Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Users of High shoes are Risk Vulnerable to Back Pain

Women who often wear shoes or high-heeled footwear should be careful because they are prone to back pain or problems in the spine.

This was conveyed by an orthopedist from the Premier Bintaro Hospital Dr dr Lutfi Gatam Spot (K-Spine) in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/7).

"Women who often use high heels should be careful because it can cause back pain," said Luthfi.

He explains, when a person is wearing high heels or sandals, the toes will bend in an undue position and cause the toes to support the weight of the body.

Conditions that will cause the body to come forward and the spine to form the arch. Problems on the spine can also cause low back pain.

In addition to spinal problems, low back pain is the cause of everything from muscle, trauma and other infections. "One of the most common culprits is Hernia Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) or known as a nerve cuff," he said.

HNP occurs because of the protrusion of the spinal cord joints that clamp the nerve. Causes of HNP vary like smoking, coughing too long, the wrong way to sit, how to lift the wrong things and others.

He explained, if the condition is still mild HNP can be overcome with drugs and exercising such as swimming, pilates and yoga with a concentration on the spine. Another way to undergo physiotherapy.

By improving the sitting and sleeping position can overcome the pain in the waist. If the way does not overcome the pain can be by injection or laser. "But if it does not produce results, then the operation is done," he said.

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