Wednesday, January 29, 2014

7 Things that Make Flu Severe Added

Rain and hot weather is erratic is one trigger immune deficiencies so susceptible to the flu . When it is exposed to the flu , there are some common mistakes which can make cold symptoms worse or make it difficult to get well soon .
Here are seven things that make flu symptoms worse.

1 . Pretended not sick
You have never been able to let your flu symptoms , because the body will decrease its performance . Conversely , when stricken with the flu , then you have to take care of your body . The body needs extra energy to fight the infection . When you force yourself to remain active despite being stricken with the flu , especially when fever , you would deprive yourself . More severe , flu-like symptoms will be more severe .
According to Jennifer Shu , a doctor from the United States , while the work piling up and deadlines approaching , many people who do not heed the flu and still forced to come to work . In fact , the way it will only aggravate their pain and prolong the healing process .

Do not Believe 10 the Myth of Reproduction

The myth of the female reproductive not truth , especially concerning contraception is always controversy. Following exposure to doctors also health author , Diamond Airlina Febiliawanti on a number of myths about reproduction that need to be understood so as not to fall for it.

1 . Myth : You can not get pregnant if you have sex during menstruation .
Many women assume that unprotected sexual intercourse during menstruation or during menstruation early or late will not cause pregnancy . In fact there are many women who may become pregnant at the time of menstruation . Why is that ? This is because sperm can live up to five days in a woman 's body and when the menstrual period is too short ( less than 28 days ) , the fertile period occurs at times of the menstrual period lasts .

2 . Myth : I am still in the period of breastfeeding so it will not get pregnant .
It is true of fertility and menstruation rarely happens when you 're in a period of breastfeeding , but one day your menstruation will return and you will experience fertile period unnoticed . So pregnancy can still occur even if you are breastfeeding . Therefore , many doctors recommend delaying pregnancy until one year after delivery .

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sports lazy ? Do not Expect 10 Gain It

Exercising on a regular basis it takes determination and willpower plus consistency . Not least among you do so only occasionally depending on my mood .
But you may not be alone . Four of the five people who experience busy . Sports became the most difficult thing to do amid the density of activity . But your actual losses if they continue to laze around and do not want to exercise . Various studies have confirmed the importance of sports , one of them so long lifespan .
Consider other healthy advantages that can be learned by constantly moving . Ten 's never gains enjoyed by those who are too lazy to move and dispense dried with exercise .

1 . Increased memory
Experts assert that the activities of sports including important that maximum brain function . Sports can m ; Increasing the intake of oxygen in the blood and stimulate the production of chemical compounds useful in the brain that sharpen memory .

Natural Remedies Sore Throat

Cold temperatures and high humidity during the rainy season to make a variety of microorganisms growing rapidly . This microorganism that infects those around him . When the immune system is declining , it is certain viruses and bacteria attack will cause pain .

One of the many diseases that attack the rainy season is a sore throat . Sore throat caused a sensation of heat and difficulty swallowing . However , do not worry , sore throat can be treated with natural remedies , here's how .

1 . Gargling salt water
Although impressed ancient , gargling salt water is very effective and fast relief of sore throat . Aside from being an antiseptic , salt helps clear mucus in the throat and relieve the pain that arises .

Monday, January 27, 2014

Avoid snack Gratuitous

Snack or buy processed food in the store or roadside has become a part of the habit of some people . In fact , processed foods are not necessarily healthy and nutritious as needed .

If snacks or processed food is highly nutritious and hygienic , it might not be a problem . But if minimal nutritional snacks , high in fat and sugar or clams dangerous substances , it may create a risk to health .
Especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy , should be avoided indiscriminate habit of eating snacks . This is very important as preparation for pregnancy and childbirth is strongly associated with the intake of nutrients .
" But avoid the habit of eating snacks , especially in women . Foods sold not necessarily have sufficient nutrients the body needs . Remember the adequacy of nutrition in women not only determine his health , but also future generations , " said full-time professor of the Faculty of Public Health , University of Indonesia ( FKM - UI ) , Endang Achadi .

The quality of future generations , said Endang , actually determined long before a pregnant woman . This is done through a woman's daily nutritional intake . Intake was then determines the quality of the womb , the placenta , as well as the establishment of sensitive organs in the fetus .

Cold -temperature chamber Help Lose Weight

Cold ambient temperatures may cause discomfort , but it turns out to be in a room with low temperatures can have a positive effect on weight loss and prevent obesity .

