Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Overcome Bedwetting Habits in the Elderly

Bedwetting is not just a problem in children, but also the elderly (the elderly). The ability to control the desire to urinate is based on several factors due to aging, such as pelvic floor muscle weakness, diabetes, or venereal disease infection.

Adjusting diet and fluid intake choose during the day can be used as a solution to overcome bedwetting habits of the elderly. Here are tips, as reported from Boldsky, Saturday (30/05/2015).

Apple vinegar

This can increase the acidity in the stomach that will resist the urge to urinate quickly.

Avoid spicy foods

When eating spicy food, you are certainly encouraged to drink more water. Avoid eating spicy foods, especially before going to bed, to prevent bedwetting at night.

Longevity with Carbohydrates Increase

Carbohydrates are often regarded as weight gain. In fact, carbohydrates are the main source of calories for the body. It is also the reason, carbo diet rarely give significant results. Instead busy reducing carbohydrate intake, good from now multiply the consumption of carbohydrate to prolong life.

Results of a new study seemed to be good news, a low protein diet and high carbohydrate can be just as effective as a low-calorie diet. This diet, can prolong life and good for heart health and digestion.

Scientists previously had believed, that the way that is proven to have a longer life is to restrict calories. However, researchers from Charles Perkins Study Center at the University of Sydney have found similar benefits in the combined diet of high protein and low carbohydrate.

"We have known for years, that by limiting calorie diet will increase the life span, in almost all organisms," says Professor Stephen Simpson, Charles Perkins academic director of the Center is also involved in the study.

"But, few are able to maintain a calorie reduction of up to 40 per cent in the long term, and is even at risk of losing bone mass, libido and fertility," added Professor Simpson.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Too Much Salt Inhibition Puberty

High salt consumption habits of children can have serious consequences, such as slowing down puberty and fertility problems in the future, according to new research. High consumption of salt is when the amount of salt intake is three to four times the recommended amount of salt intake.

The study concluded that increased salt levels in food consumption can have significant consequences for the reproductive health of future generations. In addition to resulting in reduced fertility, stress levels are also higher in these children, say researchers from the United States.

"High consumption of fat suspected of accelerating puberty, but our study also found that rats fed a high salt intake even with high fat will still show symptoms of puberty delays," said study lead author, Dori Pitynski, from the University of Wyoming, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (20/05/2015).

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that people around the world consume more salt than is necessary. A large number of people found to consume more than 5g of salt (about one teaspoon) per day for adults.

Healthy secret Behind Watermelon Seed

For those of you who used to buy or consume watermelon without seeds, stop. Begin eating watermelon seeds. Not only the fruit, watermelon seeds also provide many health benefits. Therefore, consume watermelon seeds.

Here is the secret behind healthy watermelon seeds:

1. Sources of natural amino acids: The human body needs amino acids to various body functions. Get a body in the form of acid glutamic acid and tryptophan.

Although it can be obtained from the drugs that are available today, but the doctors always advise to get the acid from natural sources. Watermelon seeds are a natural source of the acid. Consuming watermelon seeds can increase the metabolic system, sexual health, and cardiovascular organ systems.

2. Inventory magnesium: Magnesium is one of the most important minerals the body needs every day. In the opinion of medical science, 100 grams of watermelon seeds provide 139 percent of the required amount of magnesium to the body. This can speed up the metabolism, protein synthesis, and normalize blood pressure. In addition, control of diabetes and hypertension.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Benefits of Drinking Water Diligent Warm Lemon in the Morning

Lemon juice is very good for the health of our bodies. There are three main benefits are achieved when we diligently drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning. What is it?

Boost immunity

Drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning is very beneficial to get rid of toxins in the body perfectly. Not only that, the lemon is also believed to boost your immune system when the current transition season.

Keeping digestion

Lemon water can encourage the production of bile acids that are necessary for digestion. In addition, the lemon is also a powerful help remove toxins in the digestive tract.

Sources of nutrients and vitamins

Lemon juice is rich in vitamins and minerals good. If every morning diligent drinking lemon water, your body's systems can provide a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. Because as we know, lemon is a source of vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Thus was launched Timesofindia, Tuesday (14/04/2015).

Habatussauda Good for skin Trauma After Surgery

Seed is often used as a spice and food preservative. Seed or black cumin are often advised to be consumed on a regular basis because its function is to maintain health.

