Monday, March 31, 2014

High cholesterol also occurred in Children Skinny

Cholesterol problems faced by not only adults but also children . A new study shows that about one in three children in Texas who underwent penampisan cholesterol have high cholesterol . Though they are new age range 9-11 years .

With high cholesterol numbers , children are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease later in life .
Thomas Seery , child cardiologist at Texas Children Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine , obese children are more likely to experience abnormal cholesterol levels . However, the percentage of cholesterol problems in children with normal weight are also not small .
"In fact, 35 percent of children who are not obese also have problems in their cholesterol levels , " he said .
He stressed , pediatricians and parents need to teach children healthy habits , such as eating properly and exercising regularly . If not , they tend to suffer from health problems such as heart disease or stroke .
Seery explains , cardiovascular disease in children is rare , however, atherosclerosis ( hardening of the arteries) can already be started since the age of the children . " The better they are taught today , the better their health later in life , " he said .

How to Increase Efficacy of Garlic

Garlic 's reputation as a healthy condiment can not be doubted . Regularly eat garlic can protect us from heart disease and cancer .

The experts found that the content of organosulfur garlic has anti-inflammatory effects and also stop the cholesterol synthetic . Research in the laboratory also showed organosulfur can prevent blood clots .

One important enzyme in garlic organosulfur is associated with alliinase which will be released if we slice or crush garlic .

Some studies suggest that the heat will make the alliinase becomes inactive or reduce the efficacy of this enzyme healthy . For example, a study in 2001 which showed that heating garlic in the microwave for 60 seconds or in the oven for 45 minutes will decrease the protective effect of garlic against cancer .

Even so we can keep the anticancer effect of garlic is not lost . How to let the garlic sliced ​​or ground for 10 minutes before cooking on the stove .

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Six Habits It's Just The danger with Smoking

Do not rush to claim to have a healthy life if you do not smoke . Page Yahoo! Shine reveals that there are six habits if done continuously will bring the same effect with the consequent dangers posed by cigarettes . In fact , the impact could be more severe . Here are six habits that need to be considered :

1 . Sitting all day
Alberta Health Services - Cancer Care in Canada revealed inactivity is closely related to 160 thousand cases of cancer of the breast, colon , portsat , and the lungs each year . Two-thirds of cancer that claimed penyekit caused by smoking , the rest was caused by the inactivity . To prevent this, you may be able to take a leisurely walk while on the move.

2 . Eating too much cheese and meat
The protein -rich animal IGF - 1 . IGF - 1 is a hormone that can stimulate the growth of abnormal cells . Research from the University of Southern California , published in Cell Metabolism Journal recently revealed that people who consume high protein more likely to die from cancer than smokers . Interestingly , this study revealed that hormone production
IGF - 1 will slow down as have passed the age of 65 years . To prevent this, animal protein can be replaced with vegetable protein . Dietary vegetable protein such as nuts and avocados also have a protein content equivalent to that produced from animal protein . In general , adults should consume 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight each day .

Sleep Needs Appropriate Age

Sleep is a basic need of every person . Adequate sleep is expected to maintain stamina and health. For children , sleep adequacy is expected to support growth and maintain concentration while in school . That's why everyone has to meet the needs of sleep duration adjusted for age .

Sleep patterns of people who lived mostly is monophasic , ie sleep patterns for a couple of hours in a given time . However, most people ignore this pattern and have a polyphasic sleep habits or sleep patterns like a cat ( catnaps ) . The habit of sleeping where and when it's affecting the pattern of daily life .

National Sleep Foundation , a nonprofit organization that focuses on the needs of sleep , issued a list of how much sleep a person needs based on age . Sleep needs are met on the advice of the community will result in a better society . Here's the list :

* Adults aged 18 and over : 7-9 hours
* Youth 11-17 years : 8.5-9.5 hours
* School-age children 5-10 years : 10-11 hours
* Preschoolers 3-5 years : 11-13 hours
* Toddlers 1-3 years : 12-14 hours
* Infants 3-11 months : 14-15 hours
* Newborns 0-2 months : 12-18 hours

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apparently, Someone Diet Influenced by Others

Never seen a food photo uploads friends on social networks like facebook , instagram , or twitter and also tempted to eat the same food ? A recent study states , it turns out what to eat someone often rely on food eaten people around him .