Research at Maastricht University , Netherlands , shows cold temperatures proved to force the body to expend more energy . The energy used to fortify discomfort arising from cold temperatures .

Unused energy that causes the body to use more fat and carbohydrate reserves . By doing so , the amount of fat and carbohydrate reserves in the body is reduced and the impact on weight loss .

According to study leader , Wouter var Lichtenbelt Marken , this study aims to determine profit environmental temperature exposure continues to occur . " Most of us continued exposure to ambient temperature , especially in the conditions in space . Having said that , it is important to know the benefits of the exposure , " he said .

Sunday, January 26, 2014

6 Characteristics of Medium Endurance Body Weak

When the rainy season like now , the body tends to be more vulnerable to the threat of disease . Luckily, humans have an immune system or resistance as the curtain will be the first defense against disease-causing microorganisms .
Conditions durability of each person is different . Moreover , the surge in the number of microorganisms in hujam season like this, the immune system is usually able to fight it could just be overwhelmed . As a result of the immune system does not work against microorganisms , the body can fall ill .
In the current system is being weakened immune defenses , it is advisable to anticipate that germs do not develop the disease . For that reason , it is important to recognize the signs of being weakened immune system .
Here are some signs that need to be understood as an indication of the weakening of the immune system :

1 . Increasingly heavy weight
Found that people with swine flu have the same characteristics , namely body mass index over 40 . Excess weight can cause hormonal imbalance , inflammation , and interfere with the body's ability to fight infection .

Be careful , Could Change Posture the Way While Typing

Turns typing while walking is dangerous for the body . Posture may change because when typing or reading messages on cell phones , people will slow down and walk away so that it can make people lose their balance .

The researchers asked 26 volunteers to run without looking at the phone , and then they asked the volunteers to walk while reading or typing an SMS . The computers are connected to the body of the volunteers showed that typing can alter posture and reducing balance .

Dr Siobhan Schabrun from the University of Queensland said typing and reading phones affect gait and balance the body . " Typing when walking is also jeopardize the security of the user , " said Schabrun the Telegraph , Thursday ( 23/1 ) .

Most people will be lowered when they are typing in their mobile phones . The position adds to the burden of 15 kilograms ( kg ) in the spinal cord that can change the position of the bones . Neck and shoulder muscles can also sprain .

Lifestyle Triggers Male Infertility

If you frequently do a lifestyle that makes the testicles even hotter than the temperature of the body , will make the production of spermatozoa decreased . For example, is soaking in hot water , steam , assuming the laptop at work , or even wearing pants that are too tight . Smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause abnormalities in spermatozoa . The use of steroids or hormonal drugs also hire ngaruhinya spermatozoa .
According to urologist Urology Center of Asri Asri Jakarta Hospital , Rashid Nur , sperm abnormalities may be abnormal amount of ( oligo ) , movement ( astheno ) , or shape ( terato ) . The most severe is the absence of the discovery of spermatozoa at all , or so-called azoospermia . This could be due to abnormalities of spermatozoa of varicocele ( widening of the veins in the testes sacs ) , idiopathic , genetic factors , sperm duct blockage ( obstruction ) , a congenital abnormality , a sexually transmitted infection , or also due to hormonal disorders .

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Magnet Therapy , New Options to Overcome Migraine

Devices with magnetic fields can be used for some types of migraine therapy . National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ( NICE ) revealed , although the evidence is still limited , transcranial magnetic stimulation ( TMS ) , or a process that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain , may help reduce the symptoms of migraines in some patients .

NICE said , the procedure is still relatively new and requires more data to prove the safety and long-term efficiency . However , magnet therapy may be beneficial for patients who are unable to solve by means of previous migraine .

Migraine is a condition experienced by many people , especially women . One in four women in the UK have migraine , while migraine experienced one of the 12 men .

There are several types of migraine , with or without headache . Treatment options were varied , including taking pain relievers such as paracetamol .

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modification of Physical Activity Effective Burn Calories

The setting of calories in and out to be important , especially in people who rarely moves or less physical activity or exercise much less physical exercise , calorie intake article continues in through food . If not followed by calories in calories out settings , problems began to emerge as overweight to obesity which lead to various diseases .

So how to effectively multiply the calories out ? " Modification of physical activity is an effective way to increase calories out , " said a health specialist , Andi Kurniawan of Indonesia Sport Medicine Centre told Reuters Health in an email .

