Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wear Sereh So that never bites Mosquitoes

As a country located in the tropics, including Indonesia where the most inhabited of mosquitoes, including the types of carriers of dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, elephantiasis, chikungkunya.

"The mosquitoes is difficult to eradicate because each has a cycle and survival of different power," said Dr. Erni Juwita Nelwan, SpPD, KPTI, FACP, FINASIM of the Division of Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine Cipto Mangunkusumo.

"Avoiding mosquitoes can not be done simply by using mosquito nets while sleeping, because the mosquitoes causing dengue fever wandering around looking for blood in the morning and afternoon. There were mosquitoes lay their eggs in fresh water such as dengue fever mosquito. There is also a mosquito that lays its eggs in the dirty water. Therefore the controlling mosquitoes need comprehensive measures. we should not let us enter the house mosquito, "said Dr. Erni.

In addition to keeping the environment clean, we also need to avoid to keep the fish in the aquarium open type. Air vase also need to be replaced every day. Water should not be seen stagnant in the water dispenser.

"In addition, we also need to make sure not bitten by mosquitoes. Wear natural mosquito like lemongrass and lavender scent is not like mosquitoes," he said.

Mentioned by it, actually only female mosquitoes carrying dangerous virus spread the disease.

"The dengue fever mosquito biting 10-20 people to get enough blood before laying eggs. It is a problem if one of the 20 people that carry the virus and not show symptoms of illness. The virus in her body still incubating," he said.

The female mosquito of dengue spreaders is able to survive up to 1.5 months. "These mosquitoes can survive trapped inside a suitcase and carried out of the country. Because of that, once an outbreak of dengue fever in Paris," said Dr. Erni.

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