Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beware, General method of cooking rice Leaving Time Arsenic

Experiments have recently proven method of cooking rice are common, with just boiling in a pan until all the water evaporates, it can expose the remnants of the poison arsenic contaminate rice when grown. It is as a result of the use of industrial toxins and pesticides.

Chemicals can cause many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and impaired growth.

During this time, we believe remnants of arsenic was lost when the rice is cooked. The claim is only valid when the rice is soaked overnight.

Andy Meharg, professor of biological sciences from Queens University, Belfast tested three ways of cooking for a BBC program. "Believe me, I am a doctor who wanted to see whether this changes the amount of arsenic in it," he said.

In the first method, Meharg using a ratio of two parts water to one part rice, where water "evaporated" during cooking, a method commonly used.

He found this method makes the most of the arsenic remains.

Instead, when he used five parts water to one part rice and removes excess water, the arsenic levels by half. While the third method when the rice is soaked overnight, toxicity was reduced by 80 percent.

Certainly the safest method to cook rice by soaking it overnight, then wash and rinse until the water is clean before it is cooked with a ratio of five parts water to one part rice.

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