Friday, September 27, 2013

Drinking lots of coffee Poor for Sexuality

Not all that much more is better, as well as coffee and its function as an aphrodisiac. If consumed in excess, it will threaten the health of coffee so as to reduce sexual satisfaction in sexual intercourse.

Sexual psychologist Zoya Amirin said, coffee is known as an effective aphrodisiac to increase sexual arousal. However, if consumed more than two cups a day, coffee actually give contraindicated.

Contraindications of too much coffee consumption, obviously Zoya, including reduced testosterone production that affect sperm count. In addition, sperm quality was generally for the worse, such as being odorless.

"It smells not like coffee, bacteria contaminated malainkan such, is not pleasant. Though the mood is strongly influenced by the body scent himself and partner. Aroma sperm
foul will certainly hurt, "he said in a" Coffee Talk with JJ Royal ", Thursday (26/09/2013), in Jakarta.

Do not underestimate Excess Cholesterol in the Body

Cholesterol is a type of fat in the body which is useful for cell formation and various hormones . Thus , cholesterol is needed by the body in order to live a healthy or normal .
According to the staff of the department of pharmacology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia , Dr. KS SpKF suharti , no cholesterol a person can not live . However , if the number or levels in the blood is too high ( over 200 mg / dl in blood tests after a minimum of 10 hours of fasting ) , then here's cholesterol is no longer useful but can be the cause of various diseases . And , if not immediately addressed , it can endanger the lives of patients .
Actually , the word suharti , not just cholesterol that should always be considered . There are components of the blood fats that have an important role , namely triglycerides , HDL and LDL ( or often referred to as HDL - cholesterol and LDL - cholesterol ) . '' Sources of fat in the body comes from the foods we eat everyday , such as food or cakes made ​​of cheese , butter , meat , and milk , '' he said .

Want Fresh Fit ? 3 Perform This Exercise

The body is always fresh and fit is one of the important indicators of health . With fitness awake , a person will not be easy to feel tired . Intensive activity during the day is not a problem when fitness can be maintained .
According to sports medicine specialist dr . Sp.KO Andi Kurniawan of Indonesia Sport Medicine Centre ( ISMC ) , in maintaining body fitness needs to be trained on a regular basis . Actually , it is not difficult to train the body to keep it fit .
Andi explained , at least 3 types of fitness that need to be trained in order to keep maximum body condition . This fitness workout includes exercises for the heart and lungs , muscles , and flexibility .

Eat Drink While Standing , this danger

Islam is set kehidupuan human aspects , including eating . In Islam there is dining etiquette , such as washing hands before eating , eating with the right hand , not eating until full and not eating while standing .
'' Adab eat in Islam apparently has its own wisdom , '' said Neurologist Dr. RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Ana Budi Rahayu , SPS , Wednesday ( 25/9 ) . When a person eats while standing , he said , there will be stomach acid reflux , stomach acid will rise into the esophagus and make irritated esophagus cells , because stomach acid is very acidic ( pH 1-2.5 ) . It is characterized by symptoms of burning the stifling heat in the chest ( heartburn ) .
'' If we remain stubborn habit eating drinking while standing in the long term , irritable esophagus cells will accumulate causing esophagus cancer , '' he said .

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apparently sleep Could Increase Number of Brain Cells

Scientists believe they have found a new reason why humans need sleep, because it helps replace the activity of brain cells.
Sleep increases the production of cells called the myelin coating material manufacturer that protects the brain circuitry.

As quoted by the BBC, the findings, currently only proven in mice, may uncover the role of sleep in the improvement and development of the brain and diseases Click MS, said the Wisconsin team of scientists.

Their results are published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Dr Chiara Cirelli and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin found that the rate of production of myelin producing cell, oligodendroctytes, doubled when mice sleep.

Beware of Arsenic Contamination in Rice

Agency for Food and Drug Administration USA ( FDA ) found the presence of arsenic contamination in rice and its derivatives . Arsenic contamination was found after conducting tests on 1,300 samples of rice products in the land of Uncle Sam
FDA confirms , arsenic levels in some of these products are still too low to cause immediate effects or negative impact on short-term health . The agency will conduct further research using new tools to determine more specifically a variety of arsenic species in food as well as to analyze the long-term negative impacts .
As it is known , is a compound of arsenic cause cancer ( carcinogens ) in humans . Arsenic can be found in organic and inorganic forms . Both are combined into the total amount of arsenic .
The FDA report is a follow up from Consumer Reports to the government request in 2012 and then to restrict the content of arsenic in the rice , following the results of the examination of the 60 most popular rice products in the United States . The findings show the majority of rice products contain arsenic as a known carcinogen .

