Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Know the "Sparkling Water" Effect on the Body

Drinking water spiritually (sparkling water) it feels more refreshing. This drink can also be an alternative for people who do not like to drink plain water without flavor. However, do you know the dangers of drinking carbonated water?

According to experts, there are two negative effects of carbonated water consumption that can make the teeth rot and make fat. The bubbles in carbonated water come from the addition of carbon dioxide pressure to create water containing weak carbonic acid.

Adam Thorne, a dentist at Harley Street London, said that the acid can damage teeth. "Most people do not know that carbonated water is very acidic, has a pH3 on the acidity scale. This bubble can erode tooth enamel and from time to time this causes tooth decay like a cracked tooth. "

The opinion was made by Edmond R. Hewlett, spokesman for the American Dental Association. As quoted from the Food Network, Hewlett said carbonated water no problem and the sour taste comes from the addition of flavor.

He says, that lowering pH (increasing acidity) and potentially damaging tooth is a taste, not carbonation.

"Laboratory studies have shown that the erosive potential of sparkling water is very low and poses no risk to tooth enamel," Hewlett said.

However, he acknowledges that more research needs to be done to assess the effects of carbonated water.

Earlier this year, a study revealed that carbonated water can actually make you fatter, even if it does not contain calories. Research shows that carbon dioxide in drinks can make you feel like you have not eaten and triggered "hunger hormones." Finally we eat more.

Scientists from Israel also noted that the ghrelin hunger hormone jumped in people who drank carbonated water. People who eat carbonated water at breakfast have six times the level of ghrelin than drinking water.

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