Tuesday, May 16, 2017

7 Benefits of Drinking Sugar Cane for Health

Maybe you've seen a drink of sugarcane juice being sold by the side of the road, but have tried it? There are many reasons why you should try drinking sugarcane juice.

Cane comes with a natural sugar called sucrose, it can be absorbed quickly by the body. Most cane juice sellers also add lemon slices into it, thus enhancing the flavor while offering vitamin C.

Therefore, sugarcane juice becomes one of the healthy drinks to refresh thirst. In addition, you also get the following 7 benefits when drinking sugar cane routine:

1. In summer, when you are often dehydrated, sugarcane juice can be your best friend. Cane water can fill the lost electrolytes. This healthy drink contains manganese, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

2. In fact, if you are a diabetic, there is no need to avoid sugarcane because the glycemic index is low. This healthy drink does not make blood sugar levels suddenly go down. But, it would be better if consulted with a doctor before drinking sugarcane for diabetics.

3. Sugarcane contains flavones that are said to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Some studies claim that cane water can reduce the spread of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

4. Cane water also contains glucose that energizes during hot weather. If you exercise during hot weather, do not forget to drink sugarcane to restore lost energy and body fluids.

5. Cane water also contains natural antibiotic properties. In addition, sugar cane water is alkaline. It can calm urinary tract infections and is good for kidney function.

6. Cane water contains potassium, so it's good for your digestive system. In addition, drinking water ransom also prevents stomach infections.

7. Cane water can also speed recovery in those suffering from jaundice. Cane water will help regulate bilirubin levels. In addition, drinking cane water will also protect the liver from damage. Quoted from the page Boldsky, Tuesday (05/16/2017).

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