Plant with the Latin name Nigella sativa is often used as a migraine medication and allergies, study says this even effective against cancer cells. Among the benefits of this, there are several other benefits, as reported from Gulfnews, Wednesday (27/05/2015).

High cholesterol

Several milliliters Habatussauda seeds or powder that is mixed into a cup of hot drink every day can help dissolve body fat, reduce cholesterol, and dilate blood vessels and arteries.

Skin trauma postoperative

Seed Benefit also been tested on postoperative trauma. Habatussauda found to protect the surface of the peritoneal (the membrane lining the abdominal cavity) from scar tissue or adhesions on the membrane.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We suggest that the consumption of sugar and tea without Milk

Many have already know that fruit and vegetable consumption is good for the body. In addition to donating vitamins andantioxidants necessary to banish the free radicals in the body, the seratnya can also help digestion. Although already know,there is a possibility if fruit and vegetable processing before consumption can make their benefits reduced.

Actually not only fruit and vegetables only, a number of other foods can be processed or prepared in a way so that the effect of his erroneous can be decreased. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing or eating food, so that its benefits are not reduced much.

Black tea. Tea consumption we recommend that you do not use sugar. When adding the milk? Studies show that when you add milk to black tea antioxidants contained in the tea will not be affected. It's just that, cardiovascular benefits expected,could be affected.

The protein in the milk, tea, catechins can bind to components of flavonoids and antioxidants counteract the disease. So it makes more difficult the beneficial components absorbed by the body.

The Five Most Frequent Food Allergy Triggers

Usually protein-rich foods actually cause children having allergies. Such as cow's milk often we have encountered since thefirst.

Apart from that, there are still five other foods that trigger the onset of allergies you should know, as reported byKidshealth, Tuesday (26/5/2015).

Cow's milk

In fact, between two to three percent of babies are allergic to proteins found in cow's milk and cow's milk-based formula. Ifkids are having cow's milk protein allergy, meaning they have an abnormal immune system reaction to the protein found incow's milk.


Allergy is one of the challenges for parents. Moreover, egg allergies often experienced by children, due to chemical substances that cause skin itching.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Habits that Cause Kidney Disorders

Kidneys are vital organs that filter material in the metabolism in the human body. Poor eating habits and the use of certain medications can result in a decrease in kidney performance to damage the kidneys.

Damage or decreased function can occur in a matter of years without being noticed. To keep the kidneys continue to work with the best performance, here are some things you need to watch out, as quoted from NaturalNews, Monday (25/05/2015)

Excess animal protein

Excessive consumption of animal protein, especially red meat, increases the metabolic burden on the kidneys. If the kidneys are working hard too often, the kidneys can be damaged over time and renal dysfunction.

Coffee, Natural Viagra for Men

Men who experience erectile dysfunction is usually overcome by taking Viagra or the blue pill. This time, try to regularly drink caffeinated coffee.

Based on a study, as many as 42 percent of the men who drink caffeine every day as much as 85 milligrams (mg) to 170 mg or the equivalent of one to two cups of coffee recorded fewer reported erectile dysfunction than those who did not drink coffee.

Meanwhile, about 39 percent of those who drank caffeine 171 mg to 303 mg per day fewer reported problems erectile dysfunction. A cup of instant coffee is known to contain an average of 100 mg of caffeine, while coffee filter about 140 mg of caffeine.

Scientists from the University of Texas revealed that caffeine can relax the blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to the penis. The study involved 4,000 people were asked to record daily intake for 24 hours, ranging from how much coffee, tea, soft drinks, and sports drinks.

Coffee is believed to reduce the risk factors for erectile dysfunction, such as overweight or obesity, and high blood pressure. Risk factors can be reduced if the man drank one to two cups of coffee per day. However, this does not affect the man who had been suffering from diabetes.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Water bath Warm or Cold Water, Different Benefits

The shower is a very important part in maintaining personal hygiene. There are people who prefer to shower with warm water every morning, but others consider a shower with cold water more refreshing.

Whatever you choose, the temperature of the water that we use turns out to have different benefits.

Warm water bath
- The warm water has a property to release tension and muscles are stiff. If the shower you have a strong enough pressure will be even better. Sore and tired all day can be lost because you like being massaged at the neck, shoulders, and back.

