Thursday, November 28, 2013

Make More Nutrition for Concentration

The bustle and pressure of work often lead to many problems . Health problems ranging from stress to the threat of nutritional deficiencies can reduce productivity in the workplace . Health condition was susceptible to decline and make the body vulnerable to disease .

In anticipation of this problem , the office workers should be ' more literate about the importance of nutrition and nutritional intake . Due to the fact , nutritional factors very important role in supporting productivity in the office .

According to nutrition specialist clinic of the Faculty of Medicine , University of Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) Dr. Samuel Oetoro , they are always busy in the office should not underestimate the impact on the nutritional intake due to decreased ability to think and productivity .

Oetoro explained , human caloric needs per day on average is around 2000-2300 for men and 1500-1800 for women . However, sufficient caloric needs alone is not enough to maintain productivity , he stressed the need to give special attention to nutrition , especially complete and balanced nutrition .

" Complete and balanced nutrition that consists of carbohydrates , proteins , fats , vitamins , and minerals . The source also needs to be considered to get a more healthy nutrients , "he told Reuters Health .

Increase Good Cholesterol with Foods

Unhealthy lifestyles have made an enemy of the human cholesterol . In fact , this substance is beneficial for the brain and liver , as well as neural networks that exist in the human body . In fact , cholesterol plays a role in the formation of sex hormones .

Hear the word cholesterol , our minds are most certainly directed to the disease of death such as heart disease , stroke , and so on . Opinion becoming stronger due to the many advertisements of food products that give the lure of " cholesterol-free " .

Excessive exposure , suggesting that cholesterol is a great enemy to human health. But is it harmful cholesterol ?
Prof. Menurur . Made Astawan , food technology and nutrition expert from IPB , although considered dangerous , keep cholesterol your body needs . The average human need 1,100 milligrams of cholesterol per day to maintain cell walls and other physiological functions . 25-40 percent of this amount , or about 200-300 mg normally derived from food , the rest is synthesized by the body .
There are two kinds of cholesterol that should be observed , which is the good cholesterol HDL , and bad cholesterol ( LDL ) . High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood is a risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke .

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coconut Oil Help Prevent Alzheimer's , Myth or Fact

Coconut oil has been used since hundreds of years ago . Besides its use as a cooking oil , coconut oil is also known to have good effects on health , including preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease .
Alzheimer's is a disease that attacks the brain , causing cognitive decline in the ability to smooth muscle . So sufferers also experience a significant decrease in quality of life .
According to Dr. Manny Alvarez , health practitioners from New York University School of Medicine in the United States , producing the kind of coconut oil fatty acid called kaprilik . The fat is then broken down into substances called ketone bodies .
Ketone bodies that later becomes an alternative energy source for brain cells that have lost the ability to use glucose as a source of nutrition . " That is a theory that may explain the benefits of coconut oil as a deterrent of Alzheimer's , " said Alvarez .

Stress ? Follow 6 Easy Kick Back Relax

'm Depressed ? The burden of work and family suddenly comes together ? According to the proverb wisely , make the problem of survival, although that does not mean we do not do the management stress that we experience .
You can handle it with some relaxation strategies to dispel anxiety . Here are some tips as reported by the Huffington Post that can help make you more riles and beneficial to health and productivity .
1 . breathing
Give yourself a little time in the day to do deep breathing . The easiest form of meditation is breathing observation . Simply focusing on the natural rhythm of your breath . This method can relieve stress and you will feel relaxed in a matter of minutes .

Monday, November 25, 2013

Treat Back Pain with Flat Shoes

For some women , appearance is primary . Despite the need to sacrifice the health , origin posture looks good then it does not matter .
This condition is seen in the use of high heels that have been proven to cause her back pain due to pressure on some muscle . The same thing was also happening on the use of the base times the bare rocker shoes . It is footwear with soles thicker circular and rounded heel .
According to experts , the use of rocker shoes was also cause back pain , as well as high heels . Flat soled footwear ( flat shoes ) was better than high heels or shoes rocker . The use of women flat shoes to avoid back pain .
Experts say , only the usage for 2 hours a day , flat shoes will give a positive impact on the reduction of back pain . It is based on research conducted at King's College , London , in 115 adults.

