Thursday, March 31, 2016

Healthy and Slim Diet "Clean-Eating"

In contrast to other diet methods that have strict rules, clean-eating diet is considered more loosely but effectively keeps the body slim.

Clean-eating or could be interpreted as a clean diet is a diet that eating more whole and natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits, vegetable protein, nuts, and healthy oils.

Clean-eating also means we eat food that is closest to natural food, not processed, as well as non-food packaging from the factory.

According to nutritionists Jacklyn London, today the concept of clean-eating has become a trend, but unfortunately many people misinterpret this diet method.

"More and more manufacturers are labeling their products as" clean. "In fact, if the product contains oil or sugar derivative then the same thing is not healthy," said London.

He gave an example of the content of agave is the same with sugar, coconut oil also are mostly saturated fat, as well as cold-pressed juice still contains a lot of sugar.

Instead of buying the finished product is labeled "clean-eating", "natural" or "healthy", London advised us to eat food cooked at home as well as through a bit of processing.

Here are 5 simple tips to adopt the concept of "clean-eating".

1. Vegetables
Look for ways to make us eat more vegetables. Indeed, we need not always just eat vegetables, but make sure the contents of your plate contains vegetables and other components of a healthy and balanced.

2. Choose a clear
Choose something clearer and more transparent than in products labeled as healthy but actually conceal unhealthy content. In other words, choose products that do contain what they claim.

3. Do not believe claims
Many food companies reap profits because it includes the label "healthy", although sometimes fetched. From whole foods we eat we get complete nutrition. Bananas healthy not because no potassium content, but also fiber and various vitamins. Therefore, do not just buy products that claim to contain certain active ingredients.

Overcome Pain Faster with Physical Therapy

Acute pain management can be done more quickly with medication or physical therapy. But the problem of chronic pain, often medication actually cause new problems as side effects.

"Another procedure that can be done is minimally invasive pain therapy. Where the patient will be given drugs directly to the target therapies that minimize side effects, "said Stephen Taofik SpAN Specialist in Media Gathering Specialty Hospital Heart Diagram in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/3).

He added advantage of this procedure is without using a scalpel. The trick with the guidance of x-ray ray fluoroscopy or ultrasound mnggunakan, patients would be safer to handle. Stephen said, patients who undergo surgery often complain of new problems, including pain can be acute and chronic. One of the problems often encountered in the form of knee joint pain.

The complaint arising from rheumatoid arthritis, systemic nature of this (autoimmune or Osteo Arthritis) and is influenced by local factors joints and surrounding muscles. However Osteo Arthritis pain can be treated by therapeutic interventions.

"That is by manipulating the neural supply to the knee and provide drugs directly into the knee joint to relieve inflammation. But of course this therapy can not be applied to all cases. Physiotherapy is often unsuccessful if carried out before treatment because patients are generally reluctant to train the area of pain," he explained ,

Monday, March 28, 2016

Carrot the Prevention of Premature Ejaculation in Men

There are some foods that can prevent men experience premature ejaculation. One of them is the carrot. The reason?
Moreover, there are also four types of food that can prevent premature ejaculation, as reported by Boldsky, Friday (03/25/2016).

One egg is rich in vitamin D which increase sexual arousal. Also, if you regularly eat two eggs a day, can increase the production of testosterone.

Eating cereal can make a man long-lasting in bed. One bowl of cereal is known to contain a compound thiamine and niacin, which will make your erection longer and stronger, and reached a climax any longer.

Did you know, vitamin B, C and K contained by avocado can make someone easily reach a climax at a time when making love.

Vitamin A contained in carrots can expedite the flow of blood throughout the body. The advantage of this is up to the vital organs, so that you do not make premature ejaculation.

3 Wonders of Watermelon to Streamline Body

Watermelon is suitable especially for people who are dieting and slimming the body. Because the benefits are so abundant, such as the following review.

Make a long-lasting satiety
Watermelon contains a lot of water and other nutrients such as vitamin A, C & D. When these vitamins are consumed, can certainly make your stomach full, durable. Also, this fruit is known to contain a low-calorie diet safe.

burn calories
Protein intake is important for weight loss. If you want to burn calories, make sure that your diet often eat watermelon. These are foods that generate energy, thus making the body stay active and fit.

Contains a lot of water
A serving of watermelon contains about 90 percent water. Water present in these fruits would help remove toxins from the body, nourish skin and maintain the health of your body's digestive system. Demikain Boldsky reported on Monday (03/28/2016).

