Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Best Way to Eat Vegetables

Vegetables contain a variety of vitamins that can also be called a natural multivitamin. Eating a variety of vegetables is the same as taking vitamins ranging from vitamins A to K, antioxidants, folifenols and many other nutrients.

However, the way to process vegetables that are not right can make the nutrients and vitamins that are in the vegetable to be inactive or even damaged. Thus, the benefits of vegetables can not be felt by the body.

According to scientists in the field of food nutrition from the University of Palma in Italy, Nicoletta Pillegrini, there are several types of vegetables are both consumed when raw and there will also provide health benefits if processed with cooking first.

"For example, to get the perfect nutrition, processing of carrots and broccoli is done by different methods," Pillegrini quoted Time.

Carrots are vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, K, folate, potassium, calcium and also minerals. The content that is not less important in carrots is carotenoids. Although carotenoids are present throughout the cell structure, to activate carrots must be boiled or steamed first. If consumed in a raw state then the body can not access carotenoids.

Another case with broccoli. Vegetables from this group of cabbage plants contain natural compounds that can fight cancer, called glucosinolates. To be able to absorb this compound, the body needs myrosinase enzymes found in raw broccoli.

Processing by way of cooking will damage the enzil myrosenase in broccoli. Thus, the body can not take advantage of glucosinate compounds. Therefore, how to cultivate vegetables should be considered to get the perfect nutrition.

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