Diligent Sports Not Always Healthy

Sports is one of the factors needed for healthy living . But that was just too much to do it is not necessarily good for the health .
A new study suggests , too much exercise can be bad for health . In fact the effect is almost the same with those who are not actively engaged.
The researchers revealed that adolescents who exercise excessively tend to have low self-esteem , anxious , and stress , such as those who never or rarely exercise . Men and women who exercise more than 17.5 hours per week have a level of health that is almost the same as they were only 3.5 hours of physical activity per week .
Sports , they said , is known as an activity that can have a positive impact mental and physical health by reducing stress and anxiety . This is because exercise can increase self-confidence and brain power .
According to researchers , most people exercise excessively , even though only a minority of around five per cent of the population . Meanwhile , more and more people who claim to not active , ie one third of the population .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Laptop Can Trigger Male Infertility

The question came from a couple who came from Clanfield , UK , when it struggled to have a child , but in vain . Finally , they decided to go to the doctor to ask the experts .
After consultation , the doctors say that using a laptop is often placed at the top of the thigh or lap main reason why it is difficult to conceive of his wife . According to the doctors , laptops are known to generate so much heat . When the laptop lap , the heat can affect sperm quality to be damaged , as reported duniafitnes site .
The husband Scott Reed ( 30 ) immediately change his bad habits by starting to use a laptop on the table . And , 3 months later his wife Laura ( 30 ) confirmed pregnant her first child named Taryn .
Until now , 10 months after Taryn 's birth , the couple still can not believe the doctors answer was very simple . " I 've never heard of this happening before . It was a real surprise , "said Laura , a pathologist, was quoted as saying by The Mirror . " Scott also started using his laptop at night just a few hours and turn it off when we 're watching television . "

Change Ladder So Calorie Burner Engineering

Before purchasing sports equipment for the purposes of millions of dollars at home , try to check your equipment around . If there are stairs , you may no longer need to purchase sports equipment for the stairs can be converted into a calorie -burning machine .
Up the stairs is already known as one of the means to obtain a healthier body . According to a study published in the Journal of Sports and Medicine in 2007 , with a time of 30 minutes per week was up stairs can provide benefits to the heart .
Another study published in the American College of Sports Medicine , in women with an average body weight 68 kg , 30 minutes down the stairs can burn up to 500 calories . Even just by walking on the stairs with the same time , it can burn about 286 calories . This figure is equivalent to walking speed of 1.6 meters per second for two hours .

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sleep patterns in order to Optimal Performance

Sleep patterns have a great influence on the performance , especially for working people who often experience fatigue due to long working hours , in addition to high job demands . So how do I get maximum sleep quality ?
To get good quality sleep , a lot of the way . Experts said that a combination of sleep and caffeine can help improve performance , in addition to relaxation , exercise , and maintain food intake .
Dr Jill Dorrian from the Centre for Sleep Research University of South Australia , said one strategy to overcome fatigue is combining caffeine and sleep for a short sleep , but quality .
" If you drink a cup of coffee and sleep quality 20 minutes , caffeine still feels the impact when you wake up , and you will feel refreshed . Caffeine also tends to reduce the effects of inertia , " he said .

Garlic Powerful Overcome Whitish

One clove of fresh garlic can cure a yeast infection . Infection known as vaginal discharge is usually often attack ' Miss V ' ( female part ) .
The first day , usually a woman just feel the itch that comes and goes . The next day , two or three days later , began to look white and viscous fluids , such as small pieces of cheese shavings . At that moment , a woman found to have fungal infection which then causes vaginal lips become red and sore .
If you are a woman who often suffer from fungal infections in particular female part , then you can use following treatment , reported by Green Media Info , Tuesday ( 19/11 ) .
Take a clove of fresh garlic , peeled skin . Before you go to bed , put garlic that has been cut into two is to Miss V. In the morning , you should remove it .

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

" Osteogenesis Imperfecta " , Brittle Bones because Descendants

Fracture or brittle bones often considered normal when experienced by children . The main reason is the future development of the child who is still ongoing and has not been perfect . But is it always the case ?
When the prism of experience Lestiawati Diana ( 33 ) , such an assumption is not true. The wheelchair-bound woman is a person with brittle bone disease or Osteogenesis Imperfecta ( OI ) . Diana who was already married and had a child before the disease does not understand is OI .
" I actually found out later that this is OI . Previously I was often broken bones , but do not consider it a disease , " he told Kompas Health on Monday ( 18.11.13 ) .
Fractures , continued Diana , had endured since the age of 1 year . At that age , he had at least 4 times a broken bone , in all parts of the body .