Andi explained physical activity is any body movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles and produce energy expenditure and generate benefits for health are progressive .

Physical activity is different from sports or physical exercise . The definition of physical exercise is physical activity that is planned , structured and repetitive conducted with the purpose to maintain or improve one or more components of physical fitness .

How Calories Burned In The Body

If you want to lose weight , we often hear , calories burned needs more than calorie intake. That is why exercise and diet are two things that need to be done to achieve that goal . But actually how calorie-burning mechanism in the body ?
Clinical nutrition specialist Oetoro Samuel said , burning calories in the body occurs due to metabolism . The faster rate of metabolism, the more calories you burn , and vice versa .
Metabolism is the body's process of generating energy used for basic living needs or also known as the basal metabolic rate ( BMR ) and daily activities . Metabolic rate varies in each person , so that any calorie needs also vary .
" Usually the older the person , the rate of metabolism decreases , so that age is a determining factor for the speed of the metabolic rate , " Samuel said when contacted by Reuters Health , Friday ( 01/17/2014 ) .
In addition to age , he continued, the factors that affect the metabolism of the other gender and the environment , such as temperature , and several other factors . These factors generally affecting the BMR . Beyond that , the factor can be derived from physical activity .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Type Exercise Effective Body Slimming

In addition to making the body fitter , exercise is also considered as one of the effective ways to streamline the body . Unfortunately there are still a few know that not all exercise that can help you with weight loss maximum . Each sport has its benefits and also performed " target " different .

If you want to lose weight more effectively , then there are some sports you should be doing .

1 . Cardio interval
Cardio is the right choice for weight loss . But should choose for example the cardio interval sprint at close range and then proceed to other aerobic exercises . This will help the muscles to burn more calories .

2 . Lifting weights
The best way to build muscle is to lift weights . " When do lift weights , calories burned not too much . However , this is a matter of lifting weights to build muscle , " said coach sports , Tia Falcone . According to all women need to have a bit of muscle in the body because it makes the body more slender . In addition it will also help increase metabolism by permanent .

These are the symptoms of a heart attack

Grievances felt by the patient can vary among them : First , discomfort in the chest presses , ' full flavor ' , gripping , painful or rather heat for two minutes or more , a sense of suppressed , usually located in the middle of the chest .
Second , propagation bad taste was left up to the shoulder [ sometimes right ] , neck , lower jaw , upper arm [ sometimes up to the little finger side of the forearm ] , heartburn or back . Third , lightheadedness , feeling faint would fall , sweating , nausea , and sometimes shortness of breath . Can also be difficult to swallow taste , flavor ' cold ' or palpitations .
Fourth , anxiety or confusion, with fates as if the world will remember you like doom , his face pale , sometimes vertigo [ dizzy ] , and vomiting . Fifth , pain is severe in bahkann most pain he had never felt before or very mild as heartburn or indigestion disturbed . This discomfort usually occurs in the morning / early day that does not go away with rest .
All of these signs , said Pertamina Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Ermadji Prajitno Center , SPJ , is not always there . Often only a few marks that appear only, not all of them . In fact there are fast disappearing , to be normal again . Moreover , patients often have complaints or deny these symptoms .

8 Soothing Drinks

In a moment of panic and stress attack , you need something that is calming . In fact , there are several drinks that may help to relieve stress . Here are eight of them .

1 . Green tea .
This beverage contains powerful compounds that can make the brain relax called tannins . Owner Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach , Virginia , Jim White , said the compound works by lowering levels of anxiety in the body .

2 . Valerian .
The medical herb often found in herb teas . Valerian is the scientific name Valeriana officinalis has been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress , anxiety , and insomnia .

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weightlifting Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Women who do weight-bearing exercise cut the risk of diabetes , according to recent research.

The finding is the result of monitoring the health of nearly 100,000 nurses in the U.S. for 8 years .

Lifting weights , press - ups or similar to resistance training will train the muscles , thereby reducing the risk of diabetes , the sound of the report published in the journal PLoS Medicine is quoted by the BBC ( 15.01.2014 ) .

Women who do aerobic activity at least 150 minutes a week and one hour of exercise a muscle, most chances to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by one-third .

Previously , many experts say regular aerobic exercise such as jogging , brisk walking or swimming can help keep type 2 diabetes .

