoted from Premium Europe on Wednesday (12/12).1. Simple maintenanceMaintaining healthy hair is not excessive means to provide care to the head. Naturally, the scalp was actually already set their own work in order to stay balanced. If the balance is disturbed, the scalp will overreact. For example, the head and the hair becomes oily. Use a shampoo that suits your skin type head.2. Note hairstylesCertain hairstyles have a certain effect for hair defense mechanisms. If someone is always with her hair in a tight ponytail style, it would be very damaging to the hair in the long run. For women veiled, it is better when not wearing the hijab for menggerai hair. Or, at least her hair with loose ties.3. NutrimentA good idea to reproduce the foods that contain omega fatty acids, vitamin C, biotin, protein, and iron. Food is good to add to your daily diet. Foods containing these substances will strengthen and suspend hair.

Fetal Position Delivery Process Determine

Position determining achievement. So think about a slogan often heard in a classroom. Want to sit in the front, back, middle or sideways. According to one teacher, the seating position is closely related to the success of the teaching and learning process in the classroom. Similarly, the position of the fetus in the mother's womb to be born.
The position or location of the fetus is closely related to the technique of determining the success of the process of labor and delivery. There were three fetal position or location that we know in obstetrics, namely: A. Position Head B. Breech position. C. Transverse position.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chocolate Help Relieve Chronic Cough

Chocolate for health benefits have long been known. One of the properties that are scientifically proven to help relieve cough.
Recent research suggests that chocolate experts may be an option for those who suffer from persistent cough. A compound in chocolate called theobromine is effective in reducing cough symptoms both acute and chronic in nature.
Previous research at the National Heart and Lung Institute UK showed that theobromine is even more effective than codeine, a drug widely used in counteracting the action of sensory nerves that trigger cough reflex.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

7 Liquid Natural Help Overcome Dengue

In addition to citronella oil to ward off the danger of dengue fever, people often use kasiat guava. Understandably many people who claim successfully saved from dengue fever thanks guava juice.

DHF patients help guava, may be not as guava, but because the liquid juice into the patient's body in large quantities. Liquid, especially if taken up to 5 or 6 cups a day, needed patients who have lost a lot of blood plasma due to decreased platelets.

Liquid of any kind, either plain water or sugar water and salt water or other fruit juices can help the healing process of patients with dengue fever if consumed in large quantities. Drinks in cans that contain electrolytes is also recommended given to patients.

Alcohol Can Trigger Serious Problems With Diabetes

Some studies suggest that wine (drink of fermented wine) is good for health, but this does not apply to people with diabetes.

Alcoholic beverages are consumed with diabetes can lead to serious health problems, as reported by Boldsky.

According to some studies, the effects of taking a 'shot' of alcohol in people with diabetes, equal to twice the amount of calories per gram of carbohydrates and proteins.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recognize the Types of Allergies in Children

Allergic reactions can occur in a variety of areas, including the child's body in the body itself. To make it easier to recognize and know what to do, you should equip yourself with the knowledge of a diverse kind.

These types of allergies in children, as quoted from Indonesia Parents:

Breath Bottom Line: Usually in the form of asthma with wheezing or called As with wheezing and / or coughing continuously. Characteristics arise episodically, after physical activity, likely at night and seasonal, and if the child has a history of asthma or other aleegi in the family.

Let Quick Slim Fat Limit

Want to lose weight without a strict diet? Limit your fat intake. Research conducted by a team from the UK show that reducing fat can be an easy way to slim down.In a report in the British Medical Journal, the researchers said consistently choose low fat intake to lose weight about 1.5 pounds plus the bonus decrease bad cholesterol and waist slimmer.The conclusion was generated from the analysis of 33 studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) involving 70,000 participants. The study was intended to renew global recommendations regarding the intake of fat.

Friday, December 7, 2012

This is a Healthy Cheese Consumption Levels

Salted fish is a significant appetite. Guess it can be obtained from salt or a slice of cheese. How do I choose a healthy slice of cheese for your sandwich?

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) published a study on the salt content of 800 types of cheese available at supermarkets. As a result, the majority or 98 percent of the households in the UK definitely buy cheese, after bread and meat.

Most consumers do not know that much about 30 grams (g) of the cheese they eat contains more salt than a bag of salt in 30 g of cassava chips. Salinity between the types of cheese that are sold in supermarkets have turned out differently.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Proven Scientific, Honey Cough Medicine for Children

During this time, parents and some doctors are always easily prescribe and give children cough medicine despite having only a mild cough. In the future, it seems that the provision of these drugs will begin to be reduced when found herbal therapy lesser side effects and their impact on the human body.
Apparently a recent study revealed that honey can control cough in children. Recent research states that honey is more effective than placebo in controlling nighttime cough in children with upper respiratory infections (ARI / URI). Conclusions are bedasarkan randomized double blind controlled research, published online August 6 in the journal Pediatrics. The World Health Organization also recommends honey as a treatment for cough in children with upper respiratory tract infections.

Tomatoes Can Reduce Depression

A study shows that eating tomatoes several times a week are proven to reduce depression.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from China and Japan, led by Dr Kaijun Niu from China's Tianjin Medical University.