You Can Even Death by Broken Heart

The phrase seems to die of a broken heart not just nonsense . The results showed , maybe someone dies of a broken heart left to go mate .
In a study from Harvard researchers found , while a widowed husband by the wife or vice versa , then the risk of death of the spouse left behind is likely to intensify . Highest risk was recorded in the first 3 months after abandonment , which can reach 66 percent .
The study involved more than 26 thousand Americans over the age of 50 years . Research focus is the 12 316 participants who were married in 1998 , and the journey they followed until 2008. During this study the respondents be seen whether the widow or widower . Researchers also noted that when her partner died .
As a result, during this period many as 2,912 respondents died . Of these 2,373 respondents to leave their partner , while the other 539 's status as a widow or widower . Widow or widower dies risk greater than when their partner is still there .

Monday, November 18, 2013

Parents whose children Raised Full Smarter

A study indicates , the role of fathers and mothers in the care of a great influence on the development of the child . Children raised by parents who could potentially become a person smart , even smarter than children who only raised by a single parent . Complete stimulation of both parent allows the child to develop more brain cells .
This is the result of the study the scientists of Hotchkiss Brain Institute ( HBI ) , Calgary University , Canada . In his research , researchers used mice that nurtured one and two parents . During the study , the research team to monitor the development of brain cell birth until old age . As a result, most acquired brain cells in mice that was raised by two parents than just one .
"When I was a baby , they receive more attention and care . Sense of love and caring that play a role in brain development , " said Director of HBI , Dr . Samuel Weiss .

Nutrition For a Healthy Heart Fruit and Intelligent

Every parent would want her baby achieve optimal growth and development . Of course, to achieve these expectations , nutritional factors become very important thing to note .
Nutritional needs appropriately , complete , and balanced will mutually impact the growth and development of children as a whole , such as the bones , eyesight and immunity even the brain as an organ of intelligence .
" All of it , so that the child has the capacity to support optimal performance in the future , " said Prof.Ir.H.Hardinsyah , MS . Professor of the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology , Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB FEMA ) .
Yes, the important role that nutrition for growing children to be optimal from a variety of elements that include cognitive , motor , speech and language and social - emotional . Is important to know as well , to meet the nutritional needs of the energy needed to prepare the brain as a child in the process of empowering hardware .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gadget , " Time Bomb " Children's Health

Beware , children face a " ticking time bomb " of health that could explode at any time . This warning was issued related to the massive use of gadgets researchers among children lately . Reported the use of gadgets cause neck and back pain child .
In the UK , at least three of the four elementary school-age children and two of the three middle school -aged children reported suffering from pain in neck and back each year . This result is certainly inviting questions , whether the use of smartphones , tablets , and game consoles disrupt children's health ?
This research was initiated Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University ( ABMU ) Health Board , after the number of children treated for neck pain and spine has doubled in just six months .

Vegetable Oil Lower Cholesterol , but Trigger Heart Disease

Or polyunsaturated fats known as omega - 3 and omega - 6 are known to have important benefits for health . However, a recent review of several studies suggest , polyunsaturated fats are not necessarily have such benefits that have been claimed many food labels .According to a review published Canadian Medical Association Journal , especially in vegetable oils that claim to contain omega - 6 , but lack of omega - 3 actually has a negative effect on health . This is due to an imbalance of polyunsaturated fats in it .The researchers assert , certain vegetable oils should not be categorized as a healthy food . Because , these products only contain omega - 6 fatty acids are high and low in omega - 3 , so it is not   balanced .

Poor often Drinking Soda Impact on the Brain

Some research has shown too many adverse effects on the body's consumption of soft drinks . High- sugar beverages is shown to increase cardiovascular disease risk factors , obesity , and diabetes .
But apparently , that risk is only part of the many risks involved due to regular consumption of soft drinks . The experts revealed that regular consumption of soft drinks may be changing brains . This is quite reasonable because soft drinks can lead to hyperactivity and hinder the performance of hundreds of proteins in the brain .
" Very little research has examined the impact of high- sugar soft drinks on mental health and brain function . Though the impact is as dangerous as increased waist circumference , " said researcher Jane Franklin .
This result is known after researching rats fed sugar water and plain water . Researchers from Macquarie University , Sydney , compared mice who ate sugary water and plain water for a month . Water and sugar used in this study, the same concentration as that used in soft drinks .