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Learn 5 Facts About Antioxidants

We often hear a lot about antioxidants, including in food packaging. However, some of us may not know the facts as well as the function of chemicals that can defuse free radicals and other molecular fragments that would damage this body. Here are five facts about antioxidants that must be known:

1. Antioxidants help slow the oxidation process. Fatty acids are affected during the oxidation process. They are also present in the blood as they are present in food and chemistry changes.

2. Vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, all of it is an antioxidant. Vitamin E can be found in the cashew nuts, almonds, crab, shrimp, and fish.

Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, and broccoli. While selenium contained in dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, while beta-carotene is found in fruits and vegetables that are dark green and yellow.

3. Free radicals cause memory or memory decline with aging. Memories associated with brain function and the brain is quite weak, because it has antioxidants. Sufficient intake of antioxidants will help improve memory.

This Natural Remedy for Tired Eyes and Itching

Eye is one of the most sensitive senses. Various factors such as environmental pollution, too long watching television and looking into the computer screen or mobile phone, as well as the use of certain products can damage the health of the eye.

One that often happens is that the eyes feel tired and tend to look reddish. Not to mention, the pain and itching can also arise and cause infection if not treated appropriately.

Therefore, as much as possible keep your eye health by avoiding various factors.

Reporting from Bold Sky, Sunday (27/3), there are some natural ingredients that can relieve itching and fatigue that occur with the five senses:

1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers into a drug that can instantly relieve fatigue and itching of the eye. Not to mention, cold sensation in vegetables can make you feel calmer.

Cucumber slices and chill for a while in the fridge. Place the slices in every part of the eye, let some time until it feels cool.

2.Soda cake

Baking soda or baking soda can reduce infection that occurs in the eyes due to dust and dirt. Dilute baking soda with water and use to wash the eyes.


Vinegar contains an effective antiseptic that kills bacteria and germs. Mix vinegar and water, use liquid to clean the eyes twice a day, especially after you perform activities outside the home.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This She Hidden Benefits Up Orange skin

Orange not only has a refreshing taste and can be processed into a variety of delicious snacks. Moreover, the orange also contains magnesium, potassium up vitamin rich and good for health.

Orange for health benefits are not only found in the meat alone. Orange peel also has several health benefits for the body. To know more about the benefits of thorough meat and orange peel, the following are the benefits that comes from citrus fruits.

Meat Citrus Fruits
One of the benefits of citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C content. Consumption of vitamin C directly from oranges can lower the risk of colon cancer. Vitamin C in citrus orange is also possible to reduce the free radicals in the body that can damage DNA. DNA 'threatened' by free radicals is associated with lung, breast and skin cancer.

Vitamin C contained in oranges also plays an important role for the immune system. With the improvement of the immune system, the body becomes more resistant to fever and ear infections.

Turmeric Sari drinks Powerful Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes becomes a disease threat that must be quickly countered. One way to detox drink a variety of beverages, such as extracts of turmeric.

In addition, there are also three other beverages fula able to resist high levels of blood in the body, as reported by Boldsky, Wednesday (23/03/2016).

spinach juice

Do not get used to avoid the vegetable juice for more benefits. Moreover, spinach juice is rich in iron and is able to expel toxins from the body. Try to drink this every day, guaranteed to ward off the risk of diabetes early.

Green tea mix lemon

Add some lemon juice juice with green tea warm. This not only adds flavor to your drink, but it is also beneficial for your health, especially to prevent diabetes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Overcome Problems Hair Onions

Hair problem is one serious problem for some people, such as hair loss, dandruff, itch, scalp odor and even baldness. A study found that the use of onion turns to hair can overcome these problems.

Red onions contain oil atisiri, sikloaliin, dihidroaliin, quercetin, peptide, flavongklikosida, vitamins, starch, sulfur and fitohormon good for hair care. Reporting from Boldsky, following some of the properties of onion to solve hair problems.

Hair loss
Hair is made of protein called keratin element. Keratin will make hair stronger when he met with the sulfur contained in the onions. Sulfur in the onions will also improve blood circulation to the scalp so that it can strengthen the hair.

Prepare a potion by making onion juice first. Then massage the scalp with hot coconut oil for 30 minutes, before applying onion juice to open the pores of the scalp. Then, cover your hair with a warm towel to vaporize the hair. After an hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Intake for Healthy Liver

Usually, people are more concerned to safeguard the health of cardiac or lung, but ignore the liver. In fact, maintaining liver health is just as important for survival.

