Monday, April 24, 2017

Efficacious, Mineral Wedang Uwuh Below Under Water Zam-Zam

Wedang uwuh is a traditional drink of Imogiri, Bantul, DIY. Despite the meaning of waste beverages, water solution derived from the decoction of leaves and spices has tremendous efficacy.

Secretary of Central Java Health Service (Central Java) Suharsi said, after going through laboratory tests, mineral content wedang uwuh only one level under water zam-zam. Because it is very good drink consumed to maintain health.

"If compared with other drinks, it is clear that this drink is more nutritious and good for the body," said Suharsi. Even after consuming wedang uwuh regularly for about six months, he admitted his cholesterol level is always below 220.

At first, he drank wedang uwuh during a working visit to Imogiri. Because it feels good, he began to consume the drink regularly. At first Suharsi himself did not realize the benefits of wedang uwuh. But after consuming for two months, his body so feel healthier.

"My body is so good. No more side effects. From there I was curious, how can this be good khanatnya good. So I check the content of wedang uwuh to the labolatorium, "said Suharsi. Once he knows the goodness and benefits of the drink, until now he continues to continue the consumption of wedang uwuh regularly.

Because of that every Friday, Central Java Health Office always provide wedang uwuh for free for anyone. In addition to wedang uwuh, various other traditional drinks are also available for free, such as secang and rice kencur.

Meanwhile, Aldrin from the Directorate of Traditional Health Services Ministry of Health explained, traditional herbal or drink does have the ability to maintain healthy body. Even if consumed regularly will have a positive impact on long-term health.

"The healthy principle is not only when the pain is treated and then healed. But also how we maintain our body's health so as not to get sick, "said Aldrin. In addition to exercising and eating healthy foods, consume traditional ingredients can also be one way to maintain a healthy body.

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