Sunday, November 19, 2017

Want More Mind Relax? Try Wearing the Blue Color Sleep Lights

Lighting in our environment-both in intensity and in color, can affect emotions and psychological well-being.

So when you face stressful situations in the social environment or in personal relationships, try staring a little at the light in the blue spectrum.

A small study published in the journal PLoS One, focuses attention on short-term pressures stemming from social or interpersonal relationships.

For example, when you are at loggerheads with your spouse, or you should give a presentation at an important meeting, which determines career success.

In the study, the researchers involved 12 volunteers with a method called the Montreal Imaging Stress Task.

A total of 12 volunteers were divided into two groups.

One group rested in the chromotherapy room with blue lighting, while the others rested in a room lit by white light.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Benefits of Tomatoes For Male Sexual Vitality

Tomato is a staple food commonly found in every household kitchen. The round red that tastes sour has many benefits. Starting from maintaining heart health, protect the skin from the dangers of solar radiation, to maintain eye health.

But almost rarely do you hear the natural benefits of tomatoes as a male vitality medicine. Yes, in addition to a healthy body and diligent exercise, food fact also plays an important role to increase male sex drive.

So, what is contained in the tomato so crowned as male virility medicine?

Male sexual arousal is affected by the smooth flow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body, including the penis. Well, tomatoes offer a myriad of benefits for heart health that will affect your sexual arousal.

Tomatoes rich in lycopene and a number of other important micronutrients are believed to help facilitate the circulation of blood and control the excessive levels of fat in the blood.

Some studies also show that lycopene has the ability to lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. High cholesterol levels are known to be a major risk factor for blockage of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Without sufficient blood flow to the penis, men find it difficult to feel passionate and produce an optimal erection.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

TV Watching Habits Increase Blood Clot Risk

Do you have a habit of sitting for long while watching TV? Be careful, according to research people who have these habits have a higher risk of blood clots. Blood clots can occur in the legs, hands, hips, and lungs.

This is called venous thromboembolism or VTE. The potential for VTE is higher in those who are less mobile or have less physical activity. "Watching TV is not a bad habit, but we tend to chew snacks and snacks while staring at the TV screen," said Mary Cushman, a professor at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

Quoted from the pages of The Indian Express, this study involved 15,158 respondents with age ranges between 45 to 64 years. Those who watch TV 'very often' have a 1.7 times greater risk of blood clots than those who 'rarely or never' watch TV.

While people with frequent 'very often' watched TV at risk 1.8 times greater than the 'rarely or never' watch TV.