Thursday, October 19, 2017

According to Recent Research, Here are 5 Best Sports

If you think running a marathon is the fastest way to make the body fit and healthy, not so, according to experts from Harvard Medical School, America.

According to professor I-Min Lee, the old-style sport is not as good as many people think. Instead of running long distances, which can make joints and digestive systems problematic, Lee recommends five other types of exercise.

According to his research entitled "Starting to Excercise" the 5 types of exercise produce various benefits ranging from weight loss and muscle formation to protect the heart and brain, and strengthen bones.

Check out what the best sports he recommends.

1. Pool

Swimming can be the most perfect sport. In addition to moving almost all the muscles of the body, swimming also increases the heart rate to improve heart health and keep the brain from aging problems. Plus, being in a floating position makes this sport almost free from cramps.

"Nice pool for people who have arthritis because the body does not lift weights," Lee said.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Clean Miss V with Betel? Here's the Rule

Betel is a leaf that has antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant properties and can help heal skin wounds. With these properties, betel water is believed to be able to assist women in overcoming the troublesome whitish problems.

There are several bioactive compounds in betel which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, for example essential oils. One of the bacteria that can be inhibited by the growth of essential oil is E coli is known to trigger the occurrence of vaginal discharge.

Betel also has a bioactive compound hydroxychavicol which has antifungal properties. This compound can actively fight a very wide strain of fungus, reaching 124 strains.

"Scientifically, (sirih) is indeed a one-way benefit (to help overcome the whiteness)," said Head of Bogor Agricultural University Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Dr Irmanida Batubara SSi MSi, in a health discussion held Resik V Godokan Sirih from PT Kino Tbk, in Jakarta.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apples should not be eaten with the skin

Eating apples is practical, because no need to cut or process them into juice. Although the fiber content in the apple is also found on the skin, but, apples are recommended consumed without skin.

"I do not recommend people eat apples with their skins, except organic apples," said Professor of the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Ahmad Sulaeman in the event "Roaming Nutrition 2017" in Malang, East Java, Friday (13/10/2017).

He explained, in the apple skin contained a candle that is useful for apples still look fresh and not easily rot in the process of delivery. In addition, apple skin also contains pesticide residues.

"Especially the imported apples, added not one kind, there are candles and pesticides," he said.

Candles in apples are actually different from ordinary candles, because it is "food grade" so it is safe to eat.