The study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states if a person gets information about other people eating , then eating a big possibility of others that affect a person's style .
As quoted from CBSNews , the study examined 15 previous studies to be able to draw conclusions . Eight studies looked at how social norms change eat what other people eat . Medium seven other studies that look at the choices made ​​eating environment influence what other people in the neighborhood to eat .

No wonder if some diets are widely reported on television then followed by many people . Or solicitation eating more vegetables initiated a celebrity through social media also crowded into the new diet trend .

The study states how much is eaten someone also affect portions of others nearby . If someone was told that other people eating large meals , also likely he will eat large portions .

Eating attitudes , according to the study , will continue to follow the trend . Even when people are eating not really see what other people eat . Or how big meal portions .

Often Tired ? Kalium deficiency may answer

Often feel tired without knowing the cause , it could be early symptoms of potassium deficiency or hypokalemia .

Apparently, a disease affecting the function of the muscles and organs in the body can cause heart complications , stroke , kidney failure up .

Potassium deficiency is often plagued by a sense of suffocation endless .

" People with hypokalemia difficulty lifting his feet , his hand is also weak with no potassium . If more weight , yes abnormalities can occur in the heart , the cardiac rhythm disturbances and abnormal pulsed thus endangering his life , "said Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Internal Medicine ( PAPDI ) Dr.dr. Ari Fahrial , FACP FINASIM KGEH Sp.PD MMB .

The worst risk of potassium deficiency this case , happens to die of heart rhythm disorders .

Potassium , said Ari , an electrolyte that is needed for the body's metabolism as well as the work of the heart , muscles , and other . Weakness occurs when the body's potassium level less than that required to maintain the volume and composition of body fluids .

Monday, March 24, 2014

Study : Food Salty Accelerate Aging

A new study says too much salt added to foods can accelerate the aging of cells , especially in adolescents who are overweight .

" Lowering sodium intake , especially if you are overweight or obese , can slow the aging process of cells that play a critical role in the development of heart disease , " said lead researcher and assistant professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Georgia , Georgia Regents University in Augusta , GA , Haidong Zhu , as reported by Xinhua news agency .

This study investigated the effects of high salt on the length of telomeres - the protective ends of chromosomes - is associated with weight loss . Based on this study , the researchers found that shorter telomere length in adolescents who are overweight has .

Although the researchers found a link between eating salty foods and cell aging much faster , they do not prove a causal relationship between the two .

Smile When Stimulates Brain Effects

Once someone smiles , many positive effects it causes. Smile hormone that stimulates the brain and then cause a range of positive effects for the person .

Psychologist Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo said , while smiling , part of the brain that regulates emotion happy activated . With a smile , trigger stress hormones decrease , while increasing mood plant hormones . A smile also stimulates the brain which could make a more positive mind . In fact , with a smile , one can lower the blood pressure .

British study also showed , once smile can cause effects on brain stimulation equivalent to that effect obtained from eating 2,000 chocolate bars .

A smile is the most lightweight way one can do to get a lot of positive benefits . The reason , she says , one only need to use 17 muscles in the face to smile . Compare it with a wrinkled forehead . Someone took more than 40 muscles in the face when wrinkled forehead .

" Many people underestimate the effect of a smile . Fact , a smile is lighter and effective , in addition to less expensive , " Vera said on the sidelines of the activities celebrating World Oral Health Day 2014 in Jakarta .

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How Effectual Banish Acne Scars

Acne is a problem that is often found on oily skin types . However , the most annoying is the scar left by acne .
Not to worry . You can use olive oil to remove scars caused by acne . Here are the steps you can take as reported by Boldsky on Saturday ( 15/3 ) .

It is one of the easiest ways to eliminate acne scars . Use olive oil to soften the dead skin layer on the face . Take one tablespoon of olive oil and start massaging the face gently . Occasionally use a little pressure on that need . Massage the face with a circular motion . kaistimewaan This oil is not to get into the pores so it will not cause acne .

Completed a massage , do evaporation . Fill hot water in a large bowl , then do evaporation in the face with a distance of about 30 cm of water . Perform evaporation for 10 minutes , then wash your face with a towel . The process followed by evaporation massage helps scars which helps to eliminate slack .