Because the liver is an organ that acts to filter and remove toxins from the body. so that his health should be maintained to keep it functioning properly. It is not difficult to maintain a healthy liver, because one of them is enough to pay attention to the intake consumed daily.

Following the intake-intake needs to be consumed for liver health as quoted Boldsky, Tuesday (03/22/2016).


Garlic reduces cholesterol and triglycerides that overload the liver, and hamper performance. To maintain the health of the liver, you can use fresh raw garlic as an alternative to be processed.


This fruit supply of vitamin C, pectin, and an excellent antioxidant, and helps the process of cleaning the liver naturally. In addition, the antioxidants in grapefruit called glutathione can neutralize free radicals and detoxifies the liver.

Monday, March 21, 2016

7 Health Benefits of Grape Enjoyment

Apparently, the wine is not only delicious as a snack, but also provide health benefits million. What are the benefits of snacking grape?

Here are 7 health benefits of grape enjoyment as quoted from Boldsky, Saturday (19/03/2016).

Preventing heart disease

Antioxidants contained in the wine help prevent blood clots. This will inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol, thus being prevented from piling into the artery.

Reducing cholesterol

Known grape can combat bad cholesterol in the blood. Because grape contains saponins that do not allow the cholesterol absorbed into the blood.

7 Intake for Healthy Liver

You must maintain liver health, because it plays an important role in draining the body of toxins. To maintain the health of the liver, there are few intake should be consumed every day.

Here are 7 intake needs to be consumed to maintain a healthy liver as quoted Boldsky, Friday (03/18/2016).


Vitamin C from the lemon helps your body eliminate toxins. In fact, drinking lemon juice every morning is a healthy habit that is good for the health of the liver.


The content of pectin in apples helps the body get rid of toxins from the digestive tract. This makes the liver work lighter, thus ensuring his health.


It helps the body produce certain compounds. These compounds may help in cleansing the liver.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Powerful Home Based Drug Overcome Bee Stings

The body would have swollen bee sting. To fix this, you can use the following natural ingredients are certainly available in the house.


Apply honey on the skin stung by a bee, then tie with a cloth for 30 minutes. Shortly thereafter, the swelling in the skin slowly disappear, as well as to relieve the pain.


Mash a few cloves of garlic and apply them to a bee sting wounds. Let stand for half an hour and do not forget to cover the injured area with a towel.

Helpful pineapple Cure Diseases

Did you know that pineapple can accelerate the healing of muscle injuries and wounds? Special enzymes (bromelain) contained in pineapple is valuable as antibengkak, dissolve mucus, reducing pain.

The content of the pineapple is also good for our bodies. This fruit contains nutrients needed by the body. Such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, iron, and mangnesium. Fresh pineapple juice is considered to be cool and clean the blood. Uniquely, pineapple can also treat intestinal worms in children.

We can grate a young pineapple, then express it. Then, add two tablespoons of honey or syrup of sugar cubes into the water. Then, Drinks to children who suffer from intestinal worms. In addition to worms, there are other benefits of pineapple like treating the flu. How to use it too easy.

First, ripe pineapple peel and grate or enter into a blender. Then wring and strain the water. We can drink the water several times a day to treat the flu. Approximately measuring as much as half a glass. We recommend that you drink after every meal. But, do not be cooled when they want to eat them.

Fruit that goes into this Agaraceae tribe can also be utilized to treat strep throat. The trick serving and measuring as well as treat the flu. But try to eat more often.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

4 Eating Fruit Keep It Healthy Liver

Liver plays an important role in removing toxins that harm the health of the body. Therefore, you should ensure the health of the liver every day.

It's easy, you can eat certain fruits to maintain a healthy liver. Here are four pieces that need to be consumed to maintain a healthy liver as quoted Boldsky, Thursday (03/17/2016).


Vitamin C from the lemon helps your body eliminate toxins. In fact, drinking lemon juice every morning is a healthy habit that is good for the health of the liver.


The content of pectin in apples helps the body get rid of toxins from the digestive tract. This makes the liver work lighter, thus ensuring his health.

7 Wonders Drinking Water Infused Cucumber

Infused drinking water is very beneficial for health. However, you can try the cucumber infused water that will provide more benefits to health.

