Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This Is What Happens If We Avoid Carbohydrates

Have you ever smelled the unpleasant smell of your friend's body on a paleo diet or just eating fatty foods? The smell did not come from an unwashed suit.

Scientific explanation of the smell was in fact related to the diet without carbohydrates are done. And the strange smell of the breath is not the only result if one does not consume rice, bread, sweet potatoes and friends.

Here are the things that will happen if we avoid karbo in our menu:

Looks slimmer
Not eating carbohydrates will make people get slim faster. This happens because a lot of water is released from the body.

"The carbohydrates consumed will be stored in the form of glycogen (sugar) in the liver and in muscles with water," says Laura Cipullo, a dietitian and diabetes researcher. "The body will use these deposits when we are not eating or exercising. When we use it, the fluid in the muscles will also disappear, making us look slimmer.

In addition, if our goal of avoiding carbohydrates is to lose weight, then our metabolism usually slows down without carbohydrates. At some point, the slow metabolism will reach the plateau and make it difficult for us to lose weight.
"The rate of metabolism is determined by what we eat and how much. But carbohydrates have an important role to play, "said Amanda Bontempo, nutrition health therapist.

The body starts burning fat and protein
When the fuel in the form of glycogen runs out, the body will start using fat and protein (ketones) as fuel. This is called ketosis.

"This part is nothing to worry about, because burning weak is not a bad thing, as long as you still have fat reserves," says Mike Gorski, a fitness trainer.

Even so, if the fat runs out, the body will burn muscles to gain energy, and this is a bad thing. We will feel weak and the muscles lose their mass.

Breath becomes smelly
Ketones are a byproduct of metabolism that causes smelling breath, can be like certain fruits. But the smell was gradually becoming more stinging and unpleasant. "Sometimes it smells like a nail polish," Bontempo said.

Have a headache
Have you had a headache for lack of drinking? Well reduce carbohydrates will also drain fluid from the body.

"Water follows carbohydrates, meaning that if we do not eat carbohydrates and glycogen runs out, then the water will go away," Gorski said. "When the fluid decreases with the electrolyte, the brain is affected. Some will get headaches for it. "

Therefore, those who reduce carbohydrates are advised to frequently drink in sufficient quantities.

Many carbohydrates are present in food along with fruits and vegetables. When a person does not eat carbohydrates, meaning not to consume as well as, then the digestion will be disrupted.

"Without enough fluids and no fiber from grains, fruits, and vegetables, our digestive tract will have difficulty removing undigested food scraps. As a result we have difficult bowel movements, "said Cipullo.
Conversely, the body's reaction can be the opposite, ie people will go back and forth to the toilet, depending on what we eat.

"If we replace carbohydrates with low quality protein, fatty foods, or sugarless foods with artificial sweeteners, then the gas will form in the stomach and diarrhea can occur," added Bontempo.

Not excited
A person's cognitive function can be inhibited when not consuming carbohydrates, because burning protein and fat requires a longer process than breaking glucose. In addition, without brain carbo we also will not get dopamine that makes us more passionate.

Avoid diabetes
This is the good part. Carbohydrates and sugars will quickly convert into glucose and make insulin rise. "Increase in excess insulin will make blood sugar drop so we feel weak. If this happens continuously, will happen insulin resistance, then pre diabetes, and eventually become diabetes, "said Bontempo.

That is, reducing carbohydrates will make us avoid such problems.

The production of hormones is reduced
A low carbohydrate diet will reduce the production of hormones, especially the thyroid that regulate the rate of metabolism. Less carbo can also lower testosterone levels and increase cortisol which causes weakness, loss of sex drive, and immune affect.
Feel more powerful, or vice versa

It depends on the condition of each person. Those who have excess glycogen and fat will feel more energetic when doing a diet without carbohydrates. But those who do not have the fat reserves will lose energy because of muscle mass eroded.

Although reducing carbohydrates have a good effect, but eliminate them altogether

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