Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pome Fruit, Rich Potassium To Protect Teeth

Pomegranate fruit or fruit like a berry berry and leave a trace of color in hand. Just like the type of berry fruit, pome rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It is fibrous and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, a number of studies have found that eating fruit or drinking juice can help protect various diseases. Even to cancer and Alzheimer's.

Here is a detail of a number of pome or pomegranate excellence, quoted from Medical Daily:

Rich Potassium
Antioxidants contained in poms help fight infection associated with dialysis in the body. It also helps fight kidney-related diseases to cardiovascular complications (blood pressure).

It was presented in 2010 at a meeting of the American Society of Nephrology. The study calls the potassium content in pome juice to help reduce complications of renal patients and reduce the level of morbidity of patients.

Hunger Hold
Vitamin C in this pome seeds reaches 40 percent of the recommended vitamin C requirement per day. This content helps lower blood pressure and hunger due to high fiber.

Because of this, the pome is good for breakfast. The presentation can be mixed with oatmeal, quinoa to yogurt. Pome can also be mixed with chicken or turkey dish.

Plaque Protector
There is good news to enjoy pome juice, the tooth is shielded from plaque-causing microorganisms. A study published by the Ancient Science of Life called people who drank pome juice less plaque.

Antioxidants called polyphenols in pome are believed to be a factor. This type of antioxidant is believed to have anti-bacterial activity that can protect teeth.

Cancer Treatment
A study from the University of California, Riverside found the content in pome juice indicated could inhibit prostate cancer cell growth. This content inhibits cell movement while weakening chemical signals that can make cancer cells spread from where it came from.

In a separate study, Israeli researchers found pome juice can prevent and destroy breast cancer cells. Possibly, there are other cancers that can also be minimized malignancy with the content of this fruit.

Stabilize PSA levels
PSA is a prostate-specific antigen in men. The National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health explains PSA is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland.

Men with prostate cancer usually have abnormal or low PSA levels. According to a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) study, prostate cancer patients typically experience STA level stability when they drink pome juice every day.

Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
The specific antioxidant polyphenols called punicalagin are believed to be a source of anti-inflammatory on the pome. Research involving mice found that drinking this juice could reduce amyloid plaques.

Plaque accumulates between nerve cells in the brain to cause Alzheimer's symptoms. The mice given pome juice every day also showed improved performance in certain mental tasks.

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