Here are the 7 wonders of drinking water infused cucumber Boldsky quoted as saying on Monday (14/03/2016).

hydrating body

Although the rainy season, the weather was scorching outdoors often make us feel thirsty. So you have sufficient Kebituhan fluids to avoid dehydration. One option is to drink water cucumbers. The benefits are well maintain body temperature, your cardiovascular health, and help cleanse toxins.

supplies vitamins

Cucumber has extra dose of vitamins consisting of vitamin A, vitamin C, along with other essential minerals. These nutrients are indispensable to the health of the body throughout the day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3 Drinks Khasiatnya As good as White Water

No doubt, water is the drink that is good for the body. Water, according to research, can help the process of weight loss to keep the body from various diseases.

Even so, a registered dietitian from New York that Felicia Stoler assess drinking only water will eliminate the chance of the body, benefited from a variety of other drinks. According to Stoler, white water did not doubt for health properties. However, at the same time water can not give up antioxidant phytonutrients.

"And the benefit of certain nutrients," said Stoler.

Therefore, you need to consume a variety of other healthy beverages to supplement water. Based on recent research, the following are four drinks that are considered to have the same benefits even better than water.

Green tea
Drinks that this is indeed has shown many benefits in the fight against some of the problems of disease, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure to stabilize blood sugar. Research even shows that green tea has benefits against cancer cells and prevent Alzheimer's.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Identify Causes of High Blood Pressure

According to research in 2013, nearly 26 percent of Indonesia's population suffer from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, approximately 60 percent are unaware of suffering from hypertension.

Though not cause complaints, but the blood pressure more than 120/80 is a condition that must be wary of. If not controlled, hypertension can damage blood vessels.

One way to prevent the danger of hypertension is to perform regular blood pressure checks.

Know what are the factors that could cause our blood pressure soaring.

1. primary hypertension
A so-called essential hypertension, hypertensive type does not have a specific cause and easily recognizable. Largely triggered by environmental factors, genetic, and age.

2. secondary hypertension
This is an increase in blood pressure induced by other diseases suffered by a person. In women, this type of hypertension can also arise because of pregnancy. In general, blood pressure returns to normal if the disease cause is treated.

Cholesterol Increase? 7 Ways to Make It

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) is the bad cholesterol that can negatively impact the health of the body. The reason, LDL cholesterol can cause plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart disease, heart attack to stroke.
Although cholesterol is haunting in quite a lot of food, there are some foods that can serve to lower LDL cholesterol. Here are seven foods that can help lower bad cholesterol in the body.

chocolate Black
Dark chocolate or dark chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids that can lower LDL levels. In order not to get your intake of saturated fat and excess sugar, you can eat dark chocolate in moderation or moderation. The use of black unsweetened cocoa powder in cooking also has an effect that is not less good with dark chocolate bars.

Avocados not only can be processed into fresh juice or guacamole was delicious. Moreover, the avocado can provide oleic acid that can lower bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Many ways you can do to eat avocados, avocado chunks from entering into bread lapos turkey, to put in a salad mix. Avocado oil can also be an alternative to oil in cooking.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vegetable extracts Pare Good for Diabetes

During this time, the fruit pariah or better known as bitter melon is only consumed as a vegetable and fresh vegetables. However, in the hands of five female students (Prodi) Nahdlatul Ulama of Nursing, University of Surabaya (Unusa), fruit taste bitter tea that can actually be good for consumption by diabetics.

The fifth student was Fitriyah Dina Rahayu (class of 2013), Siska Wahyuningsih (2013), Dwiko Resyta Delimasari (2014), Fatimatuz Zahroh (2014), and Eka Lisnawati Yuniati (2014). Everything from D3 study program of Nursing Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (FKK) Unusa. The work was started on the proposal that they made with the title "Tere (Tea Pare) Insulin Like" who qualify for student creativity program (PKM) that will get and a grant from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education or Higher Kemenristek.

In the proposal Tere (Tea Pare), the five student that makes pare which is known to have a bitter taste, into a tea extract resembles a teabag. "It is great to be consumed by diabetics," said Dina Fitriyah, representing his friends.

Vegetables Offers It Protect Eyes Up Fight Cancer

Celery is low in calories is the right choice for your healthy diet. In addition to relieve stress and calm the nervous system due to the high content of magnesium, following dozens of other healthy benefits of celery.