- Research shows, bath with warm water may increase oxytocin levels and relieve anxiety. Therefore, if you feel under stress there is no harm in indulging in a warm water.

Avocado fruit Effectively Prevent Oral Cancer

Avocados are rich in antioxidants that are beneficial both to our body. One of them is that it can prevent oral cancer in the long run if you are diligent eating avocados in processed form whatever.

As we know, the avocado contains vitamin C, folate, vitamin E and unsaturated fats. New research reveals, avocados can help prevent cancers of the mouth and reduce the growth of pre-cancerous cells. The new study conducted by scientists from Ohio State University.

Researchers believe the fruit is working to fight oral cancer because it contains high phytochemicals, compounds that are thought to have health-protecting qualities, and often found in dark colored fruits and vegetables.

"We think these phytochemicals either stop the growth of cells pre-cancer in the body or they kill the precancerous cells without affecting normal cells," said researcher Steven D'Ambrosio.

Naturally, sodium-free avocados contain no trans fats and low in saturated fat, making it very suitable for diet. Ambrosio said more research is needed into the benefits of avocados and other fruits on cancer cells.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Body detox with 7 Foods

Every day, without realizing the body is exposed to toxic chemicals, whether it be from food consumed, skin moisturizing lotion, until the air is inhaled while breathing. Although the body seeks to do his job to survive from various toxins, in the long term, the toxins will damage your body. Therefore, it is important to detox by eating healthy foods. Here are the best food sources, to help rid the body of various toxins.

1. Seaweed

Seaweed has long been known in Asian countries as a source of nutritious food and medicinal. Not only enriched iodine and potassium, seaweed also believed to improve heart function, which helps the body to detoxify naturally.

 2. Ginger

This versatile spice helps get rid of toxins from the body. Ginger is well known for memebersihkan digestion, cure colds, relieve cough, reduce nausea, and gives warmth to the body. Add a few slices of fresh ginger into the food, to eliminate toxins and mentralkan negative effects of unhealthy food is consumed. Not only that, recent studies have shown that ginger can also help keep your appetite.

Asthma Sufferers children, Beware Peanut Consumption

Results of a recent study shows that most children with asthma may also be allergic to peanuts. According to the researchers, children with asthma need to perform allergy tests.

"In my opinion, if children with asthma difficulty controlling symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing, their parents can think of doing tests on peanut allergy. This is to test, whether the beans play a role in asthma symptoms as those who appear constantly, "said researcher Dr. Robert Cohn of Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio.

Researchers looked at the medical records of 1,517 children with asthma from a clinic that handles breathing problems at Mercy Children's Hospital, Ohio. Researchers looking at whether children diagnosed with peanut allergy, have undergone blood tests that indicate the presence of an allergic reaction to peanuts.

As a result, 665 children underwent blood tests for peanut allergy and 22 percent of children were shown to be sensitive to peanuts. However, most of the children who have these allergies, no one expected him sensitive to nuts, including his family.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Four Types Classified Nuts Healthy Snacks

Beans are one type of good wholesome snacks consumed anyone. One manfaanya is to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not only that, as reported by Timesofindia, Sunday (05/17/2015), here it is four healthy nuts for a snack variation must be consumed at any time.

Cashew nut

Who does not like cashews? Luckily for you who love the beans can maintain bone health, because it is a source of calcium and magnesium, too. Unfortunately, if your body has too much magnesium intake can cause high blood pressure, seizures and migraine headaches.


Walnuts contain omega 3 and unsaturated fats are good for heart health. In fact, according to a study, bean that acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces oxidation in the arteries.


Among all types of nuts, peanuts are a high source of folate, which is essential for brain development compounds. Not only that, the peanuts are also rich in vitamin E, you know.

Fruits Rich in Vitamin C Mandatory Eaten Every Day

Vitamin C is very useful for keeping the immune system, so as to ward off various diseases. There are four types of fruits rich in vitamin C are recommended to be eaten each day as follows.


We all know that orange is a source of vitamin C at most. In spite of this, according to a recent survey, the aroma of the fruit is also known to increase a person's mood that makes him happy all day.


One bowl of green pepper is known to contain about twice the amount of vitamin C. You should also cultivate paprika as salad, pizza topping, or mixed vegetable stir-fry for a spicy flavor enhancer.