This study sought to investigate the effects of lycopene contained in tomatoes for psychological and physical health of human beings, especially to reduce stress.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Mediterranean Diet": Healthy Diet for Your Heart

On the way from Barcelona towards Valencia, Spain, a few days ago, we stopped in town for lunch Peniscola. Arriving at a local restaurant to go to, which is not far from the waterfront and the Mediteranean Sea Castillo de Peniscola, not long after the first meal was served.
I see a plate full of various vegetables. There is a salad with bemacam color, sliced ​​tomatoes, some fruit such as palm-olive oil, whole grains, onions, and bacon mashed tuna. All the vegetables seemed very fresh and not cooked at all, it looks just pour olive or olive oil, and a kind of seasoning without salt. On the table I see no red wine, olive oil, vinegar and possibly packaged in small bottles. First look bleak diet, one companion remarked, "too long if this continues we could be a goat," he joked. "Every now and then so the goat ngak anything, but remember, if we want a healthy and long life time we learn to eat seerti this, I spontaneously answer."

Better Health Which? Original Fruit or Fruit Juice?

We are always told that eating fruit is good for health. The Department of Health advised the public such as eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) trace the 400 thousand people who added fruit to the food intake. Apparently, eating a lot of fruit and well it depends on what kind of fruit you eat often.

Grape juice, for example, substances in it, if consumed too much, it can interact badly against those who take certain types of medication for health. In fact, apple juice a menu staple at the breakfast table as well memunyai same risk.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wearing Hijab More Powerful Than Skin Protect SPF-15

Wearing a hijab or headscarf for Muslim women is the most powerful skin protector, even surpassing the efficacy of SPF-15.

"The research that I did in 2001," said activists at the Foundation "You and Baby" Dr. Goddess Inong Irana, Sp.KK through PR statement Bogor Agricultural University on Saturday.

14 Myths and Controversies Difficult Child Eating

Problem difficulty eating among children is quite common. One of the problems most frequently encountered is the habit of picky eaters or commonly referred to picky eaters. This habit is widely experienced by infants when they began to move liquid to solid foods. Many parents hassles when they found him on a hunger strike or just want to eat certain foods. Although the problem is sometimes frustrating, but for the good and future baby, it certainly should not be condoned by the parents.
Here is the information about the 14 myths and facts about the controversy difficult child problems eating and picky (picky eater):

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Acne ADHD Signs One

 Is acne can be a sign someone has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? A psychiatrist Canadian study showed that people with acne are substantially more likely to have ADHD than people with other skin problems.
ADHD is a developmental disorder in increased motor activity of children to lead children's activities are not uncommon and tend to be exaggerated. There are two main aspects of ADHD, which is difficult to focus and hyperactivity habits (behavior that can not be silent) - impulsive (hard to delay the response or impatient)

Hot Water Bath Create Hair Loss

Warm bath is good for health, especially when fatigue. But a hot bath could actually make hair loss.

Bold Sky, Thursday (29/11) reported, a hot bath to open the pores of the hair. Therefore, the hair becomes loose at the roots, before eventually falling out.

In addition, a hot bath could actually burn the hair. Because the hair is composed of keratin which is a protein will change when exposed to heat.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smoking Can Make Stupid

A recent study shows that smoking can cause damage to memory, learning and thinking skills. The effect was associated with the risk of heart attack or stroke-induced activity of smoking.

Researchers at King's College London, check out the link between the likelihood of heart attack or stroke and brain health as a result of smoking.

They collected data on the health and lifestyle of the 8800 people aged over 50 years and test their brainpower. The test is like asking the participants learn the words or the new name associated with animals in a minute.

There Linking Air Pollution and Autism

Researchers in California, USA, claims to have found a link between autism and the pollution caused by vehicles on the highway.
The study conducted on 500 children in California says that those who are exposed to heavy pollution have the opportunity three times more likely to have autism than children who live in areas with cleaner air.
However, other researchers said the conclusion that mention pollution as a cause of autism is not enough to convince.
The findings of researchers in California have previously been featured in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Delicious Food for Healthy Eyes

Keeping eyes healthy is important to always excellent eyesight. Better yet, keep your eyes healthy conducted while a young age when the eye is healthy to continue to maintain their health until old age. Here are some foods that are not only delicious, but also very good for your eyes.

Seven Food Preventing tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems. Anyone from children to adults can experience this problem.

This can happen for many reasons. This could be caused by the food consumed or bacteria in the mouth.

There are various ways to address problems such as cavities went to the doctor, diligently brush your teeth, wash your mouth after eating.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cigarette smoke in the vehicle More Dangerous

Spend ten minutes with smokers in the car turned out to pose a serious threat to children. Because exposure to tobacco smoke in vehicles can pollute 30 percent higher for children. Even opening the window glass was not able to reduce its impact.

Researchers in the United States to measure the quality of the air inside the vehicle is not being executed after smoke filled rooms for an hour. Measurements were taken in the back seat with the child breathing capacity. The first measurements of the front windows opened completely and the second with the window open only about four inches.