Set the alkaline balance in the body
When you experience acid reflux, celery will help to neutralize and protect you.

Reducing inflammation
Celery helps overcome joint pain, lung infections, asthma, up stubborn acne.

rich in nutrients
Many vegetables lose nutrients when boiled. However, a study in 2011 found that celery simmered still contains 83% to 99% antioxidants.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Seven Benefits of Eating Bananas for Health

Besides tasty, bananas also have a myriad of health benefits. eat bananas every day can avoid the risk of heart disease, constipation until complaints during menstruation.

In addition, bananas also provide additional energy for the body. Solopos quoted from page Boldsky on Tuesday (08/03/2016), here's a number of benefits of bananas you need to know;

Improve Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan lot. These compounds are useful for making a person more relaxed and improves mood. This happens because the tryptophan in the banana function to produce the compound that makes a person feel better (serotonin).

Controlling Blood Pressure

Compounds potassium contained in bananas useful for controlling blood pressure in the body. It is better if you eat three bananas every day to keep the blood pressure remains stable.

10 Benefits Consumption of 3 Bananas a Day

Bananas are a kind of fruit that can be eaten immediately or processed into various types of food and beverages. Therefore, bananas became one of the most popular fruit in the world today.

Behind the sweet taste and affordability, banana turns out to have a million benefits to our health. Based on recent research, for example, ate three bananas a day will give potassium intake of 1,500 mg on the body.

In addition, eating three bananas a day also has many other benefits. Here is the 10 benefits of eating three bananas every day.

Decreased blood pressure
Research shows that eating three bananas a day can lower blood pressure significantly. Because one medium-sized banana has about 422 mg of potassium at the same time contains almost no sodium. Potassium ratio is higher than sodium can help the body to neutralize the increase in blood pressure due to sodium.

Improves digestion
Besides being rich in potassium, bananas also contain soluble fiber and insoluble high. Fiber is certainly one important nutrients for the body because the fiber can adjust the speed of digestion, in that it slows the digestive process. That way, your body will feel full longer than usual. The fiber content in bananas can also help solve the problem of constipation.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Goat Meat New Diet Options

Sales of mutton since the last 2 decades have increased as much as 9 fold. Goat meat is a staple food in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean culture, has now been expanded to the United States and Europe as an option in addition to beef.

Erin Fairbanks, assistant director of sales at specialty meat Heritage Foods USA said, "With good processing, goat meat has a flavor similar to beef. So the goat meat has become another option as a meal of red meat. "

When compared with beef, the dish 85 grams, mutton have the same amount of protein as beef. However, calories are owned mutton only 122 calories, 235 calories of beef being.

In fact, although included in the group of red meat, goat meat has 6 fewer calories per serving than skinless chicken. The difference is not how much, but this information can be news "large" given the reputation of chickens that had always been considered as the most low-calorie meat you eat.

Drinking Coffee Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

The good news for you coffee lovers. Based on recent studies, people who drank coffee less exposed to the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) than those who did not drink coffee. Researchers found that people who drank coffee pretty much almost one-third less likely to develop multiple sclerosis.

"We observed a significant association between high consumption of coffee and a reduced risk of developing MS," said the researchers led by Anna Hedstrom of environmental medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

In a study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, researchers take control of 2,779 people with MS and 3960 people without MS.

The researchers found, men who reported the highest coffee consumption, ie more than 4 cups per day had a 29 percent lower risk affected by MS than those who did not drink coffee. However, this research has not see the causal relationship between drinking coffee with MS. Further research is needed to determine whether coffee is beneficial to reduce the risk of MS.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 Benefits of Bananas for Digestion

Banana is the most fruit to a reduction in weight. How did it happen?

Timesofindia quoted on Tuesday (03/01/2016), the following explanation of the benefits of bananas for the human digestive system, until it could finally slimming someone that you must know.

Getting a flat belly

Bananas are loaded with potassium, which can prevent water retention in the body thus, it can reduce the risk of flatulence or body bloated body. Not only that, for those who want to have a flat stomach, are advised to eat bananas twice a day.

burn fat

Because rich in choline and all kinds of vitamin B, banana prevent the body from storing fat, especially in the abdominal area. Your diligent banana consumption will indirectly accelerate the process of burning fat, thus helping you lose weight.

Want to Slim? 4 Fruit It Could Be Featured

Fruits are foods that can be used as a solution to maintain health. Not only healthy, fruit is also very important in keeping the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of disease.

