Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stress turns out to be contagious, this is the scientific explanation

When a person experiences stress, psychiatric conditions are not impossible to spread to people around. Founder of the health and wellness applications of Energy Fusion Dean Griffiths said there was a scientific explanation behind the condition.

He explained, humans can reflect each other's emotions because of what is called mirror neurons. When seeing someone else perform an action, the mirror neuron glows as if we are also doing the same thing and allowing us to capture the person's mind.

"Our emotions are spread through wireless networks of mirror neurons, which allow us to empathize with others," Griffiths said, as quoted from the Psychologies page.

If we see a person's toes tripping, certain areas of the brain light up and make us feel the same pain. In fact, one study found that 26 percent of people showed elevated levels of stress hormone cortisol just by looking at someone who is experiencing stress.

This type of stress is more easily transmitted between lovers than foreigners, which is equal to 40 percent. However, the study team noted that 24 percent of people also showed a stress response when analyzed stress-video stress transmission with strangers.

The good news, this contagious stress response can be changed and controlled. Other studies have shown that creating a positive mindset about stress potentially leads to a 23 percent decrease in the negative effects of stress.

"Instead of frustrating the negative people around you, try to see it as a challenge to help someone become positive," he said.

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