10 Foods for Healthy Bones

To build strong bones , the key is two , namely calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is the main part of the structure of bones and teeth . Meanwhile , vitamin D increases calcium absorption and bone growth .
Levels of calcium and vitamin D is necessary for the children so that optimal growth . Not just for them , enough calcium and vitamin D is also needed for adults and the elderly to maintain their bone health .
Enough calcium and vitamin D one of which can be obtained from food . Consider the 10 food guards following bone health .
1 . yogurt
Most people get vitamin D from sun exposure , but certain foods such as yogurt, are also rich in these vitamins . Generally, one cup of fat-free yogurt can meet 30 percent of daily calcium and 20 percent of vitamin D a day .
2 . milk
Milk has long been known as a source of calcium . Although the 237 ml can donate 90 calories , but 30 percent of the daily calcium requirement can be fulfilled . Choosing a vitamin D-fortified milk will provide multiple benefits .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alcohol Make Men Quick senile

When done to excess , alcohol can be a risk factor for many diseases of the body . More recently , a new study found that middle-aged men who are heavy drinkers for years at risk of more rapid cognitive decline in old age .
The British study analyzed data on about 5,000 employees over a decade . The researchers found that male heavy drinkers two years earlier to experience a decreased ability to count and six years for the ability to remember faster than light or moderate drinkers .
The researchers admitted , this study is not the first study linking alcohol consumption with brain abilities . However , this study provides the age range the decline began to occur in heavy drinkers .
The study, published in the journal Neurology, also reveal the effects of cognitive decline occurs only in men . " However , the study participants consisted mostly of men . Thus , the number of women in the study may not be enough to make this conclusion is valid , " said Severine Sabia , the study researchers from University College London .
According to Sabia , there is no way to identify the specific minimum levels of alcohol consumption that can be risky for men . However , given the high risk , should limit everyone starts drinking alcohol since he was young .

7 Generating Plant Male Stamina

To add vitality , there are a number of herbs that can be consumed . What are they? Include the following:
l . ginseng extract
Ginseng is a plant with improved efficacy stamina , physical performance , increase sexual desire , improve blood flow , and delay the aging process and decrease tissue or organ function .

2 . Damiana  Extract ( Turnera aphrodisiaca ) efficacious in increasing the stamina of men is a small shrub plants with scented leaves typical . This plant is used as an aphrodisiac ( a substance used to stimulate the sexual power ) , antidepressant , tonic , and diuretic .

3 . yohimbe extract
Yohimbe is an alkaloid extract from plants Pausinystalia yohimbe , and useful to improve stamina of men . The effect widens the blood vessels , improving blood flow , especially in the erectile tissue .

Thursday, January 16, 2014

7 sound effects on health

Sounds around you not only broke the silence but some might enliven the day. Voices were unable to escape from everyday life, begin to sound vehicle, music, sounds of people talking even to the voices of people mumbling could not escape from the hearing. But the fact is, these voices have effects to the physical and psychological health.

Pioneer researcher and psychologist sound environment, Arline Bronzaft, from City University of New York said, "when the ear captures sound and wave and then send it to the lobes of the temporalis, to the process of interpretation, the brain will determine whether the sound unpleasant, undesirable or interfere with."

The following seven ways how sound can have an impact on a person's physical and mental health.

1. impact on children's learning ability.
In a classic study of the sound level and the learning process, the researchers observed the children in two grade levels of elementary school in Inwood, New York. The elementary school is adjacent to the railway line. These children are divided into two groups. One group was placed in classrooms facing the railway line, while the other group is placed in a more quiet room in the school building.

Three Easy Ways to Reduce Bloating

Sign wind and bloating can be caused by medical conditions or emotional or comes from the food you eat . Bloating can also be premenstrual symptoms in women . ROLers , here are three easy ways to reduce bloating and colds , quoted from Symptomfind , Friday ( 17/1 ) .

1 . Avoid too many foods following
First , too many foods that contain carbohydrates , such as rice in portions very much . Second , the vegetables that can cause bloating when consumed commentary , especially cauliflower , brokolu , cabbage , peppers , and onions .

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Coffee " Add Strong Auxiliary Memory

For some people , hot coffee in the morning is a ritual of its own prior to the day . Effects of caffeine in coffee is believed to help increase the sense of alert . However , recently a study found that caffeine can also improve memory .
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University , USA , analyzed the effects of caffeine as a factor strengthening the memory . As a result, caffeine is proven to strengthen specific memory within 24 hours after consumption .
" These findings suggest caffeine has an effect on human memory processes . Process makes memory more permanent and difficult to forget , " said study author Michael Yassa , assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at the University of California , Irvine , who conducted the study while at Johns Hopkins .
The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Science Foundation involving 100 participants drink caffeine but in a moderate degree . That is , they do not drink coffee , tea , or soda in large quantities .

