Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Do not Throw Out, Lemon Skin Helps Contain Cancer Cells

When making lemon juice, usually you will throw the skin into the trash. But, it turns out the habit is very harmful, because the lemon skin has a great benefit for your health.

How not, it turns out the lemon skin is also rich in nutrients and natural compounds, not inferior to the fruit. Here are the benefits of lemon rind for your health quoted from the Boldsky page:

Fight against cancer cells
Lemon skin is packed with flavonoids, salvestrol and Q40 that help fight cancer cells. So, by eating lemon rind, you can prevent certain cancer attacks, such as breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

Reduce bad cholesterol
Did you know that lemon skin helps to reduce bad cholesterol naturally? This amazing fruit skin is packed with flavonoid polyphenols that help lower bad cholesterol.

Maintain oral health
Vitamin C deficiency can cause oral health problems. So, you do not get rid of lemon zest, because it can be used to maintain oral health. Because, lemon skin contains 5-10 times more calcium and vitamin C. All dental problems, such as bleeding gums, scabies and gingivitis can be cured with lemon rind.

Healthy bones
One of the health benefits of lemon skin is that you get healthy bones. With high calcium and vitamin C, lemon skin helps to improve your bone health. So, do not get rid of lemon rind, but eat them for healthy bones.

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