Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Health Trends It Turns Cuma Myth

Later came some new health trends, such as eating avocado seed, which is now rising in the online world. Unfortunately, this trend and some other trends did not have scientific proof safe for health.

Eating avocado seed

Many American blogger who posted a video about how to grind beans avocado and then mix them into smoothies.

They say that the avocado seed is also good for consumption as a source of antioxidants and is able to increase the endurance of the virus.

Although the avocado seed does contain antioxidants, California Avocado Commission does not recommend anyone to eat avocado seed. Therefore, the avocado seed also contains elements that are not fit for humans.

Nutritional therapist Ian Marber said, "There has been no human studies that prove the effects of the consumption of avocado seed. However, the avocado seed proved to be harmful to animals. In conclusion, the seeds aplukat not as good for consumption for their risks. "

Drinking water Himalayan sea salt

Some health groups strongly believe that consuming water mixed with Himalayan salt and drink every morning will help the process of weight loss to varicose veins.

"There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that drinking water Himalayan salt, even in a reasonable amount, can be beneficial to health," said Nicholas West of Spire St Anthony's Hospital in Sutton.

He also worried that the instructions to make it is not quite right. When people misunderstand and adding a lot of salt in the water, how it can make them sick.

"While drinking a teaspoon of concentrated salt into a glass of water will not harm most people, this should not be given to infants or the elderly who may have cardiovascular or renal disease," he said.

Drinking clay

Celebrity Zoe Kravitz and Elle Macpherson are just two of the many celebrities who reportedly likes to drink clay to help bind toxins in the body and remove it.

"This is a trend based on science that is misunderstood," said Dr. Lauretta Ihonor of Healthtrenddoctor.com sites.

Clay is known to bind to heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, in the body. However, consuming clay, especially every day as recommended by some websites, can also bind the minerals needed by your body, including iron and calcium, which can put you at risk of malnutrition.

"Side effects are other unpleasant can cause bloating and excess gas."

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