6 Facts Behind The Importance of Drinking Water Every Day

The habit of carrying a water bottle on the way or when they go to wherever it may yet become a habit for some people . When thirsty in the middle of the road , most of us would rather buy a bottle of soft drink flavored tea or soda or mineral water .
Body's need for fluids can not be denied . Important in maintaining fluid balance and metabolic processes . When fluid intake into the body is not balanced with spending , then certainly you will experience interference or dehydration .

In the fluid needs , you should choose a good drink and do not pose a risk to health . One of the best white water course is , despite the fact that the fluid behind the most popular flavored drinks and rich flavors on the market .

Well, so you do not underestimate the benefits of water, here are six scientific facts of how the habit of drinking enough water every day is important for the body .

1 . Maintain the body's water balance
Medical facts showed 60 percent of the human body is composed of fluids . The functions of this fluid is to the process of digestion , absorption , circulation , production of saliva , transportation of nutrients , and maintain body temperature .

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snacks Could Be " Killer Food"

Snacking or eating snacks is part of the habit of many people . In fact , there are some people who deliberately change the size of the regular schedule meal snacking . Satiety arising after snacking , is considered the same as eating a large meal .
If the currently selected snack foods containing nutrients and quality nutrition and proper portion , may not be a problem . But if eaten food containing flour , sugar , salt , and high fat such as pastries , chips , or crackers , snack is potentially " killer " .
" Snacks are often consumed containing flour and sugar , which is a killer food . Food is also minimal nutrition , " said Chairman of Clinical Nutrition II Indonesian Doctors Association ( PDGKI ) , Dr. Abdullah Firman , SpGK .

Upset ? It used to eat food

When depressed , a person would look for comfort , because humans will naturally avoid pain and seek pleasure . People who fail in the diet tend to seek comfort from food -based carbohydrates , especially simple carbohydrates , because these foods provide high levels of sugar intake in an instant , and also stimulates the process of spending ( secretion ) of serotonin which gives a feeling of "happy " or happy .
If you are dieting , surefire steps to avoid sugar craving or desire to consume carbohydrates and sugar as a source of serotonin is by eating natural foods that have the same effect in increasing serotonin . These foods are called "happy food" because of the effect that can provide a sense of happiness , and of course good for your diet .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

In order for the Body Can Burn More Fat Optimal

In order to burn fat optimally , your body needs sufficient water . Deficient body fluids ( dehydration ) will be difficult to break down fat . The body also requires enough fluid during exercise . About 3-4 liters of water per day is the recommended amount equivalent to 8-10 cups of water . Get used also to always carry a bottle of water when you move , as reported site .
In addition , notice that the protein you consume . Basically there is no definitive measure of how much protein you can asup . But after all , the experts advise to consume between 20-30 grams of protein a meal for women , while men between 30-40 grams of protein .
The role of supplements is equally important to the success of getting the body Fitness Model . Supplements will help maximize your diet and exercise program . So what is needed supplement a Fitness Model ? BCAA is one of them . BCAA ( Branch Chain Amino Acid ) not only helps increase muscle mass , but also helped establish the fat -free muscle mass .

Burn Fat with Fat

The human body is an adaptive organism that regulates the secretion of hormones and enzymes production by the food we eat .
When you mengasup carbohydrates , the body will use it as a source of energy and keep the rest in fat cells . Even when you mengasup protein , the body will use it as a raw material -forming cells and muscle tissue . So what happens if you eat fat ?
Now we take the example of the fat content contained in virgin coconut oil . In the fat content of coconut oil are called Medium Chain Triglycerides ( MCT ) or medium- chain fatty acids that have properties quickly digested so the body can immediately use it as fuel .
When the body can metabolize fat quickly , MCT 's metabolic processes will produce ketones . Ketones are a byproduct of the metabolism of MCT . When the body does not have enough glucose , liver ( liver ) will convert fat into ketones acid , which is used as fuel by the muscles .

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coconut oil or butter, Which is Healthier

Using materials that are safe and healthy for your diet is very important. Make a different choice could have great significance

When you want to replace the materials must be known nutritional content. Is it a better material or not.

