Sunday, February 5, 2017

Eating Lots of Help Accelerate Healing

Typically, food is the last thing on your mind when you're sick; nausea, sore throat.

However, a new study shows that eating, let alone in an amount more than usual, it can accelerate the healing of disease.

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that forcing myself to eat even if you're not hungry, can help recovery.

Janelle Assistant Professor Ayers and his team gave the bacteria Salmonella Typhimurium to laboratory rats. These bacteria cause loss of appetite and spread quickly to other parts of the body.

Rats that eat more turned out to live longer than mice that eat only a little.

The presumption that circulated during this time was that the extra food can boost immunity. But, it did not occur in this study.

Ayers found that bacteria in mice who ate, not as widespread as in the mice eat just a little. This is what allows them to stay healthy.

"What we found is that the loss of appetite will create Salmonella bacteria become more virulent, because the intestine is forced to find the nutrients for themselves," says researcher Sheila Rao in a press release.

This study only reflects how the bacteria works in mice and not humans. But the team hopes, this is a good start to conduct additional research into the decline of appetite caused by metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure.

In addition, the team also hopes that the nutrition-based treatment could be an alternative to antibiotic drugs.

"Find an alternative to antibiotics is very important, because today has many events kumam evolution of strains resistant to existing antibiotics," said Ayres.

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