Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hemp the Ugly Mood with the Consumption of Two Kiwi Fruits

Food is often a solution to eliminate bad mood for some people. In addition to chocolate or ice cream, kiwi fruit also has benefits in dispelling an unpleasant mood.

Nutritionist DR Fiastuti Witjaksono Sp. GK (K) said, based on bioavailability studies, it was found that by eating two kiwi fruit a day, in addition to increasing vitamin C intake, apparently this fruit can also reduce the bad mood that sometimes settles on someone.

"In addition to improving the mood, kiwi also works for the often fast fatigue and depression," he said in a media briefing held Zespri International Limited, in Jakarta, some time ago. Therefore, kiwi can be a solution of daily nutritional intake.

Moreover, the content of vitamin C in kiwi is very important for the body and can improve immunity. In addition, Kiwi is also optimal in improving the formation of collagen is very good for the skin.

Delam activities, Zespri International Limited as the world's largest kiwi fruit marketer as well as launch a campaign that aims to provide education about the benefits of kiwi. Through the campaign, it is hoped that the community can improve health as well as promote healthy lifestyle.

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