As is the current trend is to replace the use of butter with coconut oil, for allegedly healthier. What about the reality?

Is coconut oil is healthier than butter? As reported by Eating Well, here is the explanation of differences in nutrition in coconut oil and butter.

Nutritional Values ​​(per tablespoon)

Coconut oil: 117 calories, 14 grams total fat, 12 grams of saturated fat

Unsalted butter: 102 calories, 12 grams total fat, 7 grams saturated fat

7 Simple Steps to Detox After the Holidays

Holiday is over , time to get back into the routine . Well , in order to celebrate the growing spirit back to the productive zone , you'll want to do a detox after the holidays . Such activity will make you more refreshed , and even help to reduce fat mass that you could possibly store up during the holidays .

Here are simple steps to detox after the holidays .

1 . Get rid of high-calorie foods
If the celebration cakes are still left in the house , then you need to get rid of it . Keep it in the house will only trigger you to eat it . Whereas snacking on high-calorie foods will unwittingly add body fat deposits .

2 . Set the environment
Fulfill your environment with tasty and healthy food will reduce your tendency to choose foods that are not healthy . Prepare only the stock of vegetables and fresh fruits in the refrigerator , as well as nonfat yogurt sauce.

3 . physical activity
Start your day with physical activity . Before preoccupied with checking e - mail , talking on the phone , even dress up to go through the routine , walk out of the house , running on a treadmill , or go to the gym . Or you can start the day by doing yoga that can improve strength , balance , and flexibility .

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fiber Rich Foods Helps Overcome Asthma

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine reveals , fruits , vegetables , and whole grains can help overcome asthma .

The researchers gave the food to the number of rats . As a result, fiber-rich foods can minimize inflammation or pneumonia .

The addition of fiber to change the nutrients absorbed from the intestines , then change the immune system .

The researchers say the more often people eat processed food products , may be the cause of the increase in cases of asthma .

Airways of asthmatics are more sensitive , more prone to irritation and inflammation . When this happens, the smaller airways and makes them difficult to breathe .

Easy Ways to Control Appetite

High appetite will make people want to incorporate food into the mouth and eventually will lead to excess weight . You can easily curb your appetite just by doing jump rope .
In a study at Waseda University , Japan , the people who do jump rope with three intervals for 10 minutes , with five minutes rest in between jumps proven appetite decreased more than those who do cycling routines are well structured .
An exercise instructor , Patrick Goudeau of Nike Elite Fitness provide a quick and practical tips to curb your appetite by doing jump rope , as quoted from page Health following .

1 . First warm up by jogging ( running ) in place for 30 seconds . After that do 20 jumping jacks times body squats followed by as many as 10 times . The set Repeat the movement for 4 minutes .

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cigarette Making Biological clock be Difficult Sleep

Cigarettes cause a biological clock that is in the lungs and brain , making the body hindered from deep sleep , causing cognitive decline , depression , and anxiety .

Dr. . Irgan Rahman of the University Medical Center study Rochestere said he did reveal that smoking results in lung and neurophysiological function .

He and his colleagues found that tobacco cigarettes mess up the biological clock in the lungs with inflammation and lowering brain activity .

Short- term smoking also lowers molecules known as SIRTUIN1 . This reduction change the proteins that regulate the biological clock in mice . Similar reductions seen in the lung tissue of smokers .

Not Working Mothers Have Children and Families will be Healthy

When is , the exploitation of women occurs in almost all aspects of life . Women are forced to work to survive . Due to the lack of jobs for men who should be required to make a living , while jobs for women opened wide breadth .

Plus women's economic empowerment that women have more economic independence intensified and facilitated .

Gender issues have always become the main problems faced discourse of women , even disbursed funds directly from the U.S. .

But the result is not resolved the problem of women ?

What happens is that we almost lost the mother figure that optimally carry out its role . The mother almost forgotten with their children at home .

Even the world of work has become a major focus of the mother , so the role of Allah Subhanahu wata'ala give as a mother and a housekeeper neglected .

Sunday, January 5, 2014

6 Ways to Build Morning and Exercise

Wake up in the morning may sound unpleasant to some people . Especially those who really want to enjoy the holiday with sleep after a tired working all week . Get up early to be something that is difficult , especially when done in a weekend .

