Thursday, June 15, 2017

Benefits of Broccoli for Diabetes Patients

According to a new study, eating broccoli can help diabetic patients to control blood sugar sufferers.

According to Boldsky, currently, type 2 diabetes affects about 450 million people worldwide and as many as 15 percent of diabetic patients can not use first-line metformin which is a drug often used by diabetic patients, because of the risk of kidney damage.

From the results of the research, broccoli is very rich on sulforphane content known to be able to renew the production of enzymes and protect blood vessels and prevent cell damage due to high levels of sugar in the blood.

"In studies conducted on mice, these compounds reduce the production of glucose by growing liver cells and alter the expression of liver genes from the potential of diabetes Sulforaphane can reverse the disease and cut excessive glucose production and glucose intolerance with the same amount of metformin," explained the researcher. From Lund University, Annika Axelsson quoted from Boldsky.

In addition, Broccoli also contains chromium, which increases this compound in the body will encourage increased insulin sensitivity in the body that is useful in controlling glucose and other related factors that accompany the onset of diabetes.

However, when going to eat broccoli, you also have to pay attention to the way of storage and processing to be felt all the benefits of broccoli. Remember, do not ever keep your broccoli in the freezer, because once removed from the freezer, the nutrients in the broccoli will be damaged. When cooking it must be in a short time.

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