Ocha Drinking , Not Just Eliminate Thirst

In the past , only the elite can enjoy a cup of ocha . In the land of sakura , or Japanese tea sipping ocha is not just to eliminate hunger .

Ocha is a drink with a strong cultural influence . About 800 years ago , Japanese tea seeds were brought Zen Buddhist priest named Eisai to Japan .

When it is , the extent ocha used for treatment , not as a daily beverage .

Tea expert Rachael Somantri said , ocha is a beverage that has a huge influence in Japanese culture . " Ocha was drunk in any occasion , day and night , " he said .

Ocha drinking culture formed in the 15th century . At that time , ocha also can not be enjoyed for all parties . Drinker limited Japanese elite , like the samurai , the royal family , and merchants . In fact , there is a set of cups for drinking ocha should only be used by the samurai and the royal family .

Ocha upheld must be presented correctly . " This is the forerunner of the tea ceremony , " said Rachael.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rigid Parenting Trigger Obesity Children

Parenting is applied to every parent is not always the same in every family. Every parenting has a different impact on the child. But it turns out there is a tendency in a particular family parenting affects the weight of the child.
A new study shows, parenting tend to be rigid, such as minimal discussion and compassion will trigger childhood obesity compared with more balanced parenting.
Researchers from Canada, the rate of obesity found a third higher at 11 years of age children are brought up in a family of rigid rules and emotional response. In groups consisting of more than 37,000 children, these kids tend to have a higher weight than children who were raised in parenting is more open.
"Parenting is open already known best for the health of the child. These findings prove, in terms of obesity, parenting is open better than rigid parenting, "said study author Lisa Kakinami, experts in epidemiology McGill University, Montreal Canada.
According to parent, Kakinami with rigid parenting tend to make children behave at risk. However, these relationships do not prove a causal relationship.

Pace and Red Ginger Make Efficient TB Treatment

Indonesia is the country with the fourth largest number of TB sufferers in the world. Therefore, the required TB treatment methods that are more efficient in order to improve the condition. One of the methods that make the treatment of TB is becoming more powerful and fast is the pace and Red ginger extract.

Pulmonary specialist from RS Friendship Jakarta Arifin Nawas said random clinics, test on a patient's TB shows, a combination of noni extract and Red ginger can make TB treatment more efficient. "The treatment becomes faster and stronger," he said.

In discussions of SOHO #BetterU entitled World Tuberculosis Day in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/19/2014), Arifin explained, a combination of pace and Red Ginger is not a primary treatment of TB, but rather as complementary or adjunctive treatment of TB.

Both of these herbs have different roles in the treatment of TB. Arifin explained, mengkudu extract can activate the immune system of the patient. "The new TB disease is known to occur after infected with the TB bacterium because the immune system of the body that is declining," he said.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vegetarian Diet Helps Reduce Tension

The habit of eating vegetables and fruits are many proven health benefits , one of which is to help lower blood pressure .
Recent research indicates that experts from Japan , which dominated the diet of vegetables and fruits ( vegetarian ) can help control blood pressure .
The results of the review of the 7 clinical trials and 39 trials involving 22 thousand respondents said they were implementing a vegetarian diet have blood pressure that is much lower than that eat meat .
When averaged , decrease the tension of the studies ranged from 5 to 7 millimeters of mercury ( mm / Hg ) for systolic , and from 2 to 5 mm / Hg for diastolic . Although the result of the decline is not large , but it is enough to reduce the risk of heart attack .
The decrease in diastolic pressure by 5 mm Hg , according to experts , associated with a reduced risk of 9 percent of deaths from coronary heart disease and a 14 percent lower risk of death from stroke .
Researchers say , this pressure drop regardless of the type of vegetarian diet that made ​​respondents . Is it just eat vegetables , nuts , fruit , or with fixed eating eggs , fish , and dairy products , or simply avoid meat ; or vegan ( completely avoid animal products including milk ) .

Walking Routine , Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis

Women who have entered menopause need to recognize early symptoms of osteoporosis . For women who have entered the phase of menopause lives very close to the bone health problems .

This was disclosed medical experts RSI Sultan Agung Semarang , Dr Hj Nur Anna C Sa'diyah SpPD , the elderly (seniors ) who held the Social Service of Central Java province , recently . According to Anna , menopause in women can not be avoided . At this stage , typically characterized by psychological symptoms of anxious , irritable and even depressed .

