Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Often Takes Santan Increase Cholesterol

Santan is a food ingredient that is commonly used in food archipelago. Starting from vegetable lodeh to rendang, all must use coconut milk to enhance the taste.

Although tasty on the tongue, but the consumption of coconut milk should be limited because it has a negative impact on health. "Of course (raising cholesterol) If pure coconut milk is an oil, even a bad oil," said Dr. Setiowan Ong, SpPD-KGEH to Kompas Lifestyle at the launch of FiberCreme at The Lounge XXI Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (8/8) / 2017).

Santan, said Hardianto, also consists of a mixture of fat and sugar. As for the oil, according to him will have an impact on the narrowing of blood vessels that cause coronary heart to stroke.

Hardianto added, if fat and sugar mixed in the body so much will be absorbed. "Meanwhile, if we eat too much coconut milk, (can cause) high cholesterol, high blood or even coronary heart," he said.

To reduce the absorption of cholesterol, we are encouraged to eat lots of fiber-containing foods, such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, or oats and whole products.

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