Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jengkol Facts You Should Know, Prevent Diabetes One of Them

Who is not familiar with jengkol? Despite being one of the foods are quite popular in Indonesia, not everyone likes to eat them. Yes, because eating jengkol can create bad breath become unpleasant. However, there are a number of facts about jengkol you should know where these foods provide many health benefits. Here are some facts and benefits of jengkol you should know as quoted from page Vegetafruit, Monday (06/02/2017):

Preventing constipation Too often suffer from constipation would endanger the health of the body, because it can lead to colon cancer. Well, if you are fond of eating jengkol directly, it will reap the benefits in preventing constipation. Another benefit of preventing anemia jengkol is to prevent anemia. Anemia occurs because you kekuragan iron. On the other hand, it contains enough iron jengkol approximately 4.7 grams per 100g jengkol.

Lowering blood sugar Not only anemia, jengkol meal can also help control diabetes. Because, in jengkol substance can lower blood sugar levels in a timely manner. But, of course, how to lower blood sugar by eating jengkol must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. One is by reducing foods that contain high sugar.

If you are a fan of sugary drinks and foods, it could replace it with corn sugar. Through a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of eating jengkol can be optimized. Coronary Heart protect heart health is just one type of heart disease that is commonly overcome by eating jengkol. Coronary artery disease occurs due to narrowing of blood vessels. Refinement of course will make the flow of blood to the heart becomes smooth. Jengkol mineral content will make the blood vessels to dilate.

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