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It took 44 Meter to Avoid smoke from the smoker

Ban on smoking in public or outdoors in the last five years have been increased two -fold . It is now more than 2600 places have used signs smoking ban .
To avoid the dangers of secondhand smoke , the study did not detect that smokers inhale smoke from a distance of 44 meters need .
Some experts question the main reason for this ban because there is no medical evidence that secondhand smoke outdoors can harm the health of children and others through .
" Or maybe the long -term health problems for many people " when smoking outdoors, " said researchers from Stanford University , Neil Klepeis quoted by Time , Wednesday ( 14/08/2013 ) .
Professors from Columbia University , Ronald Bayer said worse things related to this prohibition . " The evidence of the risk to people in an open setting is thin , " he said .

Make Pretty Enough Sleep , Sleep Deprivation Worsens Appearance

We live in a society that prides sleep deprivation . Getting less sleep is considered the more enterprising , more productive . Bosses appreciate submissions of subordinates incoming email at the usual times of sleep . This behavior is actually very detrimental to performance , health and appearance .
Enough sleep , appear attractive
Yes , the main organ affected sleep is unhealthy skin . We can easily distinguish a tired face lack of sleep . Expression listless , dull and lusterless skin . This is evidenced by a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2010 , in which subjects were photographed twice . First time getting enough sleep , both while sleeping less . The images are then shown in 65 untrained layman to assess. As a result, the photo when enough sleep is considered more attractive !

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Red Yeast Rice Helps Lower Cholesterol

Many people prefer herbal ingredients to maintain a healthy body . Including to lower cholesterol levels . One of the herbal ingredients that have been proven effective for lowering bad cholesterol is red yeast rice .
Specialist heart and blood vessels Hospital Sahirman Sahid Jakarta , dr . Aulia Sani said , red yeast rice serves to inhibit the production of cholesterol in the liver and prevents thickening of plaque in the blood vessels and avoid blockage of vessels .
Cholesterol is actually naturally produced in the liver . But unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and lack of physical activity can increase the production of cholesterol in the liver . Hereditary factors also affect cholesterol levels .
" Inhibiting the production of cholesterol in the liver directly to lower total cholesterol quickly , " Aulia said in a press conference in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 06/18/2013 ) then .

Protect your skin from sun rays with These Foods

The dry season that culminated in the September sun impact on the more difficult to avoid. Protection from sunlight is needed to keep skin healthy and glowing .
According to Chris Kilham , an expert in natural medicine , the protection does not have to always come from products with SPF . In contrast , protection was also obtained from the food you eat .
" Especially foods that contain high antioxidant compounds , usually very good for protection against the sun , " he said .
Antioxidants , he explained , is actually produced by plants to protect themselves from exposure to body heat , light , air , moisture , and time . So by consuming them , our bodies also get similar benefits.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Easy Ways to Avoid Cancer

In an effort to prevent cancer, the American Institute For Cancer Research also has launched a diet advice and healthy lifestyle. What kind of advice is that?

Prof. Dr. Dr. Endang Purwaningsih mph SpGK of Clinical Nutrition Section of the Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University, explains, these recommendations can be described in four ways, namely:

* Eat healthy foods varies, especially from plants. In this case, it is advisable to consume fruits and or vegetables five or more servings per day. '' Choose whole grains (whole grains) and limit consumption of red meat,'' said Endang.

Want to Slim, Select 4 Drinks It

Not a few of us who only pay attention to diet beverages on consumption than when doing the diet program . In reality , most people just get the biggest calorie intake from beverages consumed each day . Do you drink diet is right for you ? Following the slimming drinks as reported duniafitnes site :

White water
Changing habits and replace soft drinks with water will help reduce the intake of excess calories in your body . Drink at least 2 glasses of water before a meal will help reduce hunger is buoyant , so avoid eating too much . Water also serves to aid digestion and smooth bowel movements , so it is very effective to help your diet program . Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day .
Fruit juice
Fruit juice may have almost the same calorific value such as soft drinks . However, this depends on the use of sugar or other sweetening matter united into juice drinks earlier . Because it comes from fruits , of course, the vitamin content of fruit juices are more than the calorie content in it . Try not to use the extra sugar if you eat the fruit juice to your diet .