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Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia Jack)

pasak bumi leaf

for male virility

Pegs of the earth (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) is one of medicinal plants from the forest which has many benefits. Based on pharmacological study pegs the Earth contains four important compounds are compounds canthin, eurycomanone derivative compounds, quassinoid compound, and compound ethanol. Canthin compounds in plants of the earth pegs could inhibit cancer cell growth, eurycomanone derivative compounds as anti-malarial, quassinoid compounds function as anti-leukemia, and prospectively for anti-HIV compound, ethanol serves as an aphrodisiac. The benefits are diverse causes of the earth many pegs are exported to foreign countries for the purposes of making herbal medicine. Products pegs dry earth has its price is quite expensive, product in the form of chopped roots (chipped root) costs 60 USD / kg while the price of products in the form of extracts of 80 USD / kg.

Pegs of the earth has a regional distribution in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Kalimantan. On the island of Sumatra, only a few areas that allegedly still pegs the earth's plants are found Leuser area, part of Riau province and the area of Kerinci Seblat. Almost all parts of this plant contains a bitter substance that can be used for the drug. The roots of this plant are mixed with other herbs such as cinnamon and used for tonic penyehat in Sabah. In addition, roots leather used in Malaysia as well as a fever remedy, healing the wounds in the gums or the disruption of worms as well as tonic after childbirth. Bark is used for coagulant blood after giving birth, while in Kalimantan and Sabah bark is used to treat pain in the bones. Peg leaves the young earth to be eaten for treatment of abdominal pain. In Vietnam flowers and fruits of the earth pin is used for medicine for dysentery. According to physical properties, mechanical and durability, wood pegs the earth has a specific gravity of 0.65, durability class 4-5, and a strong class II. Timber class can be used for construction and furniture.

According to WHO, 80% more of the world population still rely on traditional medicine including the use of drugs derived from plants. Megabiodiversity Indonesia is a country rich in medicinal plants, and the potential to be developed, but have not managed optimally. Plants in Indonesia's natural wealth includes 30,000 species of plants of a total of 40 000 plant species in the world, 940 species of them are medicinal plants (this amount represents 90% of medicinal plants in Asia). Based on research results, of the many species of medicinal plants, only 20-22% is cultivated. While about 78% is obtained through direct collection (exploration) of forest. Potential of medicinal plants in Indonesia, including forest medicinal plants among others pegs the Earth, if well managed will be very beneficial in terms of economic, social, cultural and environmental.

Pegs of the earth is the authentic Viagra Indonesia's forests. In Malaysia, this drug called Tongkat Ali. Although the pegs Earth is a plant native to Indonesia, but the influence of the efficacy of this plant against sexual arousal more studied by Western countries rather than country of Indonesia itself. As an annex to this chapter, I give you a few choice studies of Western countries against the efficacy of pegs Earth to enhance sexual arousal. You should know that studies conducted using scientific language, Latin name of the Earth is Eurycoma Longifolia pegs.
Pegs Earth (Eurycoma Longifolia) have been shown to increase levels of testosterone in the body, but it does not happen only with a disposable only. The effect can be seen after continuous use for several weeks. In addition to improving men's sexual function, pegs the Earth also can increase the activity of males in sexual activity.

Likewise for men who used to consume tempeh or other soy products, can memgkonsumsi pegs Earth to acquire properties, as tempeh and other soy products are rich in phytoestrogens which can inhibit sexual function and growth of the penis.

A recent research conducted at the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) shows that the roots of plants of the earth peg (Eurycoma longifolia) has properties to protect the liver from damage. During this time, the public trust hereditary pegs earth as ingredients to enhance male sexual arousal. Moreover, people also use the pegs of the earth as a tonic for new mothers who give birth, treatment of swollen glands, fever, and dysentery. But now the roots of the earth peg proved his usefulness by Ruqiah Double Princess Panjaitan, student S3 Biology Study Program Graduate School of IPB in his research entitled "Testing Activity hepatoprotector pegs Roots of the Earth. In this research, herb root extract earth pegs tested its effectiveness against liver function in animals rats. "The results of scientific research shows the earth peg efficacious in sexual dysfunction, antimalarial, and cytotoxic (cell poisoning). While the investigation of the influence of the earth peg protects the liver from damage has not been much done, "said Ruqiah. In his research, Ruqiah spend 12.5 kilograms of dry earth peg roots. The roots of dry earth peg mashed into powder and extracted with methanol solution of 50 percent. Then, again partitioned and again with n-hexane, concentrated by vacuum rotary evaporator. The result of this partition is still through the process a few steps again, until the extract was expected.

Indonesian native plant extract is then tested on male Sprague Dawley rats aged 2-3 months. Previously, all rats were given carbon tetrachloride with a dose of 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0 milliliters per kilogram. Carbon tetrachloride is toxic liver and cause necrosis (cell damage) mice. Animal experiments were divided into three groups, each group consists of three tails. The first group, rats were given distilled water. The second group, mice given "Silybum marianum". The third group, rats given the extract of the roots of the earth peg. Treatment of these mice went on for three months. In granting the earth peg root extract dose of 500 milligrams per kilogram of body weight did not result in changes in liver enzyme levels, the enzyme "aspartate transaminase, the enzyme" alanine Aminotransferaz ", and" Alkalenfosfataz ", total protein, total bilirubin, director and indurek. This illustration shows the overall liver cells were unchanged. Dose of methanol fraction of Earth's water peg roots then raised to 1,000 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. At this dose, the root extract showed activity hepatoprotector earth peg. This marked the levels of enzymes aspartate transaminase and alanine Aminotransferaz still within the normal range. In addition, histopathologic picture (tissue exposed to the disease) was comparable to the granting of silymarin.

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