Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Routine Eating Grapes Help Sharpen Memory

Regularly eat two servings of grapes a day, or about 2 handfuls hand, can help Sharpen memory, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer's.

Scientists believe that the nutrients in the grapes can protect the brain against damage associated with memory. Not only that, the wine has also been shown to improve attention and memory performance for people who already show symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Research conducted by the University of California found no significant change in participants who consumed the grape powder form twice daily for 6 months.

Half the participants were asked to consume wine powder is equivalent to 72 grams of wine a day, and half the other participants have a placebo powder. Then, researchers observed cognitive performance through the scan at baseline and six months later.

The results showed that eating grapes promote healthy metabolic activity in brain regions associated with memory.

While those who took the placebo experienced a significant decrease in metabolism. Lead investigator Dr. Daniel Silverman says it applies to all types of wine, wine either black or white.

He said, "The results showed regular intake of wine can give a good effect on memory, including the protection of early memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease."

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