The red strawberry is an ideal snack. Not only that, the fruit is known to be a source of fiber, manganese and rich in vitamin C. Strawberry suited processed into a smoothie or fresh juice.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five Simple Steps to Fight Hypertension

Hypertension is the enemy of anyone, both young and old. Hypertension is often without symptoms appear is the cause of a variety of deadly diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, including diabetes.

Lifestyle and unhealthy environment is the biggest factor triggers hypertension. Therefore, modification or improvement of lifestyle is important to prevent hypertension, said Chairman of Indonesian Hypertension Association (InaSH), dr. Nani Hersunarti, SpJP, FIHA.

In commemoration of World Hypertension Day 2015, which falls on May 14, here are five simple steps to support the prevention and management of hypertension you need to remember. Summarized from a media seminar Know Your Number! Affected Risk Prevent Stroke, Heart Attack and Kidney Failure ", which was held yesterday in Jakarta.


Perform regular exercise as this can reduce the chance of high blood pressure. But choose light exercise when your blood pressure is rising. Exercise such as walking, cycling, running relaxed, and swimming can be socialized and do 30-45 minutes a day. Routine activities are known to lower blood pressure about 4-9 mmHg.

At Night Leg Cramps often? Eat Broccoli

Your deep sleep is often disrupted because of pain due to leg cramps sudden? Usually people think it is a result we were exhausted because a lot of walking and standing.

Mineral deficiencies found in green vegetables, including broccoli, is one of the causes of leg cramps. But most people do not realize they are experiencing cramps induced by micro nutrient deficiencies.

People who often experience leg cramps also just doing massage around the area muscle cramps or get up and stretch their legs. Usually it is only relieve the symptoms alone because the next day will be back muscle cramps.

Two different studies concluded that taking supplements containing magnesium oxide can cope with cramps in the calves or the small muscles in the legs, especially at night.

Actually, the mineral is also found in many green vegetables, nuts, whole Cereal, and peanut butter. But required considerable quantities of minerals to meet the needs of the body.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Micronutrient deficiencies Create Natural Child Cognitive Disorders

Micronutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and calcium are also needed by children, especially in infancy. This micronutrient is able to help children grow and develop optimally. Conversely, if the child has a deficiency of micronutrients what impact?

Head of Public Health Nutrition Department, Dr. Jorg Spieldenner, an expert staff of the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, said of the study conducted for children aged six months to five years in Indonesia, there are several nutrients that are lacking consumed by children. Including iron, vitamin D and calcium.

This affects the cognitive development of children. Where children who have micronutrients will have lower IQ scores. Though Indonesia as a country that switched from orintasi agrarian orientation to knowledge, cognitive intelligence factor becomes very important.

"If the IQ scores fell by 10, it will reduce the level of children's learning," he told reporters in an exclusive interview before the event Changing a Child's Life: The Importance of Mikronutrients Period During weaning, in Jakarta, Monday (11/5).

Where healthy, consumption Freshwater Fish or Marine Fish In

The fish may be one of the menu options are quite evocative taste. Moreover served with natural spices fragrant aroma. As a source of animal protein, fish is not just to satisfy the tongue and filling the stomach, but also there are many health benefits of eating fish to the body.

Salmon or tuna, including species of fish most sought-after because they are rich in omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in many mackerel and sardine. "Omega 3 is a very important role in the process of fetal brain development. In fact, it is important for nerve function and development of infant vision, "said Sri Wulandewi, AMGz of RS Permata Depok.

So, actually, more healthy freshwater or saltwater fish?

Especially marine fish that live in the deep ocean, having unsaturated fatty acids is higher than the fish that live in the sea and freshwater fish such as carp, carp, tilapia, or tilapia. "Although marine fish contains omega 3 high, but not all fish is good for health, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. There are fish that contain high levels of mercury and should be avoided. "

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Four Foods Rich in Calcium In addition to Milk

Our body needs calcium to support the growth of bones and teeth. However, people always assume that calcium is found in milk.

However, calcium is not only found in milk. But, there are other foods that are also rich in calcium, and can be consumed every day.

Sesame seeds

Sesame is often used as a topping of bread or cake. Not a few people think that an ounce of sesame gave 227 mg of calcium that is needed our bodies. Nothing wrong we eat tofu, tempeh or soy milk every day, due to a variety of processed soybeans are rich in calcium that support the growth of our bones


Besides rich in omega-3, salmon offers 212 mg of calcium. Thus, fish that live in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is excellent given to infants and children who are facing a period of growth.