While the physical characteristics characterized by skin and pubic dries , smaller breasts , and osteoporosis . Of the characteristics that women experience during menopause , the most frequent complaint is osteoporosis , because this phase plural experienced woman at the age of 40-65 years .

" So that declining estrogen levels and disrupt the balance of bone formation and destruction , " he said . Symptoms of osteoporosis , yet he explained , starting from spinal pain that lasts two to six weeks .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parents Do not Drink Water More than 1.5 Litre

Water is an essential element for the body so that each person needs to drink enough water to maintain their health . However, parents should not drink too much water because it will increase the risk of hip fractures due to falls . People over age 65 should not drink more than 1.5 liters per day .
According to the consultant physician renal hypertension , Parlindungan Siregar , if parents drink more than that the sodium levels in the blood will decrease .
" The water can reduce sodium levels in the body , especially for parents who are already physiologically kidney function decline, " said Parlindungan the media seminar titled " Chronic Kidney Disease and Aging " in Jakarta , Thursday ( 13/3/3014 ) .
If the sodium levels in the blood decrease , he added , then the person will feel weak . When the body is too weak , the risk of parents to drop will be high . In fact, parents can drop more susceptible to harm herself because of a broken bone .
" Especially the pelvic bone density has begun to diminish with age . Many of my patients suffer a hip fracture due to falling . Having traced , it turns low sodium levels in the blood at all , " he said .

Cherries Bing For Superfood

This fruit does not come from within the country . Fresh cherries are commonly found in premium supermarkets in major cities in Indonesia are generally derived from the United States . Precisely from the Washington area .

There cherries can be found in Oregon , California , Wisconsin , and British Columbia . Cherries Washington has two types of origin . The first one is dark red . The other, a pale yellow .

They are popularly known as Bing Cherry . Red cherry sour tastes sweet too . A little more fresh than the pale yellow cherries more familiarly called white cherry . Cherries ' white ' is the dominant taste sweet , with just a bit of a sour taste .

Renowned chef who is also the Executive Chef Dharmawangsa , Vindex Tengker , said the two cherries that have different flavoring in cooking . '' The red-suited to be cooked with lamb or duck , '' he explained .

While sweet cherries are cooked just the more fitting as the opening presentation that is not too obvious in seasoning or as a dessert dish .

Combining the two types of cherries in the dish is also very possible . Vindex said , sweet and sour experience gained from cherry red and white interesting as the contents of the pie .

Vindex also share cooking recipes with cherries . He cooked cherry processing style or compote with ginger compote to eat with duck breast seasoned five spice powder .

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Efficacy Cloves For Health

Cloves or clove ( Syzygium aromaticum ) are native to Indonesia and has a variety of benefits , not only as a food flavoring ; well -known for treating various diseases . In European countries , clove widely used as a spice in cooking spicy , while in Indonesia, in addition to well-known to treat various diseases , clove is also used as the main ingredient typical of Indonesian clove cigarettes .
The following will explain some of the health benefits of cloves for , among other things :

1 . Addressing Respiratory Infection
According to a professor from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City ; Neil Schachter , MD : Cloves work as an expectorant . which can thin the mucus in the esophagus and throat . Tea containing cloves can help overcome respiratory tract infections .

2 . Treating toothache .
Part cloves that can be used to treat toothache is clove flower . How is the utilization , 5 to 10 grains of roasted cloves of interest then pounded until smooth . Clove powder is then sprinkled on the sore tooth .

Low Salt Diet

The purpose of a low salt diet is to help eliminate the accumulation of salt and water , also helps to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients who are sensitive to salt . The following article will explain what foods are allowed , what things are important to consider , types of food that should be avoided ; are also other tips that a low salt diet is successfully executed :

The things that must be considered :
Salt in question in this case is sodium ( Na ) found naturally in certain foods or are added during processing
Animal foods that tend to have higher levels of Na than plant foods
Sodium salt added during food processing , such as salt ( sodium chloride ) , MSG (mono sodium glutamate) , fruit preserves or baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reduce Calorie Beverages Body heater with This Way

Rainy days are always the most fun spent with a cup of hot drink . The problem is , usually dense calorie hot drink .

If you still want to be able to enjoy hot drinks with lower calorie , some of these tricks can be tried .

