Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4 Tips to Protect the Spine

If you are facing continuous spinal problems, it's worth ensuring that your daily habits are friendly to the spine.

When you complete routine work such as cleaning the house, working at the desk, driving, gardening, even sleeping-you can give the 'breath' to the spine. You can make your spine comfortable in these four ways:

1. Choose a good sitting position

Your office chair should provide good support for your spine-ideally, with adjustable backs, lumbar support (waist), arm rests, and wheels. Arrange the workspace so you do not have to rotate the waist to pick something up.

2. Light bag

Do not load too many items or files in your bag. The more load on the bag, especially the backpack, makes your spine harder to work because of the burden.

3. Note the position when driving

Sit on your seat and, if necessary, use a rolled-up blanket or towel to hold your back lower back. Occasionally you need to shift to stretch.

If you have a cruise control, use it when you can. Cruise control is a feature in the car that is able to automatically manage the speed of the car. If this system is enabled, your car can run constantly at the speed you set. Consider also using foam pads to ease some vibrations. When driving away, often rest to stretch the body.

4. Sleep parallel

Take a sideways sleeping position with your knees bent and pulled slightly toward your chest. Pillows should keep your head parallel to the spine -you do not want your head propped up too high. Choose a mattress that is strong enough to support your spine.

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