Monday, April 10, 2017

Which is Healthier for Heart, diet or Sports

Old people with heart disease increasingly memuda, according to a study in the American College of Cardiology's 65th Annual Scientific Session. So, do these activities to maintain the health of your heart.

Speaking of heart health, turns the question most asked is; diet, exercise, or a combination of both is a better choice to protect heart health?

New research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition trying to answer the question.

According to researchers from Saint Louis University, it does not matter what you do, either diet or exercise, as long as you lose weight and reach your ideal weight, then you've managed to maintain a healthy heart.

In the study, participants aged 35-55 years were divided into three groups; one group did decrease calorie intake by 20 percent, the two groups did increase physical activity by 20 percent, and the third group decreased caloric intake by 10 percent and move 10 percent more.

The researchers found that each of the three strategies were equally effective in improving heart health such as lowering blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol and increase the heart rate of an average of 60 to 100 beats per minute, while the participants lost weight in the past research.

In fact, they are just lost at least 7 percent of body weight can reduce the risk of heart disease by 22 percent, the researchers estimated.

"That's probably because the weight trigger microscopic damage to blood vessels and other tissues," said lead researcher Edward Weiss, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and dietetics at Saint Louis University.

"Your body responds to inflammation condition and try to repair the damage. Over time, this response may contribute to the development of plaque in arteries that distribute blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle to be able to work well. "

Plaque causes a coronary artery blockage is the cause of heart attacks, Weiss said.

But to lose weight, you can bring down the entire system inflammation that can wreak havoc on your heart.

However, combining diet and exercise together the possibility of providing more benefits to health, Weiss suggested.

In fact, losing 5 percent of body weight can make a big difference in the risk of heart disease.
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