Thursday, May 4, 2017

Too Much Consumption Soda Stroke and Dementia

Scientists found a link between minumah diet soda with stroke and dementia. They found the effects of soft drinks on the decline in brain work.

Boston University's research found that low-sugar sweet drinks artificial sweeteners trigger a person affected by a stroke. In the next stage, a person may be affected by dementia until Alzheimer's disease.

They believe that botanical sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharine may affect the blood vessels. This is what eventually leads to stroke and demension.

Previously, the study involved 2,888 thousand people aged over 45 years for trial on stroke. Meanwhile, 1,484 people aged over 60 years for experimental dementia.

Scientists examine drinking habits at three different points in seven years. They found that participants who drank a diet sodas a day had a three times greater risk of stroke or dementia.

"In our study found three percent of people had a stroke and five percent had dementia, so this is a small number," said lead researcher Matthew Pase, as reported by the Sciencealert page. Although the number is fairly small, Matthew still recommends people to reduce consumption of soda and multiply drinking water, not sweet drinks let alone a diet drink that was made from artificial sugar.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the American Heart Association's Nutrition Committee and professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont, Rachel Johnson, Rachel Johnson said limiting additional sugars is an important strategy to support nutrition and weight is more ideal. "For that, everyone needs to be careful with sugary drinks, especially beverage products with artificial sweeteners," he said.

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