Tomatoes Help Fight Hypertension

Hypertension is the cause of all cardiovascular disease in humans. It can be prevented by eating a variety of healthy foods such as tomatoes.

Not only that, Okezone recommends five types of healthy foods that you must consume each day to fight hypertension, as reported by Timesofindia, Monday (11/05/2015).


Spinach is loaded with magnesium and contain potassium. Both of these substances is the main ingredient to lower and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate bar contains 25-30 calories needed by our body. In addition, dark chocolate delicious processed into any menu that contains flavonoids which can lower blood pressure levels in your body.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good food for breakfast

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. If you choose to eat only vegetables or fruit for breakfast, you are wrong. However, breakfast is the only way to meet the nutritional needs and maintain health remains good.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. That is the key to eating the recommended nutrition experts. A good breakfast is to help meet the energy to start the day with the following nutrients.

Carbohydrates for energy

Do you get your carbohydrates in the form of fruit, potatoes, cassava, wheat, breakfast should provide enough energy throughout the day. You can eat a large portion of calories without worrying about weight gain that might accrue.


Protein in the form of eggs or chicken baked in the morning is a great idea. Such as carbohydrates that can be burned easily for daily activities, calories from protein source is also equally important.

Ideal amount Eating Rice

Often we see there are some people that in every meal the amount of rice consumed far more than the side dishes. There is also consumed a little rice, but many side dishes. Then, exactly how ideal amount to eat rice for everyone? Here is the ideal amount to eat rice.

In the food pyramid, the complex carbohydrates occupy the bottom of the pyramid. That is the most widely consumed in quantity compared to other elements such as minerals, protein, and fat. However, it does not mean to consume excessive rice.

Keep in mind, the amount of carbohydrates to the body is about 50 to 60 percent of total body needs per day. So, the important thing is to meet the amount of carbohydrates needed by the body in a day.

Physician Nutrition Dr. Luciana B Sutanto, MS. SpGK practicing in RSIA Gladiool, Magelang, say, each person has a different amount of rice consumption depending on the needs of the body. The body needs are also affected by, age, physical activity, sex, height and weight, and health or disease.

"When mealtime is difficult to consume rice in small amounts can be offset by increasing the side dishes such as vegetables, tofu, or other proteins," he said.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Increase consumption of vegetables and eggs Carotenoid Absorption

Eating eggs along with raw vegetables adds to the absorption of carotenoids.

"Americans consume less vegetables. With this, we seek to improve the nutritional value of vegetables, as well as take advantage of the yolk, "says nutritionist Wayne Campbell of Purdue University, quoted from page ScienceDaily.

Campbell and colleagues conducted a study to see the effects of egg consumption on the absorption of carotenoids from raw vegetable salad.

In the study 16 healthy young men asked to take three versions of salad: without eggs, with half scrambled eggs and three eggs scrambled.

Those who ate the highest amount of eggs with salad containing tomatoes, shredded carrots, spinach, lettuce, and goji berries absorb more carotenoids 3-9 times.

Carotenoids contained in the salad between laim beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. The latter two are also found in egg yolks.

In addition to the bones, Calcium Also Beneficial for Heart

It is no secret that calcium is good for bones. The content of bone strengthening. However, not many are aware of the calcium has other benefits, namely heart health.

"Calcium is essential for the survival of the normal functioning of the heart," said cardiologist from Ohio State University, William Abraham, as quoted from Everyday Health and CNN.

"Calcium electrically affecting the work of the heart and the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle," said Abraham continued.

Abraham explained that the content of calcium in the body will affect the activity of cardiac muscle cells. Automatically, it also gives an effect on the performance of the heart in pumping blood.

The content of calcium needed is different. For adults aged 19 to 50 years and men of all ages, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends to consume calcium 70-1000 milligrams per day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chicken Meat Best Protein Sources

Many people are afraid to eat meat because of worry about the saturated fat content. One source of protein that is considered more healthful is white meat, especially chicken.

Chicken does contain protein and less fat, especially if it is not fried. Calorie content is quite good, and not too filling. But, whether the chicken meat is the best source of protein?

"Actually, no single best source of animal protein. But that does not mean the chicken was a bad choice. The diversity of food is key," said Jennifer McDaniel, a spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Chest chicken cooked weighing 85 grams which has about 140 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein. "The chicken breast is also a source of niacin and choline, selenium, and pantothenic acid," said McDaniel.