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 Nutrition It Can not Consumed Overstated

Sugar and salt are two types of nutrients which are often called upon to be limited because they are bad for the health impact . But all the healthy nutrients were not that healthy when consumed in large quantities .
According to diet experts from New York , Cynthia Sass , although a kind of important nutrients for the body , but if consumed in excess is not necessarily better . Sass said the five important nutrients that should not be consumed in excess because of the risk it may have :
1 . Omega - 3 fatty acids
This type of healthy fat known to fight inflammation in the body that trigger aging and disease . In addition , the study showed , omega - e fatty acids may also reduce the risk of heart disease , type 2 diabetes , depression , and maintain healthy skin and brain .

Trans Fat Brain Damaging way

Trans fat is one of the causes of obesity today that also trigger chronic diseases such as heart disease . No wonder the country is now in progress are many restaurants that reduce the use of trans fats in the ripening process .
Actually what is trans fat ? Trans fats are formed by the mixing of hydrogen in the hydrogenation of vegetable oils . In plain language , it means changing liquid oils into solid fats . This process is made ​​even more savory foods .
Trans fats should be avoided . Research shows trans fat intake is not only associated with coronary heart disease , but also damage the nerves in the brain tissue .

Monday, November 11, 2013

In order to not go crazy at the Eat , Select First Fruits

Get used to eating a healthy such as fruit and yogurt before a big meal can be a healthy way of diet . Fruit and yogurt can suppress the temptation arising from fatty foods , especially when dinner buffet meals .
In this way , the intake of calories into the body becomes less. This method is very effective for those who are dieting or not . Research shows dieters who did not eat fruit or yogurt first , taking an 31 percent more than they should.
According to Brian Wansink and Dr. . Andrew Hanks , two researchers from Cornell University Serkat America , the first menu that is consumed by a person could reach two thirds of the plate entree . This is evidenced through the 124 research participants were treated to 7 different types of dishes at breakfast .
Dishes are prepared on two separate tables is 15 meters . In the first table menu like egg mixed cheese , hash browns , bacon , and cinnamon rolls are placed in front of the sequence , followed by a more healthy menu such as fruit , granola , and low fat yogurt . This sequence is reversed in the second table .

Soda Drinking Habit Causes Kidney Pain

Excessive consume soft drinks are known to trigger many diseases , such as obesity and heart disease . One more reason why you should limit sweet drink this one , in order to maintain the health of your kidneys .
More recently , a study found that drinking soda habit increases the risk of kidney disease . The clerks at a university in Japan who consumed two glasses of fizzy drinks a day tend to have protein in urine than those who drink less or not drink soda at all . Protein in the urine is an early symptom of kidney damage can still be repaired though .
The new study shows the link between drinking soda and an increased risk of kidney damage . However, the researchers did not just make fizzy drinks as the only " black sheep" .
In the study , the researchers analyzed data on more than 12,000 university employees who conduct annual health examinations at the health center . One type of examination is protein in the urine .

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steamed Broccoli More Effective Against Cancer

Broccoli is known to have a myriad of benefits , one of which is able to fight the cancer cells . However , according to a recent study , how to cook broccoli will determine its ability to do just that .
Flowering broccoli and other vegetables are good sources of compounds sulforafan . This compound is known to have strong anti-cancer benefits in laboratory studies .
However, to form the compound , broccoli requires an enzyme called mirosinase . If the enzyme is defective , then sulforafan not be formed .
Therefore, the researchers also tested some broccoli cooking techniques . They compared the broccoli is processed by boiling , in - microwive , and steamed . Later , they found steaming is the best way to keep the enzyme remains active .
According to Elizabeth Jeffery , study researchers from the University of Illnois , steaming for five minutes is the best way of cooking to retain the enzyme misorsinase on broccoli .

Eat Chocolate To Make Slim

Chocolate, food that one is closely linked to a few myths for anyone who mengonsumsinya. For example, making you fat, chocolate brown clog up your arteries, raise blood sugar or chocolate.

But did you know? All the myths that might just apply to chocolate made from cacao of low quality, mixed with high sugar, beef, dairy products containing preservatives, fat and low quality.

What about the high-quality chocolate?

The fact is, the best chocolates can thus improve the quality of your health. Moreover, with chocolate being produced organically aka dark chocolate (dark chocolate) with 70 percent cacao content.