Generally some cafe serving hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and milk . Calorie content in a cup of hot chocolate can be equivalent to a plate of fries .

To avoid a pile of calories , forget the whipped cream sprays . Ask at the cafe to replace regular milk with low-fat milk . Calories are trimmed can reach 120 calories and 14 grams of fat reduces .

If you want to mix their own hot chocolate , eat a teaspoon cocoa powder , sugar , with a cup of low-fat milk . As a result, body warmers beverage with no calories less than 100 calories .

Tea has always been a mainstay warm when the cold piercing . Try racik chai latte , aka spiced tea with milk . Honey , sugar , and milk but gives extra calories in a cup of chai lattes are available in cafes and vrestaurants .

Trick In The Perfect Brew Tea

The tea bag does not have as tight as brewed tea aroma . Demands of the times to make them leave the hectic mix tradition with the tea leaves and stems of water . Teabag then be the solution .

Ratna Somantri , a connoisseur of tea and tea expert , said a packet of tea bags generally contain small pieces of leaves . The leaf size should be adjusted with a small tea bags anyway . Plus think of that leaf that has been dipped hot water needs space , about 80 percent , to bloom .

Meanwhile , the brewed tea leaves is not such a small size . Maximum development process ( because it is not constrained tea bags ) makes it feels more leverage for the tongue .

Aroma and flavor are affected from the opening of leaves exposed to hot water .

However , the quality of tea is not limited to the leaves . Factors also affect retention and water .

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Many Fish Consumption Increase Good Cholesterol Levels

Increasing intake of fatty fish will increase the amount of good cholesterol particles significantly, according to a study at the University of Eastern Finland .
People who often eat fish at least 3-4 times a week have a greater good cholesterol particles in their blood , compared to those who ate less fish .
Good cholesterol ( HDL ) is very capable to protect themselves from heart disease . HDL will sweep bad cholesterol in the arterial walls of your heart are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease .
Reporting from Medical News Today , Tuesday ( 11/3 ) , this study asked participants to eat fish 3-4 times a week . Species as salmon , rainbow trout , herring , and vendance .

Facts and Myths About Bathroom

Skin becomes an important asset for a woman . Maintaining regular skin can make a woman radiated beauty . Without realizing it , some external factors can threaten the health of the skin to become dry .
When you are in the office , about eight hours you are always exposed to dry air coming from the air conditioner ( AC ) . Not to mention , exposed to direct sunlight and air pollution .
Therefore , extra care is needed as well to keep skin always looks healthy and moist . One of the easiest is to treat the skin with a shower as it is the beginning of a process to cleanse the body . Here are the actual facts about the following myths bath .
Myth : Warm bath routine is good for health
Fact : Maybe you've heard that a hot shower is better for the body than using cold water . But did you know that a warm water bath on a regular basis also have a negative impact on the body , one of which can lead to evaporation of water in the pores of the skin . If done continuously can cause the skin to become dry . Indeed , to clean the face of dirt , oil and make-up , warm water helps , however , if not terminated cold shower skin pores will be open wide driveway that could be acne. ( source : ) .

Monday, March 10, 2014

Recognize Complementary feeding for Children

Breast milk is the best food for infants aged 0-6 months . After that age , the child should be introduced complementary foods ( solids ) . But give complementary feeding is not as easy as one might imagine , because the nutritional needs and interests feed the baby sometimes incompatible .

Well , for that pediatrician Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) Soedjatmiko describes some tips for choosing the right Weaning below .

1 . Children will eat

Every parent would want their children filled with enough nutrients through their consumption of breast milk and solid foods . However, if you do not like children , then giving solid foods is not enough nutrient dense .

" Parents should also pay attention to the taste and texture of foods preferred by children , " he said .

Eat More Fruit In fact Make You Fat

When trying to lose a few pounds of weight loss , many people who use the fruit to eliminate the cravings to eat sweet . Fruit contains lots of fiber , vitamins , and minerals so eat lots of fruit may sound healthy .
Fruits have important health benefits for day-to- day diet . But is it too much it will damage the fruit eating weight loss diet ?
Jacqueline Silvestri Banks , holistic health counselor from Oregon USA says , fruits contain simple sugars fructose and carbohydrate types , two things that need to be consumed with moderation by dieters . Eating too much fruit can cause elevated levels of insulin . Yet when insulin levels rise , the body will have difficulty in burning fat .
Fructose is processed in the liver ( liver ) and if not immediately used , these substances are stored in the body as fat and can be used again as the energy at any time . Fat storage as this will certainly be a problem for dieters .

