Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beware, Salt Can Increase Appetite

Salt is certainly a flavoring spice in food. However, consuming too much salt brings a certain impact to the body, one of which increases body weight.

Based on research, consuming too much salt can increase hunger. Conversely, swallowing excessive amounts of salt reduces thirst.

Research conducted by researchers from the Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Germany revealed, foods that are too salty increase hunger due to high energy needs. Salt also makes the consumed water settle in the kidneys and body, while the salt itself is removed from the body.

One of the researchers, Friedrich C. Luft said, consume salt does not mean useless. Instead, salt helps the osmolyte process, a compound that helps cells to adapt to dehydration or excess water.

Osmolyte binds water and helps transport it. Its function is to store water inside the body while removing salt from the body.

"Nature seems to have found a way to conserve water that would otherwise be carried into the urine through salt," Friedrich C. Luft was quoted as saying by Indian Express on Wednesday (19/4).

Previously, research was conducted on two groups of 10 people. They are given food intake with different salt content for more than a hundred days.

The result, consuming lots of salt does not increase the drinking frequency. In contrast, the salt diet causes participants to drink less. "Salt triggers a mechanism to keep water in the kidneys," he said.

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