Researchers from the Department of Neuroscience, Division of human nutrition, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, in a paper entitled ' the impact of dark chocolate on a Normal Weight Obese Women: a preliminary Study ' shows positive effects from consuming 100 grams of dark chocolate in a week.

This study observed the effects of dark chocolate on blood lipids profile, biokimi parameters (such as interleukins), blood pressure, and abdominal circumference.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Loud noise is not only featuring Damaged Hearing

Listening to loud music is one form of exposure to noise pollution . Therefore , in general the main concern of the negative impact was loud in their ears .
However, these negative effects may not only for the health of the ear . A new study found that the effects of damage from loud noise can even spread to other parts of the body thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders .
" In everyday life , a loud noise is unavoidable and availability is rarely a quiet place . That is why , we must better understand the noise exposure to our overall health , " said study co-author Dr. Mathias Basner , assistant professor of sleep and chronobiology at the Perelman School of Medicine , University of Pennsylvania .
Loud voice , he added , can stem from many things , such as listening to music too loud , the vehicle horn sound , alarm , or machines . Without conscious these voices can have adverse effect for many parts of the body .

This Cheap Ways to Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease it can be derived by a simple and inexpensive way . Toothbrush diligent enough , the risk of suffering from heart and blood vessel disease can be   reduced .
This is the conclusion of researchers from Columbia University 's Mailman School of Public Health . The scientists examined whether cleaning , brushing , and regular visits to the dentist affects arterial wall thickening as calcium , cholesterol , and other substances in the blood stream . The study results were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association .
The findings confirm a strong relationship between oral hygiene and hardening of the arteries ( atherosclerosis ) . Atherosclerosis is a major cause of stroke and heart attack . Hardening of the arteries is also associated coronary heart disease and arterial edges .

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Reasons to Avoid Diet Soda Drinks

Eating a diet soda drinks glance looks safe for health . This drink can save you about 140 calories intake than other types of soft drinks .
Drink diet soda can also fulfill the desire for something sweet with minimal caloric value . This is possible because diet sodas use artificial sweeteners , such as aspartame , saccharin , and sucralose .
Even so , it turns out diet soda beverages to save many other dangers . The following reasons are no longer consume diet soda drinks .

1 . confusing the body
Artificial sweeteners have a sharper flavor than real sugar . Eating a diet soda over and dulls the senses of taste and is unable to naturally sweet taste like the fruit .

8 Frequently Toxic Food We Eat

Much we do not know about the content of an existing on food that often we eat , but the food has a lot of substances harmful to the body . Even more interesting is there are many foods that contain toxins , but often we eat . This is 8 -toxic food we often eat :
1 . tomatoes
Many of us who do not know that the tomato turns toxic . Although the tomato fruit itself is not poisonous , but the leaves and twigs of tomato plants containing glycoalkaloid which could cause stomach ache and nervous . Tomato leaves and twigs can be used in cooking , but it can not be eaten . Glycoalkaloid This is a powerful poison that is even used for pest control .

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Value Losses Due to Smoking Too Big

Losses due to smoking was not only in terms of health, but also the economy. State finances could be jeopardized because of continued swelling health care costs arising from tobacco-related statement, (PTR).
Costs would be borne by smoking too large if compared to the amount of income of the tobacco product. Based on data from the Health Research and Development in 2010, the amount of revenue from the cigarette tax is Rp. 55 trillion. While expenditures reached USD macro from cigarettes. 245.41 trillion.
These expenses consist of the purchase of cigarettes, medical care should be lived, and lost productivity. Highest occupied portion of the cigarette purchase of Rp. 138 trillion. The second position is occupied damages due to loss of productivity due to disability and death of a young age, amounting to Rp. 105.3 trillion. Occupied the third rank loss due to medical care, both inpatient and way of Rp. 2.11 trillion. 

This food Frequently Called Unhealthy

Perhaps you avoid these foods are considered low quality. Call it, coffee, chicken thighs or legs, to pizza. Even so, it could be your estimates are less precise. So, consider the fact!


You are a true coffee connoisseur? Yes, it turns out any good, you know. Based on the records of Harvard University Study, says that women who drank four cups of coffee per day at lower risk of depression. In addition, coffee protect against diabetes, stroke, and possibly breast cancer.

Chicken Thighs or Legs

The chicken part is the part that lean like a chest. And the dark meat is actually giving more iron, zinc, and riboflavin. Instead, remove the skin after cooking.