Parts such as thighs slightly more calories and fat. If you include the skin, you'll add fat as much as six-fold.

"Our bodies need fat in the diet, but there are many other foods that are better than chicken skin," he said.

Chicken broth Help Boost Your Fertility

Before you see your doctor and ask for a prescription fertility drugs, it helps you improve your diet first. Changes to this diet should be done before encountered a problem on your fertility.

Indeed there are many causes of infertility in men and women. Dietary interventions could be one of them, in addition to lifestyle changes. As for the diet intervention can do by eating the following foods are good for fertility, as reported by FoxNews, Monday (04/05/2015).

Coconut oil

If you are vegetarian or vegan, coconut oil is one of the best vegetable sources of saturated fat. Moreover, the medium chain fatty acids are quickly absorbed into the body. Thus, you can access the energy grow more quickly.


Oysters are one of aphrodisiac foods (enhancing sex drive) that can ignite your spirit to have children soon. Foods rich in zinc, selenium, and fat-soluble vitamins A and D are also the key to fertility.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Maintain beard Prevent Respiratory Risks

Bearded man not only looks sexy, but it can protect the face from the dust of the road that caused respiratory problems and skin problems.

Reported Timesofindia, Tuesday (05/05/2015), the following summarizes the four benefits Okezone maintain beards for men that you should know.

Prevent allergies

Men who grow beards and mustaches can ward off allergies caused by dust. Therefore dense fur that grows on the face, can filter out dirt that enters the respiratory system.

Reduce the risk of skin cancer

A recent study conducted at the University of Southern Queensland Australia states, beard and mustache very effective to protect skin from ultraviolet rays of approximately 95 percent. So the results of this study showed that men who grow beards can prevent skin cancer.

Reasons Pineapple Good for Women's Health

Pineapple is fresh to eat. But not a few myths women are forbidden to eat pineapple.

Some say pineapple is not good for pregnant women, because it can cause contractions and miscarriage. Though there are no studies that show strong evidence of linkage between them. Precisely, pineapple good for consumption to be taken nutritional benefits.

There also are refusing to eat pineapple because the acid can increase stomach acid, so it must be rejected by people with ulcer disease. Though pineapple acid is harmless and can help the environment becomes more alkaline stomach. Pineapples can even help with digestive problems in pregnant women.

Pineapple contains manganese, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin C, and bromelain are good for maintaining and repairing various body systems. The benefits of pineapple are no longer in doubt by women, as reported by the Healthmeup, Sunday (02/05/2015)

Healthy skin

The presence of vitamin C in the pineapple is not only helps treat acne and other inflammatory skin. Pineapple enzyme bromelain in treating inflammation by increasing the strength of vitamin C.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fiber Benefits for Toddlers

Common risk lack of fiber is constipation or bowel problems. This problem can progress to hemorrhoids that make children uncomfortable and in pain. Not only hemorrhoids, more fatal risks also lurk.
Lack of fiber food that occurs continuously, would be a trigger occurs colon cancer, namely the destruction of the large intestine and increased levels of blood cholesterol, says nutritionist Tuti Soenardi, quoted from

In children under five, intestinal digestion is in transition. Once past the age of 5 years, a new intestinal child will work perfectly like the intestines of adults. Therefore, the fiber must be in accordance with the strength of the intestine in digesting it.

"Fiber in foods work to bind water in large quantities, thus allowing the rest of the food can be more easily digested and quickly get out," said Tuti Soenardi.

Watermelon juice Powerful Prevent Muscle Pain

Watermelon is a refreshing when taken during the day in hot weather. In addition, the consumption of watermelon also have the advantage. One is to prevent risk factors associated with disorders of health problems, such as preventing muscle pain.

Reported Timesofindia, Saturday (05/02/2015), he gains eat watermelon every day that you should know.

Prevent dehindrasi

Watermelon consists of 92 percent water and full of essential electrolytes. Well, rosy-fleshed fruit can replace water to prevent dehydration.

Prevent inflammation

Choline is a nutrient that is present in watermelon can help your body adequate rest, muscle movement, to strengthen the brain's memory. Not only that, choline also helps to maintain the structure of cell membranes, helps in the transmission of nerve impulses, helps in the absorption of fat, and reduce inflammation.