In fact , up early to give a better effect on the body than sleeping late . Especially when followed sport . Sports in the morning is the best time for the body to sweat . Exercise will increase your metabolism , energy levels , and mood throughout the day .

If you have trouble, here are some tips from Esther Crain to make it easier to get up early and exercise :

1 . Exposed to sunlight .
According to the National Sleep Foundation , when the eye perceives sunlight , direct brain process the reaction that causes the body immediately awake and energized . In order to get sunlight , do not hesitate exposes beds eastward , toward the sunrise. If you 're up and still sleepy , you should try standing near a window or door where incoming sunlight . If necessary give eyes stimuli with a table lamp .

5 Myths Damaged This is a Healthy Lifestyle

Weak body easily infected with various diseases is a condition that many people avoid . To prevent this, one does not hesitate to run a healthy lifestyle including diligent consumption of vegetables , fruits , and exercise .

Even so , there are some myths that are popular and often believed lay society . This myth can damage healthy lifestyle lived . The following explanation nutrition expert , Tim Crowe of the Academy of Nutrition at Deakin University .

1 . Exercise caused a person to eat more .
This myth eventually cause someone to think exercise will promote weight loss , as a result of intake consumed . Yet according to Tim , the exercise will shed unneeded fatty deposits in the body . Various research proves , the sport is the best way to reduce fat in the body . The more one moves , the less reserves of fat in the body .

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vitamin E Helps Delay Senility

Recent research shows that taking vitamin E regularly every emotion can help alleviate the suffering of those who have dementia or senility .

A study in the journal JAMA found that patients with mild Alzheimer's disease and levels of vitamin E were given at high dose levels of memory decline more slowly than those given a placebo or dummy pill .

They are able to carry out the tasks of daily periods longer and require less assistance from the guards , said a researcher in the United States .

But experts who are members of the Alzheimer's Society said the doses used are very high and may not be safe .

In the study, 613 people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's receiving daily doses of vitamin E. The patient is undergoing therapy dementia drugs known as memantine , which is a combination of vitamin E and memantine , and others are given a placebo .

Dangers of Eating Frequently Instant Food

Diabetes mellitus ( DM ) are not only attacking people with a history of diabetes but also in people who diet are not good . '' Too many instant foods , less fiber foods , as well as irregular exercise can trigger diabetes , '' said Asep Saeful grace of SpPD doctor , a specialist in internal medicine Pertamina Central Hospital , Jakarta .
DM is a metabolic disease characterized by increased blood sugar levels due to abnormalities of the hormone insulin . Indeed , Indonesia's disease is a human number three killer after heart disease and cancer is not curable . But it can be controlled .
With a little willpower and discipline , efforts to control diabetes is not a difficult job . '' Planning eating , regular exercise , and taking hypoglycemic medication ( oral medication or insulin ) are three steps that must be followed for the rest of his life if people want to stay healthy . ''

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

While Teen Active Sports, Fit Old Time

Secrets of healthy in old age is simple, follow the sports activities at school when adolescence . Recent studies have shown that diligently sport as a teenager , rarely to see a doctor at the age of 70 years .

The researchers found that men who are active in sports activities at school , rarely to see a doctor at the age of 70 , compared to those who are less actively engaged as a teenager . Not only more healthy , active man during his teenage sports in school , are more active in old age .

Researchers from Cornell University 's Food and Brand Lab in the United States , and researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich , examined 72 veterans of the second world war an active sport as a teenager .

The study , titled Fit in 50 Years was published in BMC Public Health . The researchers found that men aged 70 to join a club or sports team at age 30 to 40s , came to the doctor for treatment less frequently in a year , compared to those who did not actively exercise .

It took 44 meters to avoid smoke from the smoker

The ban on smoking in public or outdoors in the last five years have been increased two -fold . Now more than 2600 places already use signs smoking ban .

To avoid the dangers of secondhand smoke , the study did not detect that smokers inhale smoke from a distance of 44 meters need .

Some experts question the main reason for this ban because there is no medical evidence that cigarette smoke outdoors can harm the health of children and other passes .

" Or perhaps the long -term health problems for many people " when smoking outdoors , "said researchers from Stanford University , Neil Klepeis quoted by Time , Wednesday ( 14/08/2013 ) .

Professors from Columbia University , Ronald Bayer said worse things related to this prohibition . " The evidence of the risk to people in an open setting is thin , " he said .

But there are hundreds of studies linking indoor smoke to health problems such as heart disease .