Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5 Ways to Decrease Fats Permanently

Maintaining the results of diet or weight reduction is not easy. Most people just enjoy a slender stomach a few weeks before the difficulty again wearing a newly purchased jeans when the circumference of his belly shrink.

Indeed to eliminate fat gelambir permanently need long-term efforts to get the body accustomed. Here are 5 rules that can be applied so we can actually say "goodbye" to the fat in the stomach, and not "see you again."

Embrace the rainbow

Many people think the more solid the diet plan, the more effective the results will be. Maybe that's true. But keep in mind getting a diet for food is not always easy and not always tasty. Then make your diet easier.

"Make it a colorful protein and vegetable as your main meal," says Rob Aitken, a fitness trainer. "As long as these two foods become the most you eat, you'll feel full longer and as a result are not tempted to eat more calories."


Keeping what we eat in an orderly fashion for months is a difficult thing to do. Therefore give an opportunity for the tongue to have fun at certain times. "Eat enough clean and orderly 80 percent every week. You can go on a strict diet Monday through Friday. But release a bit of your tongue over the weekend, "says Dylan Jones, a nutrition adviser.

In this way you can still have a slim body, but also eat good food. But be sure not to go beyond that limit, because making the fat back much easier than eliminating it.

Do not drink (calorie drinks)

Often we consider drinking not part of the diet, so whatever we take. Many people feel already dieting with salad. But after that menggelontornya with 200 calorie soft drinks.

"Always avoid high-calorie drinks. It's a hidden dangers that thwart the diet, "Aitken said. "Drink water or tea without sugar. This is the best choice for diet. "

Do it for yourself

There are many reasons why someone wants to slim down. But the best reason is to understand why this is important to you. "It is not wrong if people are motivated to diet and exercise to look cool during the holidays," said Aitken. "But to stay fit and slim requires more awareness of personal health."

Making changes in the long term or maintaining it means asking ourselves why we want to be healthier and fit. Why it matters to you. According to the study, those who diet for temporary reasons, for example to be able to wear favorite suits at the wedding, will be easier to be fat again than those who have long-term reasons, such as to be longer playing with their children.

Reset and restart

Target can be a motivation. But when the target is reached, you need to create a new target. When you are done on one target, for example slim during the holidays, then once the holiday is over, you will become fat again.

So create a gradual targets. For example, lose weight 5 pounds. Once achieved, update the target, for example, making your abdominal muscles visible. When that is achieved, continue with the goal of maintaining a healthy life for a year, and so on.

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