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hypertension Is Not Just High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is often interpreted as high blood pressure . However , it is not that simple hypertension . According to specialists in internal medicine Suhardjono , hypertension is a condition that involves some complications once inside the body .
" Hypertension is not just an increase in blood pressure , but it also means obesity , decreased arterial elasticity , endothelial dysfunction , abnormal glucose metabolism , hormone nerve dysfunction , and changes in kidney function , " said the doctor with kidney - hypertension subspecialty during the press conference of "The 8th Annual Meeting of Indonesian Society of Hypertension " on Friday ( 03/07/2014 ) in Jakarta .
Moreover , he added , hypertension can also mean a change in the mechanism of blood clotting , abnormal insulin metabolism , dysfunction , and cardiac chamber wall thickening , atherosclerosis ( the buildup of plaque in blood vessels ) , and lipid metabolism abnormality .Therefore , Suhardjono stressed , hypertension is clearly a very big risk conditions . Unfortunately , there are still many people with hypertension who still do not know that he has a condition that has not received proper treatment .

Sugar , Heart Healthy Main Enemy

Fatty foods had been believed to be one cause of heart health problems . But the fact is it is still a debate following the expert opinion stating that the heart is the main enemy is sugar .
According to a U.S. scientist , low-fat diet is not much help to prevent heart disease or prolong life . Indeed , low-sugar diet and limiting carbohydrate intake should reduce the risk of disease in a major project .
Confidence low-fat diet is good for heart health based on research evidence in the 1950s . This study suggests , saturated fat big risk to public health .
" We need a public campaign as was done in the 1970s and 1980s , to declare that our assumption was wrong, " said the expert cardiovascular , James DiNicolantino .
In his article published in the journal Open Heart DiNicolantino added , concluding there was no evidence that low-fat diet is good for health effects . According to him , the literature generally only mention the bad and good effects of a reduction in fat consumption .

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Simply Sugar Consumption 6 Teaspoon per Day

Sugar is a substance that is almost always present in the diet . Increasing consumption of sugar can be harmful to health . For that reason , it is important to be aware of sugar especially in processed food .
According to experts , the consumption of sugar is not restricted cause of premature death case continues to increase every year in the world .
" The addition of sugar in the diet is not required at all . Adding sugar actually lead to obesity , type 2 diabetes , and tooth decay . We already know this but the risk of not doing anything important , " said Graham MacGregor , cardiology expert from London .
Dangers of excess sugar also stalking the children and adolescents through the consumption of soft drinks . The World Health Organization ( WHO ) said the high rates of obesity due to the sugar content is hidden ( hidden sugar ) in beverages and processed foods , such as yogurt , pasta , or carbonated soft drinks , juices , and smoothies .

Less Iron Makes Little Fool

Iron deficiency is often associated with risk 5L is weak weary tired limp . But the risk was only true for adults . The risk of iron deficiency in children , especially in the first 1,000 days of life could be worse.
Soedjatmiko pediatrician said iron deficiency in children two years before the impact on the less optimal brain growth . It then lowers the intelligence of children that should not happen when a child is enough iron .
" According to the study , the IQ of children who lack iron average 10-20 points below the child sufficient intake of iron . Means that iron is very influential on the formation of children's intelligence . If iron deficiency , children so stupid , " he explained in the discussion of health in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 03/04/2014 ) .
Soedjatmiko explained , iron is one mineral that is important in the learning process . Iron, he said , was instrumental in the formation of brain cells , as well as to establish the relationship between these cells or are known as synapses .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smokers are in Near Kids Can Damage Blood Vessels Permanent

Passive smoking can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels of children, says a scientist .

Damage to a blood vessel wall thickening would increase the risk of heart attack and stroke later in life , according to a report released by the European Heart Journal and the BBC reported on Wednesday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

The study, involving more than 2,000 children aged three to 18 years , shows damage occurs if both parents smoke .

Experts say there is no level of " safe " from exposure to second-hand smoke .

Research conducted in Finland and Australia reveals how the physical effects that arise when the child grows up in a house full of smoke .