To be Healthy, Avoid These 5 Type Diet

The one that we recommend a cold shower after drinking black coffee, others forbid you eat after seven in the evening or forbidden carbs. It was a bit of fad diets recommended (short term diet) that is claimed faster slimming.
But before you are swept away, meticulously well and rationally so as not to get lost in the wrong information slimming efforts.
British Dietetic Association says that popular diet which is often attended by many celebrities become very extreme and lead to disease. For example, KEN diet that recommends that we do not eat at all and replace it with a liquid formula diet for 10 days.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Healthy and Fit Body, This is the Easy Way

Having a healthy body and keeping fit when age had indeed not easy. To be a stay beautiful and healthy can not be obtained instantly. Need an attempt to get it all. Regular exercise be one way out performed Roslina Situmeang, marketing director of one of Indonesia's leading cosmetic label.

"Regular exercise is the key to a healthy life and stay beautiful," he said. 43-year-old woman still looks fit and beautiful. Her skin was still smooth and fast, as well as a well-built body. Lina-familiar greeting-admitted, there is no special recipe to maintain a healthy body and skin. He's just doing regular exercise twice a week.

Vegetable Food for Sex Stamina

Vegetable food may be more you know about its benefits for heart health. But, did you know that food can also be the right foods to increase your sexual stamina.

Fruits and vegetables are a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that can increase stamina and blood circulation throughout the body, including the area of ​​sex organs. If you are diligent mengasup healthy foods, sexual life with a partner is guaranteed smoothly.

Make sure the following foods into your cart while shopping.

"Oatmeal" and Cereal products intact

Do not hesitate to make oatmeal as part of your breakfast menu as oatmeal will increase testosterone levels in the blood. Oats also contain L-arginine, an amino acid with nitric oxide reduces the stiffness of the blood vessel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Say No to Soda

Soda including many people's favorite drink because it tastes sweet and fresh sensation. However, do not think of soda as a healthy drink. Various studies have shown the impact of a series of soda.

Why do we need to say no to soda?
a. It contains nutrients

According to M Keri Gans, nutrition consultant and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, soda does not contain any nutrients except sugar and calories. In fact, diet soda also does not provide positive benefits to the body. To quench your thirst, you may prefer water because it can merehidrasi body without adding calories.

Fish Oil Benefits for Health

The association between fish consumption and the level of intelligence and health has long been recognized. It turns out the secret ingredient in fish play a role in the prevention of many diseases is fish oil.
Fish oil, found in fish or supplements containing fat. Fat in fish is a liquid, so called fish oil.
Research shows many benefits of fish oil for health, but the scientific evidence shows greatest benefit to fish oil for heart health.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diet Uric Acid Lowering Risk

Having a family history of gout or gout, obesity, drinking too much alcohol, high-purine foods, are some of the risk factors for gout. Because it is a healthy lifestyle should be run. One way to do this is by eating a healthy diet low purine.
There are some foods that can help reduce the appearance of gout attacks.
- Vegetables and fruits
Green vegetables and fruits packed with fiber and vitamins such as vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the body from infections such as inflammation associated with gout. Examples are carrots, beets, cucumbers, apples, bananas, grapes, and watermelon.

Cheese Can Lower Fertility for Young Men

For you fans of cheese and dairy products (dairy products), it helps to reduce the consumption of these foods. Therefore, the results showed these foods can reduce the fertility of young men.
As quoted from Dailymail, the young men who eat more than three slices of cheese will have a smaller chance to be a father. The results showed men who ate at least three servings of cheese daily had poorer sperm quality than others.
Not only that, another fact is to consume some dairy foods (dairy products) was found to cause a decrease in male fertility. The food was among 28 grams of cheese, a tablespoon of cream, one ladle of ice cream or a glass of milk contains fat.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RICE Therapy for Arthritis Sprains

Sprains or laymen often called sprains usually preceded by the sound of "kletek" followed difficulty moving the joints. The athletes or those who frequently exercise at high risk for sprained joints.

A sprain occurs when the motion of spinning or stretching too strong so that the joint is moved beyond the reasonable range is so tore ligaments attached to the bones.

Indications sprain include pain and tenderness at the sprain, swelling occurs rapidly, and the disruption of the function of the joints.

a couple of suggestions that will be loved by the brain

If you are the types who like the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin for example, then this is a suggestion that will loved your brain: exercise and less salt. This simple team can suppress the thought process and the foggy memory impairment with increasing age.

A big reason behind the two suggestions above, as told RealAge is a benefit to your arteries. Sport makes the blood vessels more flexible and free blob. Reducing salt intake is clear, to protect you from high blood pressure. Wonderful is not it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camel Milk Nutrition nearly parallel with the ASI

This is one of the features camel. Animal milk is reported to have high nutrient content. Even a lot of iron content in camel milk ten times more than cow's milk.

In addition, vitamin C contained in camel milk three times more than cow's milk. This is ust, in a study of note, nearly matching camel milk breast milk breastmilk alias.

Unfortunately, little is utilizing camel milk. Because, unlike dairy products in general, camel milk has a slightly salty taste and weight. While from aronya, people immediately know where milk comes from.