Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mango Very Good Consumed

Mango is a local fruit that is very often found in traditional markets and modern markets. However, many people do not know for sure the benefits of this yellow fruit.

According to nutrition expert from India Rujuta Diwaker, as a local fruit, mango is very familiar to the body so that the body can directly adapt without any harmful content.

"Mango can be enjoyed in any way whether made either pickled or directly eaten in the form of pieces," said Rujuta quoted by Times of India.

Rujuta reveals mangoes contain the perfect nutrition and good for consumed patients Diabetes problems and being overweight. Among them, mango is rich in beta carotene which is good for the skin, as well as vitamin C for bone and joint strength.

Not only that, according to Rujuta, mango is also rich in fiber that is good for the digestive system and powerful to reduce cholesterol. Mango also contains lots of vitamin B6 which can relieve morning and night bloating.

Rujuta also reveals the unfair myths attached to the mango fruit. Some myths attached to mango are:

Myth, mango is not good for diabetics. In fact, according to Rujuta, it is good mango for diabetics because of its high antioxidant and fiber content. They will help insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels.

The myth of mango contains many calories. In fact, according to Rujuta, calories contained in mango better than calories from low-flour cakes, fiber-rich biscuits or soft drinks.

Myth, mango fattening. In fact, according to Rujuta, mango contains a number of nutrients that help speed up fat burning.
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