Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This fungus Proven Can Stop Smoking Addiction

For smokers who feel that nothing can help them break their addiction, there may be one other option that can be tried: hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The relationship between the fungus and stop nicotine addiction has long been observed. And the John Hopkins study has recently stated that the association is supported by the science.

In the study, 12 were long-term smokers were asked to consume pills that contain psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms hallucinogens such.

The volunteers were asked to take and consume drugs in the laboratory are laid out so it looks like a living room and their eyes closed while listening to relaxing music for a few hours. Therapy is repeated two or three times, depending on the preference of the volunteers.

"We got a very positive result, two times higher than that of other standard therapies," said Matthew Johnson, a researcher involved in the study.

Six months later, 12 of the 15 participants remained smoke-free. The researchers noted that those who have hallucinations or out of body experience (out of body) are the most likely to successfully quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is very difficult and unfortunately, the drugs that exist today have a low success rate.

For example, Chantix, the most famous of all drugs to help quit smoking, has a success rate of about 35 percent for six months. Nonprescription method, called even less successful.

According to Johnson, the results of this study indicate that the substance psilocybin in the mushrooms have the ability to "cool down" effect of nicotine, but it still requires further exploration.

Hallucinogenic magic mushrooms can be found easily as it grows in the wild, and the pills are relatively cheap.

Psilocybin affect the nervous system and cause individuals experience "tripping" as seeing colors and patterns are distorted, and has intense emotions. Petunjum use is not recommended without a physician.

Psilocybin drugs were illegal in many countries, but is not considered dangerous. There is no documented evidence that there are people who died due to consumption of these magic mushrooms.

In other countries, such as Mexico, where traditional medicine has long been used, there is a statutory exception to the natives who use hallucinogenic mushrooms for religious ceremonies.

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