Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Natural Ingredients Substitute Lotion Anti Mosquito

The increasing cases of Dengue Ethics and lately very worrying. One of the things that can be done for prevention is to protect yourself from mosquito bites.
If you have to travel to areas where mosquitoes thrive well, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend to wear clothing that protects the skin, stay indoors during peak mosquito activity are dawn and dusk, and use insect repellent.
"Anti-mosquito lotion containing active ingredients, such as DEET and picaridin, which has been listed on the EPA, are considered safe for pregnant and nursing mothers," the CDC said on its website.
CDC and research studies did not find an association between these materials with birth defects. While doctors say, DEET is generally safe for use during pregnancy.
Even so, be careful to use that often need to be considered. "I usually try options that minimize the potential toxic exposure in pregnant women," Jason James, MD, medical director at Miami FemCare Ob-Gyn told Yahoo Health.
"We must remember that the remains of pesticides and pesticide DEET is definitely toxic," said Matthew Brennecke, a naturopathic doctor at Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.
"Although the amount of DEET applied to the lotion mosquito is relatively small, it will create a burden on toxic to the fetus, which may not show any effect at first, but later on can be a part of the accumulation of toxins, either pesticides, heavy metals, and others that can an issue that might be present. "
Keen to try a natural mosquito repellent containing DEET apart? Experts say this is worth a try:

Citronella essential oil or lemongrass oil
This oil is extracted from lemon grass, grass growing in some countries in Asia and the South Pacific. "I personally love the lemongrass oil," says women's health expert Susan Lin, MD.
"Working is quite effective when dioleskankan often with an adequate amount." While citronella oil is an effective natural mosquito repellent, Lin advised to use a high quality oil, when it is diluted. Because the artificial version may not work as well as natural.

Soybean oil or soybean oil
This oil is effectively repel insects, but Brennecke said that it should be used more frequently than some other types of oil, about 1 hour.

Oil of lemon eucalyptus
Oil of lemon eucalyptus is a vegetable oil derived from the leaves of eucalyptus citriodora tree that contain natural chemicals as a mosquito repellent.
It is a favorite Brennecke, because durable protection compared with other natural products.
"Protection from insect can last up to two hours so you do not need to apply it as often as citronella products," he said.

lavender oil
This oil has been used as an insect repellent, especially mosquitoes for centuries. In the past, it was used to protect clothes from moths and other insects disorders. B
iasanya, you are advised to mix it with other oils so it does not irritate the skin because it implies that sharp.
"The use of high concentrations of these products can be harmful to the skin," said James.

rosemary oil
Rosemary oil, which is extracted from the leaves of rosemary, entered in a choice of natural insect repellent.
Unfortunately, the price of natural oil is relatively more expensive than others. Options at a price that is more friendly oil is cedar bark or cedar bark oil.
The essential oil is derived from the leaves, wood and roots of pine or fir. Such as soybeans and rosemary, to be effective, must cedar oil is often applied in order to effectively repel mosquitoes.
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