Sunday, May 7, 2017

8 Benefits of Surprising Salt

Salt may be for some people usually only dtempatkan in the kitchen. Quoted from the Times of India, apparently in addition to being an element in cooking, salt also has other benefits that are quite surprising.

Peeling dead skin
In addition to the kitchen, salt also has a function in the bathroom. The reason, salt also has properties that can help in peeling the dead skin. The way to apply it is to apply it like using soap.

This can be done effectively after we have finished bathing. Wrap salt on our skin will automatically peel the dead skin, especially in some parts such as feet, elbows and knees.

Relieves swollen eyes
Salt can also reduce the swelling of the skin around the eyes. The trick is very simple, just need to compress the eyes with a cloth that has been soaked in a glass of warm water that has been given salt as much as half a teaspoon.

Ensure egg quality
Sometimes we forget when we last bought eggs. Instead of breaking eggs but it turns out the eggs are rotten, then it's good we check the quality of eggs before pouring.

Again, salt has a stake in doing this task. The trick is easy, prepare a glass of water that has been given two teaspoons of salt. Then, input the egg in the glass. Eggs that are still worth consuming will sink in the solution, while the already rotten eggs will float.

Cleaning stains on silver apparatus
Kitchenware such as spoons, knives, forks and other equipment made of silver, usually over time will be smeared. No need to buy new if you want to make the equipment back glistening. Silver tools can be cleaned by rubbing salt using a washcloth.

Cleaning stains on the iron
The ironing board is often brownish stains after frequently used. To make the plate clean again, we can also use salt.

Way, sprinkle salt on brown cover paper. Then wipe the paper with an already hot iron. After that, cool the iron and clean the plate on the iron with a clean cloth.

Cleaning the refrigerator
The contents of the fridge that diverse make it often stained and cause unpleasant aroma. This we can eliminate by routinely rubbing the inside of the refrigerator with a cloth that has been soaked with water and soda water. That way, the scent and stains in the refrigerator will be lifted.

Cleaning copper
In addition to silver, salt can also clean equipment made of copper. However, the way is slightly different than when cleaning silver.

To brew the copper, a spray bottle is required filled with warm water vinegar three tablespoons of salt. Then spray the liquid onto copper. After that, let stand for two minutes then clean with a clean cloth.

Relieves bee stings
To relieve a bee sting, flush with water on the affected part of the body. Then dress with salt.

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