Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pumpkin Siam Potentially Treat Skin Cancer

A number of students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) found an alternative treatment of skin cancer Malignant melanoma through squash. Siamese pumpkin used as the basic ingredients of ointment as an alternative treatment of dangerous diseases.

The study was conducted by four female students, Dwi Jami Indah Nurhasanah, Bening Larasati, Dea Febiansi and Dhella Aprillianda ROshitafandi. The research is run under the guidance of Dr. Budi Setyadi Daryono through UGM Student Creativity program 2017.

One of the researchers, Indah said, in addition to other food ingredients other parts of pumpkin like skin has not been widely used. In fact, in the skin waste vegetable plants contained sap that has health benefits, is no exception to treat cancer.

"In the Siamese flask contains compounds of flavonoids and saponins which are secondary metabolite compounds and have properties as anti-cancer," said Dwi, Tuesday (18/7).

To determine the content of anti-cancer compounds, further research conducted with qualitative and quantitative tests, and antiproliferasi test using cell lines that have the same proliferation properties with cancer cells. Samples tested in the form of extracts of squash in the form of pasta.

The qualitative test is a thin layer chromatography test, while the quantitative test is a spectrophotometric test. In that test, the squash is divided into three parameters based on the size of the fruit, and it is done with the assumption that the greater the age of the fruit aged.

The results, continued Indah, showed from the three parameters of age used Siamese gourd, all containing saponin and flavonoid compounds. The study continued to process the squash into an extract, and the extract was processed in an ointment-shaped preparation that was found to be positive.

"The extract of tested squash can inhibit cell growth," said Indah.

Manufacture of oyster pumpkin ointment for 'Selasih fly' mole is one of the unique breakthrough products of Faculty of Biology UGM students in the treatment of skin cancer Malignant melanoma. In addition, as support for the utilization of natural materials as an alternative drug that is still rarely known to the public.

Skin cancer Maline melanoma itself is one type of malignant, rapidly argue and cause death. WHO noted there are at least 3,300 cases of new melanoma that occur every year in Indonesia, as this can appear on normal skin or starts from a mole that is sometimes not realized by the public.

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