Consuming fruits can also be as your diet. A Harvard study found that people who consumed flavonoid antioxidants contained in fruits can lower the body's natural weight and gain more energy. Reporting from Prevention, following some fruit with a thousand benefits you should be consuming each day.

The apple is one of the best fruit to help control weight. Almost everyone who makes apple diet as a healthy snack because it can make full without fear of weight gain. According to the results of a study, women who ate an apple every day can lose weight faster.

Polymer flavonoids in apples inhibit the enzyme that breaks down simple sugars, which means that instead of storing sugar as fat. In addition, the flavonoid apples can help prevent the risk of Alzheimer's disease and lowers cholesterol levels.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It Reasons Why Cucumbers Good for Skin

Cucumber is one super food because it is rich in benefits. These vegetables contain a variety of essential nutrients for the body such as vitamin C, caffeic acid, up to as much as 90 percent water.

Therefore, cucumber is also said to be a good meal to maintain the beauty of the skin. With the content in it, plus beta-carotene and vitamin K, this vegetable is able to moisturize and smooth the skin of people who eat them.

Cucumbers can also serve as a skin lightening agent. Therefore, by eating these vegetables regularly, skin health can be maintained perfectly. In addition, reported Bold Sky, there are several other benefits that make you think that the cucumber is the best friend for the skin.

Treating sunburn

While in hot or exposed to the sun for too long, the skin can burn and become reddish. Cucumbers contain that can soothe the skin and relieve redness and overcome the irritation that occurs on the surface of the burned skin.

get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is commonly found on the thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach. With a cucumber, you can get rid of the whole of cellulite. Mix the cucumber with honey and apply on the affected area. In addition to eliminating cellulite, skin could be more toned and supple course.

Drinks are More Effective than Lemon Water to Burn Calories

Infused drink water that contains lemon into a ritual many people to lose weight. The bad news, in fact there has been no evidence to suggest the lemon water can burn calories.

Basically no drinks can be an instant way to lose weight. Even so, there are several types of beverages are already known to help the body burn calories.

Here is a drink that is more effective than lemon water to help the effort to decrease body weight.

1. Coffee
Coffee drinks can be referred to as a natural energy drink. Research shows that drinking two cups of coffee before exercise can make us work out longer and more powerful than those who did not drink coffee.

Practicing longer can help us burn more calories. However, remember that the coffee drinks recommended are black coffee without added cream and sugar.

2. Water
Cold drinks could actually make the body burn a little more energy. So, enhance low-calorie foods you with a glass of ice water.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Want Your Bones Strong? Consumption 5 Foods

Want Your Bones Strong? Consumption 5 Foods

Humans have 206 bones in the body. Bone serves as a support for the human body is very important so we can beradptasi in performing everyday activities.

As people age, the bones in the body will be easier fragile. Therefore, it is very important for maintaining bone health, like any other organ.

Bone is composed of collagen and calcium. However, often times the calcium decreases and causes various health problems such as osteoporosis.

This disease usually occurs due to various factors, such as poor lifestyle. Starting from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, as well as malnutrition.

Calcium can be reproduced by consuming certain foods or beverages that contain these substances. Reported Bold Sky, this is the food and drink that can help strengthen and maintain the health of your bones.

1. Milk
Milk is a drink that is rich in calcium. At least, the milk provides about 30 percent of the daily dose of calcium needed for bone.

In addition, there are vitamin D in milk helps the absorption of calcium from a variety of foods. As a result, the bones become stronger and maintained their health.

2. Cheese
Cheese or dairy foods are also rich in calcium. Similarly, milk, cheese contains vitamin D, even with greater amounts of bone to be strong, not easily fragile.

Better Health, Tofu or Tempe

Although not vegetarians, there are times when good for us to never eat meat. Soy is a healthy source of protein that can be used as an alternative to meat.

Tofu is a popular soy products are quite popular all over the world. In a number of Asian food, to know would be used as a food ingredient.

Tempe native Indonesia also should not be underestimated as a source of protein.

Although slightly higher calories, tempeh include foods that do not undergo lengthy treatment process such as tofu. The content of protein and fiber was higher than out.

Tempeh and tofu can be processed and enjoyed, as in traditional Indonesian food dish. Tempeh and tofu can also be added to salads or pasta sauce. With the addition of tempeh slices it, the body gets extra intake of protein and fiber.