Ultrasound scan showed a change in the main blood vessel walls extending from the neck to the head of the children whose parents smoke .

6 Steps Press Risk Kidney Pain

Each person can have a healthy kidney and functioning well into old age . Unfortunately , many people ignore the condition of the kidneys . To maintain public awareness of kidney health is still minimal .

In America , one in three people own risk of kidney disease and this number continues to increase . High blood pressure , diabetes , or a family history also influenced the increased risk of kidney disease .

In a meeting of the National Kidney Month in March 2014 and commemorate World Kidney Day , the National Kidney Foundation encourages everyone to learn about the kidneys and how to maintain their health .

The knowledge base is given , among others , each person must know that he was born with two kidneys , although actually only need one . Every day , the kidneys filter 200 liters of blood and in the process filter two liters of toxins , wastes , and water .

Waste and water would normally leave the body in the form of urine . Through this process , the kidney is able to regulate water levels in the body . The kidneys also release hormones that regulate blood pressure , red blood cell products , and helps maintain bone health .
Impaired renal function usually takes place slowly in a long time . Therefore , when a person experiences kidney failure , he is likely to experience kidney pain for a long time in advance . Therefore , people should start to realize the importance of maintaining healthy kidneys . Start doing prevention and early detection of kidney disease .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Diet Secrets in the Seaweed

Seaweed can be an important element in weight loss efforts , said experts .

Scientists at Newcastle University , said alginate component found in seaweeds can reduce fat digestion in the intestines .

The results of research published in the journal Food Chemistry, shows that one type of alginate may decrease the absorption of fat by 75 percent .

Although not regarded as sufficient food is delicious , the expert suggests that the natural fiber found in seaweed could be the key to successful weight loss .

Lead researcher , Professor Jeff Pearson , of the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biotechnology , University of Newcastle , said : " We tried adding alginate to bread and initial tests show some very encouraging . "

Overcome obesity ?

Now the next step is to conduct clinical trials to determine how effective the alginate when eaten as part of a normal diet .

6 Food Lowering Cholesterol

High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) irrespective of gender and socioeconomic status. High cholesterol is the cause of many degenerative diseases, namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Many factors, such as heredity, be the initial cause of hypercholesterolemia. However, cholesterol is too high can actually be prevented through a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet coupled with exercise can be a sniper stance remains keeping cholesterol levels in healthy threshold.
Here are some foods that can help control the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Incorporate these foods in your diet every day is expected to help your cholesterol under control
1. Strowberi
This red fruit is not only delicious, but also contains antioxidants that can lower cholesterol levels. According to research scientists Università Politecnica delle Marche of consumption of strawberries can reduce the total amount of bad cholesterol in the body. While the amount of good cholesterol remained the same. The findings are published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Monday, March 3, 2014

This is The Reason Why Chocolate Healthy Heart

In addition to taste , the researchers found that dark chocolate or dark chocolate can prevent heart disease in two ways .
Two benefits contained in dark chocolate improve flexibility it is hardened arteries , and prevents white blood attaches to the inside of the vessel wall . Both conditions it can form plaque , which block the vessels and causes heart disease .

These findings tracked by experts from the Netherlands in a study of 44 middle-aged and overweight are given 70 grams of dark chocolate and milk per day during the two periods of four weeks each .

The content of the heart-healthy chocolate that is organic mix called flavanols , which are also found in vegetables , fruits and green tea .

Gerald Weissmann , editor of the FASEB Journal that published the study , said the researchers found there was something in flavanols from dark chocolate that makes people more liked than milk chocolate .

A series of Spicy Food Benefits

Like spicy food ? It turns out that food is added chili has a series of benefits .
Spicy food could lower the calories of food eaten . On average they are eating spicy food calorie content is reduced by up to 75 compared to those with food is not spicy .
Research conducted at Purdue University discovered the chemical in chili , which capsaicinocids reduce the desire to eat fatty foods , salty , and sweet foods . If that was not enough , Capsaicinoids stimulate the cells ' brown fat ' in the body which causes the temperature rises up to burn calories more quickly than usual .
Benefits spicy cuisine continues . It is said that eating spicy foods can relieve breathing . Thus , a bowl of spicy curry or add chunks of pepper in chicken soup can help relieve blocked noses due to colds  or  sinusitis .