Monday, February 6, 2017

Dangers of Smoking in room

Windows XP and Vista that has been aged more abandoned application makers. Google, for instance, this weekend will revoke announced support for Chrome version 53 down at the end of 2017.

Step plan would be realized on December 2017 will have a significant impact on computer users still on Windows XP and Vista. This is because both the legacy OS can only use Chrome until version 49 only.

"This operating system (Windows XP and Vista) is no longer supported by Microsoft. We strongly encourage you to migrate to a more secure system and still get support," Google wrote in a posting announcements.

Most noticeably the possible effects of the cessation of support Chrome old version, as told Google in its announcement, is users can no longer open standard version of Gmail.

In December 2017, Gmail itself will still be accessible to users of Chrome version 53 down. But, shown is the basic version of HTML based, does not have features such as chat, spell checker, rich formatting, or the ability to import contact list.

Besides can not open the standard version of Gmail, users of Windows XP and Vista are stuck in Chrome version 49 is also going to no longer get security updates for that browser so increases the risk of cyber attacks.

As summarized KompasTekno of PC World, Sunday (02/05/2017), on 8 February, Google will begin to distribute notifications in Chrome that it urged users to update to the latest version of Chrome.

This of course can not be done by users of Windows XP and Vista that can only wear Chome up to version 49. That's why Google recommends users to upgrade the OS first in order to access the latest version of Chrome.

The latest data from NetMarketShare released earlier this month said that Windows XP and Vista is still used by about 10 percent of computer users. The latest OS, Windows 